Do I need a NetBook? Which one? Dell Mini or Booklet 3G

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One and half year back, when I thought to buy my first laptop, then there were sure many constraints to look for and definitely I went for the details in brief before buying (was a mean consumer for sure). I feel proud that the choice I made then, still wont disappoint me, if I get a chance to buy the same again. But yesterday, when a friend asked me for buying something that might be really portable and still good enough to hold his requirements, then my mind flipped once that are the requirements I thought then still stands? …


At that point of time, my aim was to have as much power I could have in most compact and economical way, but now requirements seem to have changed a lot. After one and half an year, thought to take a re-look over requirements changed  over years …



I must say my Dell XPS M1530 was the finest piece of work among my other PCs and though later I bought a Compaq one as well, but remembrance of that form factor never left my mind. After playing with that for a while (lost the same in a theft very soon), more than the powerful hardware, the things I found most important for me, were the comfort to type, comfort to carry with and the comfort to stay connected fro anywhere.

But still after playing with Nokia N900 a while, I thought to add one most important comfort into the next portable device I would like to own, the longest of battery life, whatever the limits may go through. What’s point of carrying a big laptop with you whole day, when you can’t play with it for even more than 4 hours?

May be my requirements might have changed over years or I got more mature with my choices, but when I remember that where I really used my laptops most, then I find myself surfing the web, posting the blogs and watching the movies only while travel or when friends were busy on my comp. Surprisingly, gaming for which I went to buy a much high price then (60k+ was sure some high), was never been my choice in whole time. Finally, I was to admit the fact that Laptops were never meant that for gaming and heavy gaming is not gonna your favourite choice while travelling, so that’s not a thing that should have been meant to be deal breaking.

Probably now after one year or more, this explains to me and me like others that why a market for Netbooks emerged, why I see more 13”, 11” mobile machines around. May be you never imagined about working over smaller screens, but trust me, it takes you completely in it once you try it. Having such a lightweight thing and feeling assured that it has all what you want, sure a satisfying experience.

First of Netbooks I heard of, were Accer ones. Heard of their 8 hours and more performing capabilities. Sure a luring thing but didn’t excited me much once I heard of limitations like NO CD/DVD drives. Might be I was still not that into Netbooks.

Today till now, I seen a few of Dell Mini and this time it sure got my attention big time. A performance wise beast in price of less than $400 with built in GPS!!! In the same time, hearing of Nokia Booklet 3G with even a slot of 3G SIM with built-in GPS on same pattern as their Smartphones have, you could even make calls through it, adding to more there is legendary battery life as well, but this all with a higher price than expected.

Nokia-Booklet-3G-LaptopVs. dell-mini-9

Question is which one to choose? Both are compact, both are good looking, but what more to look for? I have to see more.. comments required…

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.


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