Indian Idol 3, 14th July 2007: Good Bye Smita …

The show started with the correct comments saying that Deepali and Amit Paul were the clear winners. Although I was thinking that they will count Pooja as well, as she was on the mark after really many many days. And also how they could skip Ankita…. Is being outstanding all the times is crime? It seems that we are not giving credits to people, who lived up the expectations each and every time.

Hussain made a marvelous comment saying that Jaaved Ji, we really missed you, when you were not there, but now we started missing Shabana Ji too as she was brilliant there. Perfect saying. On performance and singing … Jaaved Sir’s comments were “This is a question that a singer is performing or a performer is singing.” Really, he could match only himself. Short and straight.

Then, it was a question thrown to others that Emon is overconfident or not and people were like saying that it is just an allegation and nothing like that. Jaaved Sir made the right punch saying that probably Anu Malik was the one, who praised Emon much more than anyone else, so if an elder is praising someone so much then he obviously has the right to curse him at a point, when he seems to going wrong. Jaaved Ji said that according to myself, it was not like that Emon was singing that badly, but he has such a sensitive voice and probably the song was not suiting the same that much. Minni come to ask one question, which was probably prepared from earlier as the same must be being asked on the message board and the question was “Should a singer not be performing?” Jaaved Sir replied that the question is that a singer is performing or a performer is singing. He prefer the earlier category. Jaaved Ji is always Jaaved Ji. J

All contestants denied the allegation and when Prashant was asked the difficult question that how was the song last time, then Prashant hesitatingly spoke that he has not this much dare to comment on the same but he feels that Emon was capable to do better than the same. As public was supporting Emon in visuals, Anu commented that when someone else will be Indian Idol, then the same public wont be anywhere around him as its upon him that what he decides.. as we are done with what we were capable of ….

My piece of comment on the same is that. Its kind of Devil’s advocate … according to me Emon and Pooja never impressed me n the ratio of praises they are getting. It might be the case that they might technically good enough behind the stage or I might not be that good in judging… but honestly speaking, I never got thrilled by their performances… although Charu, Deepali, Aisha, Suhit, Jolly, Padmanav, Shantanu, Bhavin, Prashant, Chang, Amit and Shifa..all of them got their moments. Hoping that Emon would be able to thrill me as Bhavin did, after my similar feelings about him. J

Then it were a little fast declarations… and Emon was declared as safe at very first and I was noticing the cute smile on Anu’s face. You to notice the same, as its not always easy to see him smiling from the heart. 😉 Finally Parleen, Smita and Charu was declared as in bottom and I was more or less satisfied with the same decision. Minni and Hussain surprised everybody with saying that they are declaring only last three, so Prashant and Abhishek, which were only left… are safe.

Then Hussain said to Charu that she has to go now. Charu was like a plastic face on the same like nothing she might have heard. She was not even thinking that he might loose the battle this much soon… the smile on being safe was a kind of sign of over confidence… and I think, such a sign is not good for such shows.

Except Udit Ji, all judges were in favour of Smita being saved. Jaaved JI made an interesting comment by giving example of Amitabh Bachchan, that he was rejected in each attempt, when tried to come into movie world. He said, he wont comment more than it. Either I missed the feel or Jaaved sir was not in that punch.

Anyway, Smita said she expected her in bottom, if the performance was concerned. Finally her name was declared as the one coming out of competition. Smita tried to be smiling till the end and the same was the fighting spirit with her. She promised that she wont cry till the end, although the tears were almost on the edge and was very much visible in her trembling voice. Anu Malik promised her that he will compose for her one day.

Jaaved Sir said that the dream of her father wont break as it was not Indian Idol in his dream, but the music was. Anu Malik made the note that hoping that there will be one day, when Jaaved Ji will write lyrics, Anu Malik will compose and Smita will sing with Udit Ji. A big comment. Smita must have felt really cheered up.

Smita ended with the song composed by her father. Good bye Smita.






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