Nokia Social updated to 1.2.163 for Symbian^3-Change Details

Finally some updates arrive to Nokia Social- The social application on Symbian^3 got updated to version 1.2.163. Which seems to be the second update to the same application of size around 2.38 mb. Seems to pushed by last night 2AM Indian time, Its already been reported to appear on Nokia N8-00, Nokia C7-00 and Nokia C6-01, so we could assume that the update is for all Symbian^3 devices.


While its hard to notice any of the differences, but it seems to be tweaked from inside to bring many of the changes in the core. Following are some of the changes that I noticed.

  1. Quicker loading of app and better connection handling: Probably due to the fact that its loading the older updates from last session without using internet connection first. Making it possible to finally load, even in absence of reliable network connection, which was taking ages earlier (never loaded on WAP to me). Though I am still unable to update via WAP connections, but with 3G, APN or WiFi, its going smooth, which is a good news for people, who were finding themselves unable to get it loaded even on Wi-Fi.
  2. No arrows back on Home Screen Widget: Some already said that such tiny arrows were of no actual use, but I guess there are so many more people, whom this annoyed a lot, when arrows got missing in last update. Now still, all what you got to wait for the second update to appear on the screen. Not a good thing.


  3. Likes and comment counts on Home Screen Widget: Though I wasn’t able to get a screen shot of the same, but the widget now shows "likes" and comment-count on status updates.
  4. There is no change is color and its still white: For a better battery life, it was being expected that they will make the background darker in next update, but that didn’t happened till now at least.
  5. Facebook part is a lot smoother now: Can’t say about twitter part, but facebook part sure seems to improve on scrolling part. Inline previews of pics and videos are loading quicker (A things that Gravity misses badly). Its loading text first and images at last, a hint for people, who might be complaining on not loading pics.

Well out of many things that people might be wishing from the social app, what most i am wishing is, manual settings for the connections, in the way, those are in Gravity, A darker theme, common options like Reply to All, Re-tweet, geo-tagging available right there in app and list goes long. Let’s see, when will Nokia reach there. Till then we all are calling it a very very minor update.

Manual Download:

For people, who missed to get it in to their OTA updates via Menu–> Application –> SW Update, could download the sisx file from here


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