Again some bored holidays

Many a times, I ask myself that why don’t I write often? So the answer come from inside “Where is the reason? Where are the topics?” Sometimes, I hear a very low voice reply “Aren’t really they here?” Do I hear? Most of the times, I don’t. This is something, which makes me just like all of us, they notice, but don’t comment.

Why I came up for writing today? I guess nothing, complete nothing.

There was a two days visit to home on occasion of earned leaves, yeah I am not calling it on occasion of Vijayadashmi as it was not, it was just on occasion of ELs as I didn’t went out on the occasion and it remained as just an EL.

Installed Windows 7 over Laptop and it was just fine as it must have been. No surprises or specials as I already was done with the same installation earlier. But there were some annoying parts like the parental one Windows Vista itself. But overall, it was nice.

I think I could end this writing with recommending Windows 7 for people who have jammed themselves with Vista pre-installed in their Laptops and now struggling to get Windows XP into the same. Try Windows 7. It’s not as lighter as Windows XP, but sure better than Windows Vista.


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