Indian Idol II: The Holi round was the best of all ….

One thing that was most interesting and noticable in the Holi round was the comeback of Sandeep Acharya’s comeback. You all have heard his words, what he have said when he was in bottom two with Antra. This time he neither cried nor made any excuses. He was really expecting that day as his last day and many of us too.

Although Antra was bad in last Gala and was loosing support day by day, because of breakng of that “Gaon Ki Gori” image and her arrogance, but the Judges and some of you were expecting that this is the fate of Sandeep, and now you accept or not, many of you abusing him now, were then really praying that somehow he should stay in place of Antra.

The prays got paid, the fate chaged and the non-deserving at that moment left the show. Sandeep was not up to the mark in that show for me too, because it was not his sweet voice but it was clearly visible that he was stretching his voice to get away from his orginal, to get away from the shades of Udit Narayan adn was definately unable to handle the amount of pressure with a new type of thing. But he survived, the love of public made him to survive.

The last Gala, the holi round and Sandeep decided to make it as the final chance as Ravi Tripathi did at his last chance and the thing dramatically changed, no perssure of Sonu Nigam could make him nervous now. He was performing to make his best and also not expecting to survive and he banged, banged at both the chances.

It mad me to think about Neha Kakkar’s bang, he mad me to thank the God for us all of our wishes, what we have made for Sandeep. The bang even shakened others peformances and also stunned Judges, who were ready with their predecided comments.

Many of you love Amay for his performance and his consistency, but you have to accept that he was not upto the mark because of the choice of song first time and hen because of nervousness and pressure for the second time. Anuj Sharma, I think getting paid for the best performances during piano and theator rounds, but now even he knows that it is very very late now.

I challenge you alll that you all have a soft corner for Sandeep Acharya. The same shy looking, sweet handsome guy just like Abhijeet Sawant, the very very good boy at the next door image and in deed he is. Never knows that what to do and when to do but never did never say wrong to someone, make mistake and accept mistakes, no arrogance at any stage.

Think that why you all were expecting from the bottom of your heart, such a comeback from him and when he did it, many new supporters comeback to show and to save him for this time and now on. The bar of votes raises and it made the unexpected happening. If you all were not expecting Amay to go then I too was not expecting Anuj to come in bottom two, bcause he never touched the bottom means a strong fan list is backing him, but it was only Sandeep’s performance that broke the fate.

I have said before that week “if Sandeep survived then he will be unstoppable otherwise we all will forget him like Ravi Tripathi, Monali Thakur and Neha Kakkar”.

He did it for the first time with Sukhwindar’s voice and Amit Ji’s voice, he challenged Karunya in his high pitch field and made it. Amay’s fan shold get a new face in Sandeep. Just think about, Karunya is good because got 50% times Sukhwindar song an two Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan songs, he is peforming well because the India’s best singer is backing him at his full power. His comments are affecting the other Judges to say good things about him, he is almost declared winner before six week ahead of finals. NO, we can’t put Karunya and Sandeep side by side in this situation.

Karunya’s voice could not even be compared with Sandeep Acharya.

Karuya is trained but not gifted singer, has a well controlled voice and excelent performance but not that softness and sweetness and the performance goes by confidence. As a human bean, you could never rate him over Sandeep and do not ever dare to do that. Just decided, we got our star.

Three competitors: one got many praises from public and Judges, one in whom I always believed and you all too, from somewhere inside your heart you all are praying each time that he should bang the whole world now. In deed the best one, voice wise and the person wise, how this voice will go ahead is in your hands.

The third one, after Ravi Tripathi, most hated one, but it can’t help as no negative votes are here and many people still want to give him one more chance. He never came in bottom three/two except the last time. All the criticism is going to raise the number of votes for him and if you have to vote him out then the number of votes are needed to be increased which has lesser probability as after Amay a part of Mumbai supporters are expected to be out from the show.

If you do not join to save Sandeep, then even if Karunya faces Anuj Sharma in Finals then you belive it or not he will be defeated and youall will crying just like this time, note that he never caem down even you expected him to be at a lot of times. Anuj Sharma’s suporter are following the same way as done by Debojeet although Anuj Sharma is no where near Debojeet.

We all need to wake up otherwise we are surely going to get Anuj Sharma as Indian Idol because Karunya never got that appeal that Sandeep, Monali, Panna and Neha Kakkar has, judges made him star, ut in finals, there will be many days and nights to vote, what will happen, you all know very well. He is lacking the likability, he is lacking the X-factor, he is lacking the attitude that make you lovable.

So, whomever you ght be supporting till yet, it is the time to support Sandeep, I am not saying that do it right now wait for his performance in next gala and then decide, I have full confidence in him that he will bang you all again this time. About karunya I have to see how many hgh pitch song our Film ndustry has and how many songs Sukhwindar has sang.

You all have to make it this time, this is the time to raise the number of SMS, calls to the mark that Sandeep/ Karunya could survive, otherwise we are not going to enjoy the finals.

NOw at the same time, note that you can’t vote out Anuj Sharma but you could make Sandeep/Karunya to win over him by huge margins. So, what are you waiting for? If you have spend the money till yet then it is not the time to leave the show. You are here to make the a final shape of your investement done till yet, otherwise all will go in vain.


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