Gionee Elife S5.5-The Final part of review-Is the software part same impressive?

1. Gionee Elife S5.5 – Time to move beyond biases and stereotypes

When you are reviewing an entirely new product about which you never knew anything before, nor you would have reviewed any sister product of it to understand part of things, then it becomes absolute necessary to give it undivided attention and comparatively longer period of use to understand the bottlenecks & possible issues that may start nagging over time. Because such issues can never been checked during two three weeks period as product remains comparatively new.


I should thank Gionee on this part that they allowed me to retain the unit for a longer while to understand it and to put it in real world use (I kind of forgotten that it’s a review unit and sure gonna miss it hard as it became part of life).

I remember the time when I was to review a keypad phone while my own phones been all touch phones. During entire period of review, I restricted myself to use the touch phone to feel the essence of living with that particular keypad phone. Same was the right thing to do when it was about an entirely new brand.


So how did Gionee Elife S5.5, which is sure a marvel on hardware front and head turner wherever I go, fared on software front? Did it performed at par with iPhone 5S or Nexus 4 which I had? Does it produce images worthy of 13MP camera? Does the battery sails through day? Does the glassy build survives in long run?

A number of questions which I intend to answer in the rest part of blog….

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Layman’s take on Samsung Galaxy S (Part 3): Multimedia, Camera, Browser and Android Market

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Before I start this part of the review, I’d yet again want to thank you all for appreciating the last post whole heartedly. Especially when I hear that you like the layman-ish take of the review, it indeed feels good and is a big compliment to the blog itself. Thanks again and keep supporting like this.

For everyone who are new to the post, let me give you a quick heads up here. I’ve been doing an extensive review series of the Galaxy S and this is the third part of the same. Here are the first two posts in case you’d want to check them out:

Samsung Galaxy S: Multimedia


The 3D Photo Gallery of Android is really impressive. There’s so much in it that I could even write a full post about it. Picasa integration, effortless sharing (not only with the services but with various apps as well) are some of those features which make the Android Gallery stand apart from other platforms.


How cool and fluid this interface feels like just can’t be put in words, and it can only be felt by using it with your fingers. As I couldn’t  make a video myself, I’ve just added one from the web. (not from my Galaxy S).

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Layman’s take on Samsung Galaxy S (Part 2): The Android – The first impressions

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So here starts the most interesting part for the readers and most challenging part for myself, A long time Symbian user’s take on Android from the first impression to the finer details.


I’m calling it Most interesting because many of you out there really want to  know if Android is worth trying or not. What are the WOW things in the Operating System and what lies beneath.

So, A layman’s take on Android for people completely new to Android becomes much more necessary than it was for Symbian^3. Making a decision to leave an ecosystem is never going to be easy and trusting only expert reviews isn’t enough.

Note: Most of the views expressed here will be in reference of out of the box Galaxy S experience, so I would not be able to comment on variations and features of Android versions out there. Also, I am also new to Android like most of you are.

Are you ready for Android?

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Layman’s take on Samsung Galaxy S (Part 1) – The Hardware – First impressions

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I know I know.. I been terribly late on this post and that’s been haunting me in all those moments whenever I was reading my daily mails. I myself was feeling the curiosity of you all, but its the office work and family life that kept me busy enough and also I wished to start the post after I get adjusted to new things comprehensively. It wasn’t easy at all.

To know the things on the other side of table that been luring you all, but still switching the boat makes you feel like leaving a job, you been working on since years. You sometimes hate it, but still not sure if how the things will workout when you go out. Something similar was the decision of purchasing an Android as the next device.

Android is pulling all the momentum behind it and everyone keeps on hearing the words around it, but how much worth it is to take the risk??

Many reviews on the web to know a thing or two about it, but still how to trust, when each second one happens to be a fanboy or those paid PRs? For sake of all such people and most importantly for myself, there was only one way out.. to take the bet myself, a bet of 25000 INR to know and tell the things on the other side. (Review unit?? Don’t even ask me about these Indian "Social Experts")

The teaser about the package stayed long on my blog and many of you friends kept on waiting that when I will officially open the box even if you knew that I started using it before posting thoughts about it (That’s why no official unboxing). But it was necessary for me to settle down my thoughts before I start writing about it. Pros and Cons… as entering into a new world was meant to be much for each one of us.

So here goes the first impression post about SGS as I felt about it…

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First Interview-Naveen with his Samsung Galaxy S

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As I promised last day, bringing in the first common man of our smart phone world with his set of opinions and answers to some of my queries and doubts about Android and Samsung Galaxy S.

I met Naveen via twitter only and when this idea of interviewing persons various platform stuck my mind, then from many of the names around Android, I thought to choose him for the purpose to bring some of the raw opinions and perspective of a user, who was with very much with Symbian a time.

So, let’s start with some plain questions …

Naveen, can you tell us something about you  ? like your profession,background etc..blogging\ social life
I’m a Engineering Student,I tweet a lot and follow all kind of tech news. Also maintain my personal blog.

How long do you use Android/ Samsung phones ? Which brand you were using before that (if any ?)
Samsung galaxy S is my First Android Phone, been using it since August (3 Months) ,Nokia E90 before and present.

So should I call you a fan of Samsung or Android or its just a coincidence to be with SGS only ?
I’m a big Android Fan and was not a big fan of Samsung till the SGS came up, not a ardent fan of SGS too.

can you list out the phones you have used for last few years ?
Nokia E61,SE M600, N95,Nokia E90

When did you plan to go for SGS, plan or accident ?
I followed SGS and samsung BEAM right from it’s announcement at February, knew each and every specs of it, chose SGS at last.

What’s your views on touch screens? Do you really feel that they are at par with Non-Touch ones about text entries?
Capacitive Touchscreen Phones are very much easy to use still can’t beat QWERTY phones like my E90.

Which of the device you find closest to SGS in terms of value for money and experience?
Nokia N95 and Nokia E90. Many of my friends use Nokia 5800, I personally find that a good value for money. I feel the same for iPhone4 in a price of 31k.


You use SGS most for accomplishing which thing… calls, browsing, navigation, movies, twitter.. which one?

How is the touch screen response of SGS? If you have experienced iPhone/iPod earlier and recent Symbian^3 devices, then what’s the difference?
Touch response is Amazing in SGS, among the best. I have used all the generations of iPod touch and iPhones and can say iphone 4 has a similar  touch response as SGS.

What you say about Android? Is it works in the way it should or as of now it has potential only and growing well. 
Android is best when it is used with the best, SGS with android is the most awesome combination,it has very much everything for now and it’s tremendous growth only adds to it’s success.

We heard some bad things about battery life of SGS. Is it correct? Have you compared it in terms of battery life of others?
SGS has a 1500mAH battery but it wont last not more than 15 hours. Phone Display will be On for the most of the time during the 15 hours. Mine is in stock ECLAIR(2.1) firmware , other’s with a custom firmware are surely getting over a day. Future updates would help, I think.

We hear some extra praises for the bigger size screen and though much better texting experience, what your say on it?
4′ inch Screen is just too good to use, doesn’t seem BIG at all, at least for me. Texting in SGS is very much easier like a QWERTY wit a single hand. I think 4′ is ideal for any Proper Smartphone.

Many think that 4" is a big size to hold in one hand and type while in some metro or other such public place with crowd. Is it right? How you carry it with yourself?

4" isn’t BIG but sure it looks large in comparison of others. Should admit that I hate to use it in public transports, because of the people trying to peek into the screen. It’s bit hard to use it in Public, specially crowdy places.

How is swype experience on it? Which mode you prefer while typing, portrait or landscape and why?
Swype is a revolution for Touch screen typing, too good. I prefer portrait since It’s easy to hold the phone in one hand. 

I hope Nokia is listening

What about connectivity? We have not seen lower priced Android at par with Nokia’s level on this, but where SGS stands on it?
SGS has all the Connectivity options available, I use Wireless Tethering and Wifi. It’s the Best in it’s Class of Super phone’s. No complaints.

I hear SGS faces some GPS problems, which is sad thing considering the fact that Google still has much better imagery than Nokia’s in satellite mode at least for India? What you say?
Google Maps and Services are very good for Android, but SGS has the problem of not capturing weak GPS signals. I don’t travel much, even My Nokia E90 doesn’t establish a GPS link at my place due to weak signal. Tried SGS’s GPS while travelling  found it good, tried co-ordinates and Speed check App’s, but SAD it lacks a Navigation option for India like MapmyIndia does for the Galaxy TAB.

Is voice navigation available with SGS? Have you tested it somewhere in some journey etc or in finding some place? What was that experience?
No I haven’t tried the Voice Navigation .

What about the build quality and what you think that could go more better? Like Anodized aluminum etc
Build Quality is very Good and I don’t agree with people saying about the back panel as cheap plastic. It’s a high quality Plastic and shock resistant too. Dropped mine a couple of time and the back panel came to rescue to keep it without dents.

Anodized Aluminum might be good, but I prefer lighter weight more.

Is it loud on calls? What about the music performance?
Call’s Volume is better than my E90, Music performance is very good , tried it against iphone4 ,found mine better than it.

Be honest, if your younger bro ask you for some phone, then considering the price of SGS, will you prefer the same again for him or you have some alternative to it in mind? Which one?
Three of my friend’s have already bought SGS after my feedbacks. I’ll gladly trade my SGS to my Bro to get myself a SGS-2  😉

Do you think SGS can act as a full time phone in your hands or you need some backup phone too .. considering touch screen and battery limitations in mind?
No way , While Travelling , I carry a alternate phone as a backup for Calls. I use Web a lot during travel so can’t risk ending with a dead phone.

What feature(s) are very new and attractive to you on SGS, which you find no where else?
The SAMOLED is one Best thing No other phone has, WIFI-Direct is cool Feature, like the touch screen and Performance 

What you dont like about SGS?
Current Battery Life and sometimes miss the FLASH.

What about Google Services? Obviously most of us love them, but are they data usages efficient? What’s your experience?
Google services are very useful with Android, Gtalk, GMail, Calendar, Maps integration is too good and yes it is data efficient.

Let’s say, you got a SIM with no GPRS and you have to start a fresh piece of SGS without internet, is this really cut then?
Such a world will save a lot of battery for me :). Still I can Use the Awesome Media Features, but that’s true that for SGS is much much more phone with internet, even if not essential.

Gaming Experience.?
Played NFS SHIFT, HAWX, ASPHALT, SANDSTROM. All the big titles are already there. Gaming is fantastic with the large SAMOLED screen and touch response.

Protective Cover..?
No, I don’t use a Screen guard or back panel, but planning to get a back panel to protect accidental scratches. Front screen in other hand is Scratch-Resistant.

Last question, what’s your score about SGS (rating if any..)

Loved talking to you Naveen. Answers were short and to the point. Some of the doubts got cleared and some get highlighted. Definitely the device in your hands is tempting one when one think of going Android, like you said Android is best when it is used with the best.

Readers, if any questions about SGS, then send them over @rkNaveen on twitter. He is always ready to talk over, when anything comes to Android.


So, this was the first taste of Android from a little distance on Layman’s take (unfortunately I haven’t real hands on SGS yet), a warm start for the interviews. Next coming interview would be a full fledged and insightful session with one on the Apple side (definitely a much longer one). So, keep tuned in. I really want to hear more from you. So, just don’t only visit, be a part of the conversation.

Android and Chromium OS running on Nokia Booklet 3G

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The bonus day adventures didn’t stopped over Ubuntu only, but I progressed further to get my hands on the other buzz making OS’s around. Chromium, MeeGo and Android are probably the lead generation of modern OS’s and though I failed to get MeeGo running on Nokia Booklet 3G, but for rest of the two at least Installation part was no-brainer.

AndroidChromium OS

I know not only me, but many people out there are surprised over no support of MeeGo over Nokia Booklet 3G. An OS developed by Nokia and Intel is not running over a Nokia designed Netbook that has Intel Processor, Chipset and Graphics hardware. Irony!!! But it is.. my attempts to get MeeGo booting on Nokia Booklet 3G are all going fruitless till now. Thanks the other two OS didn’t disappointed me the same way.

There been many discussions around Android on Netbooks and even the most popular blog over Google Operating system puts a comment over it. Searches point over some very complex installation methods that may scare the hell out of you. But the basic point of all is, currently not many drivers exists in real world to make all the inside components of a Netbook running perfectly with Android.

Yes, it is as disappointing as it sounds, but as much I felt after having hands on it, what I got is this. It was LiveAndroid as even after my tries, I haven’t go the version, ThunderSoft people talking about. May be my opinion will get a change when I come across that version or if get some netbook with complete touch screen support like the first video on this link.

Android on Nokia Booklet

Google Android still seems to be a Mobile Operating System only and Google seems to have no plans about porting it in any form to Netbooks as well. Though may be someday few geeks could come up with their custom solutions around this, but as of now.. check the video given below to know what I am talking about.


It may look snappy, but all the things keeps on crashing. This thing not detecting 3G Modem inside, most of the app as they are related to phone functions and probably made for touch usages seems to be useless here. May be you need to work around a lot to bring some of them running, but as of now, its not in shape of a Netbook OS as much I guess. But somewhere inside, I know the fault is of mine that I didn’t tried more harder as it was just an adventure of short time.

widgets on AndroidAndroid control center

Though as per interface, it sure gives you idea that Mobile OS’s of today sure has a very good chance to make into Netbooks due to their snappy nature and easy navigation styles. Though its true they will always keep you tempted to touch on the screen icons lol !!!

The other attempt was with Chromium OS, Google’s OS targeting to Netbooks only. Though honestly speaking, I didn’t liked the interface much. I mean its nothing more than a Chromium browser built upon some invisible built of Linux, some small icons in top for Network etc, but nothing more.

Chromium OS on Booklet

Though installation was easy and went exactly like the way, I did with Ubuntu, but still my opinion will remain the same that Google will be needed to push much harder to make people familiar with it.


May be I was not happy with Chromium OS more because I was not able to bring Network running over it that is something like essential to Chromium OS. Dear Google India is not ready for all time working Internet till now, its still a rare thing and top of that none of Network here or Wireless Cards of Nokia Booklet seemed to be supporting this OS. So, for me it was a failed attempt like Android. Though there is a console, so I think that there were more things to do for me.. which I didn’t ..

chrome ConsoleChrome Memory

Waiting for your comments, if you can link some positive experiences, I really want to hear some positives about these two OS’s and Nokia Booklet 3G …

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