Nishabd; Nothing to say….

-: Nishabd :-

Before even watching the movie, I was curious about the same. Why? Your question. Why shouldn’t I? My counter question …. Everyone was sharing the same curiosity about the story line, even those, who might have read and saw the movie version of its predecessor Lolita. Don’t jump over any conclusion, I am not comparing or saying that it’s a remake of Lolita or does have any similarity with that. But the same was in air before its actual release. But I found it different, in fact, very different from that from the very first few scenes. Although the one, I saw was a pirated release means I must be excused, if I am missing something that was having reasons to be mentioned in the review as I got many parts missing in the movie. So, you could wait for my modified review sometime later.

        Title: Nishabd; Nothing to say….

        Star Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Ziah Khan, Aftab Shivdasani
Director: Ram Gopal Verma         Genre: Intense, silent.

For me a movie is not a story, but it’s the traits of different colored characters and so I never wished to write a review with mentioning the whole story and touching moments. I feel my reviews having a rather different feel as it try to touch the part seemed to be not approached. So, the story is simple as you heard, a much elder man and a girl of his daughter’s age admit their affections towards each other and consequently up and down melancholy and finally the silence moves in to end all … asking that what it was and why someone was wrong?

It’s a total Ziah Khan’s story. A girl’s story and everyone else is just a spectator Ziah Khan: Simply unpredictable; that’s what Vijay thought, that’s what Zia wanted to be, love to be, that’s what everyone of us saw, that’s what one loves, when he/ she just above or fed off from the physical attractions/ affections. Same to Vijay and Same to Jia …. That’s what, which created the bond. But who was Ziah?

“I am, what I am; not what you want to see, if I wasn’t as I am, then what would I be? What twist and turns, do you think I make to your eyes, so better get used to it and take light.”

Do these words say everything? A girl grew with a divorcee hearing all the complaints against a man. She feels herself convinced that his father was a person, she should hate but she must obviously be fed of her sure emotional mother too. Probably might have asked few questions from himself, but he kept himself laughing out all the critical rather than being descriptive about the instances in contrast with her mother.

Question to her mind???? There must be some reasons with the man, why would one like to be insane? She feels that somewhere her mother was not right, but …. Somehow she hates to be like her mother, to be like a typical girl. Why a girl wants to dissolves herself with someone to an extent that she couldn’t think about her own identity? She don’t know that she is intelligent or not but wanted to be, wanted to feel like being. Throwing sharp looking catching lines and twisting the words at every next moment, expression to puzzle everyone. She wanted to be a mystery girl dominating over others in thoughts as being unpredictable is her only own trait, otherwise she feels herself so common, and so she wants to keep it.

Who was Jia?? You too have seen her. When she says she likes nothing, when she says to Ritu about Vijay that he is 11400 times better than the SAAS-BAHU serial, you were watching, When she started crying after falling down with the camera, when she says that she writes for herself, when she went angry over Vijay after herself almost causing a road accident, when at the end, she says that she is not “A poor and helpless creature” and knows how to do everything on her own.

A girl, fed up of her boyfriend because of his protecting manhood. She feeling herself being like her mother and she just don’t want to be like that in any way. Who said she is “a helpless creature”, then why she said so at the end? Own inferiority complex. Don’t you think that she was so predictable, if you really try to see through?

It was not Vijay, who impressed her, but there were a few words and promptness with which Vijay was able to catch her ‘mind blowing’ (according to her thought) picks. She always thought that she is able to come out of everything in just a moment, so it was nothing risky/ emotional for her being involved or admitting something such, that she finds her partner is an age old one.

When she says to Vijay that she love him, then it was not the admittance of the fact, but was the curiosity to look for the reaction and things might be having another turn. She says that “I will not go anywhere, I love you” and the silence prompted her to say again that “Didn’t you heard? I love you” and then finally “I didn’t said that I like you, but I said that I love you”. It was not propose, it was not the same as it seemed to look like. It was a trait of ‘Ms. Wishing to be unpredictable’; this was days earlier thought to place some day to say the same. She felt like stumped when didn’t get a matching word even after using her best shot.

I was deeply impressed with her eyes and also Director’s touch in the scene as she succeeded to show the same traits of the plot on the screen. Coming close with all her magnetic attraction and winning again over someone’s spirit in those moments, she was always aware of her charms but this victory given her the domination, she was longing for (Of course, Rishi; the another boy in scene was not able to give her the same feel). She was wishing for her own space and was wishing that someone unique and intelligent in her eyes may find her unpredictable).

I don’t want to take credits of Amitabh Bachchan. He was unbeatable, when two droplets of tears ran out from his eyes and he said “Nahi” two times and then silence. This was Nishabd. The name, the theme, the plot, the story, the reality …. The movie….. A lot to say about Vijay’s character and emotions but it was rather more clear, as he was trying to say the story in his own words, even if not knowing his all emotions, so I am leaving the part. Better to think from your side. Writers and Photographers are two species, who live in their own panorama and age doesn’t matter for them as they live in their own world. He just was a side to receive with surprises

But I would like to rather call it as a Ziah Khan’s show, as she was outstanding and I never felt that she is missing her part. Besides of the warmth beneath of her fresh looks, the glamour of those stunning long legs, what lead the show from her part is her eyes. Eyes; full of curiosity, wishing to search all the unknowns, eyes; having power to take over anyone. Like someone else wrote in her blog, I too wish to say that after Kangana debut with Gangster, now I am deeply impressed with this girl and could say that she is much more capable than Kangana and definitely the whole industry is looking for such a fresh air.

If you need a reason to watch the movie, then only her eyes are sufficient to drag you in. She speaks like short sparkles but her eyes talk even much more loudly with all the silence in air …. NISHABD,,,,,,,,,,,,


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