Layman’s Take on Nokia Monster Purity WH-920

One of the first reaction of mine about Nokia Monster Purity WH-920 was, what a big impressive name it is and what superb premium looking packaging it got. Then the pricing under Rs. 5000/- was meant to tell me that those who like good audio but don’t want to overboard with pricing can sure opt for it if decent.


If going by looks, then from a distance the headset looks something like other headsets which get supplied with some of your premium level phones (I can remember the headset of Nokia N8). So, it was very much needed to make it appear different than normal headsets out there in market while keeping the inherent simplicity and sophistication. Marketing is always a way to do such a thing and here we see that in packaging of this product.

Trust me it wasn’t very easy to open the package. See yourself….

Quite well packaged or would say premium packaged device with flat cables means kind of tangle proof (don’t tell me that you don’t know how important it is to avoid tangling of headset cables).


A sealed pack box, when opened then greeted me with another box with a big Monster Logo.



The package contained a small premium pouch which got me curious if has something extra inside, but I found it empty. Means it was aimed to provide a small pouch to keep the headsets safe in travels or in your small bags.



The other content of box includes 6 pairs of ear buds to cover any kind of ear size as per requirement of anyone. Expected from any premium offering to take care of such things. Also it contains a 6” AV adapter, right probably to help non-AHJ 4 pole jacks, some of the Nokia handsets. Not everyone will notice that by inclusion of this small cable, Nokia  tried to manage compatibility with two different standards, but should be appreciated for this.

Photo 01-11-12 10 15 21 AM

A minimalistic control unit with a central button and ‘+’ and ‘-’ icons for volume control though there is more to it. One click means change track, double click means next track and third click means previous track. But yes! these shortcuts are supported by Nokia Windows Phones for sure and hit-n-miss for other brands and platforms like it happens with most of the other headsets.

Photo 01-11-12 10 17 08 AM

Special part about the ear buds is their in-ear design. In-Ear means it goes inside the ears completely and blocks sound from outside world hence eliminate the noise. But as simple it looks, its not an easy task to make an in-ear design because by the same time, you need to optimize the audio quality accordingly to fit the case.

Photo 01-11-12 10 18 05 AMA microphone though without any Active Noise Cancellation obviously, which is found average as been used to of multiple handsets with ANC. Though no complaints here.

Photo 01-11-12 10 18 29 AM

Voice quality wise, yes! these headsets are some extra loud, louder than even my creative headsets or any other headsets I have tried and also retain the Nokia quality of not getting scattered even at highest of volume (though can make you deaf). While the sound quality, bass and depth etc is top notch, you will certainly not gonna need it at its highest of volume as that would be overkill.

In-ear design completely isolates one while hearing the songs as many audiophile might expect from a premium headset and though I am not an expert on  Audio details, it doesn’t take an expert to be impressed with the headset instantly.

I checked the headset with Laptop, desktop, iPhone 4S, Symbian phone, Asha phone, Galaxy S, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 900 and Galaxy Note. There been obvious variation between sound quality depending on the source you are plugging in and I felt that it performed best with Symbian phones and Galaxy Note with iPhone standing as a close third. The branding “Purity” does stack well against its name.


I have seen that when it comes to audio quality then Audiophiles don’t even care for the price but for most of us Indians, the first thing about any gadget is pricing. Obviously, a premium headset won’t cost you cheap (remember 905 was costing more than 10,000 INR), but managing a solution like Nokia Monster Purity WH-920 can sure helps attracting those customers who otherwise won’t go for a premium headset. I seen best price of this headset around 4000-4200 INR, which should be considered decent.

What you say?


4 thoughts on “Layman’s Take on Nokia Monster Purity WH-920

  1. Does this headset work well with a Nokia Asha phone? I mean can you control calls, Volume etc? Or is it only for smartphones?

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