Why Arjun should have fought? Was a Geeta enough?

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Decision; Is taking one decision enough to end the battle? How much one could fight for, when he know that he would be known as winner either side in ways, but will loose everything from inside, from everyside? Many tearful days, nights, weeks and even months, much pain all the way and just then you realize that where Arjun was, when he ended up loosing “Gandeev” and crying all the way in middle of battlefield.


Sometimes you left with thinking that there is no place in the world, you might call as happy land, there is no one, who could have lived all the way just to make you happy, unfortunately not even you yourself. Everyone feels it at some point of time in their own lives. Its complicated, much more than you would have thought, much more than I could tell here.

The human life itself has made up of so many completely unknown and complex chemical combinations that even after thousand of years, we are struggling to make a meaning about, how could we have found that what could have made us happy? Which decision we took wrong, which path we didn’t insisted a little more harder, what was that we should have left behind, when was the moment, Arjun should have picked the Gandeev to loose the battle or to loose the meaning of losing?

Many of you might not find a meaning around what I writing here, some of you might even guess right or tears-fallingwrong, doesn’t mean coz I will never be here to answer for. Just because I ended with no answer. Sometimes one asks himself, did Arjun won something at the end? Did he chosen the right path to move on? Was he shown the real insight of the nature by Lord Krishna himself? If all of this really immaterial then why to fight for, why to live for, for whom?

Ajruns will keep on hearing and will keep on winning the battles to keep the nature on course, they will keep on doing what’s being made them realized as their “Karma” and at the end, only they will be ended with tears in legs of Bheeshma begging to forgive them. Bheeshma may forgive Arjun, but will Arjun smile again like once he did in embrace of Bheeshma?

Whom should he had blamed?

The mother, who divided his bride in all his brothers and brothers, who took the decision proudly? The brother, who lost him, lost his wife, all things he earned and all the things he didn’t even had right to bet on, in a bet? And why only brothers, when even his Gaandeev didn’t moved an inch, when his brother placed everything of him on a bet? Why Krishna still decided to come with him without his army?


He should have blamed the elders sitting around in the same palace, watching the show from their respective seats as they knew what’s keep their interests? What remained wrong in killing them, when they already participated in a thing that leaves nothing behind to live for?

Perhaps Arjun would have not taken a moment to take a side, if he wasn’t feeling that either sides lost him and more importantly, he already has lost himself. Truth is just that “neither side was worth fighting for, nor even his own life was left to be worth it”.


Unfortunately, the decision was taken for him, not only even at that day, but at everyday before; not even by one side, but by both the sides with same cruelty. His tears were as immaterial that day as they were ever. Not for one, but for everyone. He was not to be called coward at that day, he was already at everyday before.

There is still an Arjun; confused and stuck up. His mind becomes Krishna to give the ‘answers’ but heart doesn’t and still the question remains, why Arjun fought? What his “Karma” bring for him? If you don’t have to wish for anything and just have to do (as Geeta says) then why is this life and why we need Krishna’s words? Why Arjun fought?

Perhaps, Arjun’s Gaandeev was only way for Bheeshma, was only way for Karna, was only way for Drona and all the people, who continued to live in misery, but couldn’t have accepted it. They could have ended more gracefully, but Arjun was to go for the last misery of his life to pay for his indecision or rather than weaker judgments at moments.

I know just one could read it right … but does it matter? Bheeshma will still die? Arjun will still loose the battle.

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Make your Relationship better

Sometimes it may happen that you just might be wondering around internet to overcome your frustration from irritating life sometimes and get countered with some page, which really asks you to promote it as it might be important to know for others and for me today is was an Article named How to Make your Relationship Even Better.

It was a real interesting read to me, although it was almost perfect without any need of alteration in it as it was work of some professional Arvind Devalia. I found many other articles over his site interesting reads and would like to give some time to them as well in next few days. Here I wish to re-write the same words with my touch where ever possible (may remove the article, if the original author has any objection in near future).

So, if you are in a relationship, is it what you always dreamed about?
“In a dream relationship, you bring out the best in one another and make yourself stronger together as a team than apart. Such a relationship helps you become a better person and provides you with the happiness that you deserve.”

You sure think that at one point, probably in start or in some of the best moments the relation was just like defined by the above lines, but few moments make it fading again and again. Why so?

“If you have been together for a long time, you could take each other for granted. This does not imply that your love for each other is fading, simply a lack of effort.”

So, where goes the solution? Author says:
“Be willing to make the time and effort for each other. Be realistic too and accept that no one person is ever going to fulfill your every need and desire. Truly committing yourself to someone requires insight, trust, and being open to vulnerability. Finding such a person and respecting your judgment are a prerequisite to creating an everlasting, happy relationship.”

Sometimes, we know what’s being said and even know the meanings, but still miss the efforts due to our own weaknesses, which get over us more strongly than the love itself. Why so? Is it so that our other passions don’t match with this one or some part of us doesn’t relate with us as we are now? Do we dislike ourselves and so everyone else around us?

Author goes with his some suggestions. Let’s see, where they fit?
1. Get clear on what you want from the relationship

Make the fulfillment of your short term and long term needs the criteria for choosing a partner and being in a relationship. Create and share a vision of your dream life together.

Sometimes we stop thinking about our dreams and just give up all of them for the other one for one hidden reason, they have no meaning for the other one coz we think we want the relation most and so the sacrifice! Sacrifice is something, which changes a lot of things, but in other ways, when we know that we are doing it. If you’re not getting what you exactly want from the relationship, then you can’t give the same back, no matter how hard you try. So, know your requirement first and then think what the one could give and how.

2. Accept your partner just as they are
“Your partner is a very special human being – the only one in the world like them, with their own wonderful traits and unique gifts. Truly love the whole beautiful package they came in. They are entitled to their own decisions, hobbies, goals and hopes. Find out their deepest desires and get as excited about them, as you are about yours. And remember too that this wonderful human being is prepared to spend their life with you despite knowing all your shortcomings!”

The line just defines many things in short and beautiful ways, but how many get the same point. Finding, waiting, giving space and our shortcomings; all just not fit in the same boat most of the time. Could you be the same wonderful human being as the one, you want to be with is?

3. Be generous and loving in all your dealings with your partner
“Give unconditionally, rather than wanting something back in return. A lot of relationships work on a 50 / 50 basis whereby partners do things for each other only on a tit for tat basis. Instead, commit 100% to doing things for your partner, and with zero expectation. If your partner gives you their commitment on the same 100% / zero basis, then you will both be in Nirvana!”

I wish, it could have been happening on this earth. Never happens and the tragedy is; we always think that we are getting lesser share of the business. Can the business be profitable for all the sides? Not that much we could give, but as much they might be wishing to get. Can you?

4. Always be in integrity
“Commit to tell your partner the total truth, as honesty is one of the key things people want in a relationship. Knowing they can trust you builds a zone of safety and comfort around them.”

You don’t commit as you know that they don’t trust you and they don’t trust you coz they know that you don’t commit completely. Where the circle ends?

5. Resolve your differences as soon as they happen
“Conflict actually fuels a genuinely passionate partnership. So accept responsibility for your part of the issue at stake, and do not blame your partner. The sooner you stop blaming and start talking, the better you will feel. Never go to sleep with an unresolved issue. Last thing at night; tell your partner what you love about them being in your life.”

We try and author says that it’s the better approach. I admit that somewhere sleeping with the issue creates the trouble more bigger, but it meant to be more of it. Resolving the difference don’t go easy if we make the other feel that we are not listening and worse, if they know we are listening and pretending not to know the meaning. May be we might not be saying that what we might want and so they are not coming with words, they actually wishing to say. But someone to step forward, Just one step, but one full step.

6. Do not criticize
“It is ok to complain but not criticize. Your partner is doing the best they can – support them in becoming an even better person – you will benefit in the long term. NEVER put your partner down in front of other people.”

I would like to add, just one more line in the end that “not even in front of himself/ herself.”

7. Create a haven for your partner
“Make them feel so safe and secure with you, that they drop all their defensiveness. It is natural to feel fear and you can help them overcome it with lots of tender loving care. Thoughtfulness is so important in a healthy relationship. So be considerate of your partner’s feelings and treat them with the utmost care and kindness.”

Thoughtfulness and being kind is something never come easy for real world and it works more badly, if one somehow comes to think that they are doing and just getting in return, nothing extra. Life’s toughness doesn’t let you resourceful all the time, but you have to come out with all your resources. If you are giving up in some weak moments, just try to feel what you partner is giving up for you. Are you really saying “Nothing“?

8. Let go of the past.
“All relationships have their difficulties. Remember only the lessons learnt and forget the details. Weather the stormy moments, and savour the memory of sunny days. Remember what brought the two of you together in the first place. What attracted you to each other? What do you admire about your partner’s personality?”

May be everything would have changed what brought you together once, but why it changed and is it that much un-justifiable that you come to change yourself completely. You may say that you are trying to be more generous and giving even more, but are you really making the other one the same amount of special in front of whole world, as much you were making once? If you do the same in fractions, then you need to go on and go on for much more. Who knows may the boat turn back…

9. Have a fun date with your partner regularly and often
“Spend at least one evening a week with each other. At that particular time nothing is as important as your time together. Strengthen your relationship by putting each other first. Give the relationship the same commitment you made when you first started dating – simply put each other first!”

In a dream relationship, you and your partner can be yourselves. You are honest and patient with each other. You accept one another, and you are kind and thoughtful. In such an open and caring relationship, your love is sure to grow, and working together you can keep your relationship happy and healthy.

Do you think, you can do it? If not read it loud in your mind and start working over it. Start working on your dream relationship today.


Wake Up SID: A bit of me, a bit of you

Has this happened with you sometimes that a guest of yours asks about yours completely in chaos living room and you say that Yaar! Just not getting time since last two three days and was going to arrange this all by tomorrow on off day and just then your room partner or neighbor smiles a bit leaving you embarrassed inside, as you know that it’s in chaos since last one month or almost always ;). Has it not happened with you that in each next exam you thought that last time, you decided to be more concerned for studies? Has not this happened to you that just after college, you really think that will you really be working for some office any day? I mean what you will do for that office 😀 You don’t know anything? Then go and watch Wake Up SID, it will remind you many pieces of your life. Be sensitive and it’s gonna be a cute ride for sure.

Title: Wake up SID
Release Date: 2nd October 2009
Banner: Dharma Productions.
Producer: Karan Johar
Director: Ayan Mukerji
Cast:.Ranbir Kapoor, Konkana Sen, Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak, Rahul Khanna, Kashmira Shah, Shikha Talsania, Namit Das, Kainaz Motivala
Story Writer: Ayan Mukerji
Music Director: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar,
Cinematography: Anil Mehta
Dialogues: Niranjan Iyengar
Composer: Amit Trivedi

Waiting for the movie, then watching it with expectations relating with Saawaria and Bachna Aae Hasino, but finding it some much of a better and touching perspective than anything else. May be many people after watching the movie just come out discussing Ranbir and Konkana’s unusual on-screen chemistry or thinking about links between Dil Chahta Hai, but for me or many like me, it was something to let us know that at some places, we all are a bit or more of a SID. For me, there were many points to notice in the same movie and I really don’t know how to cover them all in a ‘little’ article (readable in sense). Let me start ….

The story is all about Siddharth aka SID; his just-after-college life like any of us clueless youth about his aims in life and his kind of platonic love story with Aisha; a small town girl with a bit defined aims of life, but still learning bits of life. Then how it crafts SID boy to man (?) or somehow moving into stream of life finally. A platonic love kind of .. not Yash Chopra brand, but a little more real in another sense. Anyway …

Although there was an association with the name of Karan Johar, but there was almost nothing like his element in this movie and so we could agree with his own claim that he left it complete in hands of the debutant director Ayan Mukerji, who shined up with his own simple but beautifully crafted story, mixing it with Music of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, live dialogues of Niranjan Iyengar and just in motion with tempo of movie composing of Amit Trivedi.

Sometimes, we know that we are wrong at places or at many places, even we know that what we need to do, but even then feel lazy to move a little as we know that we have change almost everything of our crazy life. No.. it’s not shown this much complex on screen, as the story moved just like the same flow, but it ignites many such thoughts in my mind. We get attitude in us and answer rudely sometimes and then trying to patch up again and again on other’s arguing about our life and things as we know that they are saying right, but the question is why are they saying? Where are they helping us in changing things to get better for us? Or even if they are doing best for us, then why are we not able to adjust with that as well? Frustration of youth after a few ups and downs with influences of people around you, finally places you in some place of this world, may be you were to be there.

At another end of story, Aisha; knows a little about her aim, her kind of boy, her kind of life, but still knowing or not knowing how she will get or how the things will get mature at the end. Get in touch with SID and didn’t get to know that when he brought all chaos of his own life and why she always been with him with all her modesty. May be he was only one around her to accompany her in this new life.

The special part of the movie, which keeps it different from era love story, was their in-compatibility. Aisha was not of Sid’s type or he never thought of his type of girl like he never thought of work or life ever and Sid was boy for Aisha, a cute boy, but not dependable man. She get an almost ideal for her in her boss Rahul Khanna, but soon come to know the practically perfect somewhere doesn’t suit her soul. There love story was different like the conversation between them says, when SID asks that why didn’t they fallen in love for each other rather than being friends only. Aisha replies just coz it didn’t happened and later explained that he is never a kind of boy, she would be happy being with for rest of life means he might be cute kid, but not a man in her world. Just this is the love story in its honesty, not a Yash Chopra or mostly known cheesy brand of love, or some kind of we all might know by popularly.

Aisha’s devotion and attachment without asking anything, with bearing every little wrong thing of SID, brings Sid towards maturity step by step, which everyone tried, but didn’t got him with them in their attempts. Even he tries to change for her, like learning making omelet for her and then disappointment when for her it was like nothing, but just normal. He slowly learns to change his chaotic daily routine and somehow Aisha made him fitted for some office job, while he was clueless that will he do something ever? He knows that he is not what Aisha wish and Aisha knows he is fine, but should have been more perfect, but even then they want company of each other with expressing it. Aisha know that she wish and SID not even know directly, but .. Ranbir was just natural for the role and so was Konkana, the chemistry went truly and most cute was the first date (?) of them. I really liked that coz …… might be been sometimes in :P.

The most special part, which few will start noticing soon was the magical realness in emotions. None of the emotion was loud, be it disappointment and helpless longing of a mother, who continuously tried to be a friend of her son or be it anger and frustration of a father, who want to get his son back in real life or be it Sid’s inner anger in failing continuously and dejection from every side or be it growing annoyance of Aisha on her all over stressed life either it be breakup of Sid’s friend. Everything was so light that you don’t even come to know that it happened and passed. The transition from a laid back thrown to winds attitude to someone who values independence is so subtle and smooth that you never realize when it happened. It is just the denial and dejection that brought about the change which Sid could not feel with his parents.

May be if Aisha would have broke out to shout above a limit or if Sid might have got some more pushed back rejection from life then it was in just other ways? The laid back boy was required only such a lightweight transformation and just this was the special about the movie. Sometimes, we picture a great concept so simply and just wait for someone to notice it, get disappointed a lot and just get satisfied only if just one get notice of the same J

Lots to say about the movie, but stopping the article in kind of middle, coz don’t want to raise expectations. Many things to say, but that will be addressed by other’s reviews. This was a piece of me. Hope some of you might like it.

Love Aaj Kal: How practical we can be to handle what we call Love?

We use all the logic to explain things and try to be ‘in all the way composed’, controlled and logical, but the Almighty-Love remains unexplained and defines its way as “No Reason Reasoning”, no matters how much literatures have been spend on it or how much we might have learned from our experiences or other’s stories. The time has got just another more realistic expression: The discovery of Love in present context.

Love Aaj Kal

When his girlfriend asks: “Do you love me”, Jai, the protagonist of Love Aaj Kal, played by Saif Ali Khan, replies: “Love, who knows what that is?” So, are we? Do we really know what Love is and why we fall in? Let’s read something about a movie, which I am going to call The Best Romantic Movie ever seen by me till now. Not because, it’s emotional, not because it’s modern, not because it’s practical, but because its real, very very real. You will regret, as much you delay watching the same. Mind my words, I have never used such praise.

Title: Love Aaj Kal
Release Date: 31st July 2009
Banner: Eros International
Producer: Saif Ali Khan , Dinesh Vijan , Sunil Lulla

Imtiaz Ali
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Giselle Monteiro, Shweta Gulati, Neetu Singh, Rishi Kapoor, Rahul Khanna, Vir Das.

Story Writer:
Imtiaz Ali
Music Director: Preetam

Irshad Kamil

Words of mouth, disappointments on getting All-Booked Status after reaching Multiplexes (that too in Delhi, where you can’t find enough good hospital but Multiplexes always nearby), I was sure that Love Aaj Kal was going to bang, after all today’s stars Saif and Deepika were looking fantastic in all posters and there was no recent good movie since Dev D, I guess. Film Industry and even the movie goers should have got a sigh of relief with this release, which is sure going to get a reasonable place in all time good romantic movies. The special thing, I noticed was a glimpse of Jab We Met, in the song “Chor Bazari” and a little googling given me the obvious connection, when got to know the name of writer/ director Imtiyaz Ali.

Imtiyaz Ali; it will be the next name after Anurag Kashyap, I will be waiting for watching out. His first movie was Socha Na Tha; A couple, who didn’t thought that they are made for each other, the second one was Jab We Met; discovering the commitment of love and now Love Aaj Kal.

Perhaps he knows to pick the best and then get the best from them. The common link between all these movies was the crisp-n-short dialogues and use of bold modern language mixed with traditional cultural hints still scattered between this All-New-Generation. He seems to be in process of silently creating an era like once Yash Chopra created.

Coming over movie, Jai and Meera; a modern age couple meets in London, the first meet clicks enough to share the first romantic kiss and the days pass on figuring out if they are, like, together. That entails mugs of black coffee and lots of smart chatter, and eventually, a parting of ways, because they can’t quite get a handle on their feelings. Meera has to India and Jai to US and both of them feel that they are now ahead of the best time they had and now the long distance relationship will only suck. A perfect and logical mutual decision; breaking up with a Breakup Party (Interesting thing na? it was in the movie as well.)

As small para, I have taken here about telling their initial story, the same course of events happened in the same quicker way on the screen; just 15 mins and all above part of story is over, can you believe? Still given a glimpse of many little things as mentioned below.

  1. Many things they don’t like, but still like to be with. Like Black Coffee of Jai.
  2. Friends tell them whether they are pair and indeed only friends define that its love. They just accept.
  3. Jai’s best aim to reach Golden Gate and Meera’s best intrest Fresco; No common interest.
  4. Level of understanding and way of giving space; Boy could expect the girl being understanding that dropping her to home in not the only way to show care.
  5. Common irritation of boys on being girls sometimes too much choosy and concuss while shopping. *That was most interesting point in a way mentioning many things, which were not on screen.

  6. The loss of interest in being committed/ answerable but still coming out in a mutual and outstandingly relaxed and pleasant way for keeping all the good memories intact.

It was nice, but was not the best part of the movie. Movie just started growing up from here and get mixed with another piece of story narrated by now old Veer (Rishi Kapoor), his old age love Harleen and the context of the same with story of Jai and Meera.

Jai feels himself out of sync with Veer’s philosophy of Love, where he traveled hundreds of miles for just a sight of his love Harleen. He was also out of sync with Veer’s complaints over their mutual “perfectly logical and practical decision”. Laughs over Veer that how one could has a Pratigya of having the same girl for next many lives, when he might have not even talked to her for just once till now. But Veer along with changing things in Jai and Meera’s life in later days, slowly steps in to mentor this adolescent love story of Jai and Meera.

Will not mention much about the part of Veera and Harleen’s story as the same is most beautiful part of the movie and it would be preferable to watch yourself. But the same part really reminded me of many beautiful moments, which each of us might have passed through once and this ‘once’ will remain the same. Will never be back.

Jai and Meera could be even this much frank that could control even a fraction of jealousy and suggest their ‘past partner’ to be involved with someone else after breakup, but still the feeling gets its place slowly in, when we know that the other one could take interest in someone else in ‘much more way’.

It was really touching to me, when Meera asks Jai about her pairing with her boss and going out for dinner and Jai started feeling the pain even when try hard to ignore. What option we have to answer, when she asks you in the way? You know that your feelings already don’t matter or being ignored or she started feeling in another way, a way; where you are not around/ together. You already were feeling the same and preparing yourself, so that she might be happy in whatever, with whomever, but still… perhaps selfish we are. Why we feel pain? Why we cry? I really could have cried. But the same thing, defective piece, practical tough guy, me 😉

If I proceed further, then it will lengthen the review and more over spoil the entertainment of movie, but still can’t bear the greed of mentioning the expression, which was beautifully shown on screen that how one looses interest in each thing of life without any logical reason even after achieving best things he ever thought. We rule over career, we hang out with friends, we enjoy now days hi-tech life, but it don’t take long that how alone everyone and why we miss someone. I really felt the number “Mai Jo Chahoo Wo Paun”. There are many around us, who were brilliant in their lives earlier and now fading up due to reasons even they don’t know. Could everyone get the mystery solved?

Heads off to Imtiyaz Ali to engrave the expressions so beautifully on the screen.

The two lovely and meaningful dialogues from the movie were:

“It’s very hard to surprise someone after two years.”

“Why its so that how many times, you might have said Bye, but it remained always a due; meeting for the last time.”


We call it perfect, when we find everything matching and it was like the same. We couldn’t have imagined the success of movie with such refreshing music of Preetam, we couldn’t have imagined any other smile brightening the screen than Deepika’s (really reminds me someone), Saif’s evolvement as a package, who could really take the whole movie as a Solo now with even taking the part of younger version of Rishi Kapoor and the so beautiful and lovely new girl Giselle Monteiro (Harleen). It’s a real treat to have such performance on screen on friendship day.

Reminding you again, you will regret as much you delay watching it. If have watched then re-watch it and if not, then I apologize for taking your precious time in reading this article. Go and watch it.

Edited on 9th August 2009 again to add the lines given below:

As one of my friend asked me about a few things I missed in the article, so I thought to add up a few points again. First of all, I didn’t introduced that character of “Jo” was played by Florence Brudenell Bruce. Wait, wait, wait!! Who is this Jo? Sorry, I didn’t mentioned anything about. She was the girl, Jai fall for after Meera, while Meera falls for her boss. I really feel sorry about both of them. Jo and Vikram. Specially Vikram; just being confused in what we want, doesn’t give us right to hurt someone in a way that he will never fall in love again and will be asking himself that why he deserved that?

Could have written much about, but … … let’s keep it short. There was a reason that I skipped to write on the same.

Bachna Ae Haseeno : When we come to know that she is the one

Yashraj Productions … many expectations … similar look and feel, which had keeping Yashraj’s on the top of chart in all those years. Are they back on track? That’s what was in my mind, when I went to watch this movie. As I watched it on Saturday, just after one day of its release, so was having no clue or pre-set mind before watching the same as I start with all the time. Friday was given in favour of “God Tussi Great Ho” in spite of knowing its limitations as I was not aware that “Bachna Ae Hasino” has been released. Interestingly both the movies were watched by me in PVR. I should confess that I have been away from Picture Halls from long time as I prefer to watch movies at my home, but this time, these were holidays and so….

Like others, I also been impressed with Yashraj Banners in the way, they realize the feeling of love in various ways. Hum Apke Hai Kaun, Dil To Pagal Hai (There is someone for you somewhere), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Love may happen twice), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (Never let it go, if you get your the one) and Bachna Ae Hasino now… All the earlier ones been grand mile stones.. what about this one? Siddharth Anand has given Salaam Namaste and Ta Ra Rum Pum earlier, so sure this one has its share of expectations. Lets see, where is stands…

Title: Bachna Ae Hasino.

Directed and written by: Siddharth Anand.

Produced by: Aditya Chopra, Yash Chopra.

Production banner : Yash Raj Productions.

Music Directors: Vishal Shekhar.


Play Back:

Khuda Jaane – KK & Shilpa Rao 2. Lucky Boy – Sunidhi Chauhan, Hard Kaur & Raja Hassan 3. Aahista Aahista – Lucky Ali & Shreya Ghoshal 4. Jogi Mahi – Sukhwinder Singh, Shekhar Ravjiani & Himani Kapoor 5. Small Town Girl – Shankar Mahadevan 6. Khuda Jaane Revisited – KK & Shilpa Rao, Remixed by: Abhijit Nalani 7. Bachna Ae Haseeno * – Kishore Kumar *, Sumit Kumar & Vishal Dadlani Cinematographer: Sunil Patel. Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Minissha Lamba, Deepika Padukone, Kunal Kapoor, Puneet Issar, Patel Junior (Gufi Pental’s son).


Every teenager knows about the word “Love”, to realize the things as he/ she heard about. We grew up and according to our maturity levels, we perceive the same in different manners. But sure Love is not always like we see in movies, what we read in books. Few questions always stays in front of us as to-be-answered. Sometime we pass through these questions, sometime we not.

1- What we wants from this feeling “Love”?

2- Could we wait till we get the final one and avoid the pressure of being the “Killer”?

3- Could we ever realize that which one is the final one?

4- What if we never get “The one”?

5- Is being hooked with someone for a while, whose company make you feel nice, wrong?

6- Are we ready to take it as a lifetime contract?

8- Is something like “Love at first sight” exists?

9- When we really get ready to commit from innermost from our heart?

10- Does everyone get, what they called “Love”?


“Bachna Ae Hasino” although doesn’t state it in precise words, but there is a hidden note for girls, to access the state of mind as well before falling for someone, before getting hurt. But nothing to discuss about that here as that’s to be accessed by viewer itself.


Bachna Ae Hasino” follows the journey of Raj Sharma (Ranbir Kapoor) from the age of 17 to 30 years. The one meets three different girls at three different stages of his life. What he learns about love with these experiences is what “Bachna Ae Hasino” all about.


In 1996, A normal handsome dude in the age of 17, with his go lucky attitude, meets the first girl Mahi (Minissha Lamba), a small town girl from Panjab, in the backdrop of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Mahi has her share of fantasies and out to find her Raj,
while Raj is out with his friends to find foreign chiks like teen age boys. Some luck and some tricks from Raj play to make things go happen in way things happened between Simran and Raj (DDLG) and in this way, Raj succeed to make her fall for him. They share a kiss after Raj reads her a poem, in which he had written about his feelings for her. They have fun together and when Raj drops Mahi at the airport, Mahi opens the page on which Raj had written the poem, only to find it blank. Mahi breaks down in front of Raj, after she sees him talking to his friends about her in cheap ways. Raj leaves her crying and these 10 days leaves Mahi as heart broken forever.

This was all about Teen Age love. A little show off, few little fantasies, curiosity to know what it is, what people call as love. We don’t feel about commitments, unable to posses that level of respect for emotions, commit blunders and later forget it as it was a play. Some of us come to be strong enough to get ahead of these early heartbreaks and for some, it leaves a mark for lifetime.


In 2002,
Raj, working as Game Analyst for Microsoft (what more one could be wishing for), is in Mumbai staying in a Live-In Relationship with his Girlfriend Radhika. The second girl, Radhika (Bipasha Basu), hot and glamorous having origin of Ranchi, is here for being a successful model. After having a good time without asking about any commitment, Raj gets transferred to Sydney to work there. He tries to leave Radhika behind and Radhika plans for their engagement sacrificing her own career. Raj never expected to see Radhika asking for marriage even at cost of her own career and get shocked. After his share of efforts (even went up to the extent of presenting himself as impotent), finally Raj took his teen-age attitude and fly to Sydney without even informing Radhika, leaving her waiting under rain on the stairs of Marriage Bureau. This one year live-in-relationship tears apart Radhika to be Shreya; the big successful name.

This was all about love, before getting that level of maturity, which gives you sense of responsibility and you fall for the person, not for beauty or glamour only. Otherwise, we just want to have it for fun and for showing off that we are Killers. We don’t wish to get these days ended, thinking that we have something much more better stored somewhere for us. We just enjoy having fun time and don’t wish to get asked about rights, morality and commitment. We look at the show off side, fun etc. but miss to see the depth of developing relations. Yes, we commit by words, but still run away from real commitments. Sometimes we breakup by words, sometimes by other means or sometimes just run away like Raj chosen this time without even thinking that what the person at other side felt.


In 2007, Raj finds another love mate as Gayatri (Deepika Padukone). One day, while romancing in a taxi cab with an Australian girl, whom he has a breakup with 10 seconds later, he meets Gayatri, the driver of the cab, who also works in a super-market as the cashier. She is intellectual, witty and cute enough to charm Raj. She doesn’t believes in institution of marriage or rules of commitment like Raj. He finds her irresistible and this time, after dating a while, he get settled over the fact that she is the one for him and like never before, this time, he decides to ask her for commitment of lifetime. But Gayatri refuses the same and call it an end of their relationship.


Heart broken Raj now come to feel the pain, he might have given to Mahi or Radhika and only thing, he decides to do, is to go for correcting his mistakes and here comes The Intermission.

Now, the second half starts and message of film ends here (as of my perspective) and bollywood starts. Was it going to be that easy to just go and say sorry and then get a smile back, saying that “Nothing to worry about that what happened in past, I am fine and forgiven you long back”?


Yes, it was not like that. He reaches to Mahi’s place. He meets her husband Joginder Ahaluwalia
(Kunal Kapoor) and two sons. He got shocked to know that how much deep impact, he has left over the innocent girl that she is not comfortable in her love life even after having two kids. He feels the love, Joginder has for Mahi, feels how much big loss, he has given to Joginder and also realize that what he has done is not so small to be forgiven.


From this point of time, the Hero emerged from Raj and even after getting threatened by Joginder, he decided to stay and make the things nicer for Mahi. It was so funny to hear from Kunal that “if you came near her again, then it will take another 12 years to get Mahi back to normal”. It was also touchy to hear, when Joginder says he don’t know the words with which Raj like boy impresses girls, but still loves her from inner most of the heart. Raj realizes that Joginder is the one, Mahi was always looking for. Luckily it takes only a few tricks and one meet with Mahi in a wedding and he makes it. I feel thrilled with the moment, when he walks away with the smile after achieving, what he wished for.


Now, it comes to Radhika, who is Shreya now; a very successful star of Glamour World. Shreya now seems to became much rude over whole world, but still gives a chance to Raj, by saying that she will hear, if he agrees to be her personal assistant for a while. Raj agrees and then it goes literally like the song “Small Town Girl” says, means he does everything from washing the floor, to dancing on the roads. Finally, Shreya breaks to say that you are total desperate to get forgiven na… She breaks to tell him, what she felt after being left behind like a cheap trash. Her most touchy words for me, when she says “I know, I was never that girl, one boy might be wishing to get on meeting with his mother.” She says, she will never forgive him, she can’t.

Raj realizes that what he has did to Radhika, was like something, no one could forgive and decided to leave from this point. But here, the forgiveness of girls came in and he finds Radhika at the Airport. She forgive him saying that probably, if he has not been like that then she was not that successful ever as she is now. She comes back to be Radhika again and Raj moves back to Sydney again.


After reaching Sydney, our lucky dude, come to find that Gayatri loves him and has written many letters to him in this six months period. He meets her and find the cycle of love gets completed.

Movie ends here, but still leaves lots of questions for me …..

1- Was just saying sorry and making things little nicer is enough to pay out for the couple, who lost their 12 years, which were expected to be their sweetest part of life?

2- Was just doing everything desperately to be forgiven, was enough to pay out for the girl, who given up her every desire, her everything to someone and in return, who was left lonely in the world to hear and bear everything?

3- Was just saying sorry was enough to payout for leaving the girl missing you for a total of six months

Raj was lucky to get forgiven, moreover, it was just a movie, but could anyone else be lucky like this …. one can’t be. Thanks for making an effort to make boys realizing the seriousness of relationships.



Ranbir: Looks enough cute for the role and it seems like this role was meant for him only.

Minisha: Although I’ll be critical over her looks, but otherwise she looked cute like any teenager.

Bipasha: Hot as per requirements of the role. Given complete justification to the role.

Deepika: Perfect one. She looks innocent, cute and witty at the same time. I don’t think that it was easy for someone else to justify the role in this way.

Sure, I wont be calling this movie, something perfect like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Why? Probably, I wont be able to mention the same precisely, but still misses something, somewhere. But even then, I hope that this is sweet enough to find places in the heart of teens. Nice songs, nice locations and hot-n-cute pairs… what one could wish from a Bollywood Flick.