Indian Idol II: If not now then never ..

The situation has been changed a lot this week.

One strong contestent personwise have left the show, everything has been shakened, TRP rating has been raised, not only because of controversy but also because of the level of performances. Neck to Neck fight between Karunya and Sandeep. If any one still doubt on the quality of Sandeep then go for the recordings of the last Gala more and more. He was the best and clearly stolen the show for the first time. And what a magic was in air, never been seen after Monali Thakur and Neha Kakkar.

One could feel the magic, if he has heard all the last show and then hear the same show again and again without any reservations. If you missed the last Gala then ask me for that at but should see that because if you missed the show, then you missed the best show of Indian Idol 2 till yet.

The person, whose tears make Judges and public in tears. The person whose smile from heart, shyness on little bit of praise make everyone of you to smile, either you are fan of him or not. You never want to make him out, even if he goes down in performance. His just a little bit enjoyment in his performance make you all to whisling. What is the meaning of a star? What is the meaning of love? Think and then speak, then dare to write a word against him. Why, why you might not be voting for him but always watching him, watching for his smile, his style and for everything. Is not that star material?

Many of you were asking for a Grand Finale between Amey and Karunya but why not it happened??
What your competitor need more to do competite with him?
what made him to get in to this level of cometition?
Who is backing Sandeep Acharya from the begining?
What his fans do?

A lot of questions are waiting for me to answer.

Ok! You wanna competite Sandeep’s fans.

Wanna competite with one who is working for overtime, a total of 16 hours a day, because he has spend his all salary in voting and now needs more and more for the last three finals.

Wanna competite with the girl, who is spending five hours daily to make her girl hostel and University voting for sandeep.

Wanna competite with boy, who has made sketches of Sandeep Acharya and now going Shop to Shop to request Shopkeepers to keep these hand made poster in front of the showcase.

Wanna competite with the old man, who came everyday at my home to saw the show, because he has not a TV in his home and he want to see Sandeep Acharya?

Wanna competite my six year niece, who speak loudly at every peformance of Sandeep, “Record it Bhaiya”.

No, you just can’t, you can’t competite the X-factor he has. You in similar way neglected Kazi Taukeer’s fan crowd and doing the same with Sandeep. Neither Judges nor public were able to stop the overflowing charm of the performances of Kazi nor they would be able to do the same with sandeep Acharya. If you were able then he was out wth Monali and Neha, you won over them but not over Sandeep as God was always with him.

Note that all the above example are from Allahabad, a district of Uttar Pradesh. Just think that what the craze will be in Rajasthan or on the peak in Bikaner itself.

Note it down, this is India, here we do not praise our Heros, we worship them. You might abuse us, you might make joke of us, you might be posting messages and message, you might making controversies, you migh be crying at top of your voice against news channels, but could not even think to competite with that much craze.

I do not know that who is supporting to whom, I do not know what are the straitegies of other contestents, I forgot that my first love was Monali for this show, I forgot that it was Neha Kakkar’s smile, which one time made me believe that she will make it, I forgot what I have said earliar on the board for the other contestents, just forgot what the persons on this board have said to me, What I remember, what I know right now is this, only this that We have to make it, if not now then never. We have to prove to prove that we are Indians.

Let Sonu say that this made us GULAM for years, but this is the spirit that make our culture alive from years when it losted from many porttion of the world. India is not known for regionalism but it is known for being emotional, that is what, which make it worst, that is what, which make it great and that emotion is with Sandeep Acharya.

Yes!! I have said earliar that “Never Sleep at Monday Night”, and now it is for all over the week, but we will not let down the spirit, each day will be a new Monday, if we make him up to the finals then we will make the history again as we have done in case of Kazi Taukeer.

I request you all to come and be a part of the history.


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