Netbook and Nokia N900 when Nokia N8 is coming

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The most perfect words about Nokia N900 that I came to read very long back,

The people behind it, you know those other guys in that other building, are probably a bunch of geeks with a sense of mission. Somehow, someone at Nokia stole a prototype from their lab and decided to slap a N Series logo and a number “900” on it and actually released it to the mainstream. Those lab guys don’t even make phones. They make internet tablets. They have nothing to do with big old Symbian. They have their own open source based OS called Maemo (pronounce My Mo). – via

Beautiful and very accurate were the words and struck right there with me and … we seen more and more words being told about this beast, many stories, many myths broken, every day a new idea, every night a new invention, whenever you run of reasons that why should you buy a N900 adding up a few limitations from here and there, another morning wakes you up telling that every other day of N900 is another reason to talk about Nokia N900.

We all know that something such big as Nokia N8 is coming, we all keep on hearing that what new things that would be able to do, we all know that there will be an all time best camera phone in hands of you all, but still sometimes I think that why is my post about N900 vs N8 still topping in blog stats? Why WomWorld still has more posts over Nokia N900 than anything else?


May be I thought to post it much earlier, may be it was something else in my mind that I thought to give few words, but the credit is for sure of Inspect-A-Gadget’s post, where he discards Nokia N900 a viable alternative to Netbook. I am really feeling like pushed to say something … really something

Why Nokia N900 competes well with a Netbook?

First of all, why we needed a Netbook?

Compact size? More easy to carry? You are always online in the way you wanted. You could check on emails, you posts and surf blogs, you share pics, you make even occasional edits via its inbuilt tools, make sketches, music and whatever you like to do in moments, you sneak out a few moments.

You are in a conference but you do not need a table to put anything like others (at least 10” I guess) and still you are on …. in each step with others with your just 3.5” device … you are not typing like others might be, but you are making occasional touch gestures and sometimes your fingers racing on small but perfect keypad of your Nokia N900. Sounds gracious na?


Some argue that its limited by it caliber and a full fledge windows is something that a Maemo wont do ever. But tell me, do you really wanna do some photo shopping on the go? Or Studio like FX-Effects? But does a Windows 7 Starter with probably 1GB RAM at most serves the purpose for some photo shopping or movie editing? Does Windows Starter really work that way or if we choose any other operating system or do some Photo shopping, then does Netbooks really provide you those acclaimed 8 hours?

I know Zahib doesn’t actually meant that and still many more examples could be given and I always pointed that it was kind of natural right for Nokia N900 to opt for a 1500 mAh battery.. but still think about trade offs of carrying a device exclusively with you for purpose or having something that is always with you.

Think you are going to a family wedding and made promises with family that no more office chik chik, no more sneaking into those laptops. Will you really explain your granny that its a Netbook not laptop? Will you carry a Netbook to the wedding place? Really? But you could stand tall with Nokia N900. You will say its a phone dude and the coolest one, you might have seen around. While you all might be waiting for this function to be over and by morning, you will all be uploading pics to facebook, blogs etc… hey hold it there.. I am already done, while I was taking drinks with you. Get a look on my page.

And inside you say… sigh!!! thanks God, I didn’t missed that mail and replied too with collected facts from some googling. That’s all when you weren’t thinking that you will be needed to do something like that here in the wedding.

Believe me, its Nokia N900 that you wanted, not some Netbook that screams that I am underpowered and even if small, no one can figure me out much different from a traditional Laptop…. damnn man!! you cant even carry a iPad everywhere with you, sure not in your pocket.

For me, its never a question that if Nokia N900 can serve as a Netbook, but the question is what a Netbook serves? A sense of limits whenever you think of doing something serious and a sense of burden, when you thought you going to carry light? Are Netbooks going to be pagers of past or will they fight with Notebooks more than mobiles of today?

Nokia N8 and Nokia N900

You see some iMorons all around looking for reasons to eat another iCrap, because web seems to be echoing about that, because that’s probably most well marketed thing in the world.

But why you are finding reasons to choose Nokia N900 over Nokia N8, when no one seems to be marketing things that way? Why you feel that Nokia N8 will do many new things, but still think that there seems to be no limit that you will do with Nokia N900.

Well!! I am confused, totally confused and I know you all are … at least many of you really are. I know coz I see search terms like N8 Vs N900 hitting my blog without missing a day. I know because I still think that when someone said the lines below, then it wasn’t Nokia N8, but Nokia N900 in the mind ….

Its not the technology, but its what you do with it.

Current price as ` 24, 500, while Nokia N8 scaring with quotes like 600$  or ` 30, 000 and that too when it will make it to India (not before in September 2010 and if it went like Nokia loves to do with India then …. ). I bet, the wait isn’t pretty easier for you and there are reasons to think once again … its a complete touch device, when it comes to Nokia N8, are you all for that?

What’s currently not right with with Nokia N900?

Due to more attention to Intel-Nokia MeeGo, focus was very early moved from Nokia N900 than it should have. We still get just a basic Ovi Maps over a top-notch A-GPS unit and no Google Maps here due to lack of Java Support. Honestly speaking… that annoy… annoy big time, when we already were somehow compromising without Gravity (even Android, Apple, BB users doing, so not that much complaining).

Nokia N900 shouldn’t be a step child to Nokia, it has rights to get cared of and sure rights to get promised for update option to MeeGo.

One day, I hear that Nokia N900 received some update an could do portraits as efficient as other things, another day, I hear that there is something that could make your Nokia N900 a remote control of your TV via its IR port, another day, hermes integrates contacts with Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, MSN, Ovi or whatever you think, another day you get Fcam libraries got released, another day… … story moves on.

You cry that why you were so naive, when Paul wrote you for giving an Nokia N900 for trial? Why you were so lost in Alice‘s Wonderland of magic that forgot that its just 14 days? Why you think that you would have been doing much much more with the N900 than you actually did? Why you think that if there was a time machine that could have been taken you back to the time, when Nokia N900 was in your hands and then pauses the time right there.

Why do you wish that may be someday Paul or Katie may be extra generous to you for sending an N900 this way again or some NokiaIndia or WomWorldIndia (?) or Blogger’s Mind or anything such think of pouring some love over you again? Yes! a dream chase … I do wanna get a second chance with my EX… a second chance to rectify my mistakes that I didn’t given her the treatment, she deserved … 15 days were so little for someone, who got a first trial device, when it was a N900.

Is it DATE? #NokiaDate?

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Android and Chromium OS running on Nokia Booklet 3G

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The bonus day adventures didn’t stopped over Ubuntu only, but I progressed further to get my hands on the other buzz making OS’s around. Chromium, MeeGo and Android are probably the lead generation of modern OS’s and though I failed to get MeeGo running on Nokia Booklet 3G, but for rest of the two at least Installation part was no-brainer.

AndroidChromium OS

I know not only me, but many people out there are surprised over no support of MeeGo over Nokia Booklet 3G. An OS developed by Nokia and Intel is not running over a Nokia designed Netbook that has Intel Processor, Chipset and Graphics hardware. Irony!!! But it is.. my attempts to get MeeGo booting on Nokia Booklet 3G are all going fruitless till now. Thanks the other two OS didn’t disappointed me the same way.

There been many discussions around Android on Netbooks and even the most popular blog over Google Operating system puts a comment over it. Searches point over some very complex installation methods that may scare the hell out of you. But the basic point of all is, currently not many drivers exists in real world to make all the inside components of a Netbook running perfectly with Android.

Yes, it is as disappointing as it sounds, but as much I felt after having hands on it, what I got is this. It was LiveAndroid as even after my tries, I haven’t go the version, ThunderSoft people talking about. May be my opinion will get a change when I come across that version or if get some netbook with complete touch screen support like the first video on this link.

Android on Nokia Booklet

Google Android still seems to be a Mobile Operating System only and Google seems to have no plans about porting it in any form to Netbooks as well. Though may be someday few geeks could come up with their custom solutions around this, but as of now.. check the video given below to know what I am talking about.


It may look snappy, but all the things keeps on crashing. This thing not detecting 3G Modem inside, most of the app as they are related to phone functions and probably made for touch usages seems to be useless here. May be you need to work around a lot to bring some of them running, but as of now, its not in shape of a Netbook OS as much I guess. But somewhere inside, I know the fault is of mine that I didn’t tried more harder as it was just an adventure of short time.

widgets on AndroidAndroid control center

Though as per interface, it sure gives you idea that Mobile OS’s of today sure has a very good chance to make into Netbooks due to their snappy nature and easy navigation styles. Though its true they will always keep you tempted to touch on the screen icons lol !!!

The other attempt was with Chromium OS, Google’s OS targeting to Netbooks only. Though honestly speaking, I didn’t liked the interface much. I mean its nothing more than a Chromium browser built upon some invisible built of Linux, some small icons in top for Network etc, but nothing more.

Chromium OS on Booklet

Though installation was easy and went exactly like the way, I did with Ubuntu, but still my opinion will remain the same that Google will be needed to push much harder to make people familiar with it.


May be I was not happy with Chromium OS more because I was not able to bring Network running over it that is something like essential to Chromium OS. Dear Google India is not ready for all time working Internet till now, its still a rare thing and top of that none of Network here or Wireless Cards of Nokia Booklet seemed to be supporting this OS. So, for me it was a failed attempt like Android. Though there is a console, so I think that there were more things to do for me.. which I didn’t ..

chrome ConsoleChrome Memory

Waiting for your comments, if you can link some positive experiences, I really want to hear some positives about these two OS’s and Nokia Booklet 3G …

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JoliCloud running on Nokia Booklet 3G

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Though I heard only talks about Ubuntu on Nokia Booklet 3G now, but last night while searching on Intel GMA500 Chipset and its issues with Linux, I got to know via Wiki that there is a Netbook OS based on Chromium and Debian that supports Intel GMA500 natively. Moreover, as a cloud OS, it has own community, you can chat with and a decent App store too for holding even Windows Apps like Skype etc. Well.. it was worth a try for sure.


So, it demonstrate that on Nokia Booklet 3G with JoliCloud out of the box 3G Works, Multimedia works in full force and Windows Key responds to open the menu unlike most of the Linux flavour. I will come back with more updates in the same post after a break.

I should admit that while trying and posting my thoughts for the first time about JoliCloud, I was kind of thinking that I am one of the few to try it, but when collect info from some googling then got to know its not a very new thing, though it was pleasing that I got my video on top, when searched for “Jolicloud nokia”


There have been many mentions about JoliCloud in past like

  1. JoliCloud Compatibility page lists Nokia Booklet 3G as compatible device.
  2. OpenAttitude posted negative sentiments about JoliCloud Install over Booklet in late of January 2010
  3. Not only wiki, but there were mentions at many places that JoliCloud supports Intel GMA500
  4. There been mentions of JoliCloud and Booklet in forums, but saying that 3G doesn’t work over it
  5. Some excellent mentions from Engadget, vodpod and other sources as well.


So, its not a new thing, but the new thing, I would like to mention in loud words, is JoliCloud supports Nokia Booklet 3G’s 3G Modem completely and there is absolutely no issue about that. You could check the above video to confirm the same. This video not even using 3G SIM and I just connected it via a normal Aircel 2G SIM in india, connect was slow as expected but was working flawlessly, so please take your words back that 3G SIM doesn’t work over JoliCloud, it does.


You can attach your Facebook Account over JoliCloud login and it will search for your friends on JoliCloud (as of now, I didn’t found any, but I am not a facebook hardcore user as well). Once logged in, you could access an App Directory that surprising showcase too manyof useful apps like Gmail, VLC, Skype, Google Reader, Twitter app etc. Cloud is great.

There are many exciting things about this particular operating system, which I will love to keep on exploring more, though today is probably last day of my Nokia Booklet 3G Trial from WomWorld/ Nokia, but still this OS is really really capable and I find it suiting Nokia Booklet better than Ubuntu. Pleasant was to see the option to change the processor settings, don’t know what effect, but having a new thing was cool.


If you are thinking that it took more than a minute in booting, then leave that thought.. Man!! I was booting from a USB Stick, not a full install, so its obviously a limited preview.


xmeniron man

Lovely was to see Multimedia working in full force, even with 3D acceleration out of the box. It played DivX content, Xvid content and .mkv files with dual audio. Just perfect. I was to install Skype from its own App store but got busy in other things, but it sure works over it. Only issue I found was again no default support for UK-79 or US-78 Keyboards. They should have thought of it if making an OS targeting cloud and Netbooks specially.

raM Usage

RAM usages were shown a bit extra than Ubuntu (350 MB around), but its providing graphics support out of the box as well. Worth it. Still much lesser than windows one.

Not saying much about this OS here as many details you could find from the site itself or other places, but just wanted to remind you that if you got any Netbook like this, then you have a much better choice. I have shown you just a USB Live Install not actual one, there are many real things still in store, when you install it full fledge.

Did I told you that it supports Multi-touch on touch-pad (though not on Booklet 3G)? 😉 Now think … do you really want to stuck with Windows 7 Starter on Nokia Booklet 3G?

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar

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Nokia Booklet 3G-What I think about it

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As you know that I am with Nokia Booklet 3G since last saturday and even posted an un-boxing over the same. So, this came the time for a full review with complete specs and impressions I had in my mind about this thing.

A big opening review and you loose things remained to be spoken about. Talked a lot via pics and via words in my unboxing post about Nokia Booklet 3G and then a long silence of whole one week. It was works that completely taken over me, but still I feel like some guilty.


Before some 20 days or earlier, even I made a post about “Do I need a Nebook? The concerns were what we really from a Netbook like device or why we want to travel with our Laptop? I wished to see more about the genre …

Wiki says “Netbooks (sometimes also called mini notebooks or ultraportables) are a branch of subnotebooks, a rapidly evolving category of small, lightweight, and inexpensive laptop computers suited for general computing and accessing Web-based applications; they are often marketed as "companion devices", i.e., to augment a user’s other computer access.”

Nokia Booklet 3G; Nokia’s surprising entry into the Netbook genre that is still something common people feel confused about, while its getting its pace in Businesses due to its compatibility and heavy duty battery lives. Its still remains to bring common users that much into it, lets take a look what it worth for them.


Specs First:

  • ‘Aircraft grade’ Aluminum made super cool and slim body with very well built chassis.
    Am I feeling more affection due to its being the first of its size in my hands? This thing gives you a lock solid feeling like I had with Nokia N900 or my Dell XPS M1530 and the surface is such a shiny thing that you can’t help people getting attracted to it in first sight. Only place you could hurt this is on sharp edges only.

    You could feel the difference if you would have hands on those cheaper Netbooks around like Dell’s or Asus ones. This thing make them feeling total plasticy.  


  • A glossy 10.1” 1280 x 720 HD Display (it has HDMI 1.2 out for HD video).
    Didn’t tested HDMI yet (my 22” LCD Supports DVI only), though extra-ordinary resolution is picture perfect for me. One must feel great about watching movies over it. Its glossy but still has some kind of UV protection layer in-built and even if its a shiny thing, I didn’t see any trouble working with it in much shiny outdoors.


  • A Dimensions of 264 x 185 (with hinge) x 19.9 mm with a Weight: 1.25g 
    Just entirely different world that could be felt only after taking this thing in hands. I remember my super cool Dell XPS, which was lighter and powerful for me then was of 2.6 kg.


  • Intel® Atom™ Z530 1.6 GHz, Intel® Poulsbo US15W fanless chipset, 1GB DDR2 RAM
    Processor numbers (48kb primary cache and 512kb secondary cache) are very good for a netbook and been a core reason for its long battery life, but like many I am much disappointed with the fixed RAM that can’t be increased. All of us kept on crying that what kind of grudge Nokia has against RAM size? I mean Nokia could have presented this thing with 1GB RAM, but at least should have left the option of increasing the RAM. After all, you have decided to go with the ‘worst’ operating system available, Windows 7 Starter edition. Nokia!!! this shows that you will take at least three four years more for making a serious market presence. Why I am that frustrated? Will show you in later part.


  • Toshiba MK1235GSL 120 GB Super Silent HDD
    Good thing first, being technical I am ware of the fact that how HDD function and seen that however silent Laptops might feel, but still you feel some vibration in lap due to HDD movements. But this thing is damn silent. Probably due to its fan-less design. If you check
    official specifications, then for this 1.8” and 5mm thick, if something disappoint you, then its only 4200 RPM (if I am right), may be technology limitations. But what’s favourable is its being most power conservative hard disk of today.


  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500, high definition audio for HDMI
    Obviously you must not been expecting some nVidia or something, after all the priority is lowering power consumption and this thing does a superb job about the same. I really really wish to see some light weight operating system running over it, to measure the real potential of this thing.


  • Built-in 3G modem (data calls only): WCDMA 900/2100 or 800-850/900/2100
    Yes!! this booklet could hold a SIM/USIM inserted inside directly into it. Probably the biggest selling point of Nokia Booklet 3G and so its even in the name “3G”. Believe me, this is something game changing for otherwise just another new product in market, a blessing to people like me, who were used to connect internet via their phones to PC. That was a double trouble, as even if you go via Bluetooth route, you will remain limited by Battery of Phone as well.

    Nokia tackled this issue from double ways, first was the inclusion of CA-126 connectivity cable that was meant to keep on charging your phone, while its connected to your booklet, no matter it supports USB charging or not and second.. why you even need to attach a phone? Plug the SIM directly to the Booklet.

    And let me tell you one more thing, against the popular belief, this SIM thing works over non-3G SIMs as well means over 2G too. I got Vodafone, Aircel, Airtel and Idea SIM working over it for connecting Internet. Obviously, what’s been the best is my MTNL 3G, not sure, but I felt this thing provided even more speed than I was used to get with tethering with N82 or E72.

  • Integrated GPS and A-GPS
    Its a great piece of hardware and locking capability is as good as Nokia  got in its Navigation Devices, but same, somewhere it seems that Nokia isn’t ready for Laptop market yet or may be our expectations are higher from Nokia. 

    Well.. problem is that there is absolutely no way to make use of this feature. What you get is only a side widget, which shows the location and if clicked over it, then takes you to the Web Version of Ovi Maps with the same location in center. Though I found out that you could zoom-in and zoom-out over the widget as well by using Ctrl+ and Ctrl-. They should have at least added geo-tagging in their Social-Hub application.

  • Li-Ion 3840 mAh Nokia BC-1S battery for around 12 hours usages
    That’s what we love about Netbooks, longest battery lives, the thing that must have been of prime concern since Laptop genre born in first place. What’s point of calling a device mobile, if it cant go running for even 3 straight hours heavy usages? Though I have heard of MIS Wind and their claims of 15 hours or more battery life, but still 12 hours is longer than most of the netbooks out there. Don’t know that what’s count of cells mean here, but my Dell XPS 1530 has 6 cell battery, while this one is 16 cell.

    For me, this goes the real deal as I could think of going out with this even if I see that the battery remained 20%  (I still have more than 2 hours in hands).

  • Frame keyboard with two physical layouts available: US (78 keys, 17 mm pitch, 1.8 mm stroke) and UK (79 keys, 16.7 mm pitch, 1.8 mm stroke)
    You might feel some troubles with keys locations due to our long term relationship with 101 keys, but still Nokia design team has done a marvellous job with this one. People like me with heavy typing habits knows that how important it is, if keypad is even a little bit uncomfortable, you just cant have a connect with. But this keypad was something like instant-connect to me. Well spaced keys and very comfortable typing. In fact, I loved the inclusion of ‘£’ and ‘¬’ like new characters (I got UK model).

    The only complaint I could make is absence of backlit. True, we don’t see that thing in low priced Netbook of now days, but sometimes, its pointless to have a portable device without backlit keys.

  • Camera and microphone
    Tried a little here and there, but didn’t much over it except it got a normal front facing 1.3 MP Camera built in. Great use with Skype Video calling with inclusion of a micro  phone just above it. Nothing special to talk about this thing as its a standard now.

  • Windows 7 Starter Edition
    I know I am just one more, who started having a grudge against Windows OS after legendary Windows XP era. Their Windows Vista was suicidal and after the same even their efforts with Windows 7 not able to bring back the same trust.


    If some OS is taking 80% or more of you RAM without doing anything, then even in your wildest dreams, you not gonna get the performance you need. May be Microsoft assuming that everyone who can afford to buy their OS, can also afford at least 2-3 GB RAM. 1 GB won’t do anything good for the OS, which restricts you from even changing wall paper, not by being incapable of, but by  the license itself.

    Being with such an operating system sure harming your potential and selling. Its keeping the system completely underpowered in comparison with other open source options like Ubantu. Hope Nokia will at least come up with MeeGo or something for Nokia Booklet 3G otherwise its a complete suicide for them with 1GB RAM. Its unacceptable for a decent user experience for otherwise a superbly designed Netbook.

    Note: Even if you wish to upgrade and go for premium etc, then you will face much decreased battery life than Starter one.

Software package: Remarkable is the inclusion of Nokia Booklet Software Updater, probably for the firmware updates, while the other noticeable software’s are F-Secure Internet Security 2010 Trial and Microsoft Office 60 Days Trial.

Nokia presenting a new app called Nokia Social Hub that could also be opened by pressing Hot Keys Fn+F11. A place where you could keep all of your Social updates synced and also could send receive SMS’s via your SIM. Note that you can’t make or receive calls via the SIM inserted in Nokia Booklet 3G. I tried to call, but it shows ringing on other side, but nothing happens on this side.


Don’t know about other things, but for twitter, it disappointed me badly. Probably, I am used to Gravity or ChromedBird’s easy and intutive interfaces more, but Nokia has to understand that there are many things required in any application handling Twitter. You don’t have Tab for replies coming for you, no special place for yours only tweets and spoiler is even on being top of a GPS/ A-GPS enabled device, you can’t send a Geo-Tag tweet? Ridicules.. I understand Nokia that you are new for this domain, but that wont make me lenient over wrong thing. You must have thought of such things.

Why to buy Nokia Booklet 3G?

If you really serious about buying some decent Netbook, then Nokia Booklet is very much packed with all the things that will find an instant connect with you.

    • Amazingly superb build that assures you that you have real solid thing in your hand
    • Extra Resolution than opponents enables you to really enjoys the glossy display
    • A battery suitable for day long usages that makes you really mobile
    • Inclusion of SIM/ USIM slot ensures always available Internet connection on your demand
    • Its a Nokia so you never doubt the highest level possible of GSM or Wifi connectivity
    • GPS Unit coupled with Legendary Ovi Services helps you find info about place
    • Very well built and well spaced keypad that makes you comfortable with it in no time
    • One HDMI Out port and 3 USB ports sure it offers best of the things

    Why not to buy Nokia Booklet 3G?

    All of the praises crash down, when we look at the price tag that is ridiculously higher than one can afford for similar features. Even if we think of buying it on the same price then specs of Dell Alienware  M11x in exactly the same price 36k INR blows any chance for it.

      • A much high price tag for the features offered as same sized Netbook range starts from 15k INR.
      • Fixed 1 GB RAM that can’t be upgraded really makes it handicapped and a strict NO NO
      • Windows 7 Starter Edition I’ve shown that even this one is hog down all the memory and leaves an otherwise superb device with just an average performance. That too coming without any Windows 7 Installation DVD included (may be was missing from my trial device only)
      • No Backlit Keys and without scroll Touchpad I agree that most of the Netbooks not provided it, but you already asked for a premium price, so it’s justified to ask the complete high end package.
      • No inclusion of any carry case Nokia should have understand that its a Netbook not Smart Phone and you are expected to offer a carry case. You are not going to keep it in pocket. Its small but not that much small.

      Well… personally I loved the device a lot and if it wasn’t on trial and these busy days, then I sure would have gone for trying a Windows XP and Ubantu Install over it (or may be I will try in next days I already did). It really made me feel that how desperately I want to have a Netbook and what kind of changes a device like Nokia Booklet 3G could bring for me.

      But the biggest fall for the device is a price tag that I just can’t imagine for affording as I know better options are available, even if weaker from here and there. I might loose some of cons but still they will be more value for money than Nokia Booklet 3G as of now.

      I feel sorry for Nokia as could understand that they delivered a superb product, but lack of experience in this market and high expectations are a bit over them. Managing lower prices is easy for someone like Dell or Accer, who have years of expertise in this and have it as their core business. Nokia is still new for the market and keeping the price lower was a bit harder to them.

      Still all of us, believe that with upcoming MeeGo for Netbooks (can’t be installed over current Booklet 3G due to its Graphics chip), a next version of Nokia Booklet 3G could do wonder for Nokia in this new market. So, all I could say, better luck next time Nokia … this time its for pricy kids only as one of my friend sad.

      Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.

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      Nokia Booklet 3G Mini Review-Thats something lovely to unbox

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      This was probably the quickest delivery from @WomWorldNokia to me. It was just evening of June 2nd, 2010, when Katie informed me that they could manage a trial Booklet 3G for me, I sent back the filled trial agreement only by late eve and it was delivered to me by June 5, 2010, first half of the morning straight from London to New Delhi. Dammmn fast!!! Cool.

      Yes!!! Nokia Booklet 3G, the cutie pie is in my hands and that too before the weekend, its a joy that’s been hard to digest. Yippppiieee!!!!!




      It was a pleasant weather since morning and like me, whole of the New Delhi was expecting the first rain of this season. It’s been teasing us a lot in last many days.

      But I’ve been waiting for something else as well; the Nokia Booklet 3G DHL shipment. The suspense was killing as it was a Saturday and if it would have missed the day, then it was meant to miss a Sunday without this shiny toy. I am sure most of the office going people could understand my eagerness.

      The rain got delivered to city by late eve only, but the shipment came before time 🙂 9:30 AM and a colleague of mine Arjun smiled while saying congr8s to me. The shipment was at the gate.



      I would have thought that its similar box like other vendors like Dell use to deliver their Laptop, but as I already seen some un-boxing of the same thing, so sure was waiting for the beautiful blue box inside and here it came ….



      The beautiful blue box had not many colors or pictures on it like older Nokia boxes would have been in past, but this one follows the same tradition as was with Nokia N900; the easy disposable nature friendly material. But don’t you think that the blue has its own class? For me, its much sober.


      Ok. Enough hooking up with beautiful box now, its time to open it up.


      No folds and a solid tray like box to hold Nokia Booklet 3G, I wonder why not other Laptop or Netbook vendors follow the same trend? That’s some solid box for real.

      One complaint, why Nokia doesn’t include a carry case with Booklet 3G?

      Anyway, here is the real thing, presenting you all Nokia Booklet 3G (I kept a CD in side, so that you could get some idea about the size).


      I know, even now, just from pictures, its not possible to imagine the exact feeling, but I bet  you will start loving the 10” size, once get something like this in hands. I am really wondering that do we really need those 15” Laptops or soon then will be old fashioned?



      So, what you find here, speakers on both the sides, two USB Ports on left along with HDMI port (no HDMI cable provided though) and Headphone slot (thing to notice was there is no microphone slot, while its been part of all Laptops, I have seen). Right side has SD Card slot and SIM card slot covered with one flap, then a USB port next to it and finally the power cord slot.


      Oh!! Did you thought that I will miss the back and battery details? Here you go …


      Probably after the compact size, longer lasting batteries been the most important selling point for Netbooks. Laptops always been blamed for poor battery lives, I mean you can’t even watch two movies back to back on the same, then what’s purpose of thinking it a entertainment device? And if you have to carry such a big device that makes just the same bulk of baggage as your normal cloths one, then what’s mobile in it?

      Netbook segment answered the questions with a battery that could serve you for more than 8 hours.

      Now, what about other accessories in the package …??


      Can you imagine, I was much happy over finding the cleaning cloth inside. A must have for the device coz of its shining surface, but it also make me think that even if its a Aircraft grade material, but seems susceptible to scratches over the front at least.

      Rest accessories are AC-200 charger, WH-205 Headset, CA-126 USB Cable (surprisingly special one) and of course a user guide. No DVD for OS or other things neither do any HDMI cable.

      Will cover accessories in more details.



      Accessories of Booklet 3G are special in their ways. Look at the AC-200 Charger, what a piece of beauty it is in itself. I liked the same. Though the US plug given me a headache in first look as the same was here in case of E72 I got last time and in India, we don’t find matching plug for the same. But Nokia Booklet 3G do include the Socket matching the country. Even if Booklet 3G is not been released in India yet, but it was pleasant and relaxing to see the socket included in the package.


      The next comes the headset, WH-205 …


      The stereo headset WH-205 seems similar to those, we seen with packages inside other Smartphones, but the difference was inclusion of three difference sized ear buds means you need not to stuck with standard sized ear buds and actually could have one to suit your ears from three differently sized sets of them.

      Are you missing something? The usual data cable shipped with Smartphones, you were used to see in un-boxings? But what’s point of having a data cable with  a Netbook? I am not sure, but Nokia decided to include one and more surprising its the best one, I have seen till date.


      Nokia Charging Connectivity Cable CA-126, it must be available in some price in stores, but I wonder that why this amazing thing is not being included in Nokia’s Flagship Smartphone models? Not even Nokia N900 or coming Nokia N8 has it. Why so??

      It does provide you high speed connectivity over USB to Micro-USB, but also provides you a way to charge your Smartphone with standard 2mm charger point. A must have for people, who like to keep their Smartphone connected to their Desktops or Laptops, specially useful for those, who use their Smartphones as modems to connect internet.

      I think its a cool thing to buy even in a price.


      Ok.. enough about the package, lets get inside of the thing. The first thing to notice after switching it on was the very familiar Nokia Hands (didn’t got a clear picture of the same though). So, as the BIOS says, processor is Intel (R) Atom (TM) CPU 2530 1.66 GHz with system memory of 640 KB and RAM as 1GB.

      First thing to see was the size comparison


      Though it looked odd that Nokia didn’t utilized the screen space well. There is plenty of room left below the screen and even on the side of screens. I just felt something like Nokia N97 classic and Nokia N900, where as N97 leaves much space unutilized, N900 seems making use of each mm. Perhaps that we would have loved, if if either it was more compact or if screen size should have increased to at least 11” to fit the bill otherwise from the front, it sure look like some toy rather than an extreme efficient and serious device that it was intended to be.

      Am I being overly rude over screen? I guess so, but I wrote what I expected from a 10” device, make full use of space provided. But sure the screen has many positives, colors were sure brightest and though I didn’t included a snap outdoor yet, but taken it outside once to show some of my friend and sure it was very much visible under even sunlight. The resolution of screen was 1200+ that’s sure amazing for a 10” device. I am sure no one would have any visibility issue or text reading difficulties with this.

      By the way, which posture of the device will suit you, the one given below or the one after the same? Check out



      I liked the later look for reading books or blog over it. Now it really got me thinking that devices like Apple iPad should be feeling awesome. I will still wait for other vendors like Nokia or Dell coming up with their iPad versions, coz greedy Apple is always a No No to me till they don’t change their ways of paid upgrades or such other bullshit kind of things.

      Next thing to notice was keypad. As I had my hands on Nokia N900, so I knew that Nokia knows how to make keypads in little space and sure it reached up to my expectations. For me, my benchmark of keyboard was that Dell XPS M1530 and it sure touched that about comfort to type on.



      Though there are issue with keypad as well. I guess many of you, who might have their hands on it, will agree that there is something wrong with placing of ‘Enter’ and ‘#’ keys in the right and similar way, left ‘shift’ and ‘\’. At least for me, its been confusing till now.

      I guess Caps lock keys (that’s a beauty due to blue light over it for indicating status) could have been a little small give Enter Key little more space on the other side and similar way, right shift could have been little smaller in size to make room for left shift.

      The other problem (?) with keypad, there is no backlit keys, which makes typing in dark a trouble for people uncomfortable with blind typing. I don’t know how much that thing costs as I seen backlit keys only in premium devices till now, but I guess the price tag Nokia Booklet 3G holds is a premium one in itself and should have deserved that feature.

      I find rest all things perfect at their places, but Nokia please bring one more version to get these minor glitches right.


      Even after bringing some of the nicest things on board, there are a few things that will be keeping Nokia Booklet 3G behind the competition. The biggest of them is the price tag. Dell Alien ware M11x has the same price tag of 36k+ and brings you much more value for the money than this and here we find, Nokia stuck with a stupid edition of Windows & Starter. Sure a huge disappointment in itself.

      I guess at least MeeGo is a must now, if Nokia really wanted to sell this thing, Windows 7 Starter Edition is just not there in anyway.

      Coming back to positive side again, the name Booklet 3G, sure the first thing to do for me was to push my MTNL3G SIM inside it to see if it works. It didn’t. I thought some problem with the 3G band in India, but soon found out the issue, I was to press Fn+F10 to bring the Menu and then choose 3G on.


      Can you imagine this? A speed of 2.51 mbps @MTNL3G in New Delhi on a Netbook without hooking it with any Smartphone or ay available Wi-Fi. I just love it and demand it from all the vendor to make it a standard to include Pent band 3G SIM slots in their Netbooks or Laptop. 


      After reaching to my home from office, I also got to read that someone got it running over EDGE as well. I didn’t had an idea about that and for checking I inserted Aircel SIM inside and whooooaa!! it worked and connected me to internet, I checked Vodafone as well and it was same. Sure a good news to know.

      Nokia Booklet 3G works over EDGE as well. see pics below

      aircelbrowsing on aircel1

      I don’t know how the battery meter of this calculate the remaining time, but what I seen is sure impressive. Check out yourself.

      battery life

      Will see more of it in action in next day usages.

      Ok.. I guess its been kind of really long un-boxing or could say I almost went for a Mini review here. Will try to find more and more time with it and thinking that what I need more to buy … keep tuned and sure take a look over the last three pics that I placed after finding a similar colored Dell Inspiron at a friend’s place. Shiny na!!!



      Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.

      Do I need a NetBook? Which one? Dell Mini or Booklet 3G

      [tweetmeme source=”mrnitishkumar” only_single=”false”]

      One and half year back, when I thought to buy my first laptop, then there were sure many constraints to look for and definitely I went for the details in brief before buying (was a mean consumer for sure). I feel proud that the choice I made then, still wont disappoint me, if I get a chance to buy the same again. But yesterday, when a friend asked me for buying something that might be really portable and still good enough to hold his requirements, then my mind flipped once that are the requirements I thought then still stands? …


      At that point of time, my aim was to have as much power I could have in most compact and economical way, but now requirements seem to have changed a lot. After one and half an year, thought to take a re-look over requirements changed  over years …



      I must say my Dell XPS M1530 was the finest piece of work among my other PCs and though later I bought a Compaq one as well, but remembrance of that form factor never left my mind. After playing with that for a while (lost the same in a theft very soon), more than the powerful hardware, the things I found most important for me, were the comfort to type, comfort to carry with and the comfort to stay connected fro anywhere.

      But still after playing with Nokia N900 a while, I thought to add one most important comfort into the next portable device I would like to own, the longest of battery life, whatever the limits may go through. What’s point of carrying a big laptop with you whole day, when you can’t play with it for even more than 4 hours?

      May be my requirements might have changed over years or I got more mature with my choices, but when I remember that where I really used my laptops most, then I find myself surfing the web, posting the blogs and watching the movies only while travel or when friends were busy on my comp. Surprisingly, gaming for which I went to buy a much high price then (60k+ was sure some high), was never been my choice in whole time. Finally, I was to admit the fact that Laptops were never meant that for gaming and heavy gaming is not gonna your favourite choice while travelling, so that’s not a thing that should have been meant to be deal breaking.

      Probably now after one year or more, this explains to me and me like others that why a market for Netbooks emerged, why I see more 13”, 11” mobile machines around. May be you never imagined about working over smaller screens, but trust me, it takes you completely in it once you try it. Having such a lightweight thing and feeling assured that it has all what you want, sure a satisfying experience.

      First of Netbooks I heard of, were Accer ones. Heard of their 8 hours and more performing capabilities. Sure a luring thing but didn’t excited me much once I heard of limitations like NO CD/DVD drives. Might be I was still not that into Netbooks.

      Today till now, I seen a few of Dell Mini and this time it sure got my attention big time. A performance wise beast in price of less than $400 with built in GPS!!! In the same time, hearing of Nokia Booklet 3G with even a slot of 3G SIM with built-in GPS on same pattern as their Smartphones have, you could even make calls through it, adding to more there is legendary battery life as well, but this all with a higher price than expected.

      Nokia-Booklet-3G-LaptopVs. dell-mini-9

      Question is which one to choose? Both are compact, both are good looking, but what more to look for? I have to see more.. comments required…

      Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.