My flight to Mumbai-The journey

Finally it was much awaited journey for my side, as even after lots of planning many times in past, I was not able to visit Mumbai to meet my cutie pie sis and relatives. I guess only two visits in last three years. I am really a rare visitor for them.

Lots of friends there, my classmates, my buddies, my colleagues, but like last times, I don’t know that whether even this time, I would be able to visit any of them. Although earlier it was planned that I will go to my friend Amit first and then will stay and meet others from there, but now as sis wants me to be with her, so …..

The flight is Go Air 373 – Delhi-to-Mumbai and the timings were 10:00 AM-12:10 PM. A bit slower than last times, when the travel was taking only 1 hour and 45 mins. As I read in newspapers, it was subjected to reach there before two hours of boarding, so I decided to wake up early to take safer side. My sweety friend helped me out in waking up and later after little things, I was ready to leave room by 6:20, I guess. I was keeping two hours in my hands to reach out Airport, but it came out to be a surprise to me as without traffic, it took only a matter of 35 mins. Yeah!! One of the reason was Driver’s jumping red lights, which was truly unnecessary for me.

After reaching Delhi Domestic Airport, my fear was “Should I let go the laptop under X-ray or not?” As I earlier heard that one should avoid that. But I guess, Airport authorities always get all the goods checked, so I didn’t tried to resist the same. I was told that I have came early and the counter for my flight will obviously open by 8:00 AM. I said I don’t mind waiting at the lounge. Taken a sip of coffee and taken a sit to open my Lappy to post this early one to avoid boredom. Tried to search WLAN by my Nokia N82 first, but was able to find only two IndigoDelhi and some other of Jet, I guess. But both of them were protected network and I don’t really know that whether do they provide the same to their visitors for free or not?


Continued …..

Ok! So, by now I am done with security checks. It was a long queue of 40-50 people at least. Now days, they ask for even your jackets off and Laptop out of bag. Heard announcement from SpiceJet side that they even need that passenger should identify their luggage before taking the flight, otherwise, it won’t be allowed due to security reasons. Don’t know whether these security reasons are new or just as were older. I visited in summer most of the time and earlier Laptop wasn’t with me, so don’t really know about this Laptop/ Jacket thing.

Anyway, my flight is on 10:00 AM, as I wrote earlier and I think at 9:30 AM, we will be allowed to take the cab from here.

The trip continued. Cab left me on board in time, but there was unexpected delays in take off for don’t know what reasons. At earlier times, when it was AirDeccan both the times, I remember there were no delays. This time, I guess the reasons behind the late were the late passenger than any technical glitch. Anyway, it went late by half an hour, I guess. Later it was announced as apology for the delay and also was told that it would take one hour and fifty mins more to reach at my destination Mumbai.

Although I am not aware of neither they prefer to tell, but there were some after flight issues, I guess as it took really a lot of time, when official instruction to open the seat belt were issued. Anyway, I found GoAir equally comfortable as AirDeccan was used to be and was also impressed with their business class fare, which they mention in their booklet with comparison with other flight services. Around 5k INR for Business seat @flight from Delhi-Mumbai is not that big deal I guess, when others might be offering the same @15k INR or more.

I was little bit annoyed with one person sitting behind me using cellfone, when it is already prohibited using any radio device in flight. (Although technically I know that technical the radio frequencies of cellfones don’t match with that of flight operating frequencies and these instructions are traditional cautious measures only).

Later on, I kept on using my cell for Music (in offline mode of course) and taken out my Laptop for typing all this as was getting bored after being done with magazines provided on seat. Taken sips of coffee and was waiting to get this flight reach to destination, where my little sis must be waiting for me on Airport.

One thing, I personally want to add about the flights. I always feel it scary the way luggage get taken care of. I mean you get a slip of your luggage, that’s ok, but when the luggage come on open trolley, then there is no check over it that who is taking whose luggage. Moreover, sometimes, one takes time to reach on the right trolley.

Anyway , finally flight ended by 12:25 PM (15 mins late than its schedule) means they made it up for the delay 45 mins. I was writing something over my lappy, when it was told that now you all should fasten your seat belts as the flight is going to land in Mumbai within minutes.

Later, it was almost 15 mins or more longer wait for the luggage. Passengers reach on Airport immediately and it takes time in case of luggage to get carried into a trolley and then on the wheels. Anyway, I got the same and then moved out. Choti and Mama were there to wait for me on Airport and after that it was a long long journey (credit goes to Mumbai traffic) to home, where I really by 3:00 PM finally.

So, this was my trip.


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