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Even if we don’t go as much investigative about such updates like All About Symbian do, but still we all love getting updates for devices, software’s everything. Isn’t it?

Being with a Nokia N82 going kind of boring now days in this regards at least. While we kept on hearing each week about some other Nokia device getting some updates, didn’t heard about any Nokia N82 firmware update since December 21, 2009. Good to hear about Ovi Suit at least 😉


Though SymbianTweet spotted it first and I got a notice of it by Siraj’s tweet, but strange was the fact that it wasn’t visible in my Ovi Suit and I wasn’t alone with this. Anyway, I went for the official link and downloaded the Ovi Suit from there. Wasn’t sure that if it was going to be an updated one as downloaded the same few days back as well with the same file name, but yes… it was great…


Have you ever thought that we always accept the user agreements without even reading? Dammn… I think iPhone 4 buyers should check their agreements as well if Steave might have already told them to hold the phone in certain way way very much since start 😉 lol .. poor they even updates not fixing their issues.


I am not sure that installation asked for a reboot as while installation my disk ran out of space (it was too little due to some big download residing in C:\ drive only) and it failed for the first time and asked for reboot. I rebooted and installed the new updated version and it didn’t asked reboot after the same, so I guess it must not ask you too.

Well!! I should say All About Symbian like resources have made us lazy about investigations, but I tried to do some with my sleepy eyes and guessing by last modification date that the update was ready by July 2, 2010.

Not sure but probably there is something written inside WhatsNew.dll like “Qt plugin data 4.6.1”. Qt was here in Ovi earlier or not? Me dumbo.. don’t know.. but best guess is Ovi suit must be getting armed for Nokia N8 support. After all, Symbian^3 is functionally complete and only Anssi’s Go pending for the final device, so they should be updating Ovi Suit and services to get best exploited by their much anticipated toy. That’s seems a possibility due to the reason that I found none of the help file updated with this version, not a single one, means the updates are more of the inside nature or something that will be revealed later on.. for today, its just performance update or what AAS will report later on…

So, post me.. if you found something new and note that if you are not getting update in Ovi suit, then don’t forget to check from official site.


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