Indian Idol II: Amey’s Vote out …

No, I really do have much to comment on it. Yes! I was not expecting this to be happen at that day. This does have some means to his singing, this doesn’t some connection to hs performance. was expecting Karunya/ Sandeep to be there. It was all about calculations, after Abhijee Sawant, whole Bombay was looking at Amay date, neverhave been rated above Meenal Jain, never have been rated Panna Gill by Judges. The positive things about Amay were his presentation, presentation of songs and presentation of himself, his voice waS not limited as Karunya’s is. Hold it, hold your fires, I really do not want to mess up with Amay’s supporters, but you all really know that even you were not supporting him from the begining. No question at all on that whatever have been happened was right or not. Many things has been wrong here and in other shows. Do you think that Sagar Sawarkar was given the proper chance? Do yuo think that Ravi Tripathi should stay in the show after making the worst ever in the show? Do you think that Panna should leave the show at that moment? Was the decision to pick up a boy in place of a girl was right at all? Why Judges specially Sonu NIgam was too harse over the sweet voice and the most happening and charming personality MOnali Thakur? Were all of you were expecting Meenal Jain’s Vote Out at that day? Why Sonu started and then used to comment on Sandeep, the most sweetest voice of Indian Idol? How could a Judge like Diya Mirza could say that she will stop watching the show, if Karunya came out? A lot of question marks… But we all have accepted those decisions. No one including Karunya was well in Shadi Round, but so much praise?? Really ridiculas, even Sifymax made the title of the recap with a contestent’s name. When we all have accepted all of the last decisions, we all know about the format, we all know that four are remained and one has to go, we all know that Amay was always above or below average (but just consistently now bad), then how could Judges dare to walk out from the show?? Have they forgot that what comments they have made over his last performances, or I should rewrite what ever they have said in each episode for Amay? Why the whole drama? Because it was the semi-final and there should be a bang before going for whole week voting? The same drama was in SRGMP when the four contestents were remaining. I am going to repeat some of my words about the format being adapted here. A song is created by four people: The writer, then the music director, then the singer and then the coreographer. The writer has no means here as the singers are singing the songs from old films, so nothing to do about that. So,why the triplet concepts is here, I think that the answer is clear. But Sonu NIgam is not here to sing, Anu Malik is not here to Direct Music and Farah is not here to coreograph. Why they are here? Not to judge the contestents, that part is done now. You are commenting to make views of public. Public have to decide that you are saying right or not. You are not the God, so can’t expect from public that they will follow you. You are getting paid for making the show interesting, you are getting votes costing Rs.3/- each from public. Public, who not always buy your 50/- album necessarily , how you could dare to think that they would go through your voice for spending thousand from their pocket money. Yes! regionalism is here and it is in the blood of India and will be. If this regionalism have costed us many times then rewarded to many times. NO, I am not favouring regionalism, but this is reality show and that’s it. you are getting money from it. If you walk out then you are making shit of the lakhs of money that people have spent on your stupid show for their candidate that is not liked by you. NOte that this show is not here because you like it, it is here because people like it. Note that you are here to perform your jobs and not to decide the fate of anyone, have you decided the fate that Anuj should not be in finals? Note that Amay’s fans missed to pay that much money to make him stay, missed that crazyness and they paid for that. But you really ruined him forever. It will increase your ratings exactly before going for the open week SMS’s. You have done what you have to do, public really do not know that how many quality singers, you failed to choose in your expert deciding style “in one minutes choose a singer”. What is the reason that the singing quality in Indian Idol is so much below than SRGMP? I do not think that in India we have so crisis of singer that they might not be involved in the process of selection. I have seen more than three singer in my eyes and heard them live,who did not make it into the piano round at least. It is your fault, if you have decided the winner before more than six weeks, not Indian public’s. You were the bunch of fools, who always call us fools and using your moronship on the singers who are chosen by you all from thousands and thousands of people. Either you are wrong now or will wrong then.


One thought on “Indian Idol II: Amey’s Vote out …

  1. Wow nitish! I think you are one of the dumbest people i have ever met! First of all how can you say Sandeep is even a better singer than Karu! I think you need a hearing aid you old buddha! But anyways its really hard to read your entries because you are so illiterate and cannot spell or even write a sentence grammaticaly correct! Sandeep should have never ever ever have made it to the finals he is a LOSER and should have been voted out right away. Instead valuable true performers like Amey, Antara and Meenal were voted out. If Sandeep becomes Indian Idol I will hold you responsible and you should feel really guilty for even thinking he is the Indian Idol. Trust me my friend you will see that if Sandeep becomes Indian Idol, the show is doomed since it can produce such crap singers like that. Anyways have a nice day!

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