Shoaib, Sania and Ayesha-whats real and whats not?

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Shoaib Malik Ayesha Siddhiqui Sania and Sohrab Sania MIrza

Its not been long when whole world was in rage over headline that mom tweeted when son was drowning, without knowing the actual story and timings. Not a new thing to world now, where tweets are already being taken as official statements from celebrities and get reactions in same ways. And then we see Shoaib Malik tweeting about wedding with Sania Mirza (though later we hear that Shoaib is not on twitter though the news is true. Really too much twists in the story) ….. but wait “is the story only this much?

Not sure about the course of events or if some news might have surfaced in past as well, but trying to bring the story as it came.

  1. Sania come to be most searched Indian personality on web in Pakistan.
  2. Sania get engaged with childhood friend Sohrab on July 10, 2009.
  3. Sania announces that she will not be playing Tennis any more after marriage.
  4. After a media rage, Sohrab denies the earlier stand and says she will continue to play.
  5. Speculations start about Sania not being interested in marriage with Sohrab anymore.
  6. Citing difference of opinions between two, the engagement get scrapped.
  7. Shoiab Malik’s alleged twitter account confirms news related to him and Sania on March 29, 2010.
  8. Sania Mirza’s Facebook account status confirms the same on day next, but says Shoaib not on twitter.
  9. First controversy sparks when Pakistan Tennis Federation Chairman Abbas stated that, Sania has to represent Pakistan only as she will become a citizen of Pakistan after her marriage. Though reverted back the statement later on
  10. A girl named Ayesha surfaced saying that Shoaib already has married her 6 years ago, when he was 20 years old. A series of telephonic interviews take over on all channels heating up the debate that is Shoaib any match for the fat and not that good looking girl?

Since then we seen so many telephonic interviews of Ayesha sometimes citing Nikahnama, sometimes showing Trophies won by Shoaib with her, sometimes saying that she got a miscarriage of Shoaib’s child, claims that she has proofs of their staying at Taj Hotel, statements from family that they just needs divorce nothing else, they file case in police and many including Pakistan’s officials and Sania’s family unite with Shoaib, who is in Hyderabad now till the case resolves.

Find some of the videos around the same controversy ….

There are many videos on the web, one could search for on this topic, many celebrities are catching up saying that its a personal affair of two and other should keep their nose out of it, many opinions on talk shows/ news papers and stories are piling up with each new statement of girl itself.

What’s to take, what’s to leave? Who is gaining, who is loosing? Media will cry, but soon this all will be settled down like once Azhar and Sangeeta marriage issue now forgotten. Soon people will skip fat and not so good looking Ayesha’s crying voice and will catch up with marriage preparations of the celebrity duo. Is this all right? What if Shoaib really felt cheated? or what if she said truth all the time?  Is anything matters?

The story touches me for my own personal reasons. Tried to think from both the sides, but still I didn’t find a respectable place to come out of this controversy without hurting all. What one can do in such a circumstance?

Ayesha Siddhiqui’s version, she meets a young cricket star from other country and felt excited as he likes to talk to her. We will never be sure that did she sent the real pics. Shoaib mentioned but never shown the other pics saying that he don’t want to tarnish the image of the other girl by releasing the pics in public. Also that why Shoaib fallen for her? But in above video (last one), we sure find him blushing, singing and accepting wedding with Ayesha. Ayesha says that he always assured her that “she is not ugly in his eyes, but beautiful in own ways” and Ayesha also says that she gone under plastic surgery to look good for him. She even talks about miscarriage of her child with Shoaib.

She further says that Sania been a family friend of her and Shoaib met Sania through herself only. She and her family adds perhaps once he became famous as cricketer and that too specially hot among girls, then he lost interest with girl, whom he once fallen for by only talking over phone and even then stayed for a while for sake of their relations. Today when he announces marriage with Shoaib, then it becomes a shock for the family, but not that big surprise as already they felt the distances from quite a while and knowing the fact that now nothing will come back, they just wish to get divorce.


Shoaib Malik’s version, Shoaib Malik allegedly married Ayesha Siddiqui through a telephone ‘nikah’ on June 3, 2002. But, in a statement in Karachi on January 21, 2008, Shoaib claimed that no nikah had taken place. The cricketer said his marriage plans with the Hyderabadi girl ended because both families could not reach an understanding on certain issues.

"Yes, I had a long relationship with her and we planned to get married. But no nikah ever took place. In the end, our families could not reach an understanding over various things," Malik had said.

Ayesha’s father, M A Siddiqui, had then said that the family would move court if his daughter did not get a divorce. Pakistani players were even feted to a grand reception by the Siddiqui family in Hyderabad when the team toured India in 2005.

What Shoaib presents is this… he in been a long and good relationship with a girl named Ayesha, whom he never met in person, but call it madness of teenage or whatever, he agreed for a telephonic nikah with her without seeing. He tried meeting her many times, but every times, her maha apa met saying that she has put some weight upon her and wants to take that away first or things like that. Later on realizing that he has been cheated, he made himself away from the family. Though I haven’t verified the same, Shoaib’s Interview with TOI says he already had filed case against Siddhiqui’s family for fraud in 2008 and was under impressions that the matter was settled down right then. A must read as we already hearing and buying much from Ayesha’s side.

Now, he is ready to face all allegations in court to prove him innocent and clear his image.

Question is that what court gonna decide?

Technically speaking, the court case is filed with accusing him for defaming the image of the girl. While Ayesha’s side may piles up many evidences for marriage, Shoaib still has the case as its not he who started this (defaming) at first place and secondly, if they insist that marriage was done, then why didn’t they filed a case, when Shoaib and his family denied two years back about the marriage.

Even if marriage is an issue, then Indian Muslim personal law and Pakistani laws allow Shoaib to marry with more than one wife. So, I wont be surprised about any decision and know that what fate this story will take. There is nothing that court would be deciding and no reasons that either of the parties gonna get any verdict against them.

Though if Shoaib came under IPC 420 as Ayesha’s family trying to do, then sure his side needs to worry, but they will not win the game on moral ground as it will remain the same for them; a lost battle … years back. They know that it cant be a genuine match.

Question is both practical and emotional ….

Changing statements from Shoaib side and in spite of filmy looking story, Ayesha’s side neat statements supported by evidences says a lot. It really hurts being at a girl’s place, who gets rejected only due to the fact that she is not that good looking. It was fine if was at first place, but being in love and relationship for a while and then finding that it was a mistake hurts for sure.

Practical side says that what’s point in being with someone whom you cant relate yourself nor find yourself being with from inside of heart. In place of cheating a spouse its better to be other relationship. And above all, its personal choice of two being married.

What I think?

I really don’t know that I would be able to find myself at one side in this case.

For me, its wrong to get into court or media first. Not only you defame the other one, but defame yourself as well that too for getting nothing … as the other already had moved on or somewhere inside you already know that did right at his/ her place. Yes!! they wanted nothing but a divorce only. But the time was right, if they asked for the same back in 2008 or even if now, then in private not through media. Was that some revenge kind of? What you think will come back, if you defame someone so aggressively? You will gain nothing, neither will let them…

Shoaib is wrong, if he come up with stories like never met, never seen, wrong girl shown etc. It sours the thing and sure doesn’t look acceptable in any practical sense. It make sense if he changed his mind after meeting the girl or after knowing that her appearance not gonna change and he wont be comfortable to be seen with her later on. But it doesn’t make sense firing guns against someone you been in love once.


I didn’t wanted to write over this as already much being said about it on web, but still had my reasons to speak. Hope you all will add your comments to push the conversation further.

Update April 08, 2010

Everyone is coming out with own part of story like this pakpals site presented its kind of truth and even Nikahnama is now public (picture below)

NIKAH7 This site and some other Pakistani sites came up with the story that Shoaib met Ayesha in a restaurant of Dubai in 2001, where he fallen for her pretty friend Maha and later on Ayesha was the one, who kept talking with him posing she is Maha. Reasons to believe on this story is also that what the reason might be that someone would sign an important paper like marriage document with some other name than the official one, which is already on other papers?

Currently, after involvement of many family friends and even a politician, both the parties agreed to a settlement that Shoaib will divorce Ayesha for sake of clearing the way to marry Sania though Ayesha’s father asked to divorce in public. Shoaib agreed to that as well and matter seemed to settled down finally. More of it, though it was being speculated that the settlement may involve a large sum of money, but it was revealed that only part of money was involved Rs. 15, 000/- that was under Sharia.


This makes Sania the second wife of Shoaib, not the first one and still leaves many questions behind that was Shoaib spoke lies all the time or he did divorce just for sake of clearing the name from controversy, which happened coz he believed something else in his innocence?


Still as the video footage shown above says that till the last moments both the parties were not agreed to take any step back by an inch, it opens the speculations that if Shoaib-Sania agreed only for sake of clearing their marriage on April 15, 2010. Perhaps there was no options left for the couple in such a situation, but may be truth will revealed after few months, if the proofs from both the side ever came out to public….


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