VLC Player got updated to 1.1.5

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Look like this time I missed it otherwise it was released since November 13, 2010 of the our most essential apps VLC player just got updated to version 1.1.5 after a few months otherwise the last three updates were very quick ones. 1.1.2 got released on July 29, 2010, 1.1.3 got released on August 18, 2010 and 1.1.4 got released on August 27, 2010. So, definitely this one took quite a long. Again as they mention, this one is a bug fix release but there are some small new features added in the already long feature set of VLC Media player.


What’s new in VLC Player 1.1.5?

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VLC Player got updated to 1.1.4

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Just one week passed and another update for our favorite VLC player is here. This time, its 1.1.4 and again just a big fix, not some functionality related update like many of the last updates. I really wonder if they could think of some functionality update for this do-it-all software.


One thing really impresses me about the guys behind VLC Player that they keep on working and that too without asking anything from us. I have seen many developers, whose projects went lazy once got famous, thinking that they did all and nothing more remained.

VLC Update

Like earlier, for updating VLC player, you need to download the complete executable only. Probably the most strange thing about VLC player that they haven’t learned the art of incremental updates. I means send updates in few Kbs rather forcing to download the whole software again. Anyone listening?

Anyway, so VLC Player 1.1.4 is out now. I have updated mine, what about you?

VLC Player got updated to 1.1.3

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Code RED!! Code RED!! Charlie reporting… something just happened.


I just reported earlier about VLC 1.1.1 (not even a month before) and VLC 1.1.2 (just 15 days back) and we find a new update here. We really love open source projects for this, frequent updates and superb fast big fixes.

And its not only just another open source, but its our most favourite open source product


As you can see, its not some major upgrade, but just a bugfix release , but who cares, I am updating my VLC Player. Aren’t you?


And for the brave people out there, there is also a pre-release under development VLC player 1.1.4 version available for download. Developer version means it could have some bugs, so check out on your risk.

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VLC Player got updated to 1.1.2

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It was July 29, 2010, when I reported that VLC player got updated to 1.1.1 and not one more week passed … here is the another update … I wish other software updates were this much active (e.g. Nokia firmware updates)


As per official info

VLC 1.1.2 is a bugfix release of VLC media player. This minor release is aimed at fixing small bugs and improving translations. It mostly fixes TS demuxing, some framerate display, interface issues, and some audio filtering and playback.

Have you updated yet?

VLC Player got updated to 1.1.1

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VLC 1.1.1 is a bugfix release of VLC media player. It brings many bugfixes and small improvements notably in: libVLC, Windows video output, DxVA2 decoding on ATI GPU (with Catalyst 10.7), interfaces, demuxers and decoders and updates in the translations


Its been few minutes before VLC Player  got updated to 1.1.1 from 1.1.0. Like most of the earlier updates, its not a major one and does some bug fixes (really? we though VLC is perfect) only. Download from here.

It doesn’t seem to be updated in their wiki, so can’t put the exact details right now, but an update is always better.

Just thought to put a quick update here, though generally I wasn’t doing such posts. VLC is such a hell of piece that one could really wishes to write more and more pages for it, but I guess their official Wiki Pages do a great job about that and people should read them.

What VLC can do?

Most of us know VLC as something that could play almost anything that exists on this planet, but this is something bigger than that. Media Streaming, conversion, audio extraction … a lot of it. Get a good read of the stuffs here.

VLC How To’s

Did you know that you can use your VLC for converting media files so that you could view them on your iPOD or Symbian phone? Did you knew that VLC could help you in making DVD? or if you could use VLC capabilities in other applications as well? There would be a lot to learn, if you look at here.

Many cools things that people generally don’t use

How many of you ever thought of skinning already cool and simple enough VLC player? Or by any chance, do you know that what your mouse could do with its movements with VLC controls? Try some readings here and here or some mad and Geeky things here.

Yes!! VLC stands as the best open source software ever existed, just like Firefox.. why not try to know more about it and wish that something like this is coming for our mobile phones very soon.