Laymans taken on the WordPress App for Symbian^3

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Finally the day has arrived and with arrival of official WordPress App, a long long wait ended for Symbian^3. Over those days, when after looking at names of Blackberry and iPhone on the home page of WordPress, you were feeling like hitting someone.


You must thank people at for bringing this on and with this, one more point of my Nokia N900 vs Nokia N8 debate goes down. Now, not only we will be able to watch our movie collection on Nokia N8 without converting it, but also will be able to blog on the go like I did with MaStory on Nokia N900.     

Lets know more on it.


Definitely when comes to look and functionality, this wordpress app is leaps ahead of the one I seen on Maemo and sure many will prefer it over MaStory, when very soon it will arrive on Maemo as well.

 Scr000178 Scr000187

Just finish a few small details and you are ready for dealing with all the basics related to your or wordpress hosted blog. You can not only add new posts, pages or comments, but you can view even stats of your blog by some very easy and sleek looking interfaces.

Scr000180Scr000183 Scr000185

If you want to reply some comment, then you can go from touch and hold on the comment and it will open up another page for posting the comment with some normal rich options like bold, italic, quote or link etc.


Though I do not find posting picture option here, but that also doesn’t exists in desktop version as well easily.

Starting a new post is also simple and with all the options like password protected, draft etc.

Scr000186 Scr000225 Scr000229

It hold all the options like adding tags, categories, photos and even videos.

But also note that typing on a mobile app with not so rich editor meant to the fact that you have to deal with some of the basic HTML tags like the give below


There is an option of adding location to the post, but I think its not implemented well till now as I was not able to add it by detecting automatically.


May be some fault from my handset side.

Stats are something that each of the blogger get obsessed about in early days like mine and so its really wonderful to have them always with you on the go.

 scr000237scr000239 scr000239

I must say that the Qt based interface has everything that one needs to get impressed with it and quite handy, if they keep connection and minimal data requirement in mind.

Some big bugs that should have been fixed

Well I must say, I am also not happy about the ways it functions odd times. There are still many bugs that shouldn’t have been here in the real world, when an app officially hits the stores. I understand the eagerness of people to get it as soon as possible, but its part of the job from developer side to test it fully.

Some of the issues are like …

1. It wont open up if you are using WAP connection

I am wrong then someone please correct me, but I have not got it opened yet on WAP connection. May be the reason is, it tries to load last 10 posts in the system. I don’t think that is a good idea. More than a blog managing tool, it also must have been prepared as a blog posting and casual editing tool. That would have made more sense. Definitely for opening only, it must not go to web directly.

Update: It looks like this was the first time glitch, but still even if I am able to view the old cached content now. I am not yet been able to add/ edit. It seems to have removed my account completely though cached entries are still here.

2. I am not sure that if there is an auto save feature yet implemented in it

When you are talking about an app to post blog etc, then Draft feature becomes a must, specially much more big must, when you are talking about a mobile app.

Update: There is no settings for in it for the same at least. Checked that. MaStory has it and they should have taken some good things from there.

3. It freezes kind of too many times without giving a way out 

As of now, the ovi store version doesn’t seem to forgive you, if you made some mistake at some point of time. I found the latest on the development blog a little better in this way. But see what happened with the official Ovi Store version.


My only mistake was to put the wrong API key and it just freezes right there without giving any other option than going to task manager and kill it, which doesn’t promises that it will start fine in next.

Well!! is it the issue with whole touch UI, when some app go untested thoroughly?

4. To reply a comment, one should not need a whole post

That some kind of stupid design. Why the app needed to load the whole post again, when he has to reply just one of the readers comment? I guess the app is being tested in some environment with cool and strong wifi connections only. The world is bigger than that. Open up please.

5. No advanced editing options

Yes there are basic ones, but nothing like page justification etc. May be I will find out them like I got to see on MaStory on second day only, but as of now. I am not able to. Thanks to connection issues as I am using Vodafone WAP connection only.


So, these were a few early annoyances, I found in first shot. May be I will find some more or may be it will be lesser soon. But sure, there is always scope for improvement.

Please add up in comments, if anything I might have missed. Your tips are always welcome, lets make this place happening.

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