Lost my Nokia 5800 by today morning

Update: The all info has been updated and I was wrong at some points, read the updates in below part of the post.

Again felt that how helpless you might be … The same story happened as once with my Laptop. Lost my beloved Nokia 5800.
Really feeling helpless that technologies don’t work in the way you wish they should. Fault is ours that we should have been much more aware and careful. I always left Google Lattitude on over my cell sharing my location all the time, but look like that’s not sufficient as its showing only my location from some 30 days back, might be the day, when I might have pushed my location button in Google Maps on my cell. wasn’t that supposed to keep on updating my location all the time? If not so, then why does it ask every time I close Google Map that you wish to keep on sharing or not? Same with ovi maps. Useless!!!
Still just one hour back, when I lost it. Going to office. Will try more things from there, but I already try a few things in hurry at my room. No luck, so not much hope as my connection is prepaid and India is pathetic about such matters. There should be some way out for such cases….
Now, while I am extremely careful about the trial device Nokia N900, I found the flaw horrible, about which I wrote article just by last night. Google doesn’t provide Google map application for maemo and maemo haven’t made a workaround, thanks to no support for traditional Java. price is this, it wasn’t easy to find Lattitude over this cell, neither in hurry I found a way to see Lattitude on web. Will try, but not much hope left, getting late for office. In evening, was to go home to meet parents on occassion of Holi, wished to show them the new set. But …..

Update: I might had been kind of panic when posted the post above. After calming down, I tried to re-look my options again and sure Lattitude was working and sharing my location till last two hours (after that the person who has got the same has switched off the cell). I am placing the location live on the board, so that if he will put his phone on then could be tracked. As of now, I could summarize that the same person must have picked Metro from either Yamuna Bank, Metro Station or Laxmi Nagar, Metro station and switched off the cell at Mayur Vihar, Phase I, Extension Metro Station. The next metro station is New Ashok Nagar, Metro Station as you can see from the Google Map. The Map is available with my  Blogger’s Blog (WordPress is blocking the script as usual due to presence of frames I guess)

Note that the above mentioned map is live and showing the actual location of the person through Lattitude, if cellfone is switched on.

The following steps taken by me till now:

  1. I am not deactivating my number as of now though its a security risk, but security risk is already there due to my contacts on phone, which are in sync with Google Account. Although sync will stop once I change the passwords, but with that change also the tracking will be off.
  2. I have enabled history and other settings from Google Latitude settings here. Enabled SMS and Email alerts.

Author: Nitish Kumar

I love to write and raising voice, sharing thought and heated debate is a kind of passion for me. Jobwise I am just another Computer professional handling Infra and designing solutions for a big Indian Media house but I love to write, sketch, photography and a lot more.

9 thoughts on “Lost my Nokia 5800 by today morning”

  1. Hello sir,

    I bought new Nokia 5800 Music express phone just 1 month only i used. Last 22-05-2010. someone theft my mobile.

    I dont know IME Number, but i registered OVI Store at all.

    So, what i want to do first.

  2. IMEI Number could be obtained from the shop you purchased. Not sure but try to login in your Ovi account, may be some info regarding IMEI there.

    Though currently with India things are not that supporting in such as I have found in my case.

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