The Nokia device after 10 years

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Another competition from @WomworldNokia, where this time they have thrown another stone in the pond by asking the question that what a Nokia device will look like in future, say 10 years later. You can win some Nokia goodies like their legendary BH-905 headset or other Nokia/ Ovi goodies or Nokia T-Shirts etc. Though that Ovi Map competition is still on till April 13, 2010, but those who might not have won something there.. could try their luck again this time…

10 years would be a long time and things should evolve really a lot than we could have been thinking now, many of you already seen the concept of future Laptop and also the news that half of its part already could be available soon. So, what would be still there to stay …

Being a realistic person, I wont go directly into Star Treks (like many people used to think about 21st century). Battery life, signal strength, usability, portability and one in all that Nokia always tried to make (hope that this hunger will never stop) always been and must be the prime elements that gonna to stay here always when we talk about Smart Phones. So, I will try to revolve my thoughts around the same and will keep it centered around what really seems to be possible after 10 years.

Battery Life: The future will be sure of such device that would be running insanely longer without any battery restrictions. We reached up to 15-16 hours of talk time, but still this will be a place, where people will be looking for in future. Taking the idea from Quartz based wrist watches, I really think that something could be devised that would be running from body heat or movements coz this would be a thing that will sustain for sure than anything else like Sun, Atomic energy or anything else. More of it, this would be a step towards Eco device as well.

Just think, you will not be needed to charge your phone or replace your batteries for very long like you don’t do with your wrist watches. You will never cry on switched off phones in odd places.

Signal Strength: Connecting people … been the slogan of Nokia and so Nokia always worked upon Signal_Strength_Bar-2 presenting devices with legendary signal reception. But still all been dependent of service provider all the time. We watched people in movies crying over signal reception just like the way we find ourselves out of battery in crucial occasions. Obviously, the thing that needed to be evolved most.

Considering the step taken with Nokia N900, VOIP is sure a core of future technology and extending the same in future context, technology should evolve in a way that connects each global connections in the same way (something like we seen in Anti-Trust movie). Something that could make use of radio connections, TV signals, Wi-fi signals or anything like that in the same way for powerful voice conversations or data usages. Something such will reduce the dependencies over service provider signals and roaming issues as everything will be combined and providers will be earning money through cloud usages only.

just think, you will not be needed to worry about if that place, you wanna go will make you out of signal reception or you would be paying for higher if travelled in some other country. You are connected, no matter where ever you are.

Usability & Portability: The way of using phones has changed a lot since the first telephonic conversationsericsson_spider_computer_02 started. Not long, when we were used to wait outside the PCOs for our turn in night after 11PM for some cheaper calls or the time, when we were needed to call the operator to book some long distance call or those old phones, we were needed to move the ring in rounds to dial some number. Starting from getting slim phones, now its all being changed into touch phone and qwerty era. One can never be assured that what the next turn the technology will take and what users will like in next.

We seen Minority Reports movie and the way, Tom Cruise interacted with machines there. We started getting such cameras in market that are having inbuilt projectors. Sure one can think about a future where dialing number would be more of voice based than any touch or press interface itself or even combination of all such input methods. Voice recognition technologies are evolving and same time processing power of Smart Phones too. Its very realistic to think about such a time when dialing would be having plenty of options like voice commands, a projected screen in air that could take any size you wanted (like some from 3.5 to 10 meters). Even one could think of tiny Bluetooth headset or of any other technology then, which will remove the necessity of using hands completely.

Such flexible devices could be wrapped around your wrist, may be part of your color or anything like that (as you seen in the concept future Laptops) and the concept of cloud could extend things in a way that even phones wont matter about connecting people and the device we would be having then would be kind of some universal nature. Whole data like your contacts, SMS, music contents and even call history etc will be saved in cloud only (depending upon evolved connectivity then).

Just think, with the same device you would be calling someone, doing presentations at office and even using as personal theater at home. Never using hands for calling and provided evolved video calling then maybe not even voice if required at occasions. You would be carrying the same like regular dressing coz you have not to worry about its size, not to worry about its battery and not even needs to be worried about connectivity.

Really so many thoughts in mind, but summarizing into a few points … 

What I see in #FutureNokia is

  1. Seamless connectivity over any available global connection like TV/Radio signals
  2. Addition of projectors in Smart Phones (its high time to introduce one as cameras already did)
  3. Batteries that could run unusually long over Human body movement or heat etc
  4. Use of flexible displays to make the device settle down in untraditional places
  5. Consistent experience over device due to cloud technology.

future-search5-2Though it wont be part of the competition as the competition actually needs hand drawn, photoshoped or anything like such drawing to be submitted that how the device will ‘look like’ not what it’ll be, but I am happy with sharing my thoughts only.

More than the competition itself, the thought really touched me more and sent me back there in my teenage kid_dreaming when I was like 12-13 years and with one of my friend from a big wrist watch shop, I was used to dream about future things, those common fantasies like we were able to disappear, if we were able to travel faster than thoughts, if we were able to make a home, where there were so many mirrors placed in a way that even light get trapped for more than 12 hours and we were able to enjoy daylight even at night time without spending anything. We were used to use tiny motors from watches for making fans or button based curtain openers for woody little houses we were making, were used to take part in showcasing toys in dynamic manner in front of public using so many little tricks with electronic parts.

Oh… those days.. one get trapped if starts thinking about them, but still I think that we were used to be more creative then or thoughts were more fresh than any mature one ever could have. I really think that Nokia should open some kind of competition for kids in the same way to know that which design will be cool. Definitely, kids could surprise you more for sure.

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6 thoughts on “The Nokia device after 10 years

  1. Nice concepts and recollection of those old telephones and other gadgets. The sketches on ur blog proves u r a good artist.Why dont u add a hand drawn picture of a concept phone??

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