Why dont people get the purpose?

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I felt very disappointed when still read many posts or article with negative sentiments for Earth Hour or things like this. Not annoyed like I was used to be in past, but even then thought to post some thoughts ….

frustration I heard on the same day on twitter, when someone was saying something like “Who needs the earth hour, when already 8-10 hours power cuts all over in India?” and even funnier quotes like “should medieval times of history be called as The Earth Ages?” or “Can the #earthhour cause a potential babyboom 9 months later?

Yes!! I smiled over the last quotes, but felt really bad for the purpose of the campaign. I read posts like Say No to Earth hour or people comparing it with other campaigns calling it Hippocratic or something like that.

Is getting publicity for yourself coz you are talking against the flow matters this much that even innocent campaigns can’t be left?

I would like to recall the experiences from RDB, there are many problems in this country, too many of those corrupt politicians, who love to wear currency in their neck, a system that doesn’t work for you at all… yes!!! all is here. But how much your just talking solves it? May be people are hyper about Climate change? May be you have enough money that dont wanna save some electricity bills?

But this Earth Hour is not about saving electricity. I repeat that its not for saving electricity …. do you think that one hour electricity from like some eleven-twelve hundreds of cities that too with support of not all people gonna save some electricity for some secret government project?


We blame governments for almost everything that why can’t they give us 24 hour electricity? why can’t they give us 24 hour water? why can’t they give us jobs? what the hell these moron traffic policemen have to do, if we are not wearing helmets or forgot to renew our insurance?

Ok!!! I accept all of this, but what’s point of relating this to Earth Hour? Why in India, we cannot afford Earth Hour? We can … we already did without being asked for Earth hour… wanna know???

Recession!!!!!! we cried over it for long in last months. I seen companies pushing hard over cutting extra telephone bills, extra electricity bills and all… even we did a lot at our homes. Even I seen in my company or many others in which my friend work, avoiding late night works, switching off ACs when those are not that much needed. Were they doing it for some World Earth Hour?? Don’t tell me that you didn’t do anything like that just for saving ‘your own’ pocket. Didn’t these all felt at some point that they should have been doing it since much before? What’s wrong in participating in some symbolic event like this?


Earth Hour didn’t asked anyone to switch off their light completely, if anyone took it wrong, then its their fault. It wasn’t meant to save some electricity, it was to show that we can, if we bring this habit in our daily life. Meaning was to switch off whatever you think that you can manage without for just an hour. What’s problem you felt in that? If things going wrong around you, then does that mean that you shouldn’t do anything good even so harmless like this?

Please explain to me that why anyone has problem with this Earth hour? Do anyone forcing you? Do anyone asked money from you? Will you die, if your lights in lawn and kitchen went switched off for an hour? Why can’t the whole family watch the same show on same TV for an hour just for one day? Why can’t you all sit on dinner together with all the lights of whole house except the lobby switched off? Is it that hard for you? Really????

I know someone could come up to answer me, they would again talking about power cuts, taxes, social issues, important problems etc etc… but are you doing anything about all of that? World Earth Hour was a harmless way to grab your chance. Why you wanted to miss that?

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