Jaaneman: Don’t let the silence ruin your relationship ….

        Jaaneman: Don’t let the silence ruin your relationship …. even if it seems that you lost everything, close your eyes, give a smiling touch to your voice and speak up again to him or to her, the simple words “Let’s Fall In Love Again”.

Probably, I was not able to think anything else beyond the underlined message. The message; that great Gulzar Saheb’s words say in his way:

        Hamako Malum Hai, Ishq Massom Hai, Dil Se Ho jati Hai Galatiyan,

        Sabra Se Ishq Mahroom Hai …


        Doesn’t matter, whether the similar stories might have got their ways for the audiences earliar; doesn’t matter, whether there might be a lot of if’s and but’s that could have been better about the presentations, but denying it from getting its part of credit for being stood up as outstanding in its era, is something that will be some kind of insensitivity. A lot of places, where you may find similarities between the story and yours …. A lot of places, where you may find it more close to reality than the pictorial edition. Say thanks to the Director, Gulzaar Saheb and the Amazing Trio; Salmaan Khan, Anupam Kher and Akshay Kumar, who made the treatment very unique and surprizingly lighter than being full of emotions. It will amaze you that how a tough story binds you smiling and laughing with all the stupid-n-filmy things going on the screen (In Salmaan’s typical ways), even then crying from inside. Probably, when tears come out while laughing then you get to know, you have a heart, which still ready loose all the practical things aside.


        Sometime people complaint that my reviews start from a distant place-n-Time rather than being to the point, I have reasons to do the same but even then trying to be a bit simple and traditional. Let’s start in formal ways:


        Title: Jaaneman; Let’s Fall In Love Again ….

        Star Cast: Salmaan Khan, Preety Zinta, Akshay Khanna, Anupam Kher. (Salmaan&Akshay my all time favourites)

        Director: Shirish Kunder (Interestingly making his debut in impressive ways)

        Lyrics: Gulzaar Saheb (Have not enough words to praise such a big icon)

        Genre: Comedy, Romance (Although it doesn’t make your romantic moments liven up again, but remind your feelings)


        Sohaan (Salmaan Khan); An actor, who want to be a star and has confidence to get it, but the same leading to make him a kind of day dreamer. His funny line giving an insight of his feeling, “not a star, I am super star”. The same is so important for him that he missed to feel the things from all other sides. But as a person, he is some kind of hunk with admiring attitude and confident-n-Stylish in using magic spell of charm with personality and words. Agastya (Akshay Kumar) started the introduction with the words that “He was a total freek”.  Agastya, an Astronaught, a kind of book worm in his study days that leaded to make him an achiever in scientific fields but landed on a ground with a low confidence in communication of topics other than technical. The link to bind these two contrast personalities; Priya (Preety Zinta), Agastya was a secret admirer of her from College days and Sohaan; then Boyfriend, later Husband and now Ex-Husband. A common girl falling over Hunks means wishing to have a boyfriend that might be able to impress her circle, give feeling of being secured in all the ways and could give her feel of being proud over him.


        Now, the story starts from space, where Agastya in a satelite is telling all the story to a girl (someone not from India) at Sohaan’s birthday. Story goes into flashback, when Salmaan was dreaming about being even greater than Amit Ji, Dharmendra and others, got a call from his Uncle-cum-Friend Bony; Anupam Kher, in later part Anupam Kher is playing another role in the same movie means a double role for him. As he himself said once “Pata Nahin Kya Soch ke Mere Maa-Baap ne mera naam ek dum meri personality to match karta hua rakh diya hai”, yes he is a real Bauna having a height of about 4 feets. He is an advocate for Sohaan. Still unmarried and very sensitive about his being a ‘Bauna’.


        So, these are the main characters; not going into the later part of stiry as it is better to see it rather than reading mine. But in short, affections leading to a premature marriage and then misunderstandings leading to a divorce. After getting legal notice to pay the money to Priya, Sohaan has only way, to kick out the burden anyhow, even if it require to make his ex-wife to fall in love with someone so boring and unimpressive. Sohaan tried to make Agastya move into her life, so that he might be saved from giving the money and in that process he was going fine as after giving Agastya same posture like himself, Agastya and Priya were reached to the day of engagement in front of all the family. The money was running fine in making a person too mean, but at the end love wins and after watching his own daughter, Salmaan realizes all the things, feels mature and want to fall in love again, but tried to sacrifice for sake of someone, he realizes now that he always loved. No, no, no … don’t think that the climex will take any other turn in 21st Century, its the same as it was always.


        A story which has been told many times earliar but it’s the way, the story has been told that makes this film worth a watch. You will find many instances, scenes, where you will be amazed that how could even most sensitive emotions might be given a humorus touch (it does not pinch even if seemed to be horribally artificial, specially Sohaan’s side). Fundamentalists might be left with saying that somewhere the typical Bollywood Style seems to insulting the true emotions and the treatment is a bit worse to the typical emotional story. But everyone might be agreed upon that it’s really amazing that how could you keep the story moving in funny way, even then touchy and emotional. A typical Indian drama ……

        Shirish tried to make a good mixture of fantasy and reality together in an impressive innovative and specially technical way, using visual images as metaphors. Scenes in which lights, ambience and background sets change in split seconds, without any cut in the shot. Songs in a very new, soft-n-fresh way, that takes the story forward and always in sync with the story and mood. Baground Music to connect different strands of the story. I am not saying its an outstanding Coreography, but it has a fresh look.  Sure, cheers to multi-facet talent of the Director . He is the writer, editor and director of the film. Not just this, he is also credited for the background music. Interesting na …. Despite Kunder’s multi-talent, the movie could not have been the same without commendable performances by Salman Khan-n-Anupam Kher (Taking the light ways, with an outstanding Salmaan), Akshay Kumar (who could forget his innovative he he he …. and consistency in the inner character, well played) and Preity Zinta (Simple girl like she was in KANK, sorry but there was not much on her part).


        Why to watch it??? If you are still with questions with your relations remained in your mind that should you take the initiative in your relation to break the ice, then Jaaneman is worth to watch. JAANEMAN is just not a word, we say the same very easily, but we come to know the meaning very later. So, tell me, have you got your meanings?


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