How I started with Blogging

A friend asked me how I started blogging few days back. All of sudden, it ignited a lot of memories from past. Memories of how this all started, memories of how I tried to matured with, memories of my stupidity once and memories of really many remarkable things of my life. But still in place of giving credits of this article to those memories, I would like give the credits to my favourite blogger Deep Ganatra. (I know, he might be a bit surprised if know about it as we kind of didn’t mixed well, when it was the last time and I was arrogant and kiddish kind of or could say, was in Evil Techniques of Blog Promotions.). So, It’s kind of dedicated to him and to let him know that I admire him (even if weren’t reading him in past too much, will read from now on).

Before having the blog on itself, I was just experimenting with with the experimental site. In those days, I was naive enough about these blogging and even writing things. I was used to write my diaries and poetries in those days, but wasn’t much aware about blogging in those days. I was reading in Allahabad University and it was kind of outdated enough to know about such stuffs. Friends anchoring me into technology world were Ram Kinkar Pandey, Manoj Narayan Tripathi and internet provided by MNNIT, Allahabad (Younger Brother’s Hostel).

The first reason to come up with a blog was Indian Idol 2 and the day for the first article was 22nd March 2006. Just one day before of the same, I came to meet an amazing online friend from other country. This friendship lasted for next two years and still back there with many good memories with it.

Writing; it was started in just fun as I was working for IIIT-Allahabad in those days, was having good speed internet all day long, much of spare time, I took Indian Idol as a subject and over time, as people started to hit me, I started hitting back and I come to know that it was in me somewhere. Those days and now, I am still learning a thing or two everyday about blogging and this online world, though life gone on a much busy track with lots of responsibility of work life and personal life.

Now, coming toward the same point, from where I started; Deep Ganatra. If I keep some target in my mind about my blogging, then it would be him. Recently, I have been in some details with his blog and got to feel a few similarities between us. May be we are different phases of time/ maturity/ life, but I should look into his words for some guidance. After all, now days, I am loosing things kind of anchoring.

First thing, I am reading from him is about SEO and other comments were like over lengthy CV etc. Still I should say, I am not following all of them :P, but I think, I am starting kind of makeup stuff between. I regard him like a big brother.

If I write, then I could write much on this topic, but making myself stopped here keeping someone’s comments in mind.


2 thoughts on “How I started with Blogging

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