Came back to improve my sketching a little

The final one along with the original shot. Brightness improved a little.

The original shot taken from N82, unedited.


3 thoughts on “Came back to improve my sketching a little

  1. Its not like that you can’t dare.. if I have to tell then I started sketching by this year only after more than 4 years. It just takes a little bit of your concentration and patience. Reward is; you can relax after a while and sketching also teaches you a lession:

    “Keep on trying, if you think you are doing things in right ways, even if doesn’t look that good as it will come out to be nicer in the final step. Don’t hesitate to erase whole work, when you know that at a step out of 10, you went wrong and without undoing a lot of things, you wont get the best. Backtrack”

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