London Dreams: Dreams are life and life …?

Look like the Film Industry woke up again after a dull period and after giving up shit kind of movies in last few weeks except Wake Up Sid, finally some fresh fruit cake arrived. London Dreams did exactly the same, what it was expected to do, it rocks in spite of the facts that remain unfolded at the end in the same way human heart is; Dreams are life and life …?

Amadeus; Is the name rings a bell? No!!! Let me give you a hint. It’s a movie that won straight Eight Oscars. Oh! I am sorry, even I didn’t know the name till London dreams reviews brought it to my notice. It’s the movie, London dreams was actually based upon. Milos Forman’s Amadeus traced the stormy comradeship between Antonio Salieri (F Murray Abraham), the Vienese court composer, and legendary genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce), while London Dreams talk about the tale of friendship and envy, the story is about two close buddies. While one is Arjun (Ajay), the ambitious guy who believes only in his goal and that is to become famous on the stage so that he fulfills his grandfather’s dream, on the other hand, there is Mannu (Salman) who lives for the moment and is a charmer with his honest heart. Both Arjun and Mannu have a rare passion for music.

Title: London Dreams
Release Date: 30th October 2009
Banner: Headstart Films UK Limited, Blockbuster Movie Entertainers
Producer: Aashin Shah, Paramjeet Singh
Director: Vipul Shah
Cast:.Ajay Devgan, Salmaan Khan, Asin Thottumkal, Rannvijay Singh, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Om Puri, Khalid Azmi, Baby Artner, Brinda Parekh,Michael Gamarano, Manoj Pahwa and Others
Story Writer: Ayan Mukerji, Suresh Nair
Music Director: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi and others.
Cinematography: Sejal Shah
Edited By: Amitabh Shukla

The few words from the Official London Dreams Website

Mannu (Salmaan Khan): Loud and boisterous, he is loveable rouge who chases women, drinks heartily and is heavily into debt. He is an absolute devil, who happens to sing like angel. His only redeeming feature is his absolute belief in his friendship with Arjun.

Arjun (Ajay Devgan): Intense and darkly brooding, he is a complex man burdened by guilt, jealousy and the belief that God has abandoned him. But he’s also deeply committed to making the dream that haunted him childhood into reality. Such is his compulsion to fulfill his dream that he doesn’t hesitate to manipulate and destroy the one human being who has implicit and total faith in him – his friend Mannu.

Priya (Asin): She is this conservative South Indian Girl weaned on Carnatic music and Bharatnatyam who heart secretly yearns for hip hop and rock. When she meets Arjun, she’s impressed by his intensity and love for music and then she meets bold, bad Mannu, who declares his love for her at first sight. She laughs him off, little realizing that she’s going to be the catalyst who will turn the dreams into nightmares.

Zoheb (Ranvijay): He is blindly loyal to Arjun and only sees the world through the prism of Arjun’s eyes – and so Arjun’s joy is his joy, Arjun’s pain is his pain and Arjun’s perceived enemy, he makes his own too.

Wasim (Aditya): He may be Zoheb’s brother. He may be as loyal to Arjun, but isn’t as blind and retained the capacity to tell right from wrong… good from bad.

London Dreams plays out like a classical Amadeus story, where two friends, one jealous of the other for his talent and recognition, plots the downfall against the other behind his back in betrayal most foul. Arjun (Ajay Devgan) has a dream, and that is to take his music to London, and play at the renowned Wembley stadium, where his grandfather had failed in his time and ended with death leaving the family with a hatred for music. He spends his early teenage life honing his musical skills, and ever ready to sniff out any opportunity to scale the music ladder until his goal is reached. His is a singular mind obsessed with the single goal, so much so that he’s willing to self-flagellate (!) himself when his mind gets swayed by Priya (Asin) and the chance for romance, or any other distractions that crosses his path that day actually.

Ajay Devgn plays Arjun with enough menace and envy to make him believable as a man who would go to great lengths and at any costs to ensure his road to glory is not jeopardized. Salman Khan’s Mannu on the other hand, is blessed with great musical talent without even trying, and while Arjun sees this as an advantage to be gained should he bring Mannu back to London and join his band, little did he realize that Mannu’s country boy demeanour would start to win the fans over, as well as Priya. There are plenty of scenes which set up this innocent usurping of another’s thunder, and the decisions that come to spark off the entire turn of events just after the intermission.

Leaving all the detailing from here. Here are my comments…

Loved the way, Mannu chased the girl in his teenage and also his one liners all the way. J You call me Devil from Inside, I might be, but don’t say that you didn’t smiled over the same.

Many of us, might have waited for the same movie for the another look of the beautiful Asin and believe me, she starts from the same place, she finished in Ghajini. As much of screen, she got, she rocked, either it be the first appearance or it goes with romancing with Mannu, she did it perfectly and superb part of the same was; she was not to do the loud part as she did in Ghajini and her character always been sober and glamorous throughout the movie. Long way to go for the girl in Hindi movies too.

Back to Arjun, somewhere I find myself at the same losing side as Arjun and so I chosen the same title. Dreams are life and if even after doing everything right, we don’t get them then? Movie says in Om Puri’s words that it’s wrong to think that only you deserve, it’s wrong to be heartbroken on one defeat. Arjun heard these words and came back to his friend, but I still left with the question, what if we betted our life on the same dream? What if that defeat meant to change our lives? What if we will never be able to justify that why not we, why someone else without efforts? May be the film tried to answer, may be literature answers the same question, maybe I am enough mature to understand, but still the same question remained …..

What’s my fault, why I have destiny against me?

You call Arjun devil, I will not. You think he did wrong, I think he still lost. You think Mannu has the big heart, but I know he will never be able to bring best smile for Arjun as he lost the same.

Yes! It’s still a sad ending for me.

Wait! Wait! All this is personal comment. Movie is superb. A must watch even if Aladin is in competition (it’s a kid movie yaar). Salmaan proves again that he is still part of king trio. J