Nokia N8 Vs Nokia N900-Which one you want?

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The looks that will make you believe in things like Love at first sight, the price that make you fear that will you be able to get one before the stock runs out, the big amoled multi-touch shiny screen that find you only dreaming that how will be that like touching to it and a 12 MP with amazing build, which keeping you on toe that when you will get that one to make others envy. Yes!! I am talking about Nokia N8.


But hey!! wait a little, there might be another news in the corner, something else coming to India sooner than that. Yes!! that thing is known to be Techie’s best dream and opening new possibilities by each next day. Yes!! You guessed right, its Nokia N900. I already wrote that there are strong hints that it might land to India very soon and someone also said that price might be around 26-28k. So, which one you will buy? Nokia N8 or Nokia N900?

update: Nokia N900 got released in India on June 04, 2010. Though we got a price Rs. 30, 369/- not any lesser. Current market price of Nokia N900 in New Delhi as on June 30, 2010 is Rs. 25, 900/- and as this is Nokia Priority Dealer price, sure they must be better deal than this with HotSpot etc.

Interesting is that I haven’t seen a single person that might be ready to change his Nokia N900 for any other phone, either it be iPhone or any Android. Its really something that is growing like some wild fever without being hyped or even without that much backing by the manufacturer itself (unfortunately). We were really tired of hearing thing around iPhone that I got this app, I bought that app, how cool this app is and blah blah … but with Nokia N900, some new and real world seems to be opening. With a closing of around 3-4k price difference, Nokia N900 seems to be all set for keeping consumers highly confused about the choice between the two flagship models once N8 arrives.

I thought that its right to compare the two around the features offered and possibilities here as definitely a new debate is just around the corner that which one should be bought now?

1. Design, Build and UI: There will always be views that what is better, having a awesome physical keypad with you to make most of typing or having a shiny touch screen, that keeps your fingers always etching to slide on? Nokia N8 so far sure ride on the best build from Nokia so far, sure rising the bar much higher than the last Flagship Nokia N97 MIni. More of it, nothing seems more solid than a closed one piece build like Nokia N8 has. But at the same time, you can’t write off the tough male look of Nokia N900 as well. Nothing seemed as solid before. I guess it’ll be left over the choice of individuals.

Nokia-N8-06beauty n900

Note: Beautiful pictures of Nokia N900 are courtesy @arun8GB

On the other side, Nokia N900 houses such a nice keypad that people even might crave for something like same on now days Netbooks. It will be seriously interesting to watch that how will a touch screen keypad will fair against something this much awesome, when currently Nokia seems not support multi-touch of keyboard (No Ctrl+C).

Take a look, I am comparing Touch UI’s of Android and iPhone with Physical Keypad of Nokia N900.

keypadnexusiphone keypad

Definitely, for many its not a pleasant sacrifice provided the studies that says touch keypad are less efficient than physical ones and it keeps the rumors on for the next NSeries device Nokia N98 with Symbian^3, probably the same 12 MP camera, but incorporating physical keypad with same sleek design (Check the pics).

Nokia N98Nokia-N8-10

Well! personally I really wish to see that how touch UI keypad of Nokia N8’s big screen will fare against Nokia N900’s real convenience that kept me writing many blog posts directly from Nokia N900 only.

Next is about UI, honestly speaking, we haven’t seen much of exciting things about Symbian^3 except that multiple desktop thing. Reason is, it was the Russian site that prompted Nokia to go for announcing the half baked phone, otherwise when Vladislav Savov of Engadget visited Nokia HQ, then he was not presented with a proto-type with NOT working UI, sure a sign that the OS not fully operational yet.

Accept it, till now Symbian^3 might have excited the world in conversations only, yet it remained much to show off in pictures and video, where if we compare the same with Maemo, then we already seen that what wonder could be done with a mere Non-Capacitive UI. Definitely Symbian^3 needs to surprise us hard, if wanted people to forget Maemo for Symbian or MeeGo.

I will say even if lighter weight and sharp build Nokia N8 catches the eye instantly, Nokia N900 keeps the trust with majestic keypad, while Symbian^3 yet to show its full glory, definitely its gonna be hard to ignore N900’s magical Maemo.

2. Connectivity: One of the first phones to support Bluetooth 3.0, USB on the Go, HDMI and all of the other connectivity options that Nokia N900 supported, Nokia N8 is sure ready to hit the competitors big time. Many people says that Nokia like to tick all the checks in specifications and even after doing all end up doing things just ok or badly. But this time, its something seriously to be watched out. It sure beats even Nokia N900 in this department and sure lovely because at least on Symbian, we could expect a perfectly working Radio App for receiving/ transmitting and may be my personal favourite Google Maps app.


For me, I wish to see that how much battery will fair using all these connectivity options as in case of Nokia N900, I have seen that if I keep on using 3G on full go, then it ended up draining the batteries even if being continuously charged by being connected to Laptop. What about the 1200 mAh battery of Nokia N8 in comparison to 1320 mAh of Nokia N900?

3. Touch Vs. Multi-Touch: Nokia definitely has surprised many by announcing Nokia N8 in a price of around 22, 000/- even when packing other first in world features like Bluetooth and a 16GB memory. Fight will be with now more equipped iPhone 4G touch experience, but many expect Nokia be more ready this time through considerable inputs from touch design of N900.

Resistive Screen             VS         Capacitive Screen

Nokia N900 sure came to re-define the touch for Nokia and it has to move further with Nokia N8 even if that might be an entirely another OS. Multi-touch really re-defines the meaning of touch and the same kept iPhone ride on market big times. Sure, Nokia N8 with good things added from N900 will come to provide more lighter feel of Multi-touch. Perhaps much of reasons to buy it.

4. Maemo Vs Symbian: Maemo is probably the biggest reason behind the new hopes with Symbian^3, otherwise many had given up over Nokia that inspite of good hardware and best of the prices. Experts and bloggers called it Nokia’s obsession with Symbian that’s making it loose the grounds in front of revolutionary Android or iPhone OS.


Arrival of Qt was to bring some hopes and probably with Symbian^3, we could expect to see that in full glory, but still Nokia N900 will stand tall with its Open source and very much user familiar Maemo in front of Nokia N8 and Symbian^3. Probably one of the biggest reason that we are calling for some kind of comparison here. Openness of Maemo is something that couldn’t be compared with anyone. In spite of early bugs and complaints about immaturity at places, only Maemo has bring the scenario that at each next day, we hear about new people doing new things with their Nokia N900.

Many will voice my concern that they fear if with Meego, they gonna loose the same flexibility that Maemo provided and so have their reasons to stick with Nokia N900. Not only Geeks, but even normal people love Linux based Maemo, because its the only place in Smartphones, where you could expect some multimedia player playing all kind of multimedia files, where you could expecting getting some free program to record the calls as easily as you were on some Desktop, only thing that could let you check the logs if something went wrong.

Yes!! we want capabilities of Nokia N8, but still we love Maemo’s openness more. It remains to be see that who will win?

Lots could be said about these and I just wished to point the debate that would take place over web very soon, when Nokia N8 trial units will be out and people will get a feel of real things. Let’s see, who will go more strong? Will after the early excitement with Nokia N8, Nokia N900 will still keep world’s interest in it or Symbian^3 will come to change the game?

Waiting for your comments, more things that could be compared between the two, more things that could have been mentioned here.. anything that you wish to share about the two… you are most welcome.

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.


164 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Vs Nokia N900-Which one you want?

  1. Nice one,

    My fav one is N900 the rock solid one and Linux as every one is getting used with.. probably anyone can hack and play with it. and not in N8 even symbian is open source.

  2. Thanks Fasil for dropping by,

    Yes!! Nokia N900 has advantage with OS, but definitely N8 also has advantage on HDMI, USB-On-The-Go, 12 MP Camera, Bluetooth 3.0 etc like things.

    We all could only wish that if it was like PCs and we were able to install Maemo on N8 or if N8 also came to include Physical Keypad like rumors about N98.

    We all love openness of Nokia N900.

    1. i recently bought N900 with a nervous mind but within a week i am so much glad for my choice.
      hdmi,is nothing more than gimmick on mobile phone i wonder how many of indian households have hdmi ready appliances,rather tv out was an instant solution i occasionally browse internet with tv as monitor.
      on the other hand usb on the go is excellent idea and i have seen the same works out in n900 also .
      bluetooth is almost obsolete and personally i am already contented with bluetooth 2 i wish to have connectivity speed of wlan but it is impossible with bluetooth bandwidth.
      openness part:-
      the most heart winning thing in N900is when i open up the application manager with playthora of innovative apps which we can communicate with the geeks and make it better .i am already getting addicted to my n900 and strangely getting my head into linux world

      1. Yes. Thats hell of an awesome device for sure, if you know geeky thing. Still I miss that badly.

        But one thing I like to correct here, N900 doesnt have USB On the Go by hardware itself

        Sent from my Nokia phone

    2. Mr.Nitish Can You HELP me in changing the symbian^3 OS to either Android or Windows or Maemo I’m really bored with Symbian^3 its the Same Functionality & Menu|UI which i had in my Nokia 5800 Please help Me OUT!

      1. Pravin,
        First of all, Nokia 5800 doesn’t have Symbian^3 neither it can have Symbian^3, Maemo, Windows or Android keeping the hardware requirements in mind. Though you can sure take help of Siraj from for porting C6-00 firmware on your Nokia 5800 which will come with widgets etc.

        Note that any OS requires RAM, Processor, phone Memory etc and with cellphones we can not upgrade those.

  3. Hi Nitish,

    Good article on the comparison of the N8 vs N900..

    I personnally own the N900 myself and find it an extremely great phone to use.. I had the n95 prior to this and the N900 w/ maemo its lightyears ahead of the n95.. I find symbian to have potential that was never really realized..

    One thing tho Nitish, I find your blog riddled with grammatical errors and hard to read. Other than that keep up the good work.



  4. Hi Miguel,
    Very true that Maemo made us realize that Symbian keeps the hardware under utilized coz with same 600 MHZ processor as in E72 or E52, N900 seemed fastest Nokia Smartphone ever.

    As about the grammatical error then apology for the same. I am cross checking my posts now days.

  5. Hi Nitish!!

    Congrats for your great job at doing such a great research on both of this grest devices!!
    Personally I’m looking forward to have my nokia n900
    in my hands!! I’m pretty sure it’s as powerful as I think
    and there’s no way I’ll change it for another phone.
    I think i’ll be asking you some other things about it when i have it, which i think will be a week or two from now.

    Once again, u’ve done a great job with this research!!
    Wish me the best of lucks with my n900

    1. All the best mate.

      Sure Nokia N900 keep on bouncing back again and again due to new adventures and features getting discovered. More of it, its also the main handset being used for any kind of testing that suggest that how robust and versatile the hardware.

      I could sure understand people’s interest in Nokia N900 as getting many hits to my blog by people comparing Nokia N900 and Nokia N8.

      Thanks for encouraging me by your words and sure could ask me back, whenever required.

  6. Awesome write up Nitish !! Simply loved the flow of your analysis on both the phones.

    I was looking to buy a N900 when i bumped into N8 and then my dilemma started. But after reading your article, i’ve decided that N900 will be my handset for sure, irrespective of whether i go on to buy a N8 later on or not.

    Thanks once again for such a well written article !

    1. Thanks Dear..

      Really many times we feel that we never get a perfect solution but thats life.. both the devices have their pros and cons.. and better value of money. Hard to decide and easy to say that go for latest, but one has to think that what serves him best

    1. Unfortunately, Maemo OS that runs N900 doesn’t has native support for Java. Though you can install OpenJDK to have the same support up to some extent, but I am not sure that how much it serves for all kind of Jar files…

      Its a dead end for Maemo as of now

  7. Hi nitish, liked ur blog. I am thinking about buying an N900? What is the price of it now, can u tell me? And there is one thing that is worrying me, i heard, we can’t press things like, *400#, is it true? If so, then i can’t recharge my mobile, i’m from nepal, and i need to know this, plz reply.

    1. Current price is 24.5k in New Delhi, India.
      That’s true about *400#, at least it was there, when in Feb, I had it, but there were widgets solving the same issue. I hope till now it must have got resolved, but I will confirm you soon over it

        1. Unfortunately, USSD number (those starting with a ‘#’) supports is not available on Nokia N900 (at least was not in my firmware when I reviewed the unit). There were USSD widgets available for the purpose then like the one given below and one is their own depository as well

          It might be strange but true.. N900 many times remind that its a tablet first and then a phone

          1. yes For your Information *400# will work only after u install a plug-in called *# starhash Enabler which you can find it in Application Manager 🙂

  8. Thanks nitesh for ur response, and plz confirm me later, whether that problem is still there. And also i wud like to know 1thing, i.e. Nokia N8, a very beautiful set, no one can ignore, the price announced is 22,000, but thats without taxes. So can u plz tell me, what could be the price, when it will launch in market, with taxes? What u think, Will it be below 25000?

  9. Nice Writeup, if anything it increased my confusion as to which one to go for ;). But am still in favor of N900 because of the OS and it has user reviews than N8 previews. Am looking to buy it in a week or so. Can you suggest me some good trust-able softwares that we can install in N900…

    Thanks Nitish.

    1. Its true that OS is superb and so the hardware as well. People who cant live without keyboard has no other option such powerful as Nokia N900… (till the Meego a.k.a. N9 get released).

      When I trialed then I created a list of 12 must have apps

      Though my priorities were different and now much more things have been happened with N900.. so better check out self.. it wont disappoint for sure.

  10. hi Nitish,
    Really nice study…I am using N900 from almost 4-5 months.Web browsing is really awesome experience.I have experienced a problem in N900 now a days..Very often messaging service gets hanged..Otherwise its performing gr8…

  11. Hi nitesh, i’ve gone few days before 2raxaul, bihar for buying nokia N900, but they said, ye mobile ta band ho gaya, is it true? And what about *400# issue, is it resolved? Plz confirm me, coz i really want a set with a physical keyboard.

    1. Rojan,
      It very much on sale, I just confirmed, may be the stock ran out at the place you asked for it. No where its closed down from Nokia.

      *400# is not an issue with it, its just that it requires another way to handle that being a tablet first and then a phone. There is a widget available for that which works flawlessly and easy to handle

  12. Maybe i might not contribute much now, probably later. However i am struggling with finding a compatible antivirus for my nokia 7230. I would appreciate a little help of advice on what product you see fit for my slightly obsolete mobile. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    1. Davis, As of now, there are no Anti-Viruses for Nokia 7230 as S40 devices are not meant for viruses. Rare case if someone would have caught one.

      The way, multi-tasking works on S40 and whatever hardware and resources such devices share, it would be hard to imagine Anti-Viruses for them real soon

  13. hi nitish can u tell me that what are the basic differences in between maemo(N900) & symbian(N8). coz m really get confused now as i was sure to buy nokia n8 but becoz of the operating system m confused again & also i love dolby as well as hdmi support. plz also tell whether we will find a huge differences in camera of both d phones or not bcoz i think 12megapixel is fitted in such a small & sleek phone. In simple language which phone is better.Plz reply

    1. Definitely Nokia N8 would be the best thing to go for as of now. Nothing beats that except just announced E7, but thats not in picture before Jan’11.

      As per your needs, go for Nokia N8. You wont regret.

      Sent from my Nokia phone

      1. Hi nitish , i wanted to buy a new phone but i am confused between n8 , n900 and e7 . which phone would be better for me and i need that phone , which has all functions and smoothness

  14. hi nitish,
    very nice blog to read.
    i am looking forward to buy n8 but i am struck with only thing that it doesnt have a physical keyboard….. other qualities as listed by you is way ahead of others nokia phones .. but i am in delima between n900 and n8.

    your reply will certainly meant a lot here..


    1. As much I am getting closer to N8, it certainly getting over me.

      Lack of navigation and limited software availability is sure a deal breaker in favour of N8 over N900, where bulky look of N900 get defeated by N8 looks. Maemo had its advantages, but lack developers and all attentions to N8, it makes sense to be with latest of symbian.

      As about keypad, then unfortunately, the next offering from Nokia will come not before jan’11 which will be E7 in 30k+

      Look like you and me have to catch the boat of touch phone or can buy E5 for now in interest of immediate needs.

      Sent from my Nokia phone

  15. nokia n900 is d best nokia fon i ave ever used. i traded ma x6 n added 200usd jux to ave a fill of dis machine. n i dnt regret doin dat. wouldnt change ma n900 for any fon out dere. to hell wit ipone 4. dis device can do magic. would love to buy n8 bt wld stil kip ma n900. d best fon out dere so far. big ups nokia

    1. Yes dear.

      I agree with the fact and thats been the reason of this post. N900 holds it position very tight till another Linux, MeeGo thats a direct upgrade to Maemo arrives.

      For people having N900, it will be hard to think of replacing it, even if that might be a N8

      Sent from my Nokia phone

      1. I agree on the same Nokia N8 is the best in looks, robustness, features and pricing.

        Nokia N900 was superb thing due to OS part specially and we will miss QWERTY too. Maemo was awesome, but with limited support for many things .. one needs to wait much more for MeeGo. Keyboard was essential but was making it bulky.

        As even recently announced E7 seems not exactly same promising, as Nokia N8 (specially camera part is deal breaker for me), we sure require to wait at least six month for some proper keyboard thing with looks of E7 and features of N8, may be that would be Nokia N9, but till that kind of thing is just a dream, Nokia N8 is a go from the very first day it arrives in market.

  16. How much responsive is touchscreen of nokia N900, with comparisino to N97 mini? And is there a chance of price drop of N900 soon? And whats the expected price of nokia N8? Ply reply.

    1. As I have written in my one review, there been no resistive screen I have ever seen that might be as responsive as Nokia N900. More of just screen technology, it has more to do with Maemo, the operating system of Nokia N900.

      Current price of Nokia N900 is steady on 24.5k since quite a long time. Its not going down very soon as I see it.

  17. How to read books on nokia N900? Nokia said, its a tablet, so how much easy it is, to transfer books from pc to N900?

  18. im using n900 for at least 4 months and its very2 gud no prob. but when i see the n8 and its 12mpx camera i think i want to buy it..but now im confidence with my n900, for me the pixel of the camera is not a big deal to buy a phone, if i want to have a gud quality pic. maybe i gonna buy much cheaper camera with 14mpx ahehe =D

  19. I want to buy n97 or n900?which one is better for web browsing?I want to browse online videos of youtube and others sites?would these play on both nokia model smoothly?I am more interested in watching on my mobile indian and pakistani tv shows?which mobile is best for my need………………..………………….

    1. N900, dont even think about N97 for even a second in that case. Though with N8 Vs N900, N8 will serve you better due to speed and battery improvements

      Sent from my Nokia phone

  20. Hi Nitish Kumar,

    I just want a best fast web browsing for online pakistani and indian recorded tv shows on my mobile.which is better n8 or n900?n900 is so called tablet pc,so is it more good for web browsing videos??????

  21. hi
    nice article about n900 vs n8 i have a question that in international market nokia drops its n900 price but in india its price is still same

    1. Its dropped from 38k to 30k, when launched in India, then in next few days it was at 26.5k, where it stayed for two months I guess. Right now, its 24.5k and its hard 2 further down when it packs 32 gb internal memory, full keypad and other interesting things

      Sent from my Nokia phone

  22. Nitis bhai main nokia n900 kharidna chahta hoon mujhe kuch pata nahin hai aap bataiye iske advantage and disadvantage aap ke mail ke baad hi kharidoonga

  23. i have a big problem as i am about to buy,either the nokia n8 or n900…
    My basic needs would be simple text messaging and listening to music(the speakers have to be loud!!!)
    The camera is not such a big deal for me as i am fine with a 5MP camera but usb connectivity also plays an important factor as i can then connect it to my TV.
    At the same time,i like a physical keyboard but u said the n900 has software restrictions.
    Could u plz tell me whivh phone is best reccommended for me??

    1. For the same reason, Nokia N8 is a better deal due to the fact that the battery will prevail much longer than it would have in case of Nokia N900. With louder speakers and USB OTG, it sure could earn your respect as the perfect device.

      Although I understand your concern about the love towards HW QWERTY as I been in the same dilemma, but still the bigger screen has far more advantages that could be felt only when you started using one. Its a world that is getting more favourable, when it comes to updates and apps, so being away from the fancy getting hard day by day. If have to start with touch then nothing could be better than Nokia N8

  24. Hey…In the blog u seem to be leaning towards N900 …but in some of the replies u r suggesting N8..dats cofusing me further….. Can u please tell me the clear choice If I request you to suggest one….N8 or N900 ????

    1. Yes mate. You noticed correct. This post constantly getting attention otherwise it was written back in May. Since then many things has been changed.

      Nokia N900 suits geeks more with what you can do with it, while Nokia N8 delivers stuff as we know them, so it was over the needs, when I replied them. Even after this long time, N900 has not got the proper maps and hasn’t been able to pull out developers, so sure a holding point. Whatever people are loving qwerty, will be soon distracted by E7.

      Definitely, Nokia N8 is a better worth of same 24.5k price or even lesser for N8. My review and hands on will be coming soon.. Keep checking

  25. hi,
    i had read all the comments and …….
    actuvaly i was about to bye new one of either n8 or n900, for this i was in confuse and by above coments its geting tooo confused.
    would u clear say which is perfect and can be taken.
    i use almost all the applications given phone.
    could u please suggest me which one is best.
    intrestingly i spend more time with my PC, and work more with it, and i make more journy too….
    i need to enterniend and useful to me.
    i one word weight is not big probs to me.
    i was planing to bye on diwali. please suggest me and feel free to ask me any information u want regarding me.

    1. Hi Rajendra,
      Definitely there are many confusions about these two handsets as can be seen by number of comments here.

      Nokia N900 is a capable phone and more capable platform. When it comes to hardware and design, then sure Nokia N8 is a win and when it comes to software, then Nokia N900 could have been, if Maemo was supported more, but in lack of that support and the announcement from Nokia side just two days back to bring MeeGo and Symbian^4 updates to Symbian^3 devices like Nokia N8, E7 and Nokia C7 sure gonna put Nokia N8 much better placed in comparison to Nokia N900.

      Except the qwerty thing and console access, Nokia N8 has it all and while Nokia N900 misses Google Maps support badly, its right here with Nokia N8 as usual. So, if you are not into hardcore geeky stuff then Nokia N8 should serve you well in long run.

      My reviews on Nokia N8 are in process

      And I am also expecting that I will manage a review Nokia N900 unit again to put side by side with Nokia N8.

  26. hi dear nitish
    i have best handset nokia 6630 but i want to purchase new one in this diwali i want a bussiness phone means phone suporting web browsing and office tools i.e. editing word, excel having big screen qwerty keypad
    wil u suggest me the best for it ?
    can n800 & n900 suports office tools means editing word, excel ?

  27. hi Nitish,

    I am in great delima which one to buy N8 or N900. currently i am using Nokia 6233. Please help me

    1. Go for Nokia N8 without thinking twice. The main part I was worried with Nokia N8 is Multimedia playback and typing.. with Swype and superb multimedia playback support, Nokia N8 kills it. not only its slimmer but too light and silky in hands… big showoff

  28. Hey bro..Urgent help required….I purchased an UNlocked Nokia N900 from & found that my IDEA sim card is not fitting in the sim card slot….Is there any thing I can do…I thought there is no difference between worldwide versions of NOKIA N900. I am searching to find some solution..Please let me know at the earliest…Thanx

  29. Hey wtsup Nitish….i was reading all the comments and replies…most of the ppl say dat nokia n900 is the best nd stuff…but u say n8 is better…im confused..whch one? im actually supposed to get a nokia n900 on 30 october (tmz)…my dad said try n8…plz help..i want gd web brwsng, a full functional gps, gd camera, word docs etc…is symbian better now?

    1. Mate.. first thing Symbian was never bad, it never is. You feel so because you are being told so continuously and Nokia been hosting Symbian with mere generic low configuration devices to keep the costs on lower side.

      Its been people who wanted it to look bad otherwise as a user perspective, people were never that much frustrated with Symbian as they might not get with Android. (believe me, try that once)

      This same post, I write about Nokia N900 and Nokia N8, when Nokia N8 was just announced, but now after taking it in my hands, many things have been changed. What could be more of a statement that it replaced my 3 years old trustworthy Nokia N82, when I never thought that I could on just touch.

      Browsing.. it does it and even if browser being told as not that good, it does the job and for the rest opera is always here. By the way, if you are watching the web news, then a big update is coming soon to bring an all new browser.

      Full functional GPS… here N900 lags. I have felt the pain directly. No java support on N900 means no Google Map app and Ovi Maps are just basic. No Google Maps means no latitude access, though you could go through web now, but people wanted it simple. Loosing Google Maps app was a big thing to me that always stopped me from buying N900.

      Camera.. there are no doubt on this point.. is there any?

      Word.. Docs.. There are not proper and free apps available on N900 as of now while N8 comes with view only version at least.

      Movie playback… Though it was the most scoring point of N900 in my eyes once, but N8 matched the same amazingly as it plays almost 90% of my movie collection without any codec or player.

      So… what you think now?

  30. Hello Nitish, I am planning to buy a Nokia N8 in a Day or two.. but worried about one thing which I never found on any of the Reviews of N8 on Web i.e. its Battery. I just want to know what if the Phone hangs… how will u resolve this issue as you can’t remove the battery.. plz reply fast.

    1. Never an issue mate. Check my recent post. You just need to keep it pressed (power button) for 8 seconds and it will go down. Its like hard wired and will work even if phone hangs.

      Though I have not got it hanged in last two weeks

  31. good review. I like my n8. it’s a little heavy and slower than my old phone. it had a really fast processor. but this is practical for my business, great unlocked cell phone. it’s easy to use, and manuever. wifi and email are practical and great for helping me keep in touch with my clients. much better than my friends unlocked htc phones. the games are fun and keep my wife and daughter busy on the long trips. facebook and games are really fun and simple enough for my younger son. speaker phone is great and the gps helps me because I refuse to stop for directions!! also got our samsung unlock codes and imei unlocking for free! got our last couple n8’s at 2 thumbs way up

  32. Hi,every one..

    I would like to tell you all, if you are in confusion which in choose N8 or N900, I would say please go for N900.. This is really a beautiful handset with very good OS.. when compare with N8 , N8 is nothing in front of N900 except the HD video. Before you go for N8 PLz look into any of your friends N900 and use it atleast ONE hour and ask their experience. you Feel something great about N900. BCZ i did buy N8 with in one day I replaced it In buying N900.. you can do plenty of thing with that and start exploring new by yourself.. You can feel the difference. NO OTher phone has got this Kind of support. People have found various application for N900. Once you use N900 and you done like any other hand set. Trust me . I am the live example..

    1. Karthik,
      I have Nokia N900 for long enough to evaluate its pros and cons. Sure, there is nothing parallel to it, but there are very strong reason for not recommending it for general public as of now.

      1. Not portable as all. Thick and sure a weight to carry.
      2. Maps is extremely basic which is quite frustrating considering the price when almost all Nokia smartphones are carrying that.
      3. There are usability issues with MMS, Radio apps. These all comes as basic things in any smartphone now days.
      4. No java support just cripple it to be a mainstream as very few developing Maemo… not even Nokia itself.
      5. Battery is not sufficient for day long use.
      6. No games etc. At least no decent ones.
      7. Though there are no issues with signals, but sometimes call management is problematic.

      I always said that it was a pathetic move from Nokia to scrap such a big thing like Nokia N900 and no java support was invention of someone out of mind or person wishing for some properity control or whatever.. but highly frustrating.

      Maemo was the brightest kid from Nokia, which they scrapped this much badly that they went years back again.

  33. i want to buy a mobile phone, through which i can do online stock trading smoothly in stock market, all over day wherever i stay. Which phone will be better Nokia N8 or Nokia N900? Please help me.

  34. read all d post but is kinda confusing, because at first you recommended N900 but now u are saying N8.
    l want a phone with good browsing & browser, that can accept wide range of applications. A phone that will not experience difficulty in network connection.
    so please what are the problem & cons of N900 & N8. which of the two do you recommend for me. thank

    1. Recommendations are based upon the person. Regular users wouldn’t like to fiddle up much and sure don’t want to buy another in next six month. Nokia N900 is an experimental one which sure could pose issue for newbies which would have been just opportunities or awesomeness for geeks.

      Weight, battery life, developer support, price are some of the fact that are going against N900 as the time passes.

    1. Depends on requirements, but sure N8 has more use cases and value for money at the moment. I will say if you are not a blogger or Linux person then you have all reasons to go for Nokia N8 almost blindly

  35. HI Nitish,
    Great post.I am thinking to buy nokia N900, but the only cloud I see is that this is the the first and last phone of Maemo by Nokia, hence forth due to Intel-Nokia alliance(Maemo by Nokia and Moblin(Mobile Linux)by Intel) they are going to give birth to the baby Meego(though it will not be a baby in any sense :)).So will it be possible to upgrade the Maemo device to Meego.

    1. Saurabh,
      Lack of support sure pinch, when you think of Maemo. It was the most genuine effort that got hurt due to their on going partnership with Intel. Now, when Intel and AMD combined to take this up for a full fledged market, then sure MeeGo has way to go but for the short term, it was disappointing for N900 that they didn’t managed to get the Maps on the par, when Google Map already wasn’t there due to absence of Java.

      For geeks, there is nothing like Nokia N900 till date neither E7 gonna beat that. Dont know about N9 (if that go MeeGo)

  36. i heard about power problem of nokia n8. is it true?
    i m going to buy this phone. but now i m confused. plz teel me about this problem as soon.i want to buy it after ur reply.

    1. That’s a super hyped issue and people are picking on it for revenge of Antennagate issues. For me, its been a non-issue. Have not got a single person suffering with the same around me.

      Agree that a hundred of the units might have went faulty in some areas (the issue reported more specially in Malayasia) but when volume of salers is in millions, then you can easily skip that. Like Apple, they are not offering any bumpers or special chargers etc. They are saying to replace the full unit, in case, you face any such issue. I dont think any reason to be worried on this part specially.

      Nokia care been a reliable thing for me, in case of issue, but 99.9% you are unlikely to face the same fate as it is being hyped in a way like its been with 20% phones. Rubbish that thing is.

    1. The one I found was written as “Made by Nokia”, not sure, if they are stamping as Made in China any more or not. But that never been an issue. I have used Nokia N82 since last three years and the same was stamped as made in China.

  37. Hi nitish
    Thanks for an extraordinary effort & research you made on these nokia N900 & N8 latest arrivals.

    I will be glad if you help me suggesting the best phone among them as i am afraid as i hardly managing to buy a smaartphone on all my own,after buying i dont want to feel sad,disappointe or dishearted for the mistake i have done. I want to have a phone which allows me quick access to all apps at the same time,good video and audi quality and application support. I am not too greedy of camera megapixels as photography is not my hobby.So i dont have to do anything with the camera expect normal picture quality.As per the blog i come to know that both of the advanced devices has an massive storage capacity to store data i am too happy for it But all i want is from you is too advice which has technically good,user friendly,quick accessable,obsessed with space along with audia video quality for theatre effect feel while using earphone,multitasking,various application support and instant web access on the movie.

    Please do reply to these email as i am hardly making an effort to purchase phone from my savings.

    Thanks & Regards
    Your Accidentally friend.

    1. Well.. thanks Azhar for your kind words.

      if the question is about choosing one the two N8 Vs N900 then let me tell.. none of them will disappoint you once you buy.. question is how you use it.

      Like if you buy a BB and not much of user for mailing etc. then its not worth for you.

      N900 stands for a fresh approach to mobiles and many thing are intuitive there.. and at their best if you are a little geeky and know the basics of linux.. even if you dont things work great for you.

      What goes against N900 is
      1. Battery
      2. Bulk
      3. Basic maps experience
      4. Lack of Java support

      Even camera on N900 is good and so is browsing but question is you must be having a good data plan.

      While when it comes to Nokia N8 then being the newer one and coz of being based on legacy of Symbian.. it works exactly like earlier one did for you and it did all of that with pace.

      You get lots of new features like USB OTG, HDMI etc that grows over you with time. I started suggesting normal users for NOkia N8 as they are getting more value for money with N8 coz N900 still stands on 2k higher price.

      Application support is getting better in case of Nokia N8, where its still a slippy place for maemo

  38. And one important think i forgot to mention in my comment is You are really a good writer people may be getting jeaalous of you and the way you write !

  39. hey nitish,
    i’m using n900 and had the same trouble in choosing btwn 900 and n8..plz note tht
    2)USB OTG..I HAVENT TRIED..but there’s an app H.E.N in app manager,extras devel…plz try tht one
    3)and n900 is an excellent geek device in which every day i feel i’m knowing more,wheras in a symbian device i dnt feel anything new…i’ve used all S^3,s60 1st,2nd,3rd,v5 all fones

    1. Yeah dear. I have used both N8 and N900 extensively and thats why commented that you wont be disappointed on purchase of either.

      Form factor is the forte for Nokia N8 in a way, while N900 goes bulky in a way. Battery life is another area where N8 wins. What holding me to go full praises in a common man perspective for N900 besides its amazing features… is very basic maps and even Google alternative is blocked due to absence of Java support

  40. Well, I lost my N900 last month. Pretty sad if I had to remember the day I lost it. The thing that I don’t like from N900 was that it doesn’t have the Equaliser, which is important for me because I’m a music listener and I’ve been using like 3 or 4 XpressMusic phone before. And also, I really hate it when I tried to open to download Opera Mini, and what opened was the main Opera site (web version), and it’s difficult to download the Mini from the main site. And… the fact that the secondary (front) camera couldn’t be used to take pictures like the main camera? I hate it. How’s N8? I’m interested in it, and I would probably starting to save money for buying N8 if I found it better than N900. I wanted to buy N900 again, but only a dummie would do that. I won’t buy the same phone if there’s another one with better features. Please, tell me more about N8, as since you’ve used it. And also, could you please tell me more about new Nokia phones? It would mean a lot to me. Thank you! Oh yes, you can send the informations to my email, or from ‘Ask me ANYthing!’ feature on my blog: Thanks again!

    1. Well the behaviour was expected and usual.

      I am not sure that why you needed Opera Mini in presence of Maemo or Firefox browser available there, but as it provides you full web, it was obvious that it will redirect your request to

      Nokia N900 is classified as mobile computer more than the smartphone itself, so opera’s site doesn’t have a version for this that way.

      Secondary camera definitely can be used as much I know, you just need to open camera and then go to options and choose secondary camera to make use of front camera.

      If you loved earlier phones like N97 mini etc then sure you gonna love Nokia N8. The details over N8 could be found here and in the links

      1. OK, thanks for the link. I’ve tried to find that option (secondary camera) but I can’t find it. I probably had used it a lot if I found it 😦 I’ve read many comparison between N900 and N8, and I think N900 is better. Well, each of them are better in their own way, and it confused me :/ I hope if I buy N8, it won’t be like one in my dream, which is worse than even 5800. LOL. The Equaliser, is yours doesn’t have one?

        1. No. Nokia N8 doesn’t has an equalizer yet (only few presets) but considering the demand, we are expecting it to arrive soon in next firmware updates. While hardware is here then such software glitches can be overcome anytime

          1. No, I mean your N900, does it have one? Uhmm, I see The Sims 3 has arriving in N8, I haven’t seen the video, but is it displayed like on the iPod & iPhone? Just wondering. And oh yes, I forgot to ask this. My N900 doesn’t contains the installation CD when I bought it, and it cannot be connected to my laptop. It says that it needed the installation CD. Do you know any other way to install it without the CD? Well, the phone is gone now, but at least I knew the way :/

            1. SIMS 3D is here on my Nokia N8

              N900 has support for Ovi Suit as well as PC Suit now. You just have to download them from Nokia Site. Though it must already be there in Internal memory of your N900, just needed to connect your phone to PC in USB mode and then install exe from there.

  41. Hi Nitish,
    Very well written comparison.Planning to buy the N8…I heard some problems of the battery dying out..Could you plssss throw some light on it ? Is it a serious problem ?

    1. Hi Arun,
      For me that was a kind of non-existent and over hyped issue. At least two dozen Nokia N8’s are around me in my office and many readers been reporting about them from all over world and no one made a single complaint over the dead N8.

      As about battery life issues, then you could check some of the cautions which I mentioned in one of my answer to a reader

      I have myself bought a Dark Grey one and much happy with the same. I have time then could take a in-depth read for the screen shots and details about N8

  42. guys…. I have used windows mobile, iphone, androd and many other form nokia but believe me after having n900 I don;t need any other phone in my future…. just tell one think which you can do with other phne and can not be done with n900…it is a the power of thchnology in your pocket rest all just fancy toys…


    1. For most of the people, N8 is a better choice being the latest and more value for money.

      N900 suits for people, who want to use their phone more for R&D and experiments as there might be shortage of apps and some other issues.

  44. Hey Nitish!
    I’ve been waiting for my new nokia N8 for a week now as my source says that the price’ll be goin down to 23k. Its got everything I want in my cellphone and the USB On-the-Go feature has impressed me to the limits! But today, I read an article about the ‘Charge n No boot’ bug in N8. Did some research and found out that Nokia claims this problem is in only ‘vey few’ units. Did some more googling and found out that this isnt exactly the case. A lot of people have been complaining about this problem and also telling everyone not to buy the phone as it restarts like 20 times an hour after some usage. Its not like I hate the N900 but for me, its just a revolution and not exactly how I would like my next phone to be. So, my question is.. Should I wait until all these bugs are fixed cos the company is now looking forward to call back defected devices and replacing them with new ones, which according to some carry the same problem! Or.. Should I take rapid action and go for the N900 as I like it too.

    Pls help me with some wise sounding advice as I’ve used up all mu wits and believe me, I’m out of order!

    1. Vishwa,
      If you Google it well, then you will find the same persons posting at multiple places with the same complaint. Some of them got resolved without even going to Nokia Care and turned out to be Hoax only. Not saying that it was completely false, but I have not seen a single Indian case till now at least, so you must not be worried about the same. I have bought one myself and so more than one and half dozen in my office circle itself. So, no worries. It was something about a regional lot that was not asian at least

      As about prices, then sure prices go down over a time period, its always over you that how much you can wait for. In my case, I bought in 23k at 3Nov and it turned out to be a right decision as prices didn’t went down later on. While when I bought N82, then prices went down within 15 days.

      If you ask me then you can buy a Nokia N8 comfortably.

    1. Yup! it would be .
      Is it with you right now? Try the following
      Press the power key for 12 secs and then if you receive any vibrations, then after the same put it into charge.

      Please tell me if it works. I faced such a situation of blank screen once, but that came out to be a hoax not the case of Dead N8.

      Check and tell me back

  45. i m crazy about this phone. but i think i m it is dead. only in 1 month. bakwas phone.please be carefull about it.

    1. If it doesn’t work then it would be definitely the first case around me in India. Two days back I was also in panic thinking that my N8 is dead but later is came out to be Hoax, so was thinking that it must be your case as well

  46. Hi Nitish, Im planing to buy N900. Plz tell me does it has a front camera ? can I do video calling wit it ?
    Plz help me.

    1. Vinay,
      If Video calls are your concern, then your reached the right name. Nokia N900 been the only phone in the world to have Skype integrated to the Contacts (though Indian firmware doesn’t has it due to legal issues).

      It does have a front camera, though Maemo didn’t had regular UMTS Video calling support back in 2009, but Skype etc can do Video calling at its best

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  48. i am not only indian(but currently middle east user) facing this problem. according to nokia blog many indian are facing this issue.

    1. It was an issue with some particular market only and if you look closely over various blogs then you will find that same users reporting all over again and again otherwise, You yourself felt that how much time Nokia would have taken to replace the phone.

      Anyway, all is well if it ends well. Hope you happy with your Nokia N8

  49. aftr reading this long information….with lots of comments…..m thinking dat n900 s the best buy….beacause…..its hvng a fell….lik wrkng n a computer….nd n hand it seems the most powerfull one among da phone catagry….:)

  50. bt f i compromis wd a camera dn n900 s a best buy i think….becaus its briky look maks it a very rich look s compared to n8…..

  51. m planning 2 buy a phone..n a week can u tell me which 1n s gr8…m nt hvng dat mch f use f da camera….m planning n n8,xperia x10 or n900…tll me pleas m very confused nw…

  52. hi,

    See i am planning to buy a mobile. When i go through the market i could find Nokia N900 to my budget. Can any tell whether its worth to buy up or not. When i searched in websites i could also find that in N900 has some defects in incoming calls… is that so…….

  53. hello nitish
    i am using nokia n 900 right no……
    but due to unavoidable reason…it can be repared
    so company..offering me..a choice between nokia n8 and nokia n900….so which phone should i select….which one is more better n powerful……

    1. Tough choice considering you have used Nokia N900. Though Nokia N8 is way powerful and much enjoying than Nokia N900, but once you get adjusted to Nokia N900 like excellent keyboard then it goes hard to use a touch one like Symbian^3 as of now.

      Though if you had choice between E7 and N900 then I would have said E7.

  54. hi nitisht…

    For me n8 is a dream device that i own . Its the best device in the market:-):-) in n8 you have an amoled display with capacitive technology . You can record and view high definition videos which we cannot do on Nokia n900 . Plus it also supports high definition gaming . It has penta band 3g and quad band gsm network. It is a world phone . . . Plus you get 12mp Carl zeiss optics. n900 scores only on physical keyboard and linux rest its a waste. . . .

  55. Hmm peculiar this aeronaut is totaly unsuitable to the investigate ask I entered in google but it was recorded on the best tender

  56. Hi ,

    i was provided with a replacement set N8 for N900 since nokia has stopped manufacturing N900.Believe me there are no other set better than N900 available in market.Social network,Voip,Browsing and all basic needs works flawlessly in N900.No other phone offers Skype and Gmail video calling as easy as N900 and i think only n900 provides skype video calling.

    N8 does not worth 22K. HDMI we rarely use,bluetooth avilable in N900 also.i dont know wht diference between 2.0 and 3.0 might be the speed in which i never faced any issue with N900 .

    usb on the go on N8 cant be compared with 32 gb internal memory of N900.

    sound quality of speakers and in earphone is better in N900 since N900 have stereo speakers which N8 have only 1.Sound quality is also good in N900 as compared to N8.

    sound quality is gud in N8 only when it is cnnected to some HDMI output devices like TV.which we rarely use.To your knowledge N900 also provides Tv output.

    Browsing on N900 is better than any other devices.provides full page desktop like browsing.
    N8 provides Mobile optimimized browsing.

    Camera N8 definately better.But i rerely Use.

    and last not te least N8 symbian 3 Sucks infront of N900 Meamo.

    I returned my N8 device back to nokia service centre Since i was not happy with N8 and asking for N900 or E7.Lets see which device they provides.But i am sure after using N900, I will not get same feeling as on N900.

  57. Hey dude,nice work
    Now tell me should we N900 users switch to MeeGo or stick to Maemo?
    Also how can one have usb on the go support on nokia n900?
    And one thing you forgot to mention in this article that N900 has way too powerful cpu (ARM cortex A8)(same as i phone4) Compared to the ARM11 core of N8, the Cortex-A8 is dual-issue superscalar, achieving roughly twice the instructions executed per clock cycle.
    ARM11 is as old as like 2002 where as cortex processors are latest.
    Plus can you tell how to install apps available for free on torrent sites on N900?
    lovely article though.

  58. Nitesh sir,
    I own n8. And want Android in it. As u know, n8 has amazing hardware but software(OS) sucks. Please notify me via msg on my cell no. +918901458568, as i have forgot the password of my id. U can use ‘’ for free msging.
    Please help me out yaar i m in a great jumble. Please tell me way to port my n8 safely. Nd plz don’t send any thing on my id or on ur blog, it was just a google search by which i hav opened ur blog . i will not read ur blog in future so plz send me the data via sms. Thanks.

  59. hi im in a plan to buy a phone from the 3

    N900, E7, N8 please suggest which is the best im totally confused… or please sugest any other phone in sony ericson or samsung comparable to N900 or E7

  60. i think Nokia N8 is a great phone. i have reasons
    1. it have new and updated symbian belle os.
    2. 50% more battery backup.
    3. advanced DOLBY sound quality.
    4. Amoled display with great clearity.
    5. cheap and stylish then N900.
    6. I think there are a joke of keyboard in touch phones. just think if a cell have touch, there must not any need of keyboard. keyboard is a old feshion, its a great point. so the Apple never give keyboard.
    7. advanced camera 12mpxl.

  61. I hve nokia n97 mini but i like n900 a lot…
    Is it possible to change d os of my phone from symbian to maemo..?
    Plz help me out through ds situation i want to use n900 & even by reading ur above comments im extremely eagar of using n900…help me out..¤

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