Now LinkedIn got the makeover for better

As technology and ajax changing most of the sites for better, after crossing the legendary 50 billion+ users mark, Business Social Networking Giant LinkedIn also made the same move as reflected through their blog post on Dec 09, 2009. Yes! LinkedIn’s new face got live from Dec 09, 2009 to make its appearance more smooth and more productive.


It seems that December is not the busy month for only Google, but LinkedIn been in news for keeping its growth rate at 5.68%, while the same is flattening now days with Facebook and Twitter, in fact, last billion took only 12 days to be added, which is sure to show that how its getting pace into organizations and businesses.

To keep up with the pace, LinkedIn also moved into some deals like integration with twitter and outlook, launching its developer platform and now this makeover. It may be that after logging into LinkedIn from December 09, many of the users wont be surprised as changes are already rolling out since Nov 06, 2009 with a portion of users, Dec 09, 2009 is special as from today, LinkedIn officially rolling the same interface for all the LinkedIn users.

For rest of the details for UI, you may check the official announcement, while I am putting some screenshots to give you a feel about the change (although you already might have got the taste since last few weeks, if been in those lucky users).


linked in profile

linkedin groups

linked in searcgh  linkedin global


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