Nokia World – A 3D story about it

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I thought to come back to write something about those 3D glasses that great people at Womworld/Nokia sent me just one day before the Nokia World 2010. Truly awesome people they are and so are their ideas. I loved them last time with Everyone Connect and loved them more this time too.

As UK falls in a different time zone than India, so it was a late evening here, when bloggers around the globe started receiving mails about those 3D glasses they received one day back.

Following was the mail …


Like anyone could have expected, we all ran to that secret part of Events Nokia page


I am really thinking that why we all were not able to spot this before, if anyone of us could have been able to find our this before the official mail, then it would have been more spicy.


After entering the password, a new theater was in front of our eyes, show casing Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia E7. Interestingly, there was no mention of Nokia C6-01, why this partiality? There must be some reasons behind that, but I am not able to find out yet that what’s common in these three devices except the 3.5” screen that Nokia C6-01 didn’t had. Is something like 3D viewing coming soon for the three and not for Nokia C6-01?

After pressing the button Start your experience, the show was on …


Blurry? Yeah!! it was the time for those 3D glasses …

As there were few lucky around with those 3D glasses, so Nokia also managed to put the show on without the 3D effects, but I must praise and thank Nokia for providing us 5 Glasses in place of just one. It was more fun watching those 3D presentations and videos with friends and family around.


First in the row was Nokia E7 ..


And  there were videos available describing it both in 3D and non-3D, but they were not in youtube, so it’s not possible for me to bring them here in this post 😦

Second one was the super slim Nokia C7 …


And the last one was our well known giant Nokia N8 ..


Some things get recognized by their own potentials, even if Nokia not calling N8 as their Flagship model, this is actually bearing the flag of Nokia right now.

I guess, you all should watch those videos in real 3D, but as you all are not out there with those ‘special’ 3D glasses, then ?? Don’t worry those glasses were no special and even you could make few of your own and enjoy the show.. wanna know how.. check out

This was a very old uploaded video, somewhere from Feb 2009, just to show that its not the technology, but its what we do with it. Awesome way of showing the message with style.

Nokia N8 page also shown of the amazing movie of smallest animation character Dot …

And also the making of it. …

But don’t why, we always find ourselves hooked even on tiniest new thing about Nokia N8 and there was a whole new ad …

So, don’t you think that its only Nokia, who knows how to involve we like Laymans in to such awesome things?


Nokia World – Loads of official videos

Just thought to make a short post flood of videos coming from Nokia side to make announcements of their new offerings in style.

Exclusive behind the scenes and Nokia world highlights  …


There were so many new devices …


We heard of some great innovations, improvisation and new services

And some of the amazing hands of the new heros …

Some of the charismatic stuffs ..

So, I found it fully packed.. what you think?

Nokia World 2010 – Nokia C3-01, few bluetooth headsets and a unique charger

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After two full days of Nokia World, I am really thinking that its much easier to be an Apple Blogger. At least if it was an Apple event, then there were not these many devices, these many news and this much excitement, but same time, this much wait.

As a non-professional, office job holder blogger, it gets too hard to cope up when such flood of events arrive and you ultimately give up as when you are giving 13 hours of day to office only, then not much part of the day remains to cover up all. And you better think to provide links for other’s awesome posts rather than repeating yours. For a detailed one-by-one coverage, check out CJ’s blog.

Continuing my series of posts over Nokia World from where I left it last time

Meanwhile our fellow bloggers have bring some more news about Nokia C7 and Nokia E7, with Dual LEDs, the handy torch feature is right there without trying out that Video Light option.. just press some specific and use your phone as a powerful torch.

But provided the price point, mind says that that we will sure find something more about Nokia E7-00 in next coming days … something more special than what we have seen till now.. what that will be?

E7 E7-1

Other devices announced on day 1

Its true that those 3 big names were enough to steal the show, but there was more, when it comes to devices ..

Day 1 seen a number of new Nokia accessories as well …


BH-609 BH-905i

I could have written in details about them, but our CJ has already done a tremendous job, so just thought to link him here. Read there for sure, they are not just ordinary headsets, but many things under the hood to know about them. Though I am still trying to know about their prices and availability. Just hoping that this time, BH-905i arrive at a much lower price to really afford that.

nokiaworld2010headsetsDon’t you think that these side heros also need some attention?

An interesting accessory was awesome Nokia Charging Plate DT-600


Something that could charge five of yours devices at once. Hoping that pricing would be right and many would be thinking to have one in their drawing rooms.

The second and last day of Nokia World also seen a hell of exciting Nokia C3-01 with 3G, while it looses the QWERTY, brings another milestone of Touch-n-Type series. Look like S40 soon will get repo of Touch-n-Type OS.


Ok.. I will go into details of specs otherwise as my readers wont excuse me about that at least.

Exteriors The slim dimensions 111 x 47.5 x 11 mm and shape will sure remind you of Nokia C5, Nokia 6300 or Nokia 6700 and at the same time, make you feel it solid in hands by 100% steal body. Are we talking about some knife? If I am right, then there is a physical unlock button as well or may be a mean to stop touch functionality. With a volume of 51.43 cc and weight 100 g only, it would be hard to hold, when you see it in front of your eyes. Old good days of insanely solid devices continued.

Nokia_C3-01_Golden_Khaki_3The people, who were praising X3-02, but didn’t thought to bought right then, will now find them hot on heels.

Display Being on cheaper side, this will hold a glossy transmissive display of 2.4” with expected resolution 240 x 320. With better icon placements now, it seems that S40 learning hard about this kind of genre and sure we will see more of such devices soon, but this one looks really solid even if wont perform best under sunlight, given the build and looks, its something legendary.

Interesting was to read 18 bit colors in specs sheet. 18 bits? really?

Resistive touch meant to work for tapping buttons and navigation. As much I understood till now, resistive single touch screens of Nokia X3-02 and Nokia C3-01 not meant for on screen keyboard.

Camera A 5 MP with full focus and flash too. This device serious urges you to buy it. An aperture of f/2.4 and focus range from 50 cm to infinity might not be on best side, but still stands better than any other non carl Zeiss 5MP in Nokia’s bag. Even if video capability is just 640 x 480 @15 fps, there are reasons to believe that its a satisfactory device about occasional snapping.

Remember, there is no front camera.

Connectivity As we find USB OTG 1.3 here again, it clears the strategy of Nokia concentrating big over Touch-n-Type devices. No wonder, if they are planning to push back their XpressMusic series to keep only Touch-n-Type devices in the lower segment.

You also say WOW! when come to know that this ‘flagship’ of S40 series comes with 3G, WiFi, HSDPA Cat9 10.2 Mbps and HSUPA Cat5 2.0 Mbps.

If you are familiar with Nokia’s devices in terms of being used as 3G modem for your Laptop or PC, Nokia sure all set to provide superb options to people considering lower segment devices only. Specially India, where we are yet to see 3G from most of the operators, once that will be set, there will be only one candidate to buy at this segment, Nokia C3-01.

Memory 30 MB of user storage can’t be consider as enough, provided the fact that X3-02 had it 50 mb. I am really confused over this point least that why its lesser?

Disappointing here otherwise with 128 mb SDRAM and 64 mb NAND, it follows the footsteps of Nokia X3-02 only. Same 32 GB hot-swap microSD support is here, but I was a happy man, if Nokia would have given at least 60 mb to this.

But still it doesn’t mean that this device will perform any lesser due to the fact that S40 apps never been known for their memory hunger.

Other features New socially aware S40 series, sure all set to provide too many options in favor of a touch-n-type like. Stereo Radio is obviously here though I was looking for FM recorder as well. Rest everything is like one could expect from a Nokia otherwise I would have needed to tell that it has Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR  with A2DP.

Power management Again, this is not such a specs that I will feel very happy about. A BL-5CT 3.7V 1050mAh is sure better than the one, I have with my Nokia N820.0

GSM Talk Time up to 5.6 hours
CDMA Talk Time up to 3.4 hours
GSM Standby Time up to 17 days
WCDMA Standby Time up to 18 days
Music Playback Time up to 38.0 hours

Sure the specs are not as impressive as one could have expected to be from a new device. A disappointment for otherwise would have been a great news.

Price A price point of 189 USD or 8, 750 INR definitely trying to woo mid range  customers and would be a point of attraction for S40 Series market.

Let’s see official video for the same ..


Are you also finding it hard to control your eagerness for having hands on these devices? Same with me.

Nokia fights back with E7, C7, C6-01 and much more – Part 1

So, finally the big day came for which we were waiting since many months. Many expectations, many rumors, a few set backs and much excitement around, it was great to see #NokiaWorld trending worldwide finally. The big day really shown Nokia in a fighting shape-n-senses and we loved the way that they said they are no Apple or Samsung, they are Nokia and a Nokia will remain Nokia.

Like many other mates, I wasn’t lucky to be at home and sitting closely to internet watching all excitement minute by minute, but thanks to my lovely Nokia N82, MTNL 3G, Gravity and my awesome timeline, I was never out of the game and things happening right there at Nokia World 2010. Even took sneak peaks of videos as well over my really Smart phone and sure I was the first one to nod my head when they said its Nokia, who really made phones smart and invented smart phones. I was the example holding just my phone, dead busy in office routine and still connected with something happening in another time zone (different by four and half an hour).

Let’s bore you with my words on what happened there at Nokia World 2010 and what’s my Layman’s take on the new devices announced there on day one.

The keynotes Not only me, but many others were shaken by departure of two big names and removal of one of them from speaker’s list for Nokia World 2010. Many eyes were set that how Anssi will hold the stage, when he is here for six more months only, but when he took the stage, he took it with the same fire, the Nokia promised to fight back sometimes back.

It was probably the first time, when any Nokia World would have heard competitor’s name this much frequently. They went behind Apple for stealing their slogan of “Connecting People” in their event, mentioned that Nokia devices always performed best in every condition unlike others and most importantly they reminded the world that they are not going to follow any Apple or Samsung, they are Nokia and will be Nokia.

I really liked the way Anssi took the stage and taken people all over with his big voice that everyone forgot about the worries that what after him. What a great man!! we all will miss you Anssi and will hope to have you back till the last day.

For proving the point that Nokia is Nokia and will be a Nokia, nothing could have been better than showing off three new Symbian^3 devices, when most of the people expected some MeeGo there. That put an end over rumors that Nokia N8 is the last Symbian device and next Flagships will go MeeGo only.

Like many of us felt somewhere inside, Anssi made the point that people at Nokia and Symbian feel bad, when by just looking at the screenshots, people start saying that Oh!! its the old Symbian without even checking it out in their hands. Its just not the widgets and fonts that make some OS, its what it can do and what you can do with it. Symbian is still the biggest mobile OS of the planet and has every reason to continue the legacy being the only one with Multi-Tasking (I don’t count other’s shit as multi-tasking without any argument).

Lets meet the super stars of the show that are told to see the real sunlight by Q4 of the same year..

Nokia’s Slimmest C7-00 Yes!! like the tradition has became, none of the events coming with completely surprising devices due to leaks all around. We already have seen some views of this device sometimes back, but then there were many things, which were not noticed in details, let’s check out that what special about Nokia C7-00 (RM-675) …

Sometimes back, I talked that what’s going wrong about Nokia and what could have been done to bring them back and with Nokia C7, the slimmest of Nokia till date, they seem to be addressing many of the things.

Either people admit it or not, the very first thing to attract people was the slimmest design that they maintained even till now. The challenges behind that kind of design were the compromises that it takes… Like fixed battery, hard to integrate superior cameras and designing an Antenna that works flawlessly like the name of Nokia.

It was bound to take its time and when even Nokia N8 finally took the compromise of keeping battery and same was followed by Nokia E7 as well, it was Nokia C7 that emerged as pioneer to maintain 10.5mm width (11.8 mm around the camera area though) but removable batteries.

Lets know more about Nokia C7-00 …

Exteriors Many said that it reminds something of Samsung, but its just the curvy looks, otherwise when dimensions of 117.3 x 56.8 x 10.5 mm with 64 cc volume and 130 g weight come to hold the biggest of features like it has, then we call it phenomenon than just some look a like. Moreover, the stainless steel looks make you feel some premium thing for real.

Display 24 bit colors, 3.5” AMOLED screen, the latest Clear Black Display technology to beat retina display and I am still trying to figure out that which kind of glasses it has, Gorilla? When you know that it got graphics processor having 2D/3D Graphics HW Accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 support, then sure there remains no reason not to be eager about its arrival. The resolution might be 360 x 640, but still the people out there posted very positive comments about comparison of this with Retinna display.

Update: got confirmed that Nokia C7-00 doesn’t has CBD in it

Processor, memory etc Same 680 MHz Single CPU ARM, 256 MB RAM, huge 1GB NAND, 350 MB maximum user storage and 8GB internal storage though greedy will still crave for 512 MB RAM, but provided that this thing gonna arrive in probably less than 20k INR, many would run madly behind it. Don’t forget apart from huge 8GB storage, you always have option of adding up to 32 GB microSD (not sure if hot swappable, but likely its not).

Connectivity USB OTG seems to be becoming core part of upcoming Symbian devices and I feel pity about Apple fan-boys as they are already unanswered about Bluetooth file transfer till now, when even $30 Nokia has it. OSB OTG would never come even in their wild dreams.

Pentaband frequency support, EDGE Class B, EGPRS, HSDPA Cat9 10.2 Mbps, HSUPA Cat5 2.0 Mbps, WCDMA, WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS and TV-Out, you only miss HDMI here, otherwise what else you could have bargained for?

Other advanced features New socially aware Ovi Maps 3.06 backed by improved A-GPS unit on it, MicroUSB works for charging as well along with standard 2mm charger, special connectivity cable CA-179, 2 Microphones, Accelerometer Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Compass (Magnetometer Sensor), proximity sensor, you really run out of thoughts that what more to ask for a trimmed (?) down Nokia N8.

Like same video editor, Nokia Messaging and even better Social Integration as on Nokia N8, I am expecting them to keep Doc\ PDF viewer in the package that there seems no denial for the same.

Multimedia, Camera Must say, people feel disappointed here. It gets 8MP, it gets full focus, it gets 3264 x 2448 pixels, its gets 28mm focal length, it gets f/2.4 aperture, but what’s exciting, if you can’t get close to 100 cm? I am really confused about the post from @aas, where its marked as having Auto Focus, as it seems untrue to me. Will try to get it confirmed soon.

But yes! you are reading right. 100 cm. I checked  many times on their forum page. The focus range of Nokia C7-00 is 100 cm to infinity that seems to be an epic failure and makes its camera ordinary like any of iPhone or those Samsung Galaxy S. What about those Macro shots that I used to take with my Nokia N82 or took with Nokia N86?

But Nokia C7-00 is still strong when it comes to video. It doesn’t got Xenon and works with Dual LED means you could expect video light for sure and also it goes 30 fps with 640×480 recording and 25 fps with 1280 x 720, if anyone could beat it, then it would be Nokia N8 only.

Good thing is, we don’t miss any of Nokia N8 goodies like our Video Call, Video Editor, Video Sharing, Video Stabilization, Video Streaming or FM-Transmitter.

Special thing to be seen will be support for media like xVid, Divx and mkv etc, which will sure follow footprints of Nokia N8.

Power management With Nokia’s recent love with BL-5K 3.7V 1200mAh batteries, people really wonder that how big these devices gonna make in real life. Nokia C7-00 specs sure shows big promises.

GSM Talk Time up to 9.6 hours
WCDMA Talk Time up to 5.3 hours
GSM Standby Time up to 23 days
WCDMA Standby Time up to 27 days
Video Playback Time up to 6.4 hours
Video Recording Time up to 3.8 hours
Video Call Time up to 2.6 hours
Music Playback Time up to 2 days
Navigation Time up to 6.0 hours

Have you noticed the huge 2 days music playback? Definitely Nokia seems to have tweaked their OS big time under the hood, which making me very eager to hold one of those.

Price A price point of 427 USD or 20, 200 INR sure gonna boost some big sales figure for Nokia, when it brings almost all the promises made by Nokia N8 in a lower price.

They calling it a social device, let’s see some of it.

Nokia’s redesigned C6-01 This really triggered a big time confusion, when everyone on stage kept on naming it Nokia C6 and people were confused as Nokia C6 with qwerty already taking rounds of globe. Definitely this naming system gonna bring much confusion in the market and one of my friend rightly said, people will start calling it as C600 or C601 rather than calling C6 only. While none of people were sure that what are they talking about, things started getting clear, when they shown that its nowhere a variant of Nokia C6 and has much more features, brand new Symbian^3 and no qwerty with it.

Lets know some more about Nokia C6-01 (RM-624 or RM-718 not sure)


Exteriors Having a dimension of 103.8 x 52.5 x 13.9 mm with 65cc volume and 131 g weight, this 3.2” multi-touch device sure ahead of all budget touch smart phones presented by Nokia at this size. You might say that Nokia E7 is slimmer than it, but remember Nokia X6 or Nokia 5800 or Nokia C6… it will rule its segment with these looks for sure.

Display 24 bit colors, 3.2” AMOLED screen, the latest Clear Black Display technology like Nokia C7 and same time, it also got graphics processor having 2D/3D Graphics HW Accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 support. Nokia really seems to have understood the worth of having GPU inside. Resolution is same 360×480, but remember again, its CBD display.

Processor, memory etc Surprisingly same 680 MHz Single CPU ARM, 256 MB RAM, huge 1GB NAND, 340 MB maximum user storage and no internal storage. It has the same up to 32GB support for microSD card, but this time, its sure hot swappable.

Connectivity USB OTG is again part of the magic bag and so it Bluetooth 3.0.

List goes exactly same with Pentaband frequency support, EDGE Class B, EGPRS, HSDPA Cat9 10.2 Mbps, HSUPA Cat5 2.0 Mbps, WCDMA, WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, A-GPS and TV-Out, again no HDMI for this mid-range device as expected.

Other advanced features Again the list goes the same with just a smaller screen experience here. New socially aware Ovi Maps 3.06 backed by improved A-GPS unit on it, MicroUSB again works for charging as well along with standard 2mm charger, same special connectivity cable CA-179, single Microphone this time, Accelerometer Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Compass (Magnetometer Sensor) and proximity sensor, Nokia really has raised the bar, when it comes to connectivity.

As Nokia seems to include its video editor for free in all of its coming capable devices like this one, it will sure mount big time pressure for iMovie to go free very soon and Google running for putting some real app for video editing.

Multimedia, Camera I must say, I am really feeling confused here in mid of terms like Auto Focus, EDOF and Full Focus etc as this one is just EDOF that stands below than but still it gets a better focus range of 50cm to infinity. It gets 8MP, it gets EDOF, it gets 3264 x 2448 pixels, its gets 28mm focal length, it gets f/2.8 (C7 had f/2.4) aperture, but again you are not going close enough than 50 cm.

Is it end of era for Macro shots on mid range devices? Is this will remain a premium feature for Nokia N82, N86, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia N900 and Nokia N8 likes?

For videos, it again goes 25 fps with 1280 x 720, is anyone else thinking about a flood of videos coming soon on youtube? Google, if you listening it, then start working on upgrade of your Youtube servers.

No one was expecting FM-transmitter in this price and sure it doesn’t has that, but still video editor is included as I mentioned in last para.

Power management Surprisingly this device doesn’t has Nokia’s recent love BL-5K 3.7V 1200mAh batteries, but it finds BL-5CT 3.7V 1050mAh this time and as are the official promise, then you really feel hugely impressed.

GSM Talk Time up to 11.5 hours
WCDMA Talk Time up to 4.5 hours
GSM Standby Time up to 18 days
WCDMA Standby Time up to 16 days
Video Playback Time up to 6.0 hours
Video Recording Time up to 4.0 hours
Music Playback Time up to 2 days

Nokia started with 1 day music playback standards, when they announced XpressMusic series and now they are all set to make the standard of 2 days. Any Samsung or Apple fanboys daring to compete?

Price The price point this time is 260 EUR means 331 USD or 15, 400 INR at which Nokia C6-00 is expected to be sold. I am sure that till launch this price will go a little higher, but eventually when it will be selling in 15k INR, its gonna be another hot cake like Nokia 5800 been once.

Are the teenagers going to get another toy and wont bug their parents for iPhones anymore?

It was really going long, so I thought to make it in two parts. The next part will cover the best of these three, Nokia E7 itself, few words over new Ovi Maps, new Developer’s App signing process, new Ovi Store and finally what those 3D glasses were for.

Keep tuned in …

Is this gonna be biggest surprise of this year? Nokia N9?

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I was reading my earlier post over possibly Nokia N9 and then another post from people at Nokia Conversations, when this came into my mind and I thought why not? Why can’t be its possible? What else could be a Nokia N9? Read further … probably I am gonna throw my guesses over the device that is very very likely to be presented in Nokia World 2010 and could be materialized to bring into market very sooner than you could have expected.

Till now, in the name of Nokia N9, we have seen this or something like that.


The specs were good, but really not much exciting that one could call that a worthy successor of Nokia N8, not some exciting camera, which we might be going Ga Ga about, then how come it be a successor of the best mobile camera in the world? Obvious way was to call it a Nokia E7 keeping the qwerty in mind. It was as simple as people were guessing about it. But one thing is sure that this can’t be a Nokia N9. Then what it could be?

Camera: Oh come ‘on!! don’t say, you didn’t guess it, when Nokia posted this blog post as the N-Series always been about, can’t be that Nokia N9 may go any lesser than the GOD camera of Nokia N8. Whatever features we might be expected from Nokia N9, if its Nokia N then it has to be camera and it has to be center attraction, but how… how specially after like of Nokia N8? What more could be done?

Can Nokia U be Nokia N9 and could be unveiled in Nokia World 2010?

12 mega-pixels are probably the height of megapixels mobiles could ever have in the form factor, we are expecting them to be in now days. If you have to go beyond the megapixels, then obvious way seems to be bringing optical zoom to mobile cameras, which has been the biggest hurdle till now even if just 8 megapixels, optical zoom gonna change the way, you think about mobile camera entirely again.

Do you hear the sound of Nokia replying someone in their words “Changing the world again” against the stolen lines “Connecting people”? Why not?

Just optical zoom?? Enough to make a Nokia N9? I don’t think so, consumers don’t think so, Nokia community doesn’t think so… how could Nokia think that? What else we are missing? What else could be added to a Nokia N9-A camera successor to Nokia N8?

Xenon? Yes! we need it, what if that makes us loose the capability of shooting the videos in low light with LEDs like Nokia N86. Xenon is what everyone loved and always will be. But … but if Nokia gets generous, then?

What about Xenon and Dual LED Flashes together inside the same mobile camera?

So, now you talking something… that’s what the expectations said.. that’s what the community project decided, that’s what has been submitted to Nokia design team at least 2 months back.

4X optical zoom
Dual LED and Xenon flash
HD video capture
Instant image capture
Upgradable image sensor

Dimensions: We understand that when you talk about features, then its hard to make it slimmer like nothing and so been all the handset of Nokia till date. And accept it, this was where Apple won many hearts apart from introducing the multi-touch technology. Sometimes, people really say that iPhone is the limit that how slim one phone can be.

So, what you should do, if your stocks going down, your profits going down even if you selling more handsets than ever, what if people keep on saying that you don’t really have a proper high end device in your hands? They say that they will pay even higher prices, but at least come up with one that could reply other big time.

Yes! the dimensions are important, if you gonna dig a graveyard for your competitors like Apple. I know, its technically next to impossible to bring 4x optical zoom inside some mobile and then asking it to keep it never more than 10mm? Insane to even say, but more insane is the urge to reply back hard. If you want to tell everyone once at all that who is big daddy then here is the deal … let’s see what specs of community project say …

Display and user interface
Display: 4-inch capacitive 16:9
Power button, camera, zoom and volume button controls

Size and shape
Shape: Monoblock
Dimensions: 60 x 110 x 6-10mm
Extras: Auto lens cover

Material: Aluminium
Finish: Soft touch
Colour: Single colour
Durability: Super strength

Do you hear the music, when they write 6-10mm? Can’t just reading these specs as concept thrill you to give all your knowledge and expertise in to make it into reality as you really really wanna win back. A challenge to Nokia engineers that they have taken and they could deliver it coz if they not, then no one else can.

The fact to Notice that final specs for this dream community project doesn’t talk about resolution and just says 16:9 means Nokia knows that the way they build their OS’s bring higher resolution wont work in favour of preciseness, but even then what about 860×480? Not sure, what’s in their mind, when they say 16:9?

Operating system: We have seen Android coming from no where and becoming biggest phenomenon without even being from a mobile manufacturer. Now days, the business model becoming about cloud services more than putting the life behind making an OS that further needs to be grown up everyday to keep ahead of everyone. No one company could cope up the demands that are coming from users now days, open source is just not the cheaper thing to go for, but most energetic and happening thing too.

Creating a worthy and happening operating system is not a matter of just one years and some brilliant programmer taking inputs from real world. Windows wasn’t like today, when it was just created. But what made it grow, were the other microsoft tools like Visual basic etc designed around it and continuous and deeper tie up with all leading manufacturers and even with likes of IBM was what that made Microsoft what, they are today.

People are really getting desperate to see MeeGo, but there are reason to delay the same. You have to make sure that they are enough tools available to easily program Applications for the same, you have to make sure that when it come, it may spread like a wild fire. You find it not only in your mobiles, but everywhere you see.. from cars to watches, from ATMs to big interactive hoardings inside shopping malls. MeeGo is silent, but its slowly making room to make people talking against Nokia silent. When you have something like Intel backing you up, then you could be assured that such tie-ups don’t come in existence to bring just another disappointment.

Their concept says …

Operating system
Open source operating system with unlimited multitasking.
The DbC OS 1 sports temperature and location sensors so your device constantly monitors your whereabouts and the local conditions.
Device-based storage is supported.
The majority of OS functionality responds to touch control.

Sensors interacting with environment, with nearby devices, nearby situations .. you are definitely talk something real coming in next. Intel been pioneer in many things while Nokia been pioneer of making things into demand by bring it to consumer in best value for money. First Mobile camera, then GPS and then environmental awareness. Is it seems that I am hyping anything?

Rest all we already know about Nokia next gen device, like it can’t be anything lesser than Bluetooth 3.0 now, can’t be anything other than Dolby sound and why not we can have USB 3.0 and also HDMI support now?

What you think? Can Nokia prepare such a device within just 2 months? There was a statement from Paul Jacobs, CEO Qualcom about snapdragon 1Ghz Nokia in feb 2011. Why can’t it be taken as a strong reason to believe everything around?

The biggest question is, if something like this could have existed on this planet, even in form of proto-type then was it possible to keep it under wrap till now? But heart hopes, what if … what if this concept device that been already submitted to Nokia design team could have been came into reality after the best efforts from them? Will that change the entire game again and put MeeGo as more of consumer OS rather than just Geek?

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