Are you too ditching non-touch phone, Nokia?

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Carry the battle to them. Don’t let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don’t ever apologize for anything. – Harry S Truman

This is probably the thumb rule of any kind of battle and if one misses it, then there should be no one else to blame for. We see the promises, we always seen, but is Nokia really set for a fight back?


Do Nokia really needs to  leave non-touch phones miles behind or come up with Touch-n-type kinds only for competing with others? I am not saying that they new range of devices aren’t great, but do non-touch range is really worth to be left for cheaper phones only?

I am not thinking to write long over it, but I am again coming up with what I started once. The debate that was started with my post why not a non-touch smart phone?, then we seen excellent views from Steve Litchfield @aas mentioning himself as Devil’s advocate and finally official blog of Nokia agreed with the same sentiments in one way or another.

Non-Touch or Touch?

While once these posts and views were a light of hope for many like me, after two and half a month, this all seems to be dizzy again. With the announcements of Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6, C6-01, X3-02 and C3-01, it seems that Nokia already given up on the debate.

Do you know that what made Nokia such a big name and what were there best selling phones?

  1. With over 412 million units shipped, Nokia 1100 is the best-selling mobile phone of all time and the world’s top-selling consumer electronics product.
  2. Surprisingly, my Old Nokia XpressMusic 5310 is among the top selling ones with 10 million units sold.
  3. There was a time, when Nokia N95 and even Nokia 6300 were topping charts in UK (yes! we are not talking about Asia, its the same UK, where we hardly find presence now).
  4. Do you know, Nokia N73 was the best selling phone from Nokia N Series till recently?
  5. Nokia N82 been such a success that even after tempting devices , Nokia himself wasn’t able to beat the legacy and even those, who left the boat of Nokia, may be found keeping this one close to their heart.
  6. Nokia E71 still known as not only best selling but one of the best QWERTY in market for its kind of form factor.


These are a just a few examples to state the fact that where Nokia been the best and for a coincidence, do you know what is the most common thing among these all? All of them were Non-Touch phones.

I know They will say ..

  • it proves nothing as they also sold Nokia 5800 in big numbers (over 8 millions) and even the wrongly famous Nokia N97 has sold over 2 million units.
  • Technology evolves and things which were great once, might not be considered that great later.
  • Even if older ring phones were such a huge hit, there was no reason to stick with those landlines only.

or many things like that, but …

  • Is it crime, if still there is a huge crowd buying Non-touch phones too?
  • Are you all really think that it was touch screen only that sold these many pieces of dubious Nokia N97?
  • Why all of sudden it brings a fire in conversations, if someone says that no, I cant stand a touch phone?

Everyone says that you should change with the time, but what if I still want some real successor of Nokia E72, that god battery, that superb keypad which might make you keep typing even with closed eyes for hours and for pages of text…. what if?

Have patience, they will show some love to non-touch as well

As per their product release schedules for the year 2010, only three devices remains to be announced this year that are Nokia X7-00, Nokia N9-00 and Nokia E6-00.

We have seen that Nokia N9-00 is probably a 4” touch screen + QWERTY and Nokia X7-00 again a Symbian^3 with capacitive touch, so all the bets are getting closed over Nokia E6-00 now, but have we really seen some breakthrough developments on S60 UI till now? Do we really have enough reasons to believe that there is something in shelf to tagged as real successor of Nokia E72/71?

They will say Nokia still in game with Nokia C3 and Nokia E5 like devices, but I really feel like so frustrated when someone says that Nokia E5 is a successor of Nokia E72… I already said it once, it is not.

NOOOO!! for god sake… don’t take the name of Nokia E7. A real successor of Nokia E72 needs one hand operated keypad (probably nothing better than that of Nokia E71/E72) and strictly an Auto-Focus camera.

We will keep on crying that why it’s late or why Nokia doesn’t come up with some Nokia E6-00 with same features as Nokia E72 without compromise, a better camera, 256 MB RAM at least, may be Bluetooth 3.0, USB OTG.

Honestly speaking, I am getting fed up of my own confusion of buying which one from Nokia E5 and Nokia E72 as Nokia E5 even if packing up much needed more 128 RAM and upgraded OS still its far far away from Nokia E72. As much I trying to be positive and hopeful for future of Non-touch phones like that I am really really loosing hopes now as it seems that non-touch is second hand thing for everyone include Nokia.

Well!! I really don’t know how to put it, but I just wish to ask a simple, helpless and desperate question from Nokia …

Are you too ditching non-touch phones like rest of the world seems to be doing?


3 thoughts on “Are you too ditching non-touch phone, Nokia?

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