Symbian or MeeGo? What’s been wrong with Nokia and what should be done?

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Even after shaky start and complaints about reception issues (even admittance now), big figures from Apple were already a pinch, then rise of Android backed by today’s God Google, Bada from Samsung riding up on some really beautiful pieces like Galaxy-S, had really got us thinking, if Nokia and Symbian lost the battle of making a truly amazingly Advanced OS and attracting developers around. Many hopes are on next coming Symbian^3, MeeGo, Nokia N8 and Nokia N9, E7 etc .. but will Nokia really be able to match the needs this time?

The question I have asked in first para of this post, Ricky Cadden sure thought the answer in negative and decided to express disappointment with Nokia rather than Symbain itself. We should say that besides the bashing from Edlar when we weren’t expecting this (?). Is Over … that really has came up as a big blow to many of us, who strongly wish to stand on the side of Nokia. I am really left with thinking that …

Are late releases and escalated expectations over Symbian^3, MeeGo, Nokia N8, Nokia N9, E7 etc gonna be fatal for Nokia?

First of all, why there is this much frustration about Symbian and Nokia, when they seems to doing every best thing for consumers? Are you really given up over Nokia or wishing to bargain more?

Let me count a few  issues …

What’s been the biggest damage to Nokia and Symbian? N97?

Not only Symbian-Guru, but there will be thousands around, which will come up with only one name… Nokia N97 Classic. The most infamous part of Nokia legacy perhaps destroyed the years goodwill for Nokia and as much they tried to cover it up, things went worse and its getting worsen now due to only the fact that even today, Nokia N97 making the top of the shelf for Nokia. It might be harsh to say, but somewhere everyone of even Nokia fan now understand that each sold piece of Nokia N97 becoming a nail to coffin for Nokia-Symbian.

The much over priced phone (even now) was seriously underpowered and frustrated hell out of users. Consumers kept on crying for some firmware update to fix the issues, while Nokia’s probably worse understanding of RAM requirements, had already insured that it will never be repaired. 

If Nokia really survived the blow of Nokia N97, then it was Nokia N900… only that bring back the hopes that Nokia could do anything right. Nokia N900 still stands as the best resistive screen of whole planet and it does each and everything right… either it be experience, which was unbelievably natural out of the box, either it be integration with existing services like flicker, skype, Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN etc. or it be hardware design and support. Some think that best choice for Nokia was to exchange all Nokia N97 out there for Nokia N900 in free.

What’s kept developers disappointed with Nokia? Nokia knew that they been terribly late in touch phone segment (that’s being touted as Smartphone segment now days) and Symbian was only trying to adopt the touch, never seemed really built for the same. Some think that best choice would have been for Nokia, if they could have joined hands with Google (they couldn’t as both of them are of Giant and dominating nature) rather than joining hands with Intel, but that’s business and you can’t really blame them for that.

But what about Developers? Aren’t you making them nuts? For what they should program? Symbian? In a mid level language C/C++? Are you real? Symbian^3, Symbian^4, Maemo, MeeGo? Should they get back to college to learn all these?

I really can’t blame them much, Nokia probably got impression from Microsoft vs Apple Vs Linux that its hard to remove impression of something that you been grown up with. They thought if they leave Symbian from here, then they would be needed to start-a-fresh and the fight would be on turf of their opponents and they know that would not be something easy. To complicate things more, there been strong supporters for Symbian itself and legacy of Symbian was kind of unforgettable for even worst rivals, how could Nokia had think of leaving Symbian so easily?

If we talk about reasons, then Nokia was a manufacturer first and still they provide the best of hardware in best of price (leave alone Nokia N97 and Booklet 3G). They were making Good OS for non-touch phones (nothing could be more productive than a Nokia E72 or Nokia E52) and they were adding super excellent things like Ovi Maps and all. They were in a league of their own and been the best for “Phone” market and they are even now.

Then it came the competition with HTC and Apple, when they entered the market with touch phones and same time with RIM, when they grabbed Business with their QWERTY. Note that Nokia didn’t lead, they adopted and reacted. They reacted to RIM with their E-Series/ Nokia Messaging and to Apple with N97, 5800 and all… Like my Boss often said, proactive work make you win and reactive work will only keep you on toe. Nokia seems to be on toe.

You already doing a lot, releasing new handsets back to back, coping up with new technologies being introduced each day and entering new fields every next month, then it happens sometimes that you can’t come up with the tag of being best for everything you do. Nokia winning over RIM in many senses, but touch seems to be sloppy turf to them since start (Nokia N900 is exception) and Apple a hard contender than others.

Its not that Apple is doing great .. high figures of sold iPhone4 handsets involve mostly earlier iPhone3GS users, who are just upgrading their phones for a nominal cost from their provider, obviously in hope that it would get something better than earlier. They obviously have no other choice after living up with Apple till now. The part to worry about is, number of developers being attracted and number of apps being made for them.

Developers making apps for Apple are on smooth turf as even if thing evolve then they have to update themselves in minor ways like VB people evolved for VB .Net, more over, they have to keep only two or at most three devices in mind but with Nokia.. its been complicated due to its wide catalogue and rather tougher development with Symbian and now its seems to be a real nightmare after ‘debacle’ of Symbian.

Is Nokia not aware of this OS dilemma?”

Its not that Nokia has gone under panic completely and just trying out here and there. Its just…  not easy to leave the things which kept you on top over the years and even now. It was hard for them to realize that Symbian might be efficient, could be improved and polished well, but it wont be able lure developers due to its inherent difficulties in developing apps with it, specially due to a larger range of products people expect a Symbian App to support.

The announcement that Nokia N8 is last Symbian based N-Series had its strong reasons and indications, which if would have taken in right sense, then there were not that disappointment all around that someone would be needing to say that they lost hopes with Nokia. Why Nokia?? Your disappointment been with Symbian, isn’t it?

Symbian^3 was announced to be based upon Qt and reasons behind the same were to provide a smooth transfer of existing Symbian developers over Qt, which will be compatible with MeeGo and all…they engineered a brilliant hardware in superb cost (in fact a bit cheaper than they could have afforded), so that more and more people could be attracted to the same and so developers might have their reasons for developing on Symbian^3 due to popularity of N8. That was better to them in longer sense even if they get much lesser margin on Nokia N8 handsets. Later on Nokia N9 and E7 like devices were aligned to be launched with MeeGo, which will already be having as many apps as people might have developed for Nokia N8 already.

You can understand that a Smartphone with superb hardware is of no use till you don’t get developers from all the globe giving nights over developing apps for the same. It really frustrates when now days, we see every second big app saying its available for Android and iOS only (not symbian) take even basic WordPress app for example.

If Nokia haven’t sensed the disappointment about Symbian, then they were not doing it  this way that release Nokia N8 with Symbian^3, advertise it big, create sensations all around and then switch all other high end Smartphones over MeeGo all of sudden. They are not that big fools if you think of it in their shoes. Unfortunately, this was only way to do what we wanted them to do.

What frustrates? Why some of us thought that no hopes left?

Definitely many questions will be raised after closing of Symbian-Guru and World of Nokia as these two been staying on top for long and also were among the few fans in subsidized markets like UK/ USA. Closing of these two really shakes your faith that if really something left here with Nokia.

When someone releases and handles these many products as Nokia does, then you are bound to frustrate if starts making mistakes with even one or two. There is a rule that “Your two good things could be never heard, but one mistake will be known by whole world”. Same with Nokia.. but there are not just a few mistakes.. in fact kind of many..

Just for example, You got overwhelming response on Nokia N82 camera and performance of Nokia E72, but you never thought to make a device with a camera like N82 on E72 with Xenon of course.

I should say, we have seen best of Nokia in pieces. Their catalogue is full of efficient and effectively priced devices. Nothing on this planet could beat a E52 in T9 and same with Nokia E72 in QWERTY.. if you are giving up over Nokia, then either you haven’t seen these two devices or just wish to have fancy things rather than real.

Nokia N900 was something that was exactly the right thing to bet on and it is even now and will be even after release of Nokia N8, but that thing was never backed up by Nokia in the way, they foolishly kept on nailing themselves with promotions of Nokia N97.

N900 reached India by now with a price that would stand higher than upcoming Nokia N8 (without HDMI, without 12 MP, without Xenon, without Capacitive, without Bluetooth 3.0, without that sleek looks). Just thing like this frustrates and made us think if Nokia really understand what a consumer might want. 

Highly frustrating release schedules

No one in the world make as many handsets as Nokia make, but at the same time, no one make people wait for the right things as much long as Nokia does. Either it be N97 or N900 or N8, its always been the same story. We understand that its not Apple that you could keep on hiding something this much long, when your people inside are much excited about their new venture and accomplishments, but still it was better if the time difference announcement and release would have been at most 2 or 3 months.

I don’t accept the pressure due to a biased review, because its the same story with C3, C6 and E5 as well. We are still waiting for an E5 even if they aren’t from some another planet. They are made of just a bit polished things and for no reasons need to be kept away for this much long.

Moreover, what are you trying to achieve by confusing people? India gets an N900 when Nokia N8 around the corner in less price, then it will possibly Nokia N9 with MeeGo, 4” screen and HW keypad (already stunned us by design, check the video)


Now, you tell yourself that what one should buy? Its not a soap that you have to wash away in weeks, its hard earned money and though its true like chicks that there would always one more beautiful around, Nokia could have managed a better time schedule about their devices.

Somewhere I think Nokia being let down by its developers as Hardware of every Nokia either N8 or N9 or E7 seems to be right and perfectly in place, but wait is for developers and developers. Does this really take that long even after years of experience with hundreds of devices and many fan blogs showering opinions on good and bad?

What Nokia still holds as their best?

  1. Best of Hardware: Being technology leader since long, Nokia keeps the advantage of technology for best of the signals, best of the battery and best of the camera.
  2. Best of experience to fit things into pocket of common man: Probably this been their biggest asset and biggest loosing side. Except N97, they never tried hard over big bucks and always kept their prices reasonable. They didn’t made products for people having big money and bashing from top over things that didn’t matter for common man, Layman.
  3. Wide range of products: Either its be cellfone or smartphones, Nokia been synonym for them. Whatever your needs might been, you always looked for one name and it rarely disappointed.
  4. Best of PR: Perhaps even after long trust over Nokia devices, I wasn’t into that much writing over Nokia products, if Womworld/Nokia wasn’t here. They know to engage people, they know to interact, they know to adopt and they know to serve what people ask for. But they do it for mass, not for self acclaimed people asking for things for sake of a cream breed.

What could bring Nokia back again?

The biggest and most important question… and no one could answer exactly …. we just could give our views. Whatever others might be saying, but Nokia seems to be right on path now with N8 and later aligned sets like N9, C7 and E7, but they seriously needs the positive waves from our sides.

  1. The confidence of developers: They seriously need the confidence of developers back and needs to assure them that the market share of Nokia will be unrivaled.
  2. Disciplined releases even if few: Many times some of Nokia device just don’t make any sense like last two designs we seen with Nokia C7 probably and that X5 competing Samsung Corby in looks. I don’t even that much favor devices like X6.. they could have done better. And please either deliver products in short time or don’t let them out in wild for making videos of them.
  3. Choose a proper shape for a series: If designs of Nokia N8 and Nokia N9 are some patterns, then this makes a lot sense. Trying too many designs doesn’t show that you are catering all kind of audiences, but it shows that you lack in confidence to sweep people’s opinion your way. It would be great, if resemblance of Nokia N8 and Nokia N9 may really establish a pattern and I wont mind, if they keep the same looks for all touch devices. Nothing bulkier like X6 please.

Sure, there are personal views and could be added with your comments and conversations as even we don’t exactly know that what would be best for larger audience with contrast tastes.

Thinking to close the post here, but I really want Nokia to surprise us by releasing Nokia N8 with a Keypad variant on the same day .. may be that could make up for the delay and could save people like me from being frustrated.


Nokia N8 Vs Nokia N900-Which one you want?

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The looks that will make you believe in things like Love at first sight, the price that make you fear that will you be able to get one before the stock runs out, the big amoled multi-touch shiny screen that find you only dreaming that how will be that like touching to it and a 12 MP with amazing build, which keeping you on toe that when you will get that one to make others envy. Yes!! I am talking about Nokia N8.


But hey!! wait a little, there might be another news in the corner, something else coming to India sooner than that. Yes!! that thing is known to be Techie’s best dream and opening new possibilities by each next day. Yes!! You guessed right, its Nokia N900. I already wrote that there are strong hints that it might land to India very soon and someone also said that price might be around 26-28k. So, which one you will buy? Nokia N8 or Nokia N900?

update: Nokia N900 got released in India on June 04, 2010. Though we got a price Rs. 30, 369/- not any lesser. Current market price of Nokia N900 in New Delhi as on June 30, 2010 is Rs. 25, 900/- and as this is Nokia Priority Dealer price, sure they must be better deal than this with HotSpot etc.

Interesting is that I haven’t seen a single person that might be ready to change his Nokia N900 for any other phone, either it be iPhone or any Android. Its really something that is growing like some wild fever without being hyped or even without that much backing by the manufacturer itself (unfortunately). We were really tired of hearing thing around iPhone that I got this app, I bought that app, how cool this app is and blah blah … but with Nokia N900, some new and real world seems to be opening. With a closing of around 3-4k price difference, Nokia N900 seems to be all set for keeping consumers highly confused about the choice between the two flagship models once N8 arrives.

I thought that its right to compare the two around the features offered and possibilities here as definitely a new debate is just around the corner that which one should be bought now?

1. Design, Build and UI: There will always be views that what is better, having a awesome physical keypad with you to make most of typing or having a shiny touch screen, that keeps your fingers always etching to slide on? Nokia N8 so far sure ride on the best build from Nokia so far, sure rising the bar much higher than the last Flagship Nokia N97 MIni. More of it, nothing seems more solid than a closed one piece build like Nokia N8 has. But at the same time, you can’t write off the tough male look of Nokia N900 as well. Nothing seemed as solid before. I guess it’ll be left over the choice of individuals.

Nokia-N8-06beauty n900

Note: Beautiful pictures of Nokia N900 are courtesy @arun8GB

On the other side, Nokia N900 houses such a nice keypad that people even might crave for something like same on now days Netbooks. It will be seriously interesting to watch that how will a touch screen keypad will fair against something this much awesome, when currently Nokia seems not support multi-touch of keyboard (No Ctrl+C).

Take a look, I am comparing Touch UI’s of Android and iPhone with Physical Keypad of Nokia N900.

keypadnexusiphone keypad

Definitely, for many its not a pleasant sacrifice provided the studies that says touch keypad are less efficient than physical ones and it keeps the rumors on for the next NSeries device Nokia N98 with Symbian^3, probably the same 12 MP camera, but incorporating physical keypad with same sleek design (Check the pics).

Nokia N98Nokia-N8-10

Well! personally I really wish to see that how touch UI keypad of Nokia N8’s big screen will fare against Nokia N900’s real convenience that kept me writing many blog posts directly from Nokia N900 only.

Next is about UI, honestly speaking, we haven’t seen much of exciting things about Symbian^3 except that multiple desktop thing. Reason is, it was the Russian site that prompted Nokia to go for announcing the half baked phone, otherwise when Vladislav Savov of Engadget visited Nokia HQ, then he was not presented with a proto-type with NOT working UI, sure a sign that the OS not fully operational yet.

Accept it, till now Symbian^3 might have excited the world in conversations only, yet it remained much to show off in pictures and video, where if we compare the same with Maemo, then we already seen that what wonder could be done with a mere Non-Capacitive UI. Definitely Symbian^3 needs to surprise us hard, if wanted people to forget Maemo for Symbian or MeeGo.

I will say even if lighter weight and sharp build Nokia N8 catches the eye instantly, Nokia N900 keeps the trust with majestic keypad, while Symbian^3 yet to show its full glory, definitely its gonna be hard to ignore N900’s magical Maemo.

2. Connectivity: One of the first phones to support Bluetooth 3.0, USB on the Go, HDMI and all of the other connectivity options that Nokia N900 supported, Nokia N8 is sure ready to hit the competitors big time. Many people says that Nokia like to tick all the checks in specifications and even after doing all end up doing things just ok or badly. But this time, its something seriously to be watched out. It sure beats even Nokia N900 in this department and sure lovely because at least on Symbian, we could expect a perfectly working Radio App for receiving/ transmitting and may be my personal favourite Google Maps app.


For me, I wish to see that how much battery will fair using all these connectivity options as in case of Nokia N900, I have seen that if I keep on using 3G on full go, then it ended up draining the batteries even if being continuously charged by being connected to Laptop. What about the 1200 mAh battery of Nokia N8 in comparison to 1320 mAh of Nokia N900?

3. Touch Vs. Multi-Touch: Nokia definitely has surprised many by announcing Nokia N8 in a price of around 22, 000/- even when packing other first in world features like Bluetooth and a 16GB memory. Fight will be with now more equipped iPhone 4G touch experience, but many expect Nokia be more ready this time through considerable inputs from touch design of N900.

Resistive Screen             VS         Capacitive Screen

Nokia N900 sure came to re-define the touch for Nokia and it has to move further with Nokia N8 even if that might be an entirely another OS. Multi-touch really re-defines the meaning of touch and the same kept iPhone ride on market big times. Sure, Nokia N8 with good things added from N900 will come to provide more lighter feel of Multi-touch. Perhaps much of reasons to buy it.

4. Maemo Vs Symbian: Maemo is probably the biggest reason behind the new hopes with Symbian^3, otherwise many had given up over Nokia that inspite of good hardware and best of the prices. Experts and bloggers called it Nokia’s obsession with Symbian that’s making it loose the grounds in front of revolutionary Android or iPhone OS.


Arrival of Qt was to bring some hopes and probably with Symbian^3, we could expect to see that in full glory, but still Nokia N900 will stand tall with its Open source and very much user familiar Maemo in front of Nokia N8 and Symbian^3. Probably one of the biggest reason that we are calling for some kind of comparison here. Openness of Maemo is something that couldn’t be compared with anyone. In spite of early bugs and complaints about immaturity at places, only Maemo has bring the scenario that at each next day, we hear about new people doing new things with their Nokia N900.

Many will voice my concern that they fear if with Meego, they gonna loose the same flexibility that Maemo provided and so have their reasons to stick with Nokia N900. Not only Geeks, but even normal people love Linux based Maemo, because its the only place in Smartphones, where you could expect some multimedia player playing all kind of multimedia files, where you could expecting getting some free program to record the calls as easily as you were on some Desktop, only thing that could let you check the logs if something went wrong.

Yes!! we want capabilities of Nokia N8, but still we love Maemo’s openness more. It remains to be see that who will win?

Lots could be said about these and I just wished to point the debate that would take place over web very soon, when Nokia N8 trial units will be out and people will get a feel of real things. Let’s see, who will go more strong? Will after the early excitement with Nokia N8, Nokia N900 will still keep world’s interest in it or Symbian^3 will come to change the game?

Waiting for your comments, more things that could be compared between the two, more things that could have been mentioned here.. anything that you wish to share about the two… you are most welcome.

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.

Concept Application for Nokia N8-Contacts Redefined

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Recently I wrote about next coming Nokia Flagship, Nokia N8, the crown bearer of all Camera Phones in the world. There still remains a lot to talk about the same, but real thing will be when it reaches to our hands. Admirations, amazement and long wait to explore it.

Wait must be making you crazy!!!! now you can do more than waiting, to make the jewel your own. A chance to make the next coming Symbian^3 experience even better, a chance to take things to another level. Give your idea about a new app and if it sounds cool then you could win a Nokia N8.

All the details are here. That’s is what keeping Nokia on the top since all those years. First the Device from Community Ideas and then the future Nokia device, then create your app and now this. Must say, you are heading right Nokia!!! Winning or loosing is on another side, you belong to hearts.

So, what you are waiting for? Its your chance to make it, go for it. An idea could change the life.


Like the last competition about Future Nokia, in place of taking part into competition only, my idea is to take the opportunity to present some of my thoughts, which will be very basic, very possible, just Layman’s Take, but still worth thinking for. so here I am presenting one of my ideas here that I don’t think will get voted much there (I am not popular like CJ or AAS :jealous)

Before you you read further, let me tell you that this app is not real till now like I seen this post referenced as somewhere. This was my own concept that how contacts could be improved on Nokia N8. The screenshot is obviously from an iPhone.

Contacts Redefined (Social / Geo)

The idea is not entirely new. There is already an app named Hermes on Maemo fetching info like display contacts picture, numbers, webpage, birthdays etc from your social contacts and putting into contacts and calendar. I just wanted to add some more and bring it to already much social Nokia N8 in a big way.

Think about a future, where you need not to ask/ tell your friends about their numbers, birthday etc or update them about changes, because its always updated right into your phone without any manual efforts. You don’t even needed to create a phone book, when get a new phone. No one misses birthdays anymore, if not logged into social connections for a while as their phones will automatically going to remind them about upcoming birthdays or events.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut etc. all are open with their APIs and depending on privacy level user chooses, practically its not big deal to fetch such profile information from your social connections. Though Hermes doesn’t do that but the same application could be extended to add geo info as well from Ovi Maps or Google Lattitude etc.

Think tomorrow is your friend’s birthday and at 11:45 PM, your phone rings a bell about that and after greeting him/ her in night, when you woke up in morning, at 9:00 AM, you get driving instructions to reach him/ her, if practically near.

I don’t talk about cheesy things, but for me its a very practical, basic and very possible idea to go with. If you fear about battery, then updates could be manual/ optional or of longer durations or in place of replacing/ adding info, it could be chosen to pop up as suggestions kind of (Google Buzz way). Obviously customizations possible from performance point of view or to avoid cluttering on user’s preferences, but practically unlimited contacts space needs something like this for very sure.

Not sure that Ovi will pick this idea today, but it will come to smart phones very soon, from here or there. If you think phones as your personal assistant, friend or companion, then you want this.

If you think this idea is cool then vote for it or promote it in your own ways. Its there (search for Nitish).

Nokia N8 bringing class to mass- Nokia N8 Vs iPhone 4G?

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In our Hindu Mythology, there’s a saying that whenever the nature starts loosing the balance, the God arrives to make sure that nature may regain the balance. May not be exactly the same, but probably Nokia’s next product lineup seems to be doing something sort of that 😉

For me technology designs two kind of products; for mass or for class and the actual growth of the society comes with a proper balance of these two. Unfortunately, in recent past, we seen the balance going much of disarray kind of. Apple iPhone 3G not less than 30k, Nokia N900, probably around 34k and similar were the case with HD Mini or others.

Many questioned from my circle over the price and I guess many others also might be wishing to voice their concerns. A price over Rs. 30, 000/- for smart phones? I mean however advance they might be, whatever the technology might have topped, but its a phone man!!! You could get a Netbook in the same price easily with bigger screen, then why spending this much over a phone only? I dreamed for not only better equipped but a better priced smart phone.

Yes! technology is good, the convenience it brings is good, understand that what it takes to bring the same in hands of people, but still it needs to reasonable and affordable to call it “buying a phone”. Were people thinking to buy computers, when they were of house like sizes and prices like even businesses can’t afford? Were ACs made their places in every third home before prices went low?

There was a race between Smart phones not only about features and bigger processors, but about prices as well like who can place a more higher priced phone than other. It really seemed to have lost focus about actual buyers. Being the biggest cell phone manufacturer in the world, it was sure a call for Nokia first and I am glad that they finally took it. Nokia seems to all set for bringing class to mass (C3, C6, E5 and now N8).

Two leaked flagship phones, the lost Apple iPhone 4G prototype and then mysteriously leaked Nokia N8 prototype and it was clear that Market is all set to see another battle even before a MeeGo device could actually arrive (only that should have been actually compared with an iPhone for real). Nokia kept it reputation of being a company for community and made the official announcement for the next Camera Flagship for whole industry, Nokia N8 (probably there was no option left).


While still a long wait before we will be able to actually see these two flagship model from two different “cultures” (expected to be released almost at the same time), its sure going to be a hot topic for blogs to compare both of them. Being different price segment device, it wouldn’t be fare to compare them, but still mentioning a 10 points comparison between Nokia N8 and iPhone 4G for people exactly looking for it…

1. Connectivity: When it comes to connectivity, then on papers, it seems to be a tie as most of the advance connectivity options seems to have became a standard now (except HDMI port in Nokia N8). What seems new to Apple’s iPhone 4G is introduction of Micro-SIM in place of standard SIM (it was already there in Apple’s iPad). Still its not clear that what it might be offering in terms of functioning, but as the manufacturing company ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) has been offering increased control and security features in its chips, many might be expecting that in place of being some ground breaking technology for connectivity, its more about the compactness, control and security. Apple! why cant you be open?
I don’t think that Apple would have thought about providing HDMI port (till now at least), definitely it would be a selling point for Nokia and more convenience for users.
2. A-GPS: I tried, but still unable to find that if Nokia N8 is going to sport Digital Compass built-in, most probably, it will not. Here we find Apple better as iPhone 4G has no reasons to go below than 3G version. Digital Compass technology might be a little tough or costly to implement, but people who have used it, know that its a blessing.
Apple get marks over this one, but still Apple’s GPS software doesn’t matches Nokia’s and Google not ready to give voice guided navigation to iPhone. Yes! Apple’s attempt to improve its own map software seems to be right step in the road ahead. But still I didn’t seen anyone enjoying navigation over iPhone that much, as we see people with even cheaper Nokia sets.
3. Display: Nokia is bringing 3.5” multi-touch capacitive screen in a flagship model finally (I don’t call the others as flagship ones). While its a matter of excitement, but its true that like in case of GPS, Nokia’s experience win, with multi-touch and capacitive screen, iPhone OS4 and its apps are expected to win the battle. More of it, Apple completely dominates due to fact that its expected to sport a much higher resolution than we ever might had seen.
Higher resolution does wonder that we had already seen with Nokia N900, even then I could understand Nokia’s concern of keeping price low. Probably that became the reason for lower resolution, but still I will say Kudos to Nokia!!! I am with you.
4. Sound: Dolby surround sound!!! are we really talking about smart phones. Technology changes a lot and making many things affordable. Apple’s products always known for their sound quality and as both of them going to sport second microphone for noise cancellation, we are all set to move into dream world of music soon. Expecting it to be a tie.
5. Camera: Forget it Apple, you are not even going to get even proper mention in this segment. Nice if you added flash, nice if you added a better camera, but you can’t even dream to tally with a Camera like Nokia N8. 12 MP Camera with HD Recording and Xenon Flash!!! Are you insane? Any iPhone including 4G can’t even think of competing even my beloved Nokia N82, leave Nokia N8 aside. Not mentioning much about Camera as there is no fight at any level.
You may check AAS article to go into a little more details, Nokia N82 been a king and the successor is going to make even hard core cameras envy 😉
Apple!! You need to move up till 7 generations at least to get par with Nokia N8’s Camera.
6. Processor: iPhone 3G supposed to have a 620  MHz processor under the hood and iPhone 4G probably coming with a Dual Core processor. People are wondering if the same would have 1GHz or more. A lot of expectations are here with iPhone and same has to compete with 1GHz processor of Google’s one, Apple sure could not afford to go low. But still Nokia really making me smile by introducing Nokia N8 at this point, in place of introducing some big successor for Nokia N900. Its already been hard for Apple to sell their phones in Asian market and now …. Apple is on double axes.
Definitely a better processor makes you capable of doing much more thing and providing developers a better platform to think more, but at the same point its about being reasonable as well. Nokia does an excellent job with Multi tasking all the time and Apple just seems to be introducing a mediocre multi tasking at this point. Why can’t you achieve that level of multi tasking that Nokia seems to have with even early 300 MHz processors? Many might have seen Nokia N82 running more than 60 apps at a time and they will sure be asking that what’s important? what you do or how you do?
Definitely, Apple seems to have a better processor with iPhone 4G, but still it doesn’t seem that Apple will make use of the same for real things. Nokia has ruled with multi-tasking and I think Apple will take one more generation to understand that.
7. Memory support: 16GB eMMC mass memory + micro SD card slot (support up to 32GB memory cards), 135MB internal memory, 256 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM, Nokia seems not leaving a place for complaint. I am sure, Apple going to do better with RAM and Application memory, but still there seems to be no place for a memory card slot even now. Being a close technology didn’t served better in past, still Apple seems to chose being worse than Microsoft.
Apple!! definitely, till you don’t reconsider this, you will be loosing points. Include MicroSD Card support please. Nokia rules in this department like always.
By the way, why I am missing USB-on-the-Go? You can completely travel without PC and transfer files to open drives or external hard disks. I have to see the maximum support though, may be I will be able to connect with my 1TB External USB HDD and watch any movie while travelling.
8: iPhone OS4 Vs Symbian^3: There has been big talks around iPhone OS, a number of developers are running after their lives for designing apps day and night for “The most advance mobile OS of planet”. Still openness of Android and Maemo shown the way that what could a more flexible and attractive platform for mass rather than serving profit needs of some company.
It nothing like I hate iPhone OS, in fact, I love the innovations it does and understand the Enthusiasm with which developer die for it, but still I hope much more from a Symbian.
Only obstacles in Nokia’s way ahead is obsession with backward compatibility. The same probably been biggest reason behind Windows Vista under the hood and fear is if the same happening with Symbian. Sometimes complete overhauling may be required than sticking with older rules only (We have seen in case of Maemo), issue is that overhauling should not be half baked like Nokia N900 missed Ovi Maps and Ovi Store miserably.
A MeeGo would be more suiting to stand in league of Android or iPhone OS, but still I believe Symbian^3 will stand tall even if doesn’t win against iPhone OS4.
9. Openness and Easy updates: I loved the way Nokia releases firmware updates for their smart phones ‘frequently’. Yes!! they are not that frequent like Microsoft does or like Maemo started doing, but still having free updates over the air is something so amazing for me and others out there for the convenience it brings to users.
Apple!!! people hate you for creating the term “Paid updates”. Nokia will be beloved for the same always as I don’t seem that Apple will bow down to remove its arrogance.
10. Battery Life: Nokia N8 going to sport a lesser battery (1200 mAh) than Apple, but its replaceable. Definitely Apple and Nokia get their advantages in terms for that.
I wonder if Nokia could produce a separate more power battery on additional cost. Why can’t the same device had two different kind of batteries in same shape? Would be a more flexible option for people asking for more.

Update: After observing Q&A session of Nokia, feeling a little disappointed to know the fact that for keeping the slim looks, Nokia did the biggest compromise ever, Integrated battery with the device that could not be replaced by users themselves. Not happy with this fact at least. Not able to digest as it was deal breaker to many. Nokia goes Apple way in this case. 

A lot could be talked about and would be talked about these two device in next days. I am just doing my bit. 🙂

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More over Nokia N8

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Lots of talks were going on over Nokia N8 from long, we even seen the early pics from a russian blogger on last day, but still many were wondering if Nokia going to miss the dates as rumors were saying that Nokia going to unveil this device in April 2010 only. So, today was April 27, 2010 and with only 3 days more remaining in April, rumors got it exactly right, when Nokia Conversations probably became the first source to announce the next generation of Camera Phone series.


This was the sneak peak into the device, we seen early the morning.

In first few mins, the official site had some issue with authentication and was asking for username/ password probably for the active content. But even if one was cancelling prompts, site was ready to reveal the show stopper Nokia N8 in complete day lights. I already have mentioned about the specifications and price from the same source. Now, even officially product page arrived. Head there to know more about it.

The site has an emulation of Nokia N8’s screen on the front, you can watch the video and increase the volume, forward, pause etc. Not sure, if it has the same messaging apps as Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5 going to have. (Just checked the official page, it will have the same Mail/IM support as upcoming Messaging devices), not sure why Nokia kept the resolution 640×380 in place of 800×600 of Nokia N900? But still if price remain on Rs. 22, 000/-, then Nokia did an amazing job like always to bring the capacitive screen in such a ‘small price’.


Yes!! the price is small about this device as I bought my Nokia N82 two and half years back in Rs. 19, 500/- and its still pricing around Rs. 17, 000/- at least I guess. Leave the brand new amazing Symbian^3 a side, leave the costly but lovingly smooth iPhone like capacitive screen a side, its going beyond double of your mega pixels in Nokia N82, bring 12 MP with HD recording @30fps with same Xenon Flash everyone of us was craving for.

Let me add one thing on disappointment side, its expected to be launched in the countries given below only in first phase:

Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, China, Portugal

Why you skip India all the time? A reader mentioned that release will be worldwide and I re-checked. Sorry for early excitement. Hope it true.. want it soon in my hands.

Geeks might be out to complain abound lower battery of 1200 mAh, few might mourn about RAM still on 256 MB and CPU on 680 MHz, but no one could deny the fact that only Nokia could have done this by bring a full fledge connectivity device, 3.5” capacitive screen, 12 MP Camera with Xenon Flash and HD Recoridng, 16 GB eMMC Internal Memory (expandable to 32 GB via card), FM Reciever/ Transmitter, finger/ stylus touch over Capacitive screen and what a look.

Updates: Adding few videos about Nokia N8

Nokia!!!! only you could have done it. Hard to wait for it. WomWorld/ Nokia!!! are you listening me? 😛

Nokia N8 Finally Brings Multi-touch to Nokia

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Here comes the reason to believe on rumors. Nokia announced the long awaited and rumored device Nokia N8 today. The first to bring Symbian^3, the first to bring 12MP Camera, the first to bring Multi Touch capacitive screen to Nokia, probably first to bring HD Recording in Nokia Smartphones and finally it brings back the beloved Xenon Flash. Dreams came true.


Available in a number of colors and a big 3.5” screen with most of space making the screen only not button, its set to be a great multimedia device for sure. Am I going to get complete replacement for my Nokia N82? Falling in love with lovely looks … though missing the while color from the bunch. Will Nokia Launch the same in white as well?n8-5 n8-1 

The most awaited device is expected to arrive in market by third quarter only with a price Rs. 22, 000/- around (hope taxes wont axe a lot).

Available colors
Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue, Orange

Operating times

  • Talk time (GSM/WCDMA) – 12/5 h 50 min
  • Standby (GSM/WCDMA) – 390/400 h
  • Video record – 3 h 20 min
  • Music playback – 50 h
  • Video playback – 7 h
  • Video playback with HDMI – 6 h
  • Web TV – 3 h 20 min

Nokia Original Accessories:

  • Nokia Wired Headset WH-701 (in box)
  • Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905
  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-608
  • Nokia Extra Battery DC-11
  • Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-214
  • Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505
  • Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9

Technical Profile:

  • System: WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100 and GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • OS: Symbian^3
  • Form Factor: Touch screen monoblock
  • Dimensions: 113.5 x 59.12 x 12.9 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 135g
  • Display: 3.5 inch widescreen (640 x 360 pixels) capacitive touch
  • Battery: 1200mAh BL-4D
  • Media Storage/Memory: 16GB mass memory + micro SD card slot, 135MB internal memory, support up to 32GB memory cards. RAM256 ROM512
  • Video Playback: Video recording, Performance: encoding 25fps, decoding 30fps, File Formats: H.264, MPEG-4, VC-1, H.263, Real Video 10, ON2 VP6, Flash video
  • Music Playback: FM radio, FM transmitter, MP3 player, Supported codecs: MP3,AAC,eAAC, eAAC+,WMA,AMR-WB, DRM support, DRM: OMA DRM 2.0
  • Main Camera:
    • Lens: Carl Zeiss optics
    • Image capture: 12 megapixels
    • Video capture: HD 720p
    • Aperture: F2.8
    • Focal length: 5.4
    • Flash: Xenon flash
  • Connectivity:
  • HDMI adapter CA-157
  • WLAN IEEE802.11 b/g/n
  • BT2.1 with support for stereo headsets
  • Positioning with GPS, A-GPS, WLAN and Cell-ID
  • Micro-USB 2.0 high speed for file transfers and charging
  • USB On-the-Go
  • Nokia AV connector 3.5 mm for audio input/output and TV out

You can download the official press release with docs from here.

Just placing the quick info from the official site, will be back with details soon.

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