In embrace of sea and greenery of South-Memoirs from day 7, 8 and 9


Munnar was the only location, where we were scheduled to stay for two nights means full one day for the place as the day next, we were to leave as early as possible to reach Bangalore in time.

When we woke up, it was raining but nevertheless, we got ready and then by 7.30 AM, we would have been on nearby restaurant for a heavy breakfast. After which we started driving after 8.30 AM. This time we had hired a guide to drive with us and show us around @ 500Rs.


It continued to rain though we had hopes that it would settle till the time we reach to the viewpoints and luckily it happened that way.

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In embrace of sea and greenery of South-Memoirs from day 5 and 6


We all waited for morning to have more fun on beach, elders and kids alike. The first job in morning to get ready after bath etc and head to beach with sand castle tools.



We must have reached the beach by 7 AM. The lighthouse wasn’t gonna open before 10AM which means it wouldn’t cut into our schedule. It was all about the time on beach now and mild showers were worrying us.

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In embrace of sea and greenery of South-Memoirs from day 4


What better feeling than to watch the sunrise at the last end of your country with 360 degree of sea view around and that too under a cloudy and less warm weather. Would admit we wouldn’t have preferred cloudy but a clear sky but every weather has its own texture and should be taken as such.


Morning started with mild showers and we had to take umbrellas from the hotel. The excitement to walk towards the end of the country boundary was just something else.



Changing colors with each passing minute, the place is worth spending the entire day just sitting on that stone bridge.


The view, the showers, people trying to sell sea shells and even tea vendors doing ferry on that small but not that crowded place, if it wasn’t about rains and specially kids, then we would have stayed much more longer there but then guarding kids on that place where both side it was heavy waves, our mind was asking us to move from there.

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In embrace of sea and greenery of South-Memoirs from day 3

Finally this was the day for which kids been waiting for. Sand castles on sea beach, but they had to wait little more as elders needed to visit Rameshwaram temple. No photos as cameras were not allowed in temples. We woke up early, taken bath, did Manidarshan, but going for “22 Kund snan” was kind of tough with kids around so we chosen the short route. By some 8.15 AM, we would have been free to drive again after checking out from hotel.


We reached Danushkodi by 9 AM where we were stopped some 5-6 kms before by a check-post in name of “Road construction” which meant we weren’t allowed to go further at this weather at least. An impromptu parking spot it was from where pvt ferries used to take people to a certain point (Not the last end) on a cost from off-road route. It might look like just a line in maps, but including the shores, its around 500 mtr wide place which stretches around 7kms from north to south. It shares ONLY land border between Sri Lanka and India which is one of the smallest in world at 45 mtrs in length. (of course we didn’t made it to that point).


This place is actually called as “Ghost Town” due to a tragedy back on 22 December, 1964 which wiped out roughly 1800 people including those 115 passengers on Pamban-Dhanushkodi passenger train. After that railways station was wiped out and the train never began its operations. A commission looked into possibility of new rail in 2010 and last year a road was constructed till this point.

Anyway… we went into history of the place… let’s come back to travelogue…

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In embrace of sea and greenery of South–Memoirs from day 1 and 2

The story is about the longest break I might have taken in last decade or so. The story is about a trip ranging close to 5700 kms, out of which 2200 kms was on roads driven by me in a car which was not my sweetheart Vista. The story is about a trip which gave first glimpses of sea to my kiddo. The story is about lush green mountains of Munnar. The story is about three families with four kids having fun together.


This is just glimpse, a lot more to come from the repository of more than 20Gb of raw photos detailing moments from six individuals and four kids.


A lengthy blog post for sure 

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A picture gallery shot entirely by Nokia N8 via @Pannkaz

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This was something I wanted to do since long, but messy office life been too harsh over me to get some extended holidays for such snapping around, I did some of the shots in past like this one, but here comes @pannkaz to prove me that its all my laziness for not showcasing the biggest ornament of our almighty Symbian^3 jewel Nokia N8.


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Fourth Interview-The long journey of Pankaj reached to Nokia E72

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I should say that the idea of the same interview series started with the man himself only. It was our last Pankaj tweepup (in fact, the first ever tweepup of mine) with me, Pankaj and Krishna, where this idea came in my mind. It was his extreme care of his own handset and knowledge over various services and functions that challenged me to think that its not only we blogger, who try to keep eyes over the things going around, but the ‘common’ people too. Its just that the time that blogging may ask from you sometimes, is not everyone’s cake.

We didn’t got time for the second tweepup (Sigh!!! the professional lives of us are too tough to find time for even self and family), but was wishing to spend much time with Pankaj for asking about things he used to do with his mobiles and due to crunch of time for both of us, I thought about this way.

Anyway, why to bore you all, let’s talk about Pankaj only here.

Pankaj, Can you tell us something about you? like your profession,background etc..blogging\ social life
Hello Guys. My Name is Pankaj Kapoor. I am a married guy with one Son, working as Chief Technical Manager in Cowi India Pvt Ltd. We deal in 3D digital maps, something which you see in Ovi Maps and Google Earth etc.

On Personal Front, I am very much a family guy and my hobbies include mobiles, movies, technology in general and hanging out with family on weekends.

On social front, the guys on web and various mobile forums know me as freak4mobiles. Was long time member on sites like Zedge and was Moderating wonderful forum Now I am active on twitter and people know me as @pannkaz.

Me: Whoa… didn’t knew that you had moderated in past. Secret secret… hmm

Which was your first phone and the journey of the freak started?
My first Nokia was 8310 and I instantly fell in love with the phone and company. It was one of the best and sexiest phone of its time. Then came Nokia 6600. The first symbian phone I used and what an experience it was.

It seems you are a big fan for Nokia, if yes then since when?
Yes thats true. I am big fan of Nokia as company and using Nokia phones since 2001. So its almost a love of 10 years.

can you list out the phones you have used for last few years?
Since my first phone which was incidentally a Ericsson T28, I have used a lots of phone. Here is a list of the phones I have used in 10 years.

Ericsson – A3618, T28,
Nokia – 1100, 1200, 1650, 2100, 2300, 2600, 3310, 3510, 3610, 6230, 6233, 6270, 6600, 6610, 7610, 8210, 8250, 8310, E61, E72, E75, N73, N82, N86
SE – M600, P990, T610, W800, Z600
Samsung – N620, C100, R220

And few more.. So its almost 35 phones in 10 years. That’s why got this nick freak4mobiles.

Me: Whoa .. that’s some crazy, some real crazy. I noted that you missed N70/ N72/N73, otherwise, it’s huge

When did you plan to go for Nokia E72, was it planned or accident?
Since I have earlier used E71 and other qwerty phones, so I was waiting for some nice upgrade for them. So the day E72 was announced, I knew its a phone for me. So you can say it was a well thought decision.

What’s your views on touch screens? Have you tried them yet, if yes then which one?
Yes I have tried few touch screen phones but incidentally no Nokia. I have used SE M600 and P990 touch screen phones.

you must have read about Nokia E7-00, what’s your views on it?
Yes But honestly speaking I am not too excited about this. For me a phone should be able to last me one full day on single charge, but I fear E7 with 4 inch screen and 1200mAH will not fulfill my needs. Otherwise its a great phone and is going to sure shot hit.

E72 Special Questions

How is the keypad response of Nokia E72 and have you tried other qwerty variants like BB?
The keyboard response on E72 is very good and there are very few mis hits. Before this I have tried other qwerty phones like E61, M600 and P990, but honestly speaking, Till date I like the keyboard of P990 most. The keys were tiny but raised and have gaps between them.The typing on it with combination of touch screen was great.

What you say about the S60 3rd Edition? Have you found any other non-touch OS better than this on mobiles? Like Windows Mobile etc.
S60 3rd Edition is un-doubtedly World’s most stable and widely used smart phone OS. New entrants like Android and iOS are developed with touch screens in mind. For non-touch smart phones, there is no competition to Symbian. Regarding Windows phones, lesser I say is better.

What are the applications you have installed so far, please list it? how many give trouble to you (any compatible error etc..)
X-plore, ScreenSnap, Google, mPaper, JbakTaskmanager, Nimbuzz, Worldmate, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook Mobile, Skype, Divx Player, BookMyShow, ngPay, MidDay, Profimail, Gravity, Qik. eBuddy, Y!Cricket, Foursquare, Socially and Opera Mini.

Quite a big list and happy with all of them.

What do you say about the speed of E72?
The overall speed of E72 is very good and the phone is real snappy and fast. There is no lag in menu transitions and moving from one folder to another. It doesn’t matter if it has only 600Mhz processor. I will like to say here that Symbian is still most resource efficient OS among all other mobile OS.

Are you a game player? if yes what are the games do you play on E72? If no, then what is your favourite time pass with Nokia E72?
I am an occasional game player and do play few games on my E72 whenever I get time after work and twitter. Here are some of games installed on my phone: Block Cascade, Solitaires. Snowboard, Asphalt 4, Prince of Persia, Street Marbles, HighSpeed 3D, Archery, Splinter Cell, Bubble Bash2,
Assassins Creed, Block Breaker 2.

Me: Surprised to see Cricket T20 not in the list. You must try that one.

What you expect from the next E-Series successor? It has to be touch based like we seen E7 or something else (May be E6)
My next dream E-series Phone has to be a combination of touchscreen and qwerty like P990. Here is what I like it to.

3.5 inch screen, full qwerty keyboard, 8MP camera with dual LED, Symbian^3, 512MB RAM, 32GB memory with memory card slot, and if possible 1GHz proccessor.

I will also like it to have full social web integrations like direct IM, twitter, facebook access from Contacts itself and Calendar to have sync with facebook and twitter.

How is the connectivity options on Nokia E72 and what’s missing ones mean to you like FM transmitter?
The connectivity options on E72 are really great and this is the phone which can keep you connected most of the time. Since I travel around 3-4 hours daily, I do miss the FM transmitter on it. I have used the same on N86 and its a great add on to have. I fail to understand, Why Nokia has different software suites for different phones. For mid range its OK, but for high end phones, they shall give all the options whether its a N-series or E-series phone.

What about the camera part? How you find Nokia E72 camera? Specially if you would have tried others like N82 or N86.
The E72 camera is really the best among business phones, though you cant compare it with camera-centric phones and its not meant to compete with them. But still the day pics from this phone are one of the best I have seen from 5MP snappers. What I will really love to have on next E-series is Dual LED. That shall be made standard on all phones with camera now. For night shots, its like any other normal camera phone and cant compete with powerhouses like N82 or N86.

Any great pics which you might have snapped with your E72? Specially macro shots or scenery shots?
I will say let the pictures speak themselves

1. The sunny outdoor pics

03012010047 02012010025
05092010101 09072010004

2. Little easy on light

15082010048 20100131002

3. The amazing macro shots

Macro_Shot2 Macro_Shot

20101120066 Macro_Shot3

4. A shot in complete darkness.. the flash rules


What about the build quality and what you think that could go more better? Like Anodized aluminum etc

The build quality of E72 is spectacular. I have used it for more than an year and it still looks like new. No moving parts, no loose battery cover, nothing. Perfect. Using Anodized aluminum will add entirely another dimension to already wonderful build of E72.

Me: Really wanted to show all readers the spectacular and still new Nokia E72 looks. Pankaj will share soon

Is it loud on calls? What about the music performance?

Its good for a business phone, but not too loud. You may miss a call or two when you are in a very noisy environment. But for most of day to day conditions its loud enough. The Music performance through ear phones is very good and best till date in E-series, but not through phone speakers as its only a mono one. But its not meant to be a music phone, so that doesn’t bother me that much.

Which next phone, you are planning to buy after Nokia E72? Is there anything already out, which you are eyeing on or something that is about to come later?
I am very Happy and contend with my E72 and not planning to replace it in near future. I will wait till someone comes with Candy bar form factor with touch screen and top of the line specification. In the meantime I may get N8 for imaging to compliment my E72.

Do you think that E72 still stands as best reliable partner for business persons like you? If yes then why so?
E72 is a phone which has already blurred the line between business phone and social phone. I have seen many youngsters using E72 and keeping in touch with their friends through social networking. Its the form factor and ease of typing, which has made this phone hit with business people as well as young.

what you don’t like about E72?
There is nothing major to dislike about E72. The only thing I wish is that it should have come with at least 256MB RAM.

Battery life of E72? We already heard a lot on it, but wish to hear some specific experience of yours which might have happened in past?
Battery Life on E72 is really amazing. As my personal experience, it lasts me easily 1.5 day with Gravity, Profimail (Always connected mode), lots of calling, some imaging, videos and messages.

Few months back I went to holiday and there I used my phone without any internet connection and only did calls, some photos and videos and the battery lasted me full 3.5 days. That’s really awesome. I really wish Nokia shall use same battery in all there flagship phones, not like one they are using N8 and upcoming E7.

Me: I would like to tell readers that Pankaj love to Qik streams and when he says videos then you know a part of it is Qik. Think battery now.

Your score points to the E72 (rating if any..)
8.5 out of 10.

I understand the limitations of time and pages I could write on it, but its always feels less when we talk about something that we really love and with a person, whom we wanted to talk more and more. Feel just like that when finishing this interview for now. Really want Pankaj to write for me sometimes 😉 though I know how tough this gonna be for him.

Drop me your comments or to the man himself @pannkaz on twitter. There will always be something remained that you can learn from his.

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