Layman’s Take on Nokia N9– Music of Beethoven

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Its been enough long since I didn’t came back  about the much awaited Nokia N9 post, the Layman’s Take on Nokia N9, but I wanted to assure you that I wasn’t lost and was exploring the beauty from the most critical angles, so that you can get a view beyond the praises, beyond the technicalities… beyond the background stories … beyond Meego’s Future etc.. just a practical and real life plain view about the device and here I am .. back again..


What will you do if …

  • You know that you are among least wanted out there …
  • You know that nothing matters now, no matter how hard you try …
  • You know that this is actually the last life you are going to live out there …
  • If you have to face the world out there alone as even your own people will back off from you …

Yes! this been exactly the thing with Nokia N9, when it was waiting for its turn to come out in lights.

Odds from whole universe been tiding their hands against this lonely warrior. Big tech blogs were habitual of discarding anything from praises, if a name Nokia attached with it. Think of the adrenal in your veins when you know that people are ready to discard you even before giving you a tiny chance, leave the talk of a fair chance, think of the thoughts going on inside, when you know that even your company don’t want to launch you all over the world and just want to pass it on?

Do you know, what Nokia N9 did?

It did something that only heros do, like Beethoven did, with composing legendary music even when he went medically deaf. Nokia N9 stood tall in front of all the odds and turned around the things single handedly.

Its been long since when we heard literally hundred percent reviews about a Nokia filled with adjectives only and when it happens then if it tempting you to know about it “more and more” then you are perfectly sane. After all, when people like Gizmodo, who even refused to review Nokia N8 (still the best Nokia phone for me till date), feel tempted about it, then why should you hide your lust for it?

I had every reason to  literally beg for this gadget pornography and thank to kind people at Nokia, I wasn’t denied like always. Smile

But who was I?

The one who started his mobile blogging with almighty Nokia N900 and still dreams about that “old” resistive device only, I was obviously not surprised by the praises coming in the way of Nokia N9, knowing that it was successor to Nokia N900 itself with removal of most of its shortcomings (not all).

I was obviously not starting afresh here. I had my own expectations, coming from Nokia N900 and Nokia N8 combined, let’s see what I felt about the device, but I should warn you that once you click the Read More link, you are into a post that is as big as around 11000+ words, more than double larger that any other review I posted till date..

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DA-BANG at Layman’s Take-Yeah it is an Nokia N9

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Finally it is the time to end the suspense and to reveal what I been holding since last few days. Yes! The One is here. The one you waited to hear about from me, the one, over which I was dying to get my hands on. And finally thanks to Tom and Paul, it is here. King of kings, Nokia N9.


Its been 323 days back from here, when I requested the Santa to bring a Nokia N900 for me and while I thought he missed my plea back then in flood of pleas from others, I can hear that he didn’t missed me, but thought to greet me with something even bigger than that. Something that might have removed all the shortcomings of Nokia N900 I once cribbed about and bring this much more than for counting even my fingers could fell short.

It is a dream come true.

I know you wanna hear all about it, I know you wanna see all what you haven’t seen.. in next coming days, I will try that I wont disappoint you all. Now let me go back to the dreamland again.

Is this gonna be biggest surprise of this year? Nokia N9?

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I was reading my earlier post over possibly Nokia N9 and then another post from people at Nokia Conversations, when this came into my mind and I thought why not? Why can’t be its possible? What else could be a Nokia N9? Read further … probably I am gonna throw my guesses over the device that is very very likely to be presented in Nokia World 2010 and could be materialized to bring into market very sooner than you could have expected.

Till now, in the name of Nokia N9, we have seen this or something like that.


The specs were good, but really not much exciting that one could call that a worthy successor of Nokia N8, not some exciting camera, which we might be going Ga Ga about, then how come it be a successor of the best mobile camera in the world? Obvious way was to call it a Nokia E7 keeping the qwerty in mind. It was as simple as people were guessing about it. But one thing is sure that this can’t be a Nokia N9. Then what it could be?

Camera: Oh come ‘on!! don’t say, you didn’t guess it, when Nokia posted this blog post as the N-Series always been about, can’t be that Nokia N9 may go any lesser than the GOD camera of Nokia N8. Whatever features we might be expected from Nokia N9, if its Nokia N then it has to be camera and it has to be center attraction, but how… how specially after like of Nokia N8? What more could be done?

Can Nokia U be Nokia N9 and could be unveiled in Nokia World 2010?

12 mega-pixels are probably the height of megapixels mobiles could ever have in the form factor, we are expecting them to be in now days. If you have to go beyond the megapixels, then obvious way seems to be bringing optical zoom to mobile cameras, which has been the biggest hurdle till now even if just 8 megapixels, optical zoom gonna change the way, you think about mobile camera entirely again.

Do you hear the sound of Nokia replying someone in their words “Changing the world again” against the stolen lines “Connecting people”? Why not?

Just optical zoom?? Enough to make a Nokia N9? I don’t think so, consumers don’t think so, Nokia community doesn’t think so… how could Nokia think that? What else we are missing? What else could be added to a Nokia N9-A camera successor to Nokia N8?

Xenon? Yes! we need it, what if that makes us loose the capability of shooting the videos in low light with LEDs like Nokia N86. Xenon is what everyone loved and always will be. But … but if Nokia gets generous, then?

What about Xenon and Dual LED Flashes together inside the same mobile camera?

So, now you talking something… that’s what the expectations said.. that’s what the community project decided, that’s what has been submitted to Nokia design team at least 2 months back.

4X optical zoom
Dual LED and Xenon flash
HD video capture
Instant image capture
Upgradable image sensor

Dimensions: We understand that when you talk about features, then its hard to make it slimmer like nothing and so been all the handset of Nokia till date. And accept it, this was where Apple won many hearts apart from introducing the multi-touch technology. Sometimes, people really say that iPhone is the limit that how slim one phone can be.

So, what you should do, if your stocks going down, your profits going down even if you selling more handsets than ever, what if people keep on saying that you don’t really have a proper high end device in your hands? They say that they will pay even higher prices, but at least come up with one that could reply other big time.

Yes! the dimensions are important, if you gonna dig a graveyard for your competitors like Apple. I know, its technically next to impossible to bring 4x optical zoom inside some mobile and then asking it to keep it never more than 10mm? Insane to even say, but more insane is the urge to reply back hard. If you want to tell everyone once at all that who is big daddy then here is the deal … let’s see what specs of community project say …

Display and user interface
Display: 4-inch capacitive 16:9
Power button, camera, zoom and volume button controls

Size and shape
Shape: Monoblock
Dimensions: 60 x 110 x 6-10mm
Extras: Auto lens cover

Material: Aluminium
Finish: Soft touch
Colour: Single colour
Durability: Super strength

Do you hear the music, when they write 6-10mm? Can’t just reading these specs as concept thrill you to give all your knowledge and expertise in to make it into reality as you really really wanna win back. A challenge to Nokia engineers that they have taken and they could deliver it coz if they not, then no one else can.

The fact to Notice that final specs for this dream community project doesn’t talk about resolution and just says 16:9 means Nokia knows that the way they build their OS’s bring higher resolution wont work in favour of preciseness, but even then what about 860×480? Not sure, what’s in their mind, when they say 16:9?

Operating system: We have seen Android coming from no where and becoming biggest phenomenon without even being from a mobile manufacturer. Now days, the business model becoming about cloud services more than putting the life behind making an OS that further needs to be grown up everyday to keep ahead of everyone. No one company could cope up the demands that are coming from users now days, open source is just not the cheaper thing to go for, but most energetic and happening thing too.

Creating a worthy and happening operating system is not a matter of just one years and some brilliant programmer taking inputs from real world. Windows wasn’t like today, when it was just created. But what made it grow, were the other microsoft tools like Visual basic etc designed around it and continuous and deeper tie up with all leading manufacturers and even with likes of IBM was what that made Microsoft what, they are today.

People are really getting desperate to see MeeGo, but there are reason to delay the same. You have to make sure that they are enough tools available to easily program Applications for the same, you have to make sure that when it come, it may spread like a wild fire. You find it not only in your mobiles, but everywhere you see.. from cars to watches, from ATMs to big interactive hoardings inside shopping malls. MeeGo is silent, but its slowly making room to make people talking against Nokia silent. When you have something like Intel backing you up, then you could be assured that such tie-ups don’t come in existence to bring just another disappointment.

Their concept says …

Operating system
Open source operating system with unlimited multitasking.
The DbC OS 1 sports temperature and location sensors so your device constantly monitors your whereabouts and the local conditions.
Device-based storage is supported.
The majority of OS functionality responds to touch control.

Sensors interacting with environment, with nearby devices, nearby situations .. you are definitely talk something real coming in next. Intel been pioneer in many things while Nokia been pioneer of making things into demand by bring it to consumer in best value for money. First Mobile camera, then GPS and then environmental awareness. Is it seems that I am hyping anything?

Rest all we already know about Nokia next gen device, like it can’t be anything lesser than Bluetooth 3.0 now, can’t be anything other than Dolby sound and why not we can have USB 3.0 and also HDMI support now?

What you think? Can Nokia prepare such a device within just 2 months? There was a statement from Paul Jacobs, CEO Qualcom about snapdragon 1Ghz Nokia in feb 2011. Why can’t it be taken as a strong reason to believe everything around?

The biggest question is, if something like this could have existed on this planet, even in form of proto-type then was it possible to keep it under wrap till now? But heart hopes, what if … what if this concept device that been already submitted to Nokia design team could have been came into reality after the best efforts from them? Will that change the entire game again and put MeeGo as more of consumer OS rather than just Geek?

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