Hands on over Nokia Pureview 808–Layman’s Take

Yeah! It would be one of the rarest occasions when I might be posting about just a hands on, but a hands on over a Smart phone having 41mp camera in it, is rare of rarest in itself. it was hard to keep the excitement within and I know you wanted to listen from me about it…


It started from an invite from Aditya (@adityavnathan) about a Nokia Reviewers workshop in Hotel Oberai, New Delhi for April 10, 2012, with Vesa Jutila, Head of Symbian Smartphones Product Marketing, Smart Devices at Nokia.

While the name of Vesa Jutila was a hint in itself, I was already hinted that it’s about Nokia Pureview 808.

I knew that Tuesday will be a weekday and it wont be easy to bunk the newly joined office in middle, but when it’s about Nokia Pureview 808, it was hard to stop someone who been proud owner of Nokia N82 and Nokia N8-00 and there I was and some other blogger friends….


Apparently its not the first event related to Nokia Pureview 808 in India as Dolby event in Mumbai (mid March) happens to showcase it first, though this should be the first official event related to Nokia Pureview 808 in India from Nokia itself. Delhi took the first spot, Mumbai will be next for Wednesday event.

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Promise delivered, Nokia N8 gets CAF\30 FPS and much more via Betalabs Update

As I wrote in last post that Monday will see one more update specifically for Nokia N8 Camera, the good news just got in. You can download the update from Nokia BetaLabs right now via the following link


Beta Labs Update Still Capture Viewfinder Beta Labs Update Video Capture Viewfinder

But its just not the Continuous Auto-Focus (CAF) and 30 fps recording than earlier 25fps, but Damian and team have aimed for many other request and delivered about each. Like some of the highly requested features were as follows:

  • Ability to record video at closer distances (Macro Video Recording)
  • Smoother video of moving subjects or when panning
  • Faster access to scene modes, especially close-up mode
  • Exposure control in video
  • Viewfinder grid not effected by scene modes, camera exit/reopening
  • Smoother zoom
  • Settings accessed through one control point
  • Red-eye reduction performance improvements

And its good to hear that all of the requests are fulfilled and delivered by a new Camera App via Betalabs (1.64mb in size). You can find the details at the official blog post.

Beta Labs Update Still Capture Flash SettingsBeta Labs Update Video Capture Scenes

Beta Labs Update Video Capture with Grid ViewfinderBeta Labs Update Video Capture Settings    

Cheers.. and big thanks to @phonedaz

Note: Its applicable only after Symbian Anna update

Nokia N8 Continuous Video Auto Focus Hack and much more

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Remember those HX Mods that were enabling you to get the raw images mode from already almighty Nokia N8 camera? He was also talking about the continuous auto focus mode, which he didn’t released for public later on due to some bugs in it. Finally this time some other hacker faenil seems to have done it with a public release. This time, it is not just a camera mode, but does many things more.

Faenil also mentions that he is coding a software to let you edit lots of settings it will take 1-2months, so wait for a lot more if next firmware update doesn’t bring all the goodies that Nokia N8 is really capable of.

He has gone in details about it and coding instructions …

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A picture gallery shot entirely by Nokia N8 via @Pannkaz

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This was something I wanted to do since long, but messy office life been too harsh over me to get some extended holidays for such snapping around, I did some of the shots in past like this one, but here comes @pannkaz to prove me that its all my laziness for not showcasing the biggest ornament of our almighty Symbian^3 jewel Nokia N8.


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Nokia N86 Camera insights – All about it

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My last weekend with Nokia N86 and sure this comes the time, when I should write about the specific thing for what I asked for a trial of Nokia N86. The Camera … I am not saying the 8MP camera only as most of the called it … its much more than just the megapixels. We will see in next why …

But before starting I must tell you that all these stuff are purely tech and will be of more concern for people knowing a thing or two about camera technology …

What a Bad Ass Nokia N86 camera is?

The Lens: Everyone talk about Megapixels and says that what if your N82 has 5 MP, mine has higher, what’s the difference? Dude! Its just not about Mega Pixels. But lets start from that ..

Mega Pixels 8 MP means 8 millions of pixels in one particular pics that makes the resolution of 3264×2448 (=79,90,272), but beyond that there is Carl Zeiss; the most renowned name among the lens manufacturers and the Tessar Lens.

Aperture You can notice the changes in my Nokia N82 Tessar and Nokia N86 Tessar … Nokia N82 had Tessar 2.8/5.6 while Nokia N86 got Tessar 2.4-4.8/4.6. Sorry about the condition of my Nokia N82, but its more than 2 and half year old now and has seen lots of things.

What these numbers mean? Its about aperture, the opening that allows the light to pass in. Larger aperture means better performance for low light conditions and lower means better in illuminated environment. It actually says that Nokia N86 has a variable aperture, while Nokia N82 has only one setting F2.8, Nokia N86 boosts on three options F2.4, F3.2 and F4.8 as their specification page says.

Not only me, but many other people trying to find that where are the settings to control the aperture manually, but it seems that they decided to keep it automatically controlled only (after all they were making phones not DSLR).

Wide angle Do you know that Nokia N86 was the first phone ever to offer a 28mm wide angle lens? As the GSMArena link says, it offers your around 20% more larger view angle means you could expect much better landscape and scenery shots now. Wide angle lens get lower focal lengths that reflects in numbers (4.8mm which was 5.6mm in Nokia N82).

Mechanical aspects: 

Shutter speed When you talk about taking instant pics and get irritated of blurs then you must be actually talking about the term shutter speed. Not exactly sure that how much it was in Nokia N82, but Nokia N86 sure has a high shutter speed that could go max up to 1/1000 secs, sure you can’t drop your eyelids faster than this 😉

Camera Cover Nokia N86 got Slide Lens Cover for Protection & Camera Activation and the difference in mechanism could be spotted in the above pics. Sure its way smoother than we seen in Nokia N82. Good news.

Dual LED Flash Technically they call it Third generation of Dual LED Flash and even if many might be pissed off over Nokia for dumping Xenon over LED flash, it had its part of sense. LED is more favorable for phones due to lower power consumptions and size and for the consumer side, the profit is video light. Let me show you two videos: one with Video Light and one without video light.


I am sure you could spot the difference.


But adding to the conversation of Xenon Vs LED, I would also like to show you the difference of color re-production with a LED Flash and a Xenon Flash.. or may be its feature check out


And as AAS pointed out, Xenon also do well about freezing the objects at the moment better than LED. Check out their post for sure, though my results are opposite about illumination where N86 is better and natural.

Though I am still trying to find the way to use LED as a torch without any software, just from some hotkey like it was in Nokia E72. Anyone got anything?

Dedicated Camera Key Yes!! with Nokia N86, we got the camera keys again. After using Nokia E72, I really felt that how important it is to have a dedicated camera key and that should be well built too. After years of using Nokia N82, I really found the metallic camera keys of Nokia N86 a superb and solid upgrade over Nokia N82.

Software aspects:

Well! Living with similar software world for years spoils you this much that in first sight every symbian looks same to you and you think that things not moving. May be even I might have thought so, when first seen the interfaces, looked similar, familiar.. but it was to take a few days, when it started revealing that how much improved things have became with special focus over Camera improvements.. and its about each and everything.

Speedy processor makes processing of photos after shooting them like instant. Panorama mode was never like this much smooth. Everything feels like the way it should be even if symbian interfaces feel older than we might have seen in Maemo or other OS’s, but they work and they work superb.

Unfortunately, I lost the part of post, I was writing over software aspects… writing it again ..

Starting from the settings, there are the usual options available…

Menu –> Tools –> Settings –> Applications –> Camera –> Image

Menu –> Tools –> Settings –> Applications –> Camera –> Video

Even more details about the quality ..

After that we get around ten options, when we customize the toolbar displayed on right of the screen, when we open the camera …


Camera view is the old one, but one could notice the details

The left bottom side has the battery icon and then quality icon next to that (showing 8M means 8MP now), in next to that its the count of remaining photos that could be snapped with current remaining free space, I am not exactly sure about the icon next to that, but that’s probably says the same the remaining space.. the last icon is GPS one. If its not showing x then it means that location is locked and you are ready to go with GPS info tagged inside the pics.

As told by one of my friend on twitter, I noticed a probably bug in Nokia N86. After taking an image with GPS info on, even when you close down the camera, you find a GPS icon on the right top of your phone screen, when nothing is using GPS right then. Not sure what it is..

I find myself specially hooked up with panorama mode of Nokia N86. Its nothing that we haven’t seen it earlier, but it never seem to be this much smooth and perfect in any earlier camera. Earlier only right and left key, now have became four ways. The speed of processing makes it instant to move on after it takes one shot and the results..

Though things get changed with moving object and situations a little, but its sure not a fault of Nokia N86.


Image editing options are like they were always… very basic.. same contrast, brightness, frames etc..

But what’s the big deal here is the basic video editing options..

So.. what you say… wow!!!

Do you know what impressed me about Nokia N86 most? It was the macro mode performance of wide angle lens. Its just not the pixels, but see the finer details in next few random samples I took in my office…

So, what’s say? Do you still believe that there was nothing in this world better than Nokia N82?

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Nokia E72 Diary-Day 7-Camera Review

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This time, I needed to start from apology that it’s not been a possible post by yesterday as I didn’t got much time to play with Nokia E72. Today my day is going with full jealousy all over my mind with people getting #NokiaNav shiny cars. But still I am back with one of the most important aspect of Nokia E72, which caught people’s attention more than anything, the 5.0 MP camera. Read more to know few things about it.

Do you think that its worth talking about a device on scale of its camera that is supposed to be a Business Device ? Perhaps that is the pain of Business people. Aren’t they human? Are their requirements completely in contrast with other common users? Why should they be deprived of a decent music player in their phones or FM receiver or a real good camera? OK!! first two might be personal requirements, but why not a decent camera? Trust me, most of Business users get disappointed that what Business phone they are going to get are without even “basic” features, they lived with till now.

Think of a day, you hear that Bill Gates decided to visit your office or some other star just arrives all of sudden in your office in next cabin. Believe me, no matter how much professional you are, you sure get excited and wish to capture a glimpse of them (with you may be 😉 ). Is it crime to keep a proper camera phone with you?

Leave that fancy thing, take a real one. You got a doc that you urgently needs to send on Fax for info or for some approval or any other formality and your IT guy tells you “Scanner already faulty since last two days and Fax Machine down since morning”. You say “What the f***? what I am supposed to do now? Isn’t there is a option to take a very clear snap of the doc and send it on mail? Sure only if you have some 5MP Nokia E72 with you.

Megapixels … does they matter a lot? My first proper admiration for mobile cameras started with Nokia N70. People will laugh about 2MP cameras now, but at that time, it was very fine with me and I didn’t even mind taking prints of snaps taken by Nokia N70 then, but what changed the game completely was well known Nokia N82. The almighty 5MP camera with Xenon Flash came in to completely surpass my Kodak Digital camera.

Definitely, since when I heard about Nokia E72, then I was excited about it that if its camera could do the same job as Nokia N82 did for me. Because then it was perfect to switch over that because of other amazing features it offers like due to strong battery and connectivity, I am peaking on about 4GB downloads daily, which was sure limited with Nokia N82 due to less powered battery. So, I took the Sunday, day 7 of trial as the day for camera comparison.

nokia n82-e72

First of all, I let you know that its not that fair to compare a Nokia N82 and a Nokia E72 as the earlier one is blessed with a Carl Zeiss camera (only name is enough), while the later has same megapixels but No Carl Zeiss. The other compromise for the business device is No Xenon Flash and not even dual led like Nokia N86, just Single Led Flash. But like I always said, its better to take your hands on first before calling it off. Moreover, com’on we are talking about Nokia N82 here for comparison, which doesn’t got a match in real till now from anywhere and only N8 seems to be challenging the legacy. But let’s discuss that how much Nokia E72 fairs with its camera…

CJ got a good lead over Nokia E72 Camera, for the details, you may look over there, I am here with my little observations only.

Nokia E72 doesn’t have dedicated Camera keys and you left with only the optical navi wheel taking for the same part. Moreover, might be the case that I am not getting used to that well, but somehow it seems that focusing is tougher than Nokia N82 here. Though as I get comparable pictures with similar quality, but I think its due to adjustment with sensitivity of Optical Navi Wheel. Somehow, it was better to have a dedicated Camera key somewhere.

Good thing is, Led Flash may be called lesser for Stills but become better for videos because the technology allows them to keep lit on while making the video (same explains how Nokia E72 works like a torch when we press space for a while). Definitely a good thing and I will sure come up with a video made in some dark soon.


The above is a simple comparison of camera interfaces on both the phones. The point to notice was inclusion of panorama mode in Nokia E72, though some may be disappointed by non-availability of geo-tagging, but I wonder that how many actually use that? Must be hard on battery I guess. Though the same feature wasn’t there in Nokia N82 as well and all I have heard of is an application from Nokia Beta Labs to bring this capability. There should be one for Nokia E72 as well, if someone really want to.

Well!! with time, things get advanced so with the camera interface as well.

camera settingscustomize tool

You can customize the toolbar here, which was not there in Nokia N82 for sure.

Sure I didn’t took much of the pics today, but putting some of them here for comparison. All the time, Flash is on Auto for both the devices and I tried best to focus before shot. (Nokia E72 left and N82 right)

Bike before server - E72Bike before service - N82

EDM Mall - E72EDM Mall - N82

Menu Card forText - E72Menu Card for Text - N82

Texture on E72Texture on N82

Closeup and colors on E72Closeup and colors - N82

Bright colors - E72Bright colors - N82

Honestly speaking, I am not able to figure out the difference, but experts might sure find. Though I still insist that Nokia N82 is more convenient tool to snap due to dedicated camera keys.

The other part on negative side of Nokia E72 is somehow with the resolution. Don’t know but Nokia N82 and Nokia E72 both technically has the same resolution screens, but even though Gallery makeover is great in Nokia E72, but I found somehow pictures doesn’t look that great on screen in Nokia E72 in comparison to Nokia N82. May be I should give some more time before coming to this conclusion or may be I am too much used to of my beloved N82.

In all, I must say that competing with the legend is hard, but except for two points, Nokia E72 not leaving on any place and even scoring on Video light side. Technical details on other side, but I don’t think that anyone is going to find any difference in two. After all, all we want is a best camera to be with us and still one device for all.

Guys!!! here you go. This is the business device you always wanted. I mean there might be many business phones out there, but tell me which one got it all like the way Nokia E72 got?

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.

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