One more lazy day of mine

Sometimes, I come to think that somewhere I have overworked my body and mind, that’s why when get a leave for the day, it literally moves into the bed only, without doing a single thing, not even decoration of home or long back pending tasks. I Sounds like a lazy man na? May be am I? I feel like running behind unknown things, doing too many things still many remained, things like that. Oh! These are kind of Matrix lines na? Watching too many movies causes this effect, I guess.

Anyway, today was a leave from office and I was a little ill sort of. Fever, you know. Pending tasks were studying a few things in my domain and working over TCExam (the irritating project, which is not working in the way it should) and little things like that. And you know, what I did today, almost nothing. Very bad, you will say. I know.

TCExam; I did an installation of the same on my own desktop. In fact, I should say I managed. I guess, I go down to learn things from the scratch and thoroughly, so that obvious doesn’t come to troubling me again and again. I was to work over TCExam today, but skipped. Hope I will do rest of the work tomorrow.

Moreover, I am thinking about coming with an article about movies I watched. Although I am continuously putting the whole list in my orkut album, but still I think that the long list needs a mention. Just avoiding the work as it will take long for sure. Added it as today’s article as thinking about making it a habit to write more regularly.


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