Have to buy a phone urgently? You are screwed

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Strange title from me na… but if you really been in dilemma of buying a phone in recent times, then you know very well that what I am talking about. Its a damn nightmare, if one knows a thing or two about phones and wanna buy one at this nick of time.

Many has said that phones are like chicks, before you settle your eye for one, one more hotter will soon be around. Some even say that phone manufacturers intentionally frustrate the hell out of users by leaving one or two important qualities from each new model, so that there may be scope of selling different devices. Whatever …. but I could bet that nothing could be this much complicated than choosing which phone to buy.

Just a common rant like anyone would feel, whenever up to buying a phone for filling up the needs (not a planned purchase for something particular). If more sophisticated, then one could even write something like this. But I am here only to give words to my dilemma and to see if others could also relate with the same.

Currently I own a Nokia N82, a proud owner of the same. How much I have enjoyed the same, one could get the idea from the fact that I have snapped more than 5-6k pics from the same, more than 200 GBs internet data already has passed through the same. Do you know what it means?

It means its crying to get retired, crying in loud

Ok!! I want to buy a phone. I have to buy one now

Question is what I want to buy. Everyone crying about Touch Phones, resistive vs capacitive, OLED Vs Amoled Vs whatever .. and voices like mine or like even AAS sounds like stupid that touch screen are not the perfect choice, at least for me… tell me how could one type an SMS under the table while hearing the boring meeting minutes or when the boss is uttering the same repetitive words that seriously don’t inspire you anyway or how could you type an emergency message while driving bike or car with some touch screen or in some metro or other crowdy place, where you getting bored and wanna remove boredom with facebook or twitter?

Yeah that says it loud, I serious feel off track with touch phones and even if hugely impressed with leagues of Nokia N900 or Nokia N8, somewhere that doesn’t make my dream of non-touch smartphone. It may sound you weird, but somehow I enjoy touch screens (in fact loved Nokia N900 like some mad), but still somewhere part of me says that you can’t live without a non-touch.

But I want it all …

Priorities of mine … but I still want to own Nokia N900 and Nokia N8 then???

What a nick of time.. Nokia N8 teasing you this much with spectacular camera like never before that leading all to more of frustrations only due to ridicules delay other the other side, first the reports of intolerable signal issues with Apple iPhone 4 and now even confirmation from Consumer Reports that they can’t recommend it. If something was less confusing then this all rants all over internet around Symbian, iOS and Android, do someone really give a damn about it this much?

You ask on twitter that which phone to buy and people will start giving suggestions for Android, iPhone, Bada etc. Perhaps because they wanna taste it before :P. But seriously speaking, kind of Multi-tasking iOS or Android offering with Galaxy S is not my piece of cake and pre-Bada OS’s from Samsung freak me out. As of now, I can’t stand a Non-Nokia, even if it may be Maemo. Nokia knows its job, whatever people say about it . I know my needs and don’t want suggestions coming from UK to follow ‘the trend’.

That’s make the scene a little more clear, I need a standby phone that could serve my needs well till Nokia N8 arrives and even after the same. Have to save the money for Nokia N8 and still … What if I want a smartphone not in league of Nokia N8 or Nokia N900 or iPhone, but still strong enough that if I am left with the same only for an year then I could survive happily.

Why I am screwed? Why Nokia screwed?

Damn you Nokia, Damn your release schedules and Damn your ignorance for no. 1 mobile market in the world. Keep on selling for US/ UK and keep on loosing people, who write for you. Release of Nokia N900 was a joke and was more worsen due to absence of Skype. Bullshit that Government has any objection. What’s point of releasing something after making it obsolete? What you are doing with C3, C6 and E5? From which planet they are coming? What out of the world technologies you are using in them? What the hell is taking ages in releasing one here in India?

It seems that sales/ business wing of Nokia (probably all from US/UK) desperate to ruin all effort of their efficient development team. They will literally cause hatred among Indian Customers the way they are treating them as second grade. Its getting offending now.

Nokia should understand that its not good for a ship that people are on it only till when no other ship is around. That’s explains why people are jumping from ship now and why Android boomed all of a sudden. Customers in India are on your ship only because they have no better option and if you think it cool then …

What are my options? The phones I have considered so far are

Nokia E72: Big on my cards. Has all the connectivity options at best, one of best keypad in a world that could be very well operated one-handedly too, have the A-GPS at best (Free navigation), Office editing features, what a slim-n-solid yet complete satisfying build and on the top of everything a 1500 mAh battery. Last price quoted to me was Rs. 16, 300/-

Nokia E52: Second best on my cards. Recently bought for my younger bro and let me tell you, my secret plan is to ask it back from him and make him settled with some inferior one as he is not much demanding about Smartphone features. It got all what E72 has except the QWERTY and price as last quoted was Rs. 11, 800/-

Nokia E63: Thanks Pankaj for the same suggestion. Looks great (like E72) for the price tag of around Rs. 8, 000/- but the worst two cons are lowest 3G and no A-GPS. Somehow now days, it looks scary to me thinking that I wont be able to geo-tag my tweets and my photos.

Nokia C5: Thanks Suyog for the hint. Nothing new about the looks again as I seen very similar to this one in E52, but what’s make it different and exciting is some new features with refreshed OS. Contacts on Home screen integrated with Social Services, probably, it stands as the first one of Nokia Messaging era (C3, C6 and E5) we are waiting for. Free maps and though it lacks in wi-fi, but still presence of 10mbps HSPDA sounds good. What’s disappointing is 1050 mAh battery and 50 mb internal storage, even a simple install of Qt will ruin it half. 600 MHz processor and 50 mb left for doing some multi-tasking? Really some freaks are there in Nokia Design team. The price as much I enquired from the internet seems to be somewhere Rs. 8, 000/-

Nokia N900: A pricy device for a change? the price in market seems to be somewhere around Rs. 25, 500/- now, but that is a dream device for sure. It will keep on making people tempted even after  launch of Nokia N8. There must be some serious reasons that Nokia N900 is still the choice for testers testing MeeGo inside Nokia. QWERTY Keypad beating Netbooks, easiest integration with pubic services like Google, Flicker etc, capability to play any kind of media and always a work around over something you wished your device might be doing for you. What screws this device big is Maemo’s choice to exclude Java for God knows reasons. Consumers are deprived from Google Maps, when Nokia still failed to provide some at par Navigation system.

As many said to me, buy N900 and you wont regret, 5MP decent camera and a device creating new stories each day. Problem is only battery.. will someone tell me that what was the problem with providing 1500 mAh with it? I am also pushed back to wall due to the price as I have to buy Nokia N8 anyway, then putting this much money worth for?

Nokia E5: Though its announced to be available for sale only by September, but there are strong indications that it may hit stores soon (may be first week of August). With a price point of Rs. 13, 000/- and packing up all features of Nokia E72 (except almighty 1500 mAh battery, it will have 1200 mAh), its a very much anticipated device. Better if Nokia release it now. It may change equations for C5 and E52, it 1200 mAh battery performs nice. May be my next buy.

There were many talking about iPhone etc, but as I already told, I hate full touch screens (N8 is exception as there will be Bluetooth keypads etc). Same goes with Android devices.. most are with touch screens only. I seriously think that even after the worse criticism now days, have anyone ever made a better OS than Symbian for non-touch phones?

So, dear all… want your views here.. what I could buy, should buy …


8 thoughts on “Have to buy a phone urgently? You are screwed

  1. Go for C6 , best of both worlds though I am sure battery will be bad compared to E5 which has terrific battery according to specs(despite being 1200 mAh)

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