Apple iPhone 4 launch, the truth and Nokia N8

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Can you sell a comb to someone completely bald and who might even know the fact very well that he can’t get hairs now?” – perhaps the most famous, funny, but very true lesson of marketing. Thanks Steave for being here and making us realize the basic lesson again.

Apple shares got a 2% drop after the launch of iPhone 4, while many might have expected it to rise at the moment. Yes!! sure you could relate it with other factors and also could come up with that even Google seen a drop, so I should leave it here only… to let you think yourself. We just got the same what Gizmodo already predicted but still … Enhanced resolution, Video calling, a new OS, HSPDA/HSUPA .. everything we know already and have used but still Apple is always the ‘first’ …Iphone4? for 5mp non-carlzeiss? Paid video editor? For money eating apps from day one? For Skype’s alter Facetime ? For a price like netbook?

Apple iPhone 4, sure a hell of exciting device with Apple A4 processor (some calling it 1GHz), a brand new iOS 4, just 9.3 mm thick, weight 137 gm, geo tagging enabled still and video camera, spectacular resolution of 640×960, accelerometer, proximity sensor, three axis-gyro sensor, HSPDA 7.2 mbos and HSUPA surprisingly 5.76 mbps .. the list grows more with new apps and features.


For specs and other things, you could leave the page and head to GSMArena link or anywhere else. No need to read it more from here.

Here, I will talk about basics behind key features displayed on their website, the truth, the innovation, the possibility to beat them or even significance of them ….

FaceTime: Steave is really a marketing genius about inventing terms and I would sure will be much grateful to him, if his this new term could give a boost to video calling. Yes!! FaceTime is just video calling. A feature, which been known to Nokia Customers from ages (though available on UMTS Networks only), just that feature is not on wi-fi, but on GSM Network (Nokia!! sure its your failure to miss this simple thing). If you talking about Wi-Fi, then Skype is already on Ovi Stores, to work on not only wi-fi but on any internet connection like 3G or EDGE.



Someone please correct me, if I am wrong to think that its already there from long

Jokes, argument and babblings aside, sure its a new thing even if it existed here in another form from ages. I am not sure that existing Video Calling or Skype making use of both the cameras with the same ease. As much I know.. its truly the first. Not for the technology, but for the innovation as Steave always called for his company. If I loved Nokia N900 for integrating Contacts with web contacts like Gtalk and Skype, then sure iPhone has reasons to be loved for extending the same even further.

But question is.. are people really using it? Aren’t Apple itself hesitated, that’s why it launched over Wi-Fi only? Are you really offering such a price that many could buy it? What’s point of being on twitter, if you are following just few and just few following you?

Definitely Apple iPhone 4 gets a +1 here for the innovation, not the technology and this makes the first challenge to Nokia, Are you ready to take the challenge or just adding and removing Skype will be your way? This sure not leveraging the potential could be explored.

Retina Display: This terminology really got me smiling that night. Sure, its the biggest resolution 640×960 on phone screen till date (though Nokia N900 was not very far with 800×480 resolution), but Steave really knew that how to present the same fact more impressively rather than just listing the numbers. More pixel counts… we techies understand, but common fans understand the way Steave tells.

But point to think is that how much resolution really matters? It was more better, if Steave would have announced the support for xVid, divX and all such formats natively like he did for PDFs. Without that… tell me what you really gonna do with those thousands more pixels on just a 3.5” device? I have not found any reason yet with current capabilities of iPhone4.

Needs are at a side as they could be generated over innovations, but still I’ll call it a  +1 more for Apple, no reasons to deny it and the second challenge for Nokia, why a step back from the spectacular resolution of Nokia N900? Its same way pathetic like Apple’s bringing basic multi-tasking only and calling it ‘feature’.

Yes! we understand, given the price point, its not the flagship actually and we need to wait for watching the real thing, Nokia N9, but still it doesn’t make sense to give such a ‘poor’ resolution to a device capable of snapping 12MP pictures. I guess Nokia lovers should thank Apple to hit Nokia hard on this point.

Multi-Tasking: This remained as biggest surprise to me that why Steave didn’t thought some special term for Apple kind of multi-tasking.. Lol!!! There will be always a slight demarcation line that till when you actually making people know what they want and when you arrogantly think that you know what they want. Multi-Tasking is bad as it drains battery.. Bullshit!!!! Steave went diplomatic over Multi-Tasking and it already cleared that how far iPhone 4 will go in comparison of Nokia over this.

Apple gets a -2 here or I could have given more less if they wouldn’t have admitted the need of multi-tasking even now. You are no way closer to the multi-tasking  as we know it. Check the video of even much old Nokia device, N82 multi tasking in action.

HD Recording and Editing: I am much happy that Nokia answered the same on very next day. HD recording.. something only for which, I bought my Sony Digital Camera in around 20k. After removing the need of Digital Cameras at all, now only this was remained. Digicam what digicam?


If its been pathetic on Nokia side to step back on resolution thing, then same way cheapness for Apple for keeping the video editing iMovie on a cost of $5 ? Insane.. probably like people would have called when Microsoft asked price for their DOS. May be Steave thought the same and sure developers have right to earn for their work, but still the way, buying an apple means keep on paying, its sure not that great value for money and sometimes even much frustrating too like this.

Nokia gets +1 here and sure it was way beautiful to answer Apple by releasing the video editing app video on day next to iPhone 4 release.

5 MP Camera with Led Flash: Might be a good news for Apple fanatics, whatever hard Steave may try to say that Mega Pixel doesn’t count. We all know what’s worth a nice camera is. Single Led Flash? Some joke? Leave N82 aside, even an Nokia X2 offers 5MP with single LED.

Steave better not say anything over this. You are not even there to compete Nokia on this ground. We will see, if iPhone 4 could produce pictures even better than my Nokia N82.

Nokia gets +1 here and even a bonus +1 more. Look like we shouldn’t expect Apple to compete on this before iPhone7 at least. LOL!

Design and Looks: Definitely only this been a huge plus for Apple and their most of thing circle around the same. Even if they compromise over something then it has to be due to necessity of keeping the same sleek look that even buy hardcore Nokia Users like me.


Apple has a +2 here and will always have. Reason.. Nokia can’t go back and start taking decisions over dilemmas like style or sensibility in favour of the first. Nokia has chosen to be all and they should keep their ways. Sure, iPhone 4 might be 3mm thinner than Nokia N8, but if those 3mm brings you 12 mp camera and worth of years trust on your needs, then it worth it and if you are talking about looks then hold your breaths.. did I said that Apple will always be a winner in this department..?? I apologize … 😉


Lots I could have said and lots could been said that what Nokia should do next to counter it, but the released video signaled that Nokia knows what they should do. Still I will mark my words… Nokia you need to give all your guts on resolution next time and video calling required right now.


18 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 launch, the truth and Nokia N8

  1. One of the biggest advantage Apple has on its competition is that the touch response of its phone is very superlative.

    Not sure if N8 will be able to match in this department.


    1. Pankaj, I guess you would also agree that it was capacitive screen technology not Apple itself. Sure it would be remarkable to see that how Nokia will do with capacitive.

      If you have felt N900 once then were sure assured that when Nokia could bring resistive touch at a level like N900 that conquered iphone, then with capacitive they could do wonder.

      1. Any thoughts on the OS being used in both the phones.

        I think Iphone may have a advantage in this regars


  2. I must say I really enjoyed this piece of writing! Thanks buddy keep up the good stuff.

    By the way, if the n9 is not fast enough, even leaked, iphone4 will prevail!

    1. I disagree dear.

      A over high resolution may not find use-case for common people, but a 12 MP camera carl Zeiss with Xenon sure get an instant connect.

      Over rest all features, battle seems to be balanced.

      Its not gonna be Apple’s side. At least not in India or China, which are the biggest market

  3. I think the biggest advantage of the iphone is the multi touch and the user interface.nobody could beat iphone in the area of user interface,because any body could use it(even a child) .my cousin sister who is like 12 years old(lives in u.s) has an iphone 3gs and she knows how to use every feature.12 years!!!!!!! can you believe that?

    1. But ask yourself that are you getting that worth for money? Are you getting comfort of contacting Apple Care without thinking that what charges they will ask? Are you sure about the core function “calling” itself? Easy???

      Just a simple test
      Take one Nokia and one apple purchased within 6 months

      Go to Apple Care and ask for changing battery saying its not giving proper talk time and do the same with Nokia one.

      Responses will tell you that which one should be preferred.

  4. I am a hardcore iPhone user and lover, I do like Apple products but I don’t love them like crazy, where they are wrong, they are, no point in telling the world that they are right.

    So let’s move to your points and clarify few things.

    First let me start with the comment on battery thing which you had mentioned in previous comment.

    Yes, iPhone’s battery cannot be changed but battery is very powerful, if there is any fault, if you are under the warranty period, they will replace the phone or part. There is an option to get Apple Care Protection for 3 (or 2) years. But if you are out of warranty, Yes, I don’t think anyone knows how to get the battery changed or what will be the rates.

    For my 2 year old iPhone 3G, I still haven’t faced any battery related issues.


    FaceTime – Yes, it is nothing new, Skype and all have it. But think about, how convenient it is in terms of use? In other cases, you have to login to the app, ask the other guy to login, try out few things here and there, and start it.

    With iPhone, you just need to call that person and select FaceTime, if that person is in WiFi range, you can use the video chat. The quality is amazing, I have tried on 1mbps and 2mbps lines.

    The reason behind keeping it on wifi, could be mainly to connect their other products, i.e. FaceTime through, iPod Touch (and in coming future, via Macbook etc..). This makes life lot more easier.

    I don’t see, Nokia or any company has ever thought of this?


    About the resolution – Try viewing the web page or picture in iPhone 4 and with any other phone with almost the same resolution, you will see the difference. Even you can compare with iPhone 3G or 3GS, there is a huge difference in the quality.


    About iMovie being USD 5 – Well, it’s Apple’s call in the end, You can buy this or you can pick the free apps available in the app store. It’s like Microsoft selling MS Office. So you can’t ask them to sell MS Office for free. You can either edit the movie on your desktop using any software or if you want to do it using iMovie, pay for it.

    BTW, from what I have heard from friends, the app is very good and powerful, though, I have not used personally as my usage is limited to phone calls, net and some photos.


    About the camera – Well, we should come out of the picture of higher mega pixels, better the quality.

    My wife’s phone has 8.5 mega pixels and my iPhone 4 has 5 mega pixels, yet iPhone’s quality is much better. And now with HDR, it’s just amazing. You can check my twitpic account, all the recent photos have been clicked using iPhone 4


    See, basically, what I am trying to say is, Nokia is a giant, Apple was nowhere in the Mobile industry before iPhone. But can you see, how Apple shattered everyone? Did you notice that, after iPhone, every company is running behind the touch phones?

    The problem with others is, everyone tries to copy Apple or iPhone. No one thinks beyond that. And that’s where they suck. (Did you see Samsung’s new phone’s UI? I think Galaxy S or something)

    These companies need to get out of the shell and think out of the box. Go a step beyond Apple.


    1. Thanks Deep,

      This was an old post and I consider that some points might be exaggerated, but let me elaborate my points.

      Battery: I understand that’s a design call. One can’t keep the phone 10mm slim and replaceable together. But it comes to make you loose a convenience.

      By replaceable means, I dont mean that battery is faulty and have to replace, but there might be real world scenario. iPhone doesn’t go beyond 5 hours after extensive in real world or say 6 hours, what if you are somewhere where you cant get a charger?

      iPhone charger would not available with others as Nokia’s generic one might be. Many have kept on using double battery for such situations, which wont be possible with iPhone.

      Not only that if you drop your phone in water, then the first step to save it requires removing the battery and then putting the phone in dry rice for 24 hours. Not the case with iPhone as battery is fixed and will cause the damage in that case.

      Facetime: I already said Facetime is a real good thing, except the fact in India I dont get Wi-Fi all around. There been video calling option over all smartphones, but no one used in past, so companies didn’t advanced over that. Its there natively and was available over 3G Networks always since when I dont know.

      Still, I praise the innovation, as they have included the option to include the back camera as well. Hope the others will catch up with this soon, by making front camera improved than just VGA.

      Resolution: Definitely, more resolution is always likable, when it comes to view pictures, movies and web pages, but I found readability an issue due to over smoothness. Still I will call it good, if it was coming over a competitive price. Not insane like 40k+

      iMovie: I know everything has a price, but its Apple always. They wont leave any chance of making money. Nokia N8 including video editor app for free btw.

      With apple, for each small change or anything else, there is a price, however little, but nothing goes free. At least we Indians wanna buy something once for all, not like the feeling that we have bought the same on rent.

      Camera: I am not sure that which 8.5 MP camera, you might have used, but I am talking about Nokia N82 (5MP with Xenon) and Nokia N86. I am dropping two of my photos here.
      India gate last wwek

      Water drops over Glass

      Both the pictures are from Nokia N82 5MP with Xenon and in those pictures, I have not used Xenon yet. Try this one taken from complete dark where it wasn’t possible to see the things with eyes even.
      Nokia N82 5 MP Xenon

      These are not the best examples and definitely better shots could be taken, but these are those pics, which I taken in last week only by my 3 years old Nokia N82.

      My problem with Apple is just about money and their attempts to change the rules and still saying that they changed the world.

      yes they change, you cant replace battery, you cant send MMS till recent, you weren’t using Copy/Paste till iPhone2, no file transfer over bluetooth even now. Samsung or Apple both has to understand that when it comes to India then leave 3G data speeds, many dont even have the data connection (GPRS).

      Sure, I praise Apple, but they have to bring down their greed of money. A double priced phone which asks for compromising the habits, not many’s piece of cake.

  5. Yes, I do agree on the Battery point but it must be due to design. But yeah, it’s a disadvantage on the Apple’s side.

    Battery life on iPhone 3G is around 8 hours with normal phone calls and net usage. On my 4, it works more than 10 hours. 3G used to almost die around 9-10 PM where as in 4, I haven’t see it below 10% for quite sometime.

    FaceTime – I think the reason behind keeping it away from 3G right now must be because, they first want to focus on getting it on all their platforms / devices and then work on 3G. Or They might not just confident about their 3G testing, so they might be playing around with it.

    iMovie not being free – hmm, it’s not like Apple will charge for every application they make, they have some wonderful free apps too, e.g. Remote app, which lets you control your iTunes, Apple TV or Airtunes Speakers on the desktop via iPhone, iPod Touch.

    Nokia must be having the video editing feature for free but to see which is worth, we should compare both the applications and then come to any conclusion.

    Camera – 8.1 MP cam on a Sony Ericsson phone with Carl Zeiss lens. You can check the camera comparison here:

    I don’t mean to say, iPhone’s camera is the best around, but it certainly is one of the best ones from what we have currently. (Under Smartphone category i.e.)

    About other points – MMS works (from iOS 3 I guess), Copy / Paste is not as simple as we think, it’s can’t be added just for the sake of it, I think the new Windows OS based smartphones too doesn’t have it, so there has to be some reason behind it.

    Bluetooth file transfer – Actually it does not work well because, iPhone does not have normal file / folder structure. It just has images, videos and audio. So transferring files over Bluetooth might end up being complicated task. But again, they will add that feature if there is a huge demand for it.

    About 3G thing, Smartphones are meant for the high end usage, it’s certainly not for the users who do not have GPRS. This applies to any Smartphone.

    About pricing – Well, I totally disagree on this point. Come’on no one will give you phone with so many good features + great usability for 15K. Do let me know if you feel any 15-20K or even 30K phone comes near to iPhone in terms of usability and quality. (Having more features or same number of feature doesn’t make any phone a great one)


    1. Agree with each thing.

      But thats technology, any battery end up dying over years like after two years, I am facing with any of my phones. So, easy replacement of battery sure a deal breaker for Indian scenario.

      Facetime is sure a good step from their side that I praised since day one. I am happy even if they are keeping it on WiFi only, but still I wont buy something on this price for that only. Yes! I might purchase a iPod touch in 12k for that.

      iMovie is just an example, there are many basic things that Apple charges like I heard there is an App that enable bluetooth file transfer.

      As about Camera, I just compared it with a 3 years phone, but difference is not about mega pixels, not even Carl Zeiss, but its about a Nokia and Non-Nokia, Nokia sure changed the level of Mobile Cameras like Apple change the level of touch phones. Try to compare it with Nokia 5MP N82 like I posted some random pics.

      Bluetooth/ MMS/ Copy-Paste, I understand that they might not be doing something deliberately, they have challenges due to their OS structure, which is known to be best OS in town. But thats been part of Nokia’s since like $100 phones.

      As about price, then examples are Nokia C5, which provides many features in 7.5k, Nokia E5 in 12k, Nokia E52 in 11.5k and Nokia N8 thats sure has many things over iPhone4 and price on 25k.

      There are many phones out there and even 4″ Samsung Galaxy, which proves much better about OS side features has a price point of under 30k only.

      There is no second thought about it that iPhone is way overpriced.

  6. Apple does not make any app for bluetooth file transfer, there are free ones and paid ones in the App Store.

    The link I gave compares with the latest versions of the cameras. Copy / Paste yes, part of of Rs. 2,000 phone but smart phones work in a different way. When you have touch interface, you cant add just buttons anywhere and get it done. You have to take lot of things in mind. This is, apart from the technology issues. (Which I do not have enough knowledge of)

    As mentioned earlier, do not compare any phone with just the number of features, even Rs. 8,000 Samsung phone might have more features than iPhone but use both the phones and then see the difference.

    About comparing with N8, let’s see how it goes once it’s launched.


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