Layman’s take on Nokia Oro-The royal wedding of Oro with Anna

It’s been long since I got the the almighty, Nokia Oro and I know all of you have been very patient and waiting for Layman’s Take on the Nokia Oro. It’s just been the life and health that kept me away from the blogging for a while, but I’m back to this world now.

July 01, 2011.. It was a crazy night for me! The same night, when I was going to my hometown in the train to spend some well earned holidays, the journey during which twitter was my only companion to entertain me, happened to be one of  the most memorable journeys so far.

First a tweet from Nokia caught me by full surprise and while I was already overwhelmed by the same, the next hour came up with something that I’d really never imagined.


Thank God I was not a heart patient otherwise God knows what could have happened in that train. I mean, I might have been close to winning something in past, but never really made it for a phone and when the prize is a Nokia Oro ….. You can guess that what I would have said at that moment…

Sorry co-passengers, shut the fuck up, I won  a Nokia oro #18k

Though many of you might already be aware about the Nokia Oro, let me tell you that Oro means Gold in Italian and Spanish. And when we talk about Nokia Oro, then we are talking about the real 18 carat Gold.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The phone and the Bluetooth Nokia J headset, provided in the package are both made of real 18 carat gold plating. Not only that, but the back is smooth and made of the finest bridge of Weir leather and the home key is made of sapphire crystal. Both of the materials are timeless and very durable.

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Laymans take on Nokia E7-BIG overview from a Nokia N8 user

Its been quite a while now, since I had Nokia E7-00 in my hands (Thanks to awesome people at Womworld/Nokia) and I was intentionally delaying the post till now as wished to start the review only after getting used to it in real life terms. So, after around 2 weeks, this is the right time.

Nokia E7-00: The box

The another blue box and by putting Nokia N8’s box (on the left in picture) in side, I am already clarifying that the whole review will keep the Nokia N8 experience in mind. A perspective that most of you wished to listen.


While this time, the box is smaller on horizontal scale than already small Nokia N8 box, it’s a bit thicker. Also in place of dark and elegant engraving like Nokia N8\ Nokia N900, Nokia chosen the colorful ways to show off the feature that makes the difference, the HW QWERTY.

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Magic! Gravity build 6757 bring name substring search for Autocomplete

This is never a coincidence, never been .. whenever.. consistently whenever Symbian fans felt down .. there was always a name Gravity that always strikes back to bring the confidence in Symbian… to bring the confidence that there is still something that we lead into. Yes! anyone can guess that what I am talking about … yes! Gravity got a new update and this time, this is sure worth talking about.


Finally, @janole recently has started delivering in-app updates about which he has been shy in past due to piracy issues and so rather than looking at the blog posts, users can directly get the latest version from gravity from Gravity itself. And yes, a short change log is also there as follows:

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WOW! Gravity (Build 6712) got Auto Fill names and auto Caps

Update: @janole just released the another version Gravity 1.5 Build 6712 for giving the same auto completion love to S60 v3 phones and some improvements for S60 V5/ S^3 as well.


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Exclusive-PR2.0 Firmware version 20.37 is live for C7-00 RM-691?

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We kept on hearing that PR2.0 is coming soon and in fact coming sooner than early summers, but finally we got a real proof of the same just now. It seems that Symbian^3 PR2.0, which should be some 20.xx version, has already arrived at the official Nokia Servers for quality assurance.

Our good old Navifirm helped us again to see this ourselves, though a confusion prevails. There are two products with the same name Nokia C7, but the one with RM-691, the T-Mobile version, seems to have gotten the firmware 20.37.

The available firmware version 20.37, are for the two product codes, 059F8H2 and 059H0B6.

Update: This  is the same model codenamed Tiger as reported by TMONews here. It seems that there will be many new devices on sale once PR2.0 gets out. Will 21-22 March be the date? Will the latest video from Womworld/Nokia hinting gaming geek Nokia X7-00 be out by the same date?


C7 Navifirm

As of now, I’m downloading the same before it  may begin to disappear. Rest will come later.

Update: Now, I have downloaded the files and kept it with myself if anyone needs them. The complete change log is mentioned in the next post, if you wanna see the full glory.

Download Link: Megaupload

Thanks for the tip @fatechangers

Layman’s take – Symbian PR3.0 teaser-the radical changes?

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Note: Wait! wait! Wait! if you are reading it for some exclusive things that you have not seen on web yet, then please stop here as its the same stuff that has been posted by MyNokiaBlog etc. Here I am just going to discuss some of the finer details on it.

So, after the note of caution, let me start with some old speculations around the next gen Symbian updates that were being called as Symbian^4 earlier but with the arrival of Stephen Elop, a lot of things got changed internally and the decision of dropping the name Symbian^4 was one of them. All the scheduled changes were going to be part of existing Symbian^3 itself in iterations and that’s how PR3.0 became something very radical than anything before.


Recently we seen some previews of PR3.0 a.k.a. radical changes in slide from Nokia itself and the teaser itself given a lot of hints about the coming UI, which made me to post a few comments about them.

Android/ iOS like sleek top UI:


This was one of the complaints that many like Symbian-Guru made that the top bar in Symbian UI was taking almost double of precious screen space than its competitors. Symbian was using bigger top bar to use them as interfaces to go into connection settings, calendar, profiles etc, but other platforms proven that the big bar wasn’t needed. But the same time, another frustration of users came out with Menu-under-menu system, when it was more text centric than being visual like other platforms.

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More software update love for Nokia N8-MobilBox Pro and DAB Radio

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Yes! I am not talking about PR1.1, its something new that appeared on my Nokia N8 by today only.

swupdate n8

We know a little about DAB update as it first appeared with video subtitle support update back in Janaury 2011, but that time it was not available for Indian Nokia N8 units like mine. But this time looks like it got released worldwide finally.

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