#NokiaConnect-Nokia Find and Connect app coming soon

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It looks like the new Nokia Social is coming soon to redefine the meaning of social communication, through a new app named Nokia Find and Connect (Nokia’s new personal indoor social location service).


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More details about the same will start popping up over the internet very soon, as its already being demoed by many of the bloggers , but with what’s known so far, it tells us that this app defines your presence inside a room over WiFi [functioning as in-house GPS] and creates a connected sphere of people within. It connects you to people and their social networks using indoor positioning and much more, pretty cool right?

find and connect

It’s a multi-purpose client doing many kinds of things at the same time [say IM, Twitter, Facebook and Multiplayer gaming] and most significantly, works without even using any sort of internet connectivity or mobile network. All of this sounds totally next gen, don’t you think? Nokia’s really ‘Connecting People’ now, it’s amazing!


You can see the icon in the above picture and I also noticed the CommuniTake icon there, makes me wonder what that would be. Would it be a part of the same package or Nokia’s got some more in store for us?

This project is something Nokia has been researching on for a long time, right from the days of Nokia Instant Community. Do check the video out.

Update: Fakhre Alam from Symbiantweet has uploaded a latest video of the Nokia Find and Connect, which shows a different UI than the one shown in the rest of the two videos (indicating the project has indeed evolved over the years). It’s interesting to note the fact that the app seems to be targeting a bigger user base than just Symbian^3 by looking at the form factor of the handset used in video. Hmmm, it really looks like Nokia is becoming serious about the next billion.


The launch dates are expected to be somewhere around the 12th-15th of March.

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  1. I am hoping to get my hands on the E7 next week… just pre-booked it for Rs.29,999/http://bit.ly/gl6HM2

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