VLC Player got updated to 1.1.4

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Just one week passed and another update for our favorite VLC player is here. This time, its 1.1.4 and again just a big fix, not some functionality related update like many of the last updates. I really wonder if they could think of some functionality update for this do-it-all software.


One thing really impresses me about the guys behind VLC Player that they keep on working and that too without asking anything from us. I have seen many developers, whose projects went lazy once got famous, thinking that they did all and nothing more remained.

VLC Update

Like earlier, for updating VLC player, you need to download the complete executable only. Probably the most strange thing about VLC player that they haven’t learned the art of incremental updates. I means send updates in few Kbs rather forcing to download the whole software again. Anyone listening?

Anyway, so VLC Player 1.1.4 is out now. I have updated mine, what about you?


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