VLC Player got updated to 1.1.3

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Code RED!! Code RED!! Charlie reporting… something just happened.


I just reported earlier about VLC 1.1.1 (not even a month before) and VLC 1.1.2 (just 15 days back) and we find a new update here. We really love open source projects for this, frequent updates and superb fast big fixes.

And its not only just another open source, but its our most favourite open source product


As you can see, its not some major upgrade, but just a bugfix release , but who cares, I am updating my VLC Player. Aren’t you?


And for the brave people out there, there is also a pre-release under development VLC player 1.1.4 version available for download. Developer version means it could have some bugs, so check out on your risk.

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar


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