Second Interview-Deep Gantara about Apple and his iPhone 4

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So, here comes the second day and so the second interview. Kind of favorite phone for many and I would say a favorite man of mine coming together to give views over a part about which many of us really wish to hear in layman terms (in place of fanboy tone).

I met Deep Gantara a few years back (online of course) in early days of my writing and I will say, when I remember those days, then I feel like kind of laughing over myself sometimes. Anyway, though I didn’t found Deep writing much over tech now days, but the way, he writes in most simple ways, was always fascinating to me and I could easily say that he is was one of the people, who been the reason and inspiration of my blogging knowingly or unknowingly (I guess this statement might be a revelation to him).

Honestly speaking, when it comes to iPhone 4, then I have not seen anyone with it around me in real till now and Deep was the only Indian in my circle with it. So, he was for the perfect candidate to bring the common man perspective over iphone, specially because of being Indian, where users care about Value for Money most.

He has already given some very details and warm answers over my questions, which are sure much interesting than my words, so let me guide you over the questions and answers.

Deep, Can you tell us something about you? like your profession, background etc..blogging\ social life
I run a Web Development firm named Web1 Solutions and I am also Technology Director for BiteBank Websites Inc. I like blogging, but these days due to time constraints, I don’t get much time to blog. Social life.. well, in the online world, Twitter and FaceBook are going pretty good job so far. Hate the messengers, so don’t use them. Offline world is pretty much active too, I am no party animal but love to try out new places.

Congra8s about the makeover of first and isn’t it strange that even after being active in blogging, not interested in blogging about phones much?
I am more of a personal blogger than technology blogger, my blog is mainly about things around me, so I post what I personally feel like.

How long do you use Apple products?
I have been using Apple products for the past 3 years I guess. iPhone, iPod Touch and OSX (Mac Mini)

I have seen you keep a close eye over new apple products whenever they come, what fascinate you about them?
I love the simplicity added to their products. They keep doing new things. Good looking and very usable products. Innovating stuff I would say. Some examples would be iPhone first version, once they started with touch phones, everyone followed, Mac Mini is one of their finest products too, new Mac Book Airs gets added in the list too.

Was this always Apple or you used others like Nokia/ Samsung as well? Can you list out the phones you have used for last few years?
Nokia was the first love. It was time when Nokia used to make fantastic phones. I started with the banana shaped phone, Nokia 8110 I guess, then moved to Nokia 6510 (The best simple phone I have used till date), then I moved to Nokia 6110i, 6220. But then Nokia started making funny phones, e.g. the fat Nokia 6000, then Nokia phones started getting affected by virus and ended up becoming messy. (I think it was due to Symbian or something)

After this, I moved to Sony Ericsson, it was pretty good too, almost stable OS, very good music quality and all. Used 3-4 SE phones, 810i was the best. And finally moved to iPhone 3G when it was arrived in India. Never changed the brand after that.

When did you plan to go for your first Apple ,(is it a plan or accident ?) You bought from India or abroad? What was the price then?
It was planned, I wanted a smart phone and iPhone 3G was the best choice. I bought it from India, Vodafone store. Rs. 29,000 was the price.

Whats your views on touch screens? Do you really feel that they are at par with Non-Touch ones about text entries?
I have used touch screen phones of other brands and after iPhone, I found only HTC Touch phone with decent keypad. Quite comfortable with the touch keypad but yeah, in many cases, you can’t type without seeing the screen.

What personally I don’t feel comfortable about Apple product is their price and eccosystem that binds you, What’s your views?
Price is fine, new smart phones with decent touch interface cost around Rs. 23,000 – Rs. 35,000, iPhone 4 is around Rs. 27,000 in Dubai. In other countries it’s between the range Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000 (based on the tax structure. So I guess, price is fine. I am not saying this coz I am an iPhone user but I have not seen any phone coming near to iPhone’s user experience. HTC makes very good phones but they come 2nd after iPhone.

Eccosystem? iTunes sync.. yes, but things could be done without using iTunes too. But iTunes is advisable. The photos / videos can be copied directly too. Like the songs can be copied via Winamp too.. check this out


You use iPhone for accomplishing which thing most… calls, browsing, navigation, movies, twitter.. which one?
As it’s a phone first, so calls always take the first place. Use Calendar and mails very actively. Then Twitter and Facebook. The browsing come after these 2. I don’t listen to the music or watch movies on my iPhone. Use iPod Touch for the movies. Play games sometimes.

Though even I feel that Antennagate was some hyped issue, but whats your experience about signals? Any weak signal area around you? Office/Home?
Antennagate was super hyped, actually it’s a silly thing. I have been using iPhone 4 since it was released and frankly speaking, I have not faced single drop issues at all. May be this is because I use the free bumper but I have tried it without the bumper too, I did not see much difference. 2ndly, to see the signal loss, you need to hold the phone in funny position and talk. Practically, you can’t talk by holding your phone tight with 2 hands. So it was almost useless issue for me.

Everyone talks about responsiveness of iPhone 4. What you think what’s different here, underlying screen tech or processor or OS itself?
Oh yea, this monster is much more faster than 3G. I see lot of difference, it’s very quick, I have not faced issues so far. Yeah, I have seen it getting hung on the call screen sometimes but it’s majorly due to the software. Hardware is pretty strong. Loved the speed. It’s more about the power than the OS to me. Same OS works very slow on my 3G phone. So many power or technology using which the OS was built.

There were sure some frustrating limitations with earlier versions and iPhone4 has moved ahead of many things now. What’s changed for you with iPhone 4 in terms of usages? Something which was not a part of your life earlier and now is?
No idea about the frustrating limitations you might be talking about. But yeah, when it started i.e. 3G first generation with the OS, it did not have copy paste and message forwarding, it was kinda bad but I think they covered up the things. Multi tasking was the limitation in 3G, but I was not concerned about it much as I knew even if 3G had multi tasking, it never would have been able to run smoothly as it lacks powerful hardware to support it. Love the push notifications overall. Exchange sync is superb.

Battery is something which makes or breaks things for many. Where iPhone 4 stands about it?
Awesome battery life. Mine goes on till 12 or 1 AM plus daily. (With around 20-30 % remaining). The usage is mainly the calls and mails (with Exchange sync on always). Use twitter and FB daily too. On the older version, the battery used to die around 7-8 PM daily. This one is quite stronger.

Phone always stood as slimmest one around. Is it always a pro or any cons associated with it? Have you slipped it ever from your hands?
I don’t know if it’s the slimmest one but yeah, whatever it is, I am loving it. The 3G one used to slip many times but this one, thankfully, it has not slipped so far. But may be because I use Bumper. I don’t know the exact reason but it’s good. No disadvantages as such.

I hear about the glassy back. Isn’t dangerous to drop it? Do you keep it covered or like it open?
I use Bumper, but I don’t think the back is so weak.

Portrait or Landscape.. what you prefer about texting? What’s different about keypad here than other platforms you might have tried?
Most of the time I use portrait but for mails, I prefer landscape, it works lot more faster, you can easily use both the fingers. The typing is very fast in this, in many phones, you have to wait for first letter to get typed and then it will move to the 2nd one, here you can use multi touch. But again, I am not sure if it happens with all the phones or not, have tried couple of phones and was not happy with the keypads.

Many say iPhone is an ego booster in itself, but the same time dangerous to public places. How you keep it safe with you?
Ego boost? It’s just a phone. Those are the fools considering it as a Ego booster. I don’t see it being dangerous at all. Can you tell me what Dangers?

Facetime is on WiFi and many of the apps of iPhone too. What value the phone has for you when you might be cut off from internet connection? Is there other stuffs too which could keep you engaged when no internet connection in your phone?
I think it’s only FaceTime which needs WiFi only, rest work on the GPRS. Since my usage is mostly calls and mails, so I need internet access all the time. If net isn’t available, games are the best options. There are many other applications which work without the net but my usage revolves around the calls and mails, so not much into too many apps.

How is GPS there on iPhone? They use Google Maps, if I am right. Voice navigation? Ever used the GPS related things?
GPS is decent, yeah, it uses Google Maps, no voice navigation so far. But there are 3rd party apps, which has this, there is one Indian app for GPS, which I have heard is very impressive. (It costs around USD 75)

What about the build quality and what you think that could go more better? Like Anodized aluminum etc
I think this is the best build so far, plastic build was good but it was prone to scratches (on the back body), this one does not have a single scratch on the body so far. So for me, this is the best.

Is it loud on calls? What about the music performance, I have heard some extra praises, but what about the bundled headphones?
Yup calls volume and ringtone volume is good enough. Music, I don’t have much on this phone but it works well, no issues at all. Earpieces are very nice.

Be honest, if your younger bro ask you for some phone, then considering the price of iphone, will you prefer the same again for him or you have some alternative to it in mind? Which one?
iPhone is a smart phone, it’s best suitable for the people with usage of mails. For normal use any Sony Ericsson phones are good. But yeah, if someone asks me for the Smart Phone, iPhone will be the first preference then HTC phones.

Do you think iphone can act as a full time phone in your hands or you need some backup phone too .. considering touch screen and battery limitations in mind?
It works very well as full time phone. I don’t see any reason for carrying another phone. (Unless you want to have a separate SIM card for some other use)

What about iPhone Gaming? I hear many love iPhone and Apple solely on this. Any of your personal experience?
Angry Birds is the best game I have ever played. Fantastic controls. Have played couple of other games too, loved it. But I am more of a console gaming person so don’t play many games on the phone.

Nokia sure has contributed a lot to bring full fledged digital camera like phone in hands of people. Where Apple stands in camera battle? How is camera software interface? How tough is the glass window protecting camera? How the flash module cut it in darker conditions? Samples please.
Yeah, Nokia N8 has the best camera around I guess. But these are just phones, there is a digital camera thing for the purpose. Main purpose of the phone is to make calls and other functionalities working properly. Camera should be good no doubt but other things should be given high priority.

As far as the camera of iPhone 4 is concerned, yeah it’s pretty good, love the HDR mode. Clicks good pics in day as well as in nights. iPhone 3G camera was good to but much on the weaker side compared to this one or any other phones.

photo%204It does not have any separate window protecting the lens but it’s covered with a glass which is pretty strong. Flash is decent. I have attached some samples.



What feature(s) are completely different and most attractive to you on iPhone, which you find no where else?
The multi touch is awesome. I don’t think any other phones have such good touch functionality. 2ndly the speed is very good. And obviously, usability always comes on the top.

What you don’t like about iPhone 4 or Apple?
iPhone 4… hmm… nothing as such. It’s good enough to satisfy my needs. Apple, I hated their recent Beatles hype, it was pretty lame on their side.

What about Apple Services? I hear there is seamless integration among their product about the same and it just works fantastically if you have Apples around, but does it connect well with other brands too? 
Works very well with on my Windows 7, syncing is fantastic. Connects nicely with every other Windows machine, absolutely no issues.

Let’s say, you got a SIM with no GPRS and you have to start a fresh piece of iPhone without internet, is this really cut then?
iPhone is a smart phone, so are Nokia ones, blackberry or HTC Touch Phones. If there is no Internet, then why to spend money on the smart phones, normal phone costing around Rs. 2,500 – Rs. 5,000 should be good enough.

Your score points to the iPhone (rating if any..)
I would rate is 10/10 as I am totally satisfied with it. Personally I have not faced any issue with it. But yea, if you ask me about iPhone 3G then I would rate it 6/10 (the ratings changed after iPhone 4 arrived)

Have you ever convinced someone middle class to buy iPhone like pricy thing? Hard to make one buy some phone at this price in India where no subsidized rates from Service providers. Will you recommend it for normal people, who want value for their money and dont want to keep on spending on apps later on? Or what you want to say differently than my words about pricing and quality product?
I don’t generally convince anyone to go for any particular brand products. If someone asks me about smart phones, I suggest, iPhone and HTC phones, rest is on them to decide.

About the price factor, it’s not costly. Rs. 29,000 was the official price for 8 GB iPhone 3G. At that time Xperia was around Rs. 42,000, HTC and Blackberry phones used to cost almost the same amount.

Currently, iPhone 4 costs between Rs. 27,000 to Rs. 35,000 (Depending upon the country you buy from). The other smart phones are in range of Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 35,000. E.g. Nokia N900 is around Rs. 24,000, SE Xperia 10 is around Rs. 27,000, Samsung Galaxy S is around Rs. 27,000, Blackberry Torch is around Rs. 33,000 etc…

So iPhone is in the same range, price is fine. The gray market guys sell it at exorbitant rates but that’s not the place to buy from.

About recommending to normal people. This is a smart phone, the people who can afford phones in the range Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 35,000 can go for this one surely. I have seen so many friends buying iPhones and then sticking to the same brand for ages.

About the Apps, there are huge amount of Apps, which are free. I have only 3 paid apps, 2 paid games and rest are free. I have around 26 4rd party apps and 4 games.

What makes Apple an Apple for you and why you like them so much? Can others also learn something from Apple without raising the prices?
I am fan of beautiful products and great usability. It has both, so I am with them. I am sure, they are gonna make stick them for quite sometime. Don’t know what others can learn, there is nothing to learn. It’s just a brand, which makes good products, people can buy if they feel like. That’s it.

Price is a non-issue. I have mentioned it above.

Absolutely loved talking to Deep and honestly speaking after recent reviews of @MickyFin from Nokia DNA and now yours view on it, I am really really tempted to buy/ manage one in my own hands. May be dryness of Nokia/ Samsung review units for me now days have to do something with it, but seriously .. if like you say Price is a non-issue, then sure I might hit the nails very soon.

Felt suspicious at a moment about the fact that even if Antennagate was a hyped issue, you and many users still using it with bumpers, also felt a setback that it uses limited set of free navigation (no voice navigation like Ovi Maps), but it was a turn around for me, hearing about the prices.

Happy about one of the points that I was specially looking for, that a serious kind of office going person that might not be too much into apps and gaming still loves his iPhone 4. Thanks Again Deep, for giving me so much time and patience. You did a superb job for sure, like you always do.

So, this was the second part of the interview series, in which I am meeting with people from different smart phone backgrounds, who may raise their voices for their phones with being techie or crazy or fanboy-ish. And I must say that Deep came to put the Apple case very strongly.

This interview series certainly started looking more awesome giving much broad perspectives. I myself loving it. Wanna be part of it? Drop a message to me on @nkumar_ on twitter or comment below the post and you could be a part of these interviews.


A for Apple, B for Bumper

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There was a famous phrase in history books “Let them eat cake”, claimed to be said  by Marie Antoinette, Princess of Louis XIV, who said these words to her agricultural workers, when they were crying that they have no bread to eat. Well!! It looks like history repeats itself and we have another statement “Hold it other way”.

First let’s see the video of the Apple Press Conference held on July 16, 2010, many were wishing to see ..
Thanks to DeAchtergrondNL


Not discrediting Steve and his team for their great efforts, but sadly the conference last day, sure not going to solve the issues even if those been way ‘overblown’ as Antennagate now (in words of Steve himself).

Let me put why …

You need to understand and admit it BIG that there is an issue:

This was the song played by Apple in the press conference and though it was surprising to many that how Apple picked it, when it was uploaded on the same day, but it conveyed the same emotions that Steve and his team might be feeling now.

If you don’t like iPhone 4, don’t buy,
if you bought one and don’t like, bring it back.


Like the song says, the similar were sentiments behind the words of Steve as well.

The media loves a failure
in a string of success
the facts won’t ever matter
if they can make bigger messes

But is it only media?

It sounds justified on their part as Gizmodos screwed them big otherwise may be a retina display, front camera and FaceTime would have been more of surprise and selling point than they actually went like that ordinary on announcement day.

But now, its not just Gizmodos, you got every lead tech blog saying the same, you were due to respond. The above video was some sort of reaction to videos like this


The users reporting issue worldwide can’t all be wrong, specially when you yourself admitted that there is issue. You can’t say users to hold it other way or can’t grin teeth over them that you all are morons making all this issues out of nothing, when all leading tech blogs supporting it with evidences including Consumer Reports now (that eventually forced apple to bring this never precedent conference).

You are not being generous, if you get ready for giving free bumpers (costing 29$). Its a work around not a solution, you cant go away being arrogant that we given you bumpers (till September only), now what else you want? One didn’t bought a 1000$ phone for managing things with workaround.

Let me tell you that how one feel. Similar when your boss says that you may leave the job if you feel that some injustice is happening with you, we have no issue and will wave off your notice period and even will pay you one month salary. Can you leave?

You feel helpless and powerless from very deep inside coz you can’t do anything of them, you have no choice. There is only one iPhone people know about, the only thing to be shown off, the only thing that you waited for this much time, queued for hours and when got one, then you have to compromise and hear taunts from others, about which you can’t do a thing… coz you can’t make a complaint. You grin that why there is only one Apple, one iPhone. But …

A great read in the same regard might be the comparison article from Guardian that compares how iPhone 4 would be a debacle like Windows Vista been for Microsoft. Microsoft never admitted that Vista been a big failure and loss to those who bought it and same is being happened to iPhone buyers now.

Note that still there is one more pending issue with iPhone 4 that is proximity sensor issue, Steve already had admitted this one too and a software fix is on the way.

You screw it big when you blame others

Steve said that We are not perfect, Phones aren’t prefect. Every Smartphone has weak spots, only difference we made is to show it clearly and that’s where we screwed all things up.

Sorry Steve, it doesn’t help, it doesn’t help when you say that others have this problem too and its not unique to iPhone 4, when you say that you got highest customer satisfaction rating, when you say that you sold 3, 000, 000 in 3 weeks, when you say that only 0.5% people returned it or when you say that it drops hardly one more call per hundred than iPhone 3GS.

The screw up already started when Apple already got replies over their statement about comparing other devices with this self made debacle as RIM CEO says.

Its clearly been the design decisions that screwed it big. Apple decided to put the antenna outside as covering metal plate, so that they could reduce the size. The decision already damaged Apple in such a big proportion that wont be recoverable.

Nokia already pointed that they resolved such issues by keeping dual antennas; one on top and one on bottom and also with careful selection of material, so that no user may face this issue. Engineering companies and technical leaders behave in this way, not just saying one hand that we made the best phone of planet and on the other hand, we are not perfect like everyone else.

Let me tell you that I have tried to grip my Nokia N82 (that is a very old model from Nokia now) in each and every possible way, but it didn’t dropped a single bar. If someone could show me that N82 drops bar, then it would be a big time learning experience to me as I tried harder to produce a death grip over Nokia N82 and failed all the way.

It was interesting when one reporter challenged Steve to drop some bars from his Blackberry Bold and Steve denied it saying that it depends …

Figures don’t help you

You make joke of yourself when you say that we have state of art test facility, when you say that you have 17 anechoic chambers, when you say that you invested $100 millions, when you say that you have best 18 PhD scientist and engineers or specially when you say that you came up with “Advanced” Antenna Design. Neither it helps when you say that only 1.7% people returning their iPhone 4 that is nothing like panic as bg 1/3 of 6% return rate of iPhone 3GS via AT & T.

Even your figures said iPhone 4 drops more call than iPhone 3GS, while Steve say that people should be expecting half of the calls dropped, I will argue otherwise. This increase dropped calls percentage (by a big 1%) is even after well popularized fact now that there is a death grip one should avoid if use iPhone 4. I argue that even children around the world know that there is a death grip and they know exactly where it is, but still you are getting increased dropped calls. Nothing wrong?? Really??

You release one more version number to fix some formula of displaying bars, so that it could show less bars, which you were generously displaying more, out of proportion. Tell me one thing, you may start showing less bars, but will not people question that why adjacent Nokia Phones showing more bars at the same place, might be your basement and still there is no death grip?

Why people not returning their iPhone 4

  1. Its true that not all will have this problem. Reason is that particular X spot, is on the left bottom side of the phone, particularly affecting only left handed people more. Will someone show figures on how many iPhone 4 buyers were left handed and how much percentage of left handed users facing it? Still people could avoid it, enjoy the really well made phone with features and keep on showing off that they have the best Smartphone on planet (?).
  2. Its a phone that people waited over a long period, specially those with iPhone 3GS. Multi-tasking, retinna display and Facetime even if not biggest thing on planet, but sure are attractive things, if one think about living with just iPhone 3GS. What’s point in returning it, when you know that its not a problem with their model only, when you know that there is no fix on this, when you know that no other manufacturer has released something worth against it (Nokia N8 still keeping people frustratingly waiting and Samsung, HTC almost copying design model). If not iPhone when what else?
  3. You spent f***** 1000 $ over the same phone and now just have to return it that you can’t change your habits slightly? Doesn’t seem to a good idea na? Why not to change the habits when you already made compromise by selecting touch phones, when there are still many advantages with H/W keypads. Why not to make one compromise more, when you already made many by choosing first a most costly touch phone driven by costly apps? If you paid this much then why not some more and buy a bumper even if it screw some of its looks?
  4. Observers missing a great point, MicroSIM. No other manufacturer supports MicroSIM as of now, means if you go back from iPhone, then you need to buy another SIM. Trapped.. Do you feel?

So, it was just that people were feeling cheated when they were forced to buy a Bumper in 29 $ more, which was actually making it look bad and you were paying for making your device look bad. Congratulations!!! now Steve will pay for making your device look bad with a free bumper on your sleek iPhone 4.

Have a poll here … let me see what you all think over it.


Apple iPhone 4 launch, the truth and Nokia N8

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Can you sell a comb to someone completely bald and who might even know the fact very well that he can’t get hairs now?” – perhaps the most famous, funny, but very true lesson of marketing. Thanks Steave for being here and making us realize the basic lesson again.

Apple shares got a 2% drop after the launch of iPhone 4, while many might have expected it to rise at the moment. Yes!! sure you could relate it with other factors and also could come up with that even Google seen a drop, so I should leave it here only… to let you think yourself. We just got the same what Gizmodo already predicted but still … Enhanced resolution, Video calling, a new OS, HSPDA/HSUPA .. everything we know already and have used but still Apple is always the ‘first’ …Iphone4? for 5mp non-carlzeiss? Paid video editor? For money eating apps from day one? For Skype’s alter Facetime ? For a price like netbook?

Apple iPhone 4, sure a hell of exciting device with Apple A4 processor (some calling it 1GHz), a brand new iOS 4, just 9.3 mm thick, weight 137 gm, geo tagging enabled still and video camera, spectacular resolution of 640×960, accelerometer, proximity sensor, three axis-gyro sensor, HSPDA 7.2 mbos and HSUPA surprisingly 5.76 mbps .. the list grows more with new apps and features.


For specs and other things, you could leave the page and head to GSMArena link or anywhere else. No need to read it more from here.

Here, I will talk about basics behind key features displayed on their website, the truth, the innovation, the possibility to beat them or even significance of them ….

FaceTime: Steave is really a marketing genius about inventing terms and I would sure will be much grateful to him, if his this new term could give a boost to video calling. Yes!! FaceTime is just video calling. A feature, which been known to Nokia Customers from ages (though available on UMTS Networks only), just that feature is not on wi-fi, but on GSM Network (Nokia!! sure its your failure to miss this simple thing). If you talking about Wi-Fi, then Skype is already on Ovi Stores, to work on not only wi-fi but on any internet connection like 3G or EDGE.



Someone please correct me, if I am wrong to think that its already there from long

Jokes, argument and babblings aside, sure its a new thing even if it existed here in another form from ages. I am not sure that existing Video Calling or Skype making use of both the cameras with the same ease. As much I know.. its truly the first. Not for the technology, but for the innovation as Steave always called for his company. If I loved Nokia N900 for integrating Contacts with web contacts like Gtalk and Skype, then sure iPhone has reasons to be loved for extending the same even further.

But question is.. are people really using it? Aren’t Apple itself hesitated, that’s why it launched over Wi-Fi only? Are you really offering such a price that many could buy it? What’s point of being on twitter, if you are following just few and just few following you?

Definitely Apple iPhone 4 gets a +1 here for the innovation, not the technology and this makes the first challenge to Nokia, Are you ready to take the challenge or just adding and removing Skype will be your way? This sure not leveraging the potential could be explored.

Retina Display: This terminology really got me smiling that night. Sure, its the biggest resolution 640×960 on phone screen till date (though Nokia N900 was not very far with 800×480 resolution), but Steave really knew that how to present the same fact more impressively rather than just listing the numbers. More pixel counts… we techies understand, but common fans understand the way Steave tells.

But point to think is that how much resolution really matters? It was more better, if Steave would have announced the support for xVid, divX and all such formats natively like he did for PDFs. Without that… tell me what you really gonna do with those thousands more pixels on just a 3.5” device? I have not found any reason yet with current capabilities of iPhone4.

Needs are at a side as they could be generated over innovations, but still I’ll call it a  +1 more for Apple, no reasons to deny it and the second challenge for Nokia, why a step back from the spectacular resolution of Nokia N900? Its same way pathetic like Apple’s bringing basic multi-tasking only and calling it ‘feature’.

Yes! we understand, given the price point, its not the flagship actually and we need to wait for watching the real thing, Nokia N9, but still it doesn’t make sense to give such a ‘poor’ resolution to a device capable of snapping 12MP pictures. I guess Nokia lovers should thank Apple to hit Nokia hard on this point.

Multi-Tasking: This remained as biggest surprise to me that why Steave didn’t thought some special term for Apple kind of multi-tasking.. Lol!!! There will be always a slight demarcation line that till when you actually making people know what they want and when you arrogantly think that you know what they want. Multi-Tasking is bad as it drains battery.. Bullshit!!!! Steave went diplomatic over Multi-Tasking and it already cleared that how far iPhone 4 will go in comparison of Nokia over this.

Apple gets a -2 here or I could have given more less if they wouldn’t have admitted the need of multi-tasking even now. You are no way closer to the multi-tasking  as we know it. Check the video of even much old Nokia device, N82 multi tasking in action.

HD Recording and Editing: I am much happy that Nokia answered the same on very next day. HD recording.. something only for which, I bought my Sony Digital Camera in around 20k. After removing the need of Digital Cameras at all, now only this was remained. Digicam what digicam?


If its been pathetic on Nokia side to step back on resolution thing, then same way cheapness for Apple for keeping the video editing iMovie on a cost of $5 ? Insane.. probably like people would have called when Microsoft asked price for their DOS. May be Steave thought the same and sure developers have right to earn for their work, but still the way, buying an apple means keep on paying, its sure not that great value for money and sometimes even much frustrating too like this.

Nokia gets +1 here and sure it was way beautiful to answer Apple by releasing the video editing app video on day next to iPhone 4 release.

5 MP Camera with Led Flash: Might be a good news for Apple fanatics, whatever hard Steave may try to say that Mega Pixel doesn’t count. We all know what’s worth a nice camera is. Single Led Flash? Some joke? Leave N82 aside, even an Nokia X2 offers 5MP with single LED.

Steave better not say anything over this. You are not even there to compete Nokia on this ground. We will see, if iPhone 4 could produce pictures even better than my Nokia N82.

Nokia gets +1 here and even a bonus +1 more. Look like we shouldn’t expect Apple to compete on this before iPhone7 at least. LOL!

Design and Looks: Definitely only this been a huge plus for Apple and their most of thing circle around the same. Even if they compromise over something then it has to be due to necessity of keeping the same sleek look that even buy hardcore Nokia Users like me.


Apple has a +2 here and will always have. Reason.. Nokia can’t go back and start taking decisions over dilemmas like style or sensibility in favour of the first. Nokia has chosen to be all and they should keep their ways. Sure, iPhone 4 might be 3mm thinner than Nokia N8, but if those 3mm brings you 12 mp camera and worth of years trust on your needs, then it worth it and if you are talking about looks then hold your breaths.. did I said that Apple will always be a winner in this department..?? I apologize … 😉


Lots I could have said and lots could been said that what Nokia should do next to counter it, but the released video signaled that Nokia knows what they should do. Still I will mark my words… Nokia you need to give all your guts on resolution next time and video calling required right now.

iPod Touch 3G – wanna have an iPhone experience in lesser?

Loved your Nokia and functionality it provides in cost effective ways? Hated the way Apple keep their products pricy and costing bucks from you for updates? Wish to feel that what’s special about well pronounced multi touch and phenomenal iPhone browsing experience? Don’t want to limit yourself with a pricy phone without some very basic functionality? Finding ways for getting an iPhone experience packed with apps in lesser costlier ways? Why don’t you try iPod Touch 3G with some of your already beloved wi-fi Nokia?


Seen iPod 3G 16GB in hands of colleague and sure got surprised that if its the so hyped iPhone. Though it came out to be iPod, I kept on hearing from long, but never took the same seriously. I think what I had seen till now were either iPod Nano or iPods from other manufacturers, that’s why I didn’t ever thought about this thing otherwise, it sure seems attractive.

Honestly speaking, I never had been with Apple’s any product because of their erratic and absurd marketing strategies. First they release a product with so much hype and then when one get closer then end up with so many compromises than he/ she already might be getting from other devices in same or lower segments. Moreover, there are always ways left to cost bucks from consumers pocket from absurd terms like paid upgrades to unlock the new enhanced capabilities (already existing but not revealed since start) from the same device. Have you seen anything such from anywhere else?? Not even Microsoft does things in this way!!! Crap!!! I am sure that the same is to be continued with iPod 3G, which doesn’t has a much rumored camera, although some mentioned that it was a last minute change and anyone could find even a camera slot inside and a similar rumor that the device has FM Transmitter-Receiver built-in waiting for some paid update to unlock the same.

At one side, Google offering almost everything for free, Nokia offering you all for insane prices even offering products for free trial, Microsoft offering amazing things within their software and in the same world Apple is. Crap!! Crap!! Crap!!

But still apart from lots of annoyance, no one doubt that it’s attractive in looks at least, either it’s be browsing experience or most eye-candy it’s slim and minimalistic looks. We really want to get one even after knowing that we can’t rely on it for our all needs. We feel ourselves little irritated that why don’t Nokia come up with something slimmer and big like this, but can do nothing.

We could get really a good option with iPhone 3G’s wi-fi, although not sure about that if Google Maps inside it could work over Bluetooth connection enjoying nearby capable Nokia Handset with GPS chip. But only Wi-fi itself with attractive price could open ways for people crazy about technologies.

I already mentioned about ZoikuSpot, an application which converts your wi-fi enabled Nokia Handset into a wi-fi spot. Like many other found the way with it, I also think it’s a cool option to pair your existing wi-fi Nokia handset like Nokia N82 (Rs. 18,000/-), Nokia 5800 (Rs. 13, 200/-), Nokia N86 (Rs. 13, 000/-) or any other. While iPod 3G 8GB (older version of OS) costs Rs. 12, 400/- as per their site and available in less than Rs. 10, 000/- in market (better options are available with iPhone 3G 16GB in Rs. 18, 400/-).

If I put it in ways as Rahul did, then it will be like

iPod 3G 8GB + Nokia 5800 8GB = iPhone like features + Amazing Nokia 5800 Features + 16 GB Storage
[ Rs. 12, 400/- + Rs. 13, 200/- = Rs. 25, 600/- ] <> iPhone 8GB (Rs. 24, 000/-) without many features

iPod 3G 8GB + Nokia N97 4GB = iPhone like features + Nokia N79 + 5MP Camera + 12 GB Storage
[ Rs. 12, 400/- + Rs. 13, 000/- = Rs. 25, 400/- ] <> iPhone 8GB (Rs. 24, 000/-) without many features

iPod 3G 8GB + Nokia N82 2GB = iPhone like features + Nokia N82 + Xeon Flash 5MP Camera + 10 GB Storage
[ Rs. 12, 400/- + Rs. 18, 000/- = Rs. 30, 400/- ] <> iPhone 8GB (Rs. 24, 000/-) without many features

Thanks Rahul for the pics

Confused!!!, but iPhone lacks this much about normal features that it remains as more of a play toy only not a smartphone and one can’t really sustain with it as full time phone in India (thanks to Nokia for making us over-demanding). Better to have a full time toy, if you really wanna own one. I find this combination more attractive for people, who already own some wi-fi Nokia.

Think of the profits if offers:

  1. It looks almost like iPhone itself. You can’t have a slimmer and clean device like this. Show off
  2. You can enjoy iPhone/ iPhone apps and that too at much lower price. I really feel pissed off that there are two apps of wordpress for Android and iPhone OS, while nothing like for Symbian.
  3. You can feel the so hyped multi-touch on iPod 3G while browsing on Safari browser via wi-fi of Nokia.
  4. You have two devices now, means now you could enjoying watching movies on a 3.5 “ screen while travelling and wont be scared that if you run out of battery before reaching the destination.

Possibilities are many; question is how you look at them. Let me know what your opinions on it.


Apple iPad: Are we really running?

Earlier I was reading just too much about iPhone and now this iPad ….apple

As I commented on twitter, sometimes I feel that whole world is divided into two parts; people who have iPhone and people, who haven’t. Yes, I do hear many interesting things and apps about iPhone and they are sure worthy, but still I was never convinced that I should drop my old Nokia Smartphones and choose to buy an iPhone. It might be that worth for a new buy, but if you already own a satisfactory one, then I was never convinced to spend again.

Now, after really too much hype, we finally got the announcement about iPad, Apple’s tablet. I went through specifications and frankly speaking, I have found no reason to buy it till now at least. One could buy a low cost laptop or netbook, but why this? Is it doing anything new, which we were not able to do earlier? Is it offering something better than the others?

Here are some nice videos filming imaginary Hitler counting the limitations and shortcomings of iPad. Enjoy the videos (last one is perfect) and think before rushing for this 25k expense ….




Missed deal hints new plans-Google for music

google-audio-music-logo“ It seems that the Cloud technology opening its wings one by one, Google’s try to acquire one silicon valley startup La La Media Inc. even after loosing the turf to Apple kind of made a clear announcement in a way, that what might be the next milestone for Google: A Full fledge service like Google Books to cater music only for free (running over ads). ”

It might be one of the good guess only, but Google has already launched such a service in China with partnering with to offer legal MP3 streaming/ download with a large MP3 collection and this shows that its very likely that after getting right deals (like it got in case of Google books with various publishers), Google might move into music as well like iTune.

If you think that what one uses while using computers, except internet, chatting and searching web, then its editing photos, documents, presentations, watching movies and hearing music etc. Google had already covered many of the points like Picasa for Photos, Google Docs for Documents/ Presentations and YouTube for watching media. What just remains is Music.

Although there is a YouTube category for music videos, a very limited music search engine, an online music player and a media server for Google Desktop, but currently Google doesn’t has any full-fledged music related service product.

With Google Chrome, Google wants to start an era, where your every need will be online and will go along with you, no matter where you are or what you are using for your connection, your desktop, your docs, your bookmarks, your web history, your videos, your books and everything else will follow you.

So before the launch of Google Chrome OS, we could sure expect Google to fill up this gap by acquiring some company in similar domain and in next probably its gonna to be Google online games service. Sure, due to copyrights, its not gonna to be as open and simple like Picasa webs but you may sure hope for products having capabilities like Google Books (limited preview/ full).

What’s your opinion? please write to me.