Nokia Ovi Suit Update, v., some questions and guesses

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I guess like most of the times, CJ was first to report this in morning as like most of casual bloggers, I remain in office in day time, but just checked and updating mine. Just wished to add a few words of mine about this update.


This was the first update after the last time I reported about, in late night a day before, we also have received a mysterious 17 mb update, which didn’t seem to be changing anything or mentioning anything about the improvement. I tweeted the following right then and even one of the tweeps replied that its same with him as well.


I tried to figure out that what that 17 mb update was and wasn’t able to find out anything, so finally given up and didn’t posted anything more about that, but when today finally we received this update with a little bit of details, then it reminded me of that update, which still making me think that what was that?

Now about this update, 

Ovu Suit

As it says, it brings the following new features …

  • The stability of Nokia Ovi Suit has been improved
  • Map download is more reliable than before
  • Video Playback has been improved
  • Nokia Ovi Suit now supports Syncing contacts with Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1

And as you can see, if you have the last latest version, then the size would be around 67 mb, while the direct download from the official site would be around 98.1 mb (I am not sure that how CJ got the 117 mb figure, may be some other device, though still I think that’s incorrect @MickyFin updated that he also getting same 117 MB update, so CJ is right.. sorry).

Though I am not sure, the update is same 67 mb for those people, who didn’t updated their Ovi suits one day back by that mysterious 17 mb update.

Update: Last few twitter conversations with friends given some light over this size issue. The users on Windows XP are expected to receive 67 MB update (like me and @kreativtek), with Windows Vista, the update is expected to be of size 100 mb (as was the case of @brainimpact) and finally Windows 7 users are excepted to receive 117 mb update (as CJ reported and @MickyFin confirmed me)

Now some more things …

  • Did you knew that Ovi Suit now requires at least 1 GB free space in your drive?

Disk spaceNo! it didn’t seem to be taking that much space in your drive, but it refuses if you provide lesser than this.

  • Why there is no support for Mac yet?

Some people keep on asking me that why Nokia can’t provide the Mac support for their Ovi Suit. There is a big reason behind that. Is there really that much demand for that? When you have a Mac then it means you have an iTune account, which makes more obvious that you would be going behind the apple devices rather than Ovi Suit.

Yeah! It looks straight forward and rude, but its true. No point in investing efforts in an area that is not going to add up in some relevant demands. You can see that Google is not updating Google Maps that frequently or not even tried to give support to Maemo (it was open source and they say that they love open, but still), just because that doesn’t support Java and Google didn’t wanted to put its non-java programmer behind that task.

And for the fact, Ovi Suit isn’t available for the Linux as well.

but yes, with Symbian^3 becoming open source, you can bet over the fact that Ovi Suit support for Maemo and Mac are just around the corner following the hints from their own blog. Should we expect this from the NW10?

  • Should we expect some drastic changes in Ovi Suit with symbian^3 arrival?

Unlikely!! they seem to be pushing smaller updates and Qt support from behind at every level and target is sure to streamline the process of developing apps, removing compatibility issues and making Ovi Suit a one place solution for all. May be even a service like DropBox.

By having an emulating layer on top of the operating system, iOS and Android enjoy a convenience that they could keep features more or less same throughout their devices and could bring OS updates for all of them (or as they choose) at once as the code and implementations would be not be firmware or device specific.

Moreover, by having an emulation layer on top of operating system, iOS and Android have an advantage in t terms of convenience of developers as well because development is easier as once app is made, it would be available for all kind of devices, while in case of Symbian, one is needed to match needs of all kind of firmware’s and so different codes all the time and even unavailability for some of the devices (pixelpipe not available for Nokia N82).

But the profit of being native to OS, was effortless multi-tasking and smooth functioning that others are not able to achieve even on having 1GHz processor and minimum 512 MB RAM on board.

Just a few thoughts, may be something new might happen in next few weeks.

Do you wish to add something?

Update: The official ovi blog posted some more exciting details of this update and I am really surprised that why we didn’t heard big shouts from people, when they say Nokia N900 is now supported by Ovi Suit. They should have highlighted the same fact in the release note displayed in update.

They also mentioned that they have updated operator support in this version that is a great news for people making use of their phones for connecting internet on PC. I use manual configuration for my Nokia device modem, but for a layman, Nokia’s connect to internet is GOD.

They also given the answer to my second point posted above. They are working hard to produce a properly working version for Mac OS. I could understand that its been a ground zero level work and they are excpected to deliver each and every functionality with same awesomeness which any Mac user expect, its not an easy task in any respect. I am happy that they are not giving up.

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