Do Smartphones need a new category more?

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Does one size fit all? Doesn’t it limit your sight, if you fail to know your real audience while selling something? What’s more worth, being specialized or doing all?

Most of the Smartphones in market seems to be classified in three categories:

  1. Entertainment devices: I guess most of the devices fall in the same category. General purpose what focuses on voice communication and additional features like Radio, Camera etc. I want to keep devices around 10-12k in it. Target Audience are most of the users that might not be crazy about gadgets, but still love to keep up with the changing world and also those who just wanna communication in their hands.
  2. Business Devices: The superior devices, whose core focus is on providing better length of talk time and making most use of the hardware for serious purposes than entertainment. Blackberry, ESeries etc fall in this category. Target Audience are business users, who wants kind of mini-computers in their hands. Their devices might not be best of the league about the entertainment, but they deliver the best about what a Communication device always meant to be. best of battery and best of business apps.
  3. High End Devices: Could call it the premium segment, the best of technology, the best of hardware, the best of entertainment, best of versatility and the best of price. Target audience are people, who can’t let it loose and want the technology at its best even if they need to pay a price for the same. People who wanna show off or even making most of what they can get. iPhone, Android, Nokia N8 kind of devices fall in this category.

I guess there should have been a fourth category, a category that could contain the flexible and very programmable devices like Nokia N900 and Android based devices, note that I am not keeping iPhone in this category. What about giving a name to it High tech devices.

Why I am asking for a fourth category or even if that matters for anyone?

The reason for the same is, somewhere I feel that Nokia N900 like devices are bound to loose their existence to devices like Nokia N8 that would seem to be comparable to Nokia N900 or even advanced, but we will loose the flexibility we jus seen only which it. We all techie just loved the idea Nokia N900 came up with. I mean you get a device that you could install/ re-install like some PC, could reprogram the same in whatever manner, you might be missing, flowing number of apps coz no special training required to make an app for it.

Do you want to let Nokia N90 die? Will we be able to accept MeeGo if it came to give any bit less freedom to us? Aren’t we want separate existence of devices like Nokia N900? Nokia and other compnies need to know in strong words that there is a segment, which wanted the open platforms like Android and Maemo badly and there are buyers for that.

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iPod Touch 3G – wanna have an iPhone experience in lesser?

Loved your Nokia and functionality it provides in cost effective ways? Hated the way Apple keep their products pricy and costing bucks from you for updates? Wish to feel that what’s special about well pronounced multi touch and phenomenal iPhone browsing experience? Don’t want to limit yourself with a pricy phone without some very basic functionality? Finding ways for getting an iPhone experience packed with apps in lesser costlier ways? Why don’t you try iPod Touch 3G with some of your already beloved wi-fi Nokia?


Seen iPod 3G 16GB in hands of colleague and sure got surprised that if its the so hyped iPhone. Though it came out to be iPod, I kept on hearing from long, but never took the same seriously. I think what I had seen till now were either iPod Nano or iPods from other manufacturers, that’s why I didn’t ever thought about this thing otherwise, it sure seems attractive.

Honestly speaking, I never had been with Apple’s any product because of their erratic and absurd marketing strategies. First they release a product with so much hype and then when one get closer then end up with so many compromises than he/ she already might be getting from other devices in same or lower segments. Moreover, there are always ways left to cost bucks from consumers pocket from absurd terms like paid upgrades to unlock the new enhanced capabilities (already existing but not revealed since start) from the same device. Have you seen anything such from anywhere else?? Not even Microsoft does things in this way!!! Crap!!! I am sure that the same is to be continued with iPod 3G, which doesn’t has a much rumored camera, although some mentioned that it was a last minute change and anyone could find even a camera slot inside and a similar rumor that the device has FM Transmitter-Receiver built-in waiting for some paid update to unlock the same.

At one side, Google offering almost everything for free, Nokia offering you all for insane prices even offering products for free trial, Microsoft offering amazing things within their software and in the same world Apple is. Crap!! Crap!! Crap!!

But still apart from lots of annoyance, no one doubt that it’s attractive in looks at least, either it’s be browsing experience or most eye-candy it’s slim and minimalistic looks. We really want to get one even after knowing that we can’t rely on it for our all needs. We feel ourselves little irritated that why don’t Nokia come up with something slimmer and big like this, but can do nothing.

We could get really a good option with iPhone 3G’s wi-fi, although not sure about that if Google Maps inside it could work over Bluetooth connection enjoying nearby capable Nokia Handset with GPS chip. But only Wi-fi itself with attractive price could open ways for people crazy about technologies.

I already mentioned about ZoikuSpot, an application which converts your wi-fi enabled Nokia Handset into a wi-fi spot. Like many other found the way with it, I also think it’s a cool option to pair your existing wi-fi Nokia handset like Nokia N82 (Rs. 18,000/-), Nokia 5800 (Rs. 13, 200/-), Nokia N86 (Rs. 13, 000/-) or any other. While iPod 3G 8GB (older version of OS) costs Rs. 12, 400/- as per their site and available in less than Rs. 10, 000/- in market (better options are available with iPhone 3G 16GB in Rs. 18, 400/-).

If I put it in ways as Rahul did, then it will be like

iPod 3G 8GB + Nokia 5800 8GB = iPhone like features + Amazing Nokia 5800 Features + 16 GB Storage
[ Rs. 12, 400/- + Rs. 13, 200/- = Rs. 25, 600/- ] <> iPhone 8GB (Rs. 24, 000/-) without many features

iPod 3G 8GB + Nokia N97 4GB = iPhone like features + Nokia N79 + 5MP Camera + 12 GB Storage
[ Rs. 12, 400/- + Rs. 13, 000/- = Rs. 25, 400/- ] <> iPhone 8GB (Rs. 24, 000/-) without many features

iPod 3G 8GB + Nokia N82 2GB = iPhone like features + Nokia N82 + Xeon Flash 5MP Camera + 10 GB Storage
[ Rs. 12, 400/- + Rs. 18, 000/- = Rs. 30, 400/- ] <> iPhone 8GB (Rs. 24, 000/-) without many features

Thanks Rahul for the pics

Confused!!!, but iPhone lacks this much about normal features that it remains as more of a play toy only not a smartphone and one can’t really sustain with it as full time phone in India (thanks to Nokia for making us over-demanding). Better to have a full time toy, if you really wanna own one. I find this combination more attractive for people, who already own some wi-fi Nokia.

Think of the profits if offers:

  1. It looks almost like iPhone itself. You can’t have a slimmer and clean device like this. Show off
  2. You can enjoy iPhone/ iPhone apps and that too at much lower price. I really feel pissed off that there are two apps of wordpress for Android and iPhone OS, while nothing like for Symbian.
  3. You can feel the so hyped multi-touch on iPod 3G while browsing on Safari browser via wi-fi of Nokia.
  4. You have two devices now, means now you could enjoying watching movies on a 3.5 “ screen while travelling and wont be scared that if you run out of battery before reaching the destination.

Possibilities are many; question is how you look at them. Let me know what your opinions on it.


My Next Smartphone?

Sometimes, you find yourself hugely mistimed about things, either it be life, or be profession or about many other things. Same with me at occasions. Here I wished myself talking about my dilemma about my next Smartphone.


Technology make so us so much dependent of it that sometimes we feel  like being starved, if kept away from it. In last visit to home, thought to replace the existing much older model of cell-fone at home for mom and decided to give her my Nokia 5310. Did the same and just after that sudden turn of events left me on edge of same “starving”.

One day ago, I was having a bit too many smart phones with me; Nokia 5310, Nokia N82, Nokia 5800 and trial device Nokia N900 and at the next day, I found myself left with Nokia N900 and an old model Nokia 3650 only as lost Nokia 5800 and Nokia N82 went for long-required repairs. Few more days and Nokia N900 was finally to depart. See!!! what now, just Nokia 3650 with me as Nokia N82 is not getting back to me soon from Nokia Care.

Experience with Nokia Care not going well, like many of Nokia users out there though I know there are many, who find their work good enough and apart of my case, I also been in appraising tone for their initiatives about customer services, but ……

Deprived from Internet at home (I was using MTNL now days as Idea SIM lost with Nokia 5800), I am almost out of patience about buying some smart-phone in hurry. Still weighing  my options as wanted to settle for some time about these hurry and expensive purchases.

The addiction with physical qwerty keypad started with Nokia N900, not letting me settle for Nokia 5800 again, even when I literally loved it considering its amazing price tag (Rs. 13, 200/-) and the only other dependable alternative seems to be Nokia N97 only (if I am follow my instincts for Nokia only).

I actually visited a Nokia  Store in Laxmi Nagar to know about, if any other device is there to suit my needs. The store was showcasing other products as well, so they showed me quite a range of products like Sony Xperia V2, HTC HD Mini, Nokia N97 Mini, Samsung Corby and some other windows based phone.

Honestly speaking, I am confused. As much, I read through reviews and features I am targeting for (obvious overshadowed with dreams of Nokia N900), I found myself relying only on Nokia N97 Mini. But when I place it against Nokia 5800, then I really get dizzy about it. Obviously, I am looking for something like Nokia N900, which doesn’t exist in Indian market till now. Even if I afford a compromise due to my most important requirement Google/ Ovi Maps, then I am not finding myself settled below than N97 Mini.

Now, although there are many positive differences starting from Internal Memory to Digital Compass or Home Screen Widgets and I found it attractively slimmer and tougher enough due to stainless steal body, but still I find myself wondering.

There is a huge difference between Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 of Rs. 10, 000/-.

How much the qwerty keypad worth, if I am constantly reading about issues around inconsistencies?

Why 1200 mAh battery provided to Nokia N97 Mini stands below than Nokia 5800?

Why the sliding mechanism seems prone to broke down, if mishandled, why not smooth like that of Nokia N900?

Was FM transmitter that costly enough to be removed?

I almost would have bought Nokia N97 even then, but the words that Nokia N900 might be coming here in next two months made me paused. But still if it comes, its not gonna be any lesser than 30, 000/- here and I could afford one, but at such a price, I need all I required.

I really wish to have a Nokia N97 Mini in my hands for some time to know, if I could say Go for it. At least till when some excellent MeeGo device appears, which provide better alternative over Nokia N900. Wasn’t wishing so, but asked WomWorld, if they could help me about any of these two; Nokia N97 Mini for Trial or some old Nokia N900. Still don’t know, till when I will be able to hold the temptation to buy one, although I keep on reminding myself that I just lost a Nokia 5800 and money needs to be wisely spent. Nokia N97 Mini seems to be promising, but ….

Update: Here the wait begins

  • Got a word from Nokia Care Center that I will be needed to wait for two three days more.
  • Got a word from Paul, WomWorld, that it could be arranged to send me a Nokia N97 Mini for trial. Really great people they are. I think I could give a shape to my article about these promotion strategies.
  • Got a word from DHL, that the shipment back to WomWorld is with Customs there and they would revert me back about the details as I asked for.

Although I got a few good read as well, but recently came across a video explaining about the things, which was in Nokia N97 and not  in Nokia 5800 (Though its not about Nokia N97 mini, but even then works for the purpose of comparison with mini)


photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar

Lost my Nokia 5800 by today morning

Update: The all info has been updated and I was wrong at some points, read the updates in below part of the post.

Again felt that how helpless you might be … The same story happened as once with my Laptop. Lost my beloved Nokia 5800.
Really feeling helpless that technologies don’t work in the way you wish they should. Fault is ours that we should have been much more aware and careful. I always left Google Lattitude on over my cell sharing my location all the time, but look like that’s not sufficient as its showing only my location from some 30 days back, might be the day, when I might have pushed my location button in Google Maps on my cell. wasn’t that supposed to keep on updating my location all the time? If not so, then why does it ask every time I close Google Map that you wish to keep on sharing or not? Same with ovi maps. Useless!!!
Still just one hour back, when I lost it. Going to office. Will try more things from there, but I already try a few things in hurry at my room. No luck, so not much hope as my connection is prepaid and India is pathetic about such matters. There should be some way out for such cases….
Now, while I am extremely careful about the trial device Nokia N900, I found the flaw horrible, about which I wrote article just by last night. Google doesn’t provide Google map application for maemo and maemo haven’t made a workaround, thanks to no support for traditional Java. price is this, it wasn’t easy to find Lattitude over this cell, neither in hurry I found a way to see Lattitude on web. Will try, but not much hope left, getting late for office. In evening, was to go home to meet parents on occassion of Holi, wished to show them the new set. But …..

Update: I might had been kind of panic when posted the post above. After calming down, I tried to re-look my options again and sure Lattitude was working and sharing my location till last two hours (after that the person who has got the same has switched off the cell). I am placing the location live on the board, so that if he will put his phone on then could be tracked. As of now, I could summarize that the same person must have picked Metro from either Yamuna Bank, Metro Station or Laxmi Nagar, Metro station and switched off the cell at Mayur Vihar, Phase I, Extension Metro Station. The next metro station is New Ashok Nagar, Metro Station as you can see from the Google Map. The Map is available with my  Blogger’s Blog (WordPress is blocking the script as usual due to presence of frames I guess)

Note that the above mentioned map is live and showing the actual location of the person through Lattitude, if cellfone is switched on.

The following steps taken by me till now:

  1. I am not deactivating my number as of now though its a security risk, but security risk is already there due to my contacts on phone, which are in sync with Google Account. Although sync will stop once I change the passwords, but with that change also the tracking will be off.
  2. I have enabled history and other settings from Google Latitude settings here. Enabled SMS and Email alerts.