Breakups: Just the same story

Breakups: Just the same story

Modifications, justifications, sacrifices, offering everything you have, but perhaps relations ask for something else. Each time you think that now you have learned from all your old mistakes but each time, the things bounce back in new shapes. Perhaps this is the life, this is how people learn to be just like everyone and making them busy all over without any taste in life, just like everyone else, loosing all ambitions and emotions of ensureing their individuality.

Yes!! I am talking about breakups, why we loose people, we loved and cared from the innermost of our heart? Why they started to ignore or miss our feelings, when in a time, those were the prime importance for them? Why suddenly your all expectations started to be overambitious for them and became ruined, when one time they were ones to surprise you by their capability to catch up the things from between the lines? Why suddenly you come to feel yourself much emotional (even if you don’t want to show up) and they manage to be least emotional, while few days ago, things were on contrary? Lots of why’s na …..

We ask questions to ourselves and mind gave a lot bounced back to us with number of new questions that what I did wrong? When I managed to stay with all the time then what wrong if I expect the same? Questions are the same and tears are the same. We come to think that what we are doing, we come to hear people, who were already trying to suggest us a lot but we were ignoring. We try to make us busy; we try to make us alone and close shell and sometimes become vulnerable to others to grab the opportunity to get close to us, if we manage to be away then mind says that we are being scared and if just let it be as it comes then heart says that we are opportunistic.

Whatever …. A lot of suggestions to hold up the relations, a lot of suggestions to keep a balance between emotions and feasibility, but are they really work?

Some of you will complain that this time I am going through only one side of the conversation and some will come to say that I always do the same, but I just want to answer that I know who the audiences are and who want to read this all bullshit ….. so want to say things only for them.

If you are with my words even now then it does means that you have found yourself somewhere in these words. I know that everyone have a variety of definition about what is love and what one expect from a relation? Perhaps I want to remember the lines ….

“Tere dil mein meri sanso ko panaah mil jaye,

Tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaye”

We just ask for this much only; our breaths may pass through the heart of our loved ones, so that he/she could feel us even when we don’t bother to make vibrations in the air by our words. We just ask for a shade to make ourselves melt down, when we get tired off only caring others and being the careless and rough dudes or babes with attitude. Does our eagerness to get this “panaah” supersede our ability to think and our key to win the toughest situations? We talk about even sacrificing our whole life over them but forgot that is really this one the all we could offer or our egos and expectations sometimes come to be even bigger than our lives?

Holding relations without any formal bonding in between, is something like drawing a more bigger line each day or after each week and once you failed to do so, you are not going to get more chances. Lots of movies, lots of daily soaps, lots of stories …. Whenever you will wish to say something very own, you found it already said. Its nothing like that your true words are unable to touch someone but probably people became practical for such things and call you stupid on expressing them. Then what to do …. ….. …

A lot of questions and confusing things but still not offering any solution, but really could you offer or could anyone else by just few words? Yes!! I am not offering any solution, but I wish that I was having one …… …….. ……..


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