A visit to Goa via GioneeSlimFest – Day Two – The morning at beach

After a tiring first day which was spent mostly in journey and then in a charged evening\ night, majority of us couldn’t think of anything else than our cozy decorated beds in Five Star AC rooms of Grand Hyatt with magical dim lighting, but same wasn’t case for some “night walkers”, which I came to know at next day. So some of us had a better time than me while I rather chosen to enjoy sleep 😦

In the morning, when alarms started buzzing by 0600 hrs, I tried to give up the sleep and after a while contacted @NikhilPai, @Kalpik and @gauravshukla if they awake and ready to run to beach. Apparently @Gauravh1 and @NikhilPai happened to be early than me.

Beach being on west of the hotel and sun rays coming from the hotel end to sea mixed with foggy weather of the morning, this wasn’t the best of the view that beach could have offered but still it was enough for a great morning.


Everything looked fresh, calm and pure. Watching things from a distance was like forgetting whatever tensions we might have left in Delhi or Mumbai, from wherever we came. One couldn’t have asked for a better hospitality than a state like Goa.


Then it was the time to move towards the pool, which was comparatively calm and empty till the moment, me, @DhruvBhutani and two others stepped in.


@DhruvBhutani and others were probably more equipped with swimming costume etc and I could spend only half an hour due to absence of that but even those moments were enough for freshening me 😀


In this while, @NikhilPai and @Kalpik been busy snapping.


I joined them after a while to proceed for a royal breakfast as was scheduled by Gionee though not as a crowd but as individual at own convenience of time. Oh! How was the place? Something like this..

DSC_0928DSC_0929 DSC_0930

So this was pretty much about the beautiful first morning at Goa after which I spent some more time around the garden and then headed back to room for getting ready for the launch event about which I would write more in the next post.



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