In embrace of sea and greenery of South-Memoirs from day 7, 8 and 9


Munnar was the only location, where we were scheduled to stay for two nights means full one day for the place as the day next, we were to leave as early as possible to reach Bangalore in time.

When we woke up, it was raining but nevertheless, we got ready and then by 7.30 AM, we would have been on nearby restaurant for a heavy breakfast. After which we started driving after 8.30 AM. This time we had hired a guide to drive with us and show us around @ 500Rs.


It continued to rain though we had hopes that it would settle till the time we reach to the viewpoints and luckily it happened that way.

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The views with fog and greenery were sure pleasing to eyes and fun to drive in that weather.




First stop for photo-ops was taken at 9AM. Two HR number plate car posing in a beautiful surrounding (Yeah both bought in NCR almost at the same time).



After 15 mins, there was next stop famous of elephant shower and ride etc but considering the weather and the hefty amounts they been charging, it was pointless. It was good for photos only.



15 mins after the next stop, Mattupetty Dam, where we gave roughly 30 mins to soak in the beauty of the surrounding with that weather.



The next stop was some Echo point, but we took a stop before that.



Then came the Echo Point which needed a ticket of 5Rs.




We moved from the place after spending some 15-20 good mins and then we stopped to take some snacks at a nearby shop.




There were some random viewpoints in the way and stunts.







This was the top most place on that route, where one is supposed to see the Tamilnadu from here (the plains).



After a lot of photo-ops, it was time to move.



Next stop was Chengulam reservoir, from where they offer safari as well but at that point of time, it was pointless to spend anything into that.



Next stop was Kerala Farms.

We spotted a worrying trend there at Farms (Govt shop). Point of having Saudi icons at a Govt funded shop for whatever reasons?

Anyway it was scary ride down for the one sitting in front seat of jeep which takes you to the farm only to know that in this weather they wont take you further but would charge the same amount which they charge in usual time when they do ferries with covering waterfalls etc. Robbery? isn’t it?

Females did their share of enough shopping there and then it was time to come back. We took the stop at a waterfall for the final posing of the cars.





After reaching back home and some rest, we had to get out again for dinner.


The last dinner luckily wasn’t that bad apart from kids creating trouble as they were dead tired and hungry. Can’t really blame them? We must have come back home by 10PM from dinner.

The day was over and the time was to pack the bags and rest. We ensured that everything is packed so that in morning, we may leave as early as possible to ensure timely arrival in Bangalore avoiding evening traffic.


We left the hotel by 5.30 AM though hill roads and occasional navigation issues kept us on slower side (max 30kmph) for next 3-4 hours. Early start that way didn’t come to help much.

We passed through Chinnar Wildlife sanctury, then Anamalai tiger reserves and reached Vanjipalayam by 10AM. Breakfast was done on a street shop around 9.30 AM I think.

We picked up speed only after 10AM and by 12PM, we were at Salem.


We took the lunch at McDonalds near Bangalore on NH-44 at around 2PM when the apartment was roughly 40kms from there. Little delay came as our cars went out of sync and finally we reached back apartment by 3.15 PM. Gaurav was to leave by evening and Pankaj had to drop him on highway as Uber and Ola seems to be having some weird behaviour in Bangalore about unfavourable routes.

Rest day went into resting and packing things as next day was the last day of our stay away from NCR.




Next morning we had decided for a swimming pool time for the kids, which we managed to reach by 10.30 AM, when both brother and their wives had also arrived.



We left for meeting another relative by some 12.30 PM with a stop in nearby Total Mall. There was an incident where a kid had lost her mother and luckily this ended with a happy ending when we found the mother.


We reached to apartment of relative by some 2.15 PM. Do you know the shy kid above a child model?

We took lunch, kids played and we shared our experiences. Didn’t realized when it was time for us to leave the place finally. We left Suncity apartments by some 6PM and must have reached airport in time for the flight and security checks.


The last group selfie was taken and then we were on our own for the way to home.


We reached back by 12.30 AM.

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

The always pleasant trip had came to an end and we were to get ready for the office life from day next.


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