Ovi Maps 3.06 got a little bug fix and stability update

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Beta Labs people updated their Ovi Maps 3.06 page by last night to reflect one more minor update to Ovi Maps. Its just two weeks back, when there are the last update to bring a few visible changes and though no change log available for this particular update, it is supposed to bring stability and bug fixes, including fix for "Update" feature not appearing for some users

main_Menu Compass_1

At least for my region update was not available via software updater. May be some issue. You can download the same via the beta labs directly via this link

scr000410scr000411 scr000412

Thanks to @mobileyog for bringing this in my notice

There are still some known issues pending

  • This feature is only currently available in portrait mode
  • Please note that phones without WiFi (e.g. Nokia 5230) will not work.
  • Ensure that you have a memory card (e.g. Nokia 5800) or mass memory in your phone
  • If you haven’t done so already, ensure you WiFi access point is already in your "Internet" destination folder. If not, please add this via Menu > Settings >Connectivity > Settings > Destination (this may differ on other phones)
  • If WiFi is disconnected during download, the map data will not resume and needs to be started again
  • "Map Download failed!": Due to changes on the Map data server, you will need to manually delete the following files in order to use the "Update" on your phone. Please delete the following files (e.g. via File Manager on your phone) from your Cities folder (usually on your mass memory E: Drive on your phone).
    \cities\maploader\catalog- & \cities\maploader\cityindex-

Seventh Interview-Vishal and Satyajit prefer feature phones over smartphones

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Remember the interesting interview series that we been talking about since a few days back? So far, there been six interviews with six of the users from various platforms to bring their own perspective about their phones ..

  1. Naveen, an engineering student from Tamilnadu, India about Android and his SGS
  2. Deep Ganatra, founder of Web1 Solutions from Mumbai, India about Apple and iPhone 4
  3. Yogesh, computer engineer from Mumbai, India about Nokia N8
  4. Pankaj Kapoor, Technical Manager of Cowi India from New Delhi, India about Nokia E72
  5. Aarti, working in training and writing from Chennai, India about her Blackberry Curve 8520
  6. Mukesh, a computer engineer from New Delhi, India about his HTC Windows Mobile

There was something missing out there as pointed out by my friend @mobileyog, the perspective of people, who are still using and preferring feature phones over smart phones. So, I thought to meet two more people for bringing out the perspective of them as well about feature phones. What could have been better, two in place of one?

So, here I am presenting you Vishal and Satyajit for you…

vishal1 satyajit

Vishal and Satyajit, first of all readers wanted to know about you, like who are you? Can you tell us something about you  ? like your profession,background etc, social life, hobbies etc?

Satyajit Hi Nitish, I am Satyajit Roy, a Process Engineer and working in Gurgaon.
Vishal I am MBA Finance, working with an MNC, hobbies are reading books, stock markets study

I was looking for some people, who are ‘feature phone’ users by choice not by price. People who find their S40 Series phones (like yours) satisfying their general needs and happy with it. How you fit the same persona?

Satyajit Actually for long time I was very basic user of mobile and recently I started to use advanced features like email configuration, internet, video streaming, Google apps, banking solutions etc. Now exploring advance internet features and 3G speed. I must say that S40 series mobiles are not dumb and having very good features.

Vishal I am using my Nokia 3110C model for more than 3 years successfully without any severe issue. During this span I discovered that this phone is much more than just a mobile. This is really value for money phone. I like to get the maximum out of this device.

How long you have been using mobiles? why never got any smart phone?

Satyajit I am using Nokia 6300 for past three and half year. It meets my daily mobile uses. Now I am looking for advance features and can opt for smart phone if requires.

Vishal I have been using mobiles since 6 years now, but my Nokia 3110C since more than 3 years as specified earlier. I never thought of buying a smart phone since most of the features like calling, sms, music, video, applications, internet browsing is already possible on my Nokia 3110C as well.

There is a big war among various smart phone vendors, stats about touch screen phones, talk about Smartphone only everywhere, don’t you find users like you a bit sidelined? Don’t you feel limited with what you can do with your phone?

Satyajit My existing mobile serves my essential requirement so I am not bothering about smart phone.

Vishal I don’t feel sidelined. Whenever a phone is launched and advertised, the company makes the product so attractive that prospective buyers feel that this device is something ultimate and can act like a TV, a computer. But we need to understand a mobile has its limitation though it is high-end. It has size limitation, speed limitation in comparison to a TV and/or a computer. I have heard some smart phone users saying that such smart phone craze is limited only up to few months after their purchase.

Can you list out the phones you have used for last few years ?

Satyajit Nokia 2300 and Nokia 6300.

Vishal Nokia: 3110C, 3200, 2690

What you think of new ‘touch n type’ S40 phones by Nokia? Is touch screen needed there?

Satyajit I heard that Nokia touch screen technology is not satisfactory. I think for long time use better to go for handset with key pad rather than touch screen.

Vishal As per me touch and type phone screen is bound to get scratches and get faded away due to sweat on thumb, fingertips. Also if using the stick then we keep busy our both hands.

So, these were the basic questions about you and your perspective over things, now let’s dig some more in feature phone genre ..

You use your phone for accomplishing which thing most… calls, browsing, navigation, music, twitter.. which one? Do you use a data plan?

Satyajit I use it most for web browsing and mobile banking. I am enjoying Airtel internet at EDGE network.

Vishal I use my phone for all the above activities mentioned above. Yes I have a data plan of a reputed service provider.

How you manage multitasking, crucial factor which makes smart phone different from feature phone?

Satyajit Sure, miss it a little. Multitasking differs smart phone from normal phone. Simultaneously you can download from internet while on call. At the same time smart phone have more open architecture then normal phone with more RAM and Processing Capabilities.

Vishal I have downloaded a browser through which I can access different sites without closing a running site by switching on to another window. I can attend calls while accessing internet. The browser also provides me calling and SMS facility.

I have used a few of feature phones from S40 series and find that they are not even dumb at all like old S30 series Nokia 3300 anymore. Sometimes I feel that even feature phones have much more caliber and people yet to know them to think that if they actually need those computer like specs in their phones. What’re your thoughts?

Satyajit Yes. S40 offers very good features which common users not aware like email account configuration, Push To Talk, Web Browser, online video streaming, use as web cam and installation of various applications. Even for few handsets document readers too available.

Vishal I too agree with the above.One can’t expect a computer like effects and the feel in a mobile even though it has.

Earlier companies like Sony Ericsson, Nokia used to make very good Camera (cybershot, walkman), Music feature phones, but now there isn’t much. Don’t you think companies are ignoring feature phones?

Satyajit It is market strategies and ok. Definitely they should stress more on advance phones. Normal category phones have good enough features for regular use.

Vishal I don’t think so since Nokia has launched 2690, which also fits the feature phone category. It’s only the advancements in technology and the portability concept that, hence the demand of people and potential to
earn huge revenues that smart phones are in the market.

Nokia and even many of the local companies have bring QWERTY now for feature phones (e.g. Nokia C3-00), which sometimes back was a thing for premium phones only. Have you tried any? How is it in comparison of old T9 keypads? Changes something?

Satyajit Yes, it is good and specially for who text more. I would like to have it as my next phone.

Vishal Sorry, I have not tried the local brands QWERTY keypad phones, can’t say much.

What according to you make best feature phone? If you given the charge to promote feature phones, then what features you want to see in a best feature phone that you could recommend anyone easily?

Satyajit Good RAM and Processor, 3G and above web access, QWERTY key pad, better screen resolution, strong battery, 2 MP and above camera, better and loud sound, 8 GB and more memory, more interacting with computer are something good enough for a best normal phone.

Vishal Basics are the best. Calls, SMS, browsing, navigation, music, medium sized screen, supporting more than 2 video formats(3gp, amr, avi).

Battery is something which makes or breaks things for many. Where your phone stands about it?

Satyajit Not much happy with mine in particular. Battery is poor in terms to meet performance of Nokia 6300.

Vishal I haven’t faced any battery related issues with mine one so far.

With smart phones getting cheaper, do you think feature phones will survive? Or will you also buy smart phone after 2 years?

Satyajit After two years, if I have to purchase then definitely I’ll go for smart phone.

Vishal Yes! Feature phones can surely survive as there are many people, who find it difficult to operate a smart phone but still expect the above mentioned features . For them it’s a necessity.

You must have heard of USB OTG in coming Nokia X3. A way with which you can transfer data between your pen drive to your phone via cable without using any PC in between. What you think of it? Will such innovation keep the feature phone genre alive?

Satyajit It is very good feature but I think normal user may not give much importance to it.

Vishal Why not. This is definitely a great innovation.

Gaming and twitter becoming even more prominent for some users, even more than FM/ Music etc. Where are feature phones on them? Do you find enough good games on that thing? Do you use twitter? Which app then?

Satyajit I am not using twitter and not gaming too. So, it is not that lucrative feature for me in smart phone.

Vishal Yes I can access twitter on my phone. I have downloaded applications like facebook, nimbuzz and many on my phone and use them for social networking.

There  is a lot buzz around Camera etc. S40 phones features camera too, how much of camera job your phone does for you?

Satyajit I use very often my camera. It is good for daily uses in good light situation. But it can not beat actual SLR/DSLR. For special occasion you need cameras only.

Vishal I get the clarity enough which can be expected from a mobile phone camera considering the lens quality and the MPs

Well at some places, smart phone become a lot lesser attractive when loose internet connection. How is it about feature phones? Do they engage you without data plans?

Satyajit For me internet connection is very vital and most lucrative feature in smart phones, though feature phone still survive even in absence.

Vishal Now days, internet has the same importance for smart phone as well as feature phones and I think if net connection is loose, any phone is bound to face issues

Do you make use of advanced features like tethering or using your phones like a USB Drive?

Satyajit Yes. I use my mobile some time as data storage.

Vishal Yes connect it through computer for transferring data and even for connecting internet via tethering.

Now on real things, is it loud on calls? What about the music performance?

Satyajit I will say that music performance is excellent in terms of clarity but not loud enough.

Vishal Audible, clear and sober unlike some china mobiles, who go behind loudness only.

Be honest, if your younger bro ask you for some phone, then will you suggest him a feature phone? Which category  of users you think should go for feature phones?

Satyajit Any common/ family man can go for normal phones. To younger generation I would suggest smart phone only, if possible.

Vishal Users who like to derive the maximum from a device at best price, use maximum features should buy the feature phone.

What you don’t like about feature phones, which should improve more now?

Satyajit I think web browsing feature needs to improve. Data speed and better web browsers require. Mini Opera and Ovi browser (BETA) are good but need improvement.

Vishal Inability to support more than one video format, sometimes they do get hanged, at least mine one.

Your score points to your own phone (rating if any) What should have improved here?

Satyajit 7/10 for today. Support for 3G, open architecture, good battery life is require in Nokia 6300.

Vishal 8/10. Multiple video format support.

So, these were Satyajit and Vishal for you discussing about feature phones. What you think, I should have asked more about or what they missed to mention? Please do tell me ….

Laymans take on Nokia BH-217, the big review

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A few days back, I took a trip to Nokia Priority and noticed that a cute and sleek Bluetooth handset, about which we talked about in Nokia World 2010 days, finally has made its ways to market. Nokia BH-217, very sleek, very catchy to the eyes and well matching the build quality of Nokia N8 like some natural buddy . Being active in the blogosphere, I already knew that beyond the looks, it also is a very capable handset and made the decision of purchase, in fact made the order.

But some of your days really get lucky, when you have folks around like @womworldnokia. An innocent tweet, I made to ask friends that if anyone might have used Nokia BH-217 and was almost jumped from the seats, when my most favorite and WOM God father @_ODoG_ replied via a short tweetCheck your mail”.

Like always been, two three days more and the shiny kid of the block was right in my hands with usual DHL packaging.


I was like in hurry to open the box and to see, the one that came all the way to me for review, which I was just about to buy. The blue box and what first appeared to my eyes is the silver Nokia BH-217 with the doc.

 13122010864  13122010865

After opening the DHL’s yellow parcel, I was greeted with the usual baby blue packet and what I found more interesting was the green sweet box kind of casing for the headset and related accessories (though my green box was damaged a little, may be delivery damage).


It was the first time, when I seen some kind of dock with a bluetooth handset and then the headset itself… what a beauty …. lovely piece of work


I will come over details of doc later on, but before that presenting you the glorious and all classy


Nokia BH-217

13122010873 13122010874

I really loved the fact that now I will not be needed to keep my headset in ears always due to presence of handy dock provided with it, which can be hooked into cloths (pocket etc) very easily like wired headset.


The Nokia BH-217 box was full of goodies, containing much much more things than I ever would have seen in any other headset package (except BH-905).

Full content of the package

  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-217 Silver
  • Carrying clip and car cradle (both white)
  • Nokia Charger AC-3E
  • Three earplugs (size S, M and L)
  • Two ear hooks made of transparent plastic (size M and L)
  • User Guide

Technical specs

  • Dimensions 50.5 x 17 x 6.2 mm, Weight 7.6 g
  • Single Operating keys to remove/replace the headset in the clip or car cradle to power on/off and answer/end calls, Multifunction key for power on/off and answer/end
  • Nokia 2 mm charger connector interface, 45 mAh Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Talk (Bluetooth): Up to 5 hours ( I found it better than specs while using) and up to 3 months in clip or car cradle
  • 10 m (Bluetooth use), DSP noise reduction, Adaptive volume adjustment
  • Unique voice guidance to assist in pairing the headset, and for battery and connection status indication

Now going into closer details …

Headset exteriors

When we look over the headset itself without the earplug, then not only the built is kind of one-piece, but they have taken an extreme minimalistic and slim approach.

13122010870 14122010883

There is no buttons except the one for call receiving and ending. You find a tiny quad-color LED on the top side in back (green when the charge level is sufficient, red when charge level is low, yellow means you may need to recharge the battery and blue when in pairing mode). 

14122010885In the bottom, you find one tiny screw, one 2mm charging port and a pair of metal contacts to switch it off, when kept in any of the two docks.

While some might miss the volume button, but I found it perfect with the fact that what a slim build they are providing.

The Ear buds with headset

Well! I must admit that in the first sight the shape was odd to me and I was thinking that why this D shaped hooks over the simple shape we known about the ear buds till now.


Still not sure about the exact reason, but one thing is sure, due to their shape, you don’t need to use the hooks at all, which been a pain in ear since long. I know many of you will feel that how its possible to carry the headset in ear without using the hook, but I assure you that I am using it without hook since last three days and it didn’t dropped for even a single occasion. You just need to choose the right size for you, might be a little trouble in finding exact fit place, but once fit, you will not even feel it on your ear. I am using size S.

Carrying clip and Car cradle

I am not sure that if there are other Bluetooth handsets, which come with such clip and cradle, but as I am concerned, I am like loving it a lot. The package is kind of full value of money (the best price quoted to me is 1750 INR in Delhi, but I am expecting it to go more less)


The cloth clip is simple enough and yet holds the headset very firmly. You will notice that on the bottom, there is place for 2mm charger, which will be exposed  only if you put the headset front facing toward the open side. Much handy, if you want to keep it in charging and will save any kind of scratches, which were sure there over time, when you were keeping it over surface like some table.


Similar about the build of the car cradle, which I am not using at the moment due to absence of car, but one of our friend @sachin_malhotra, who recently bought a black one, just loving it.

Ear Hooks

Though I am not using the hooks and one of my oldest headset Nokia BH-204 went useless only because of loosing the hook, so I am happy with it.


But for people, who like to use it for the safer side (like in situations of running etc), there are two of them. Glossy transparent white ones. Not sure, how the black ones are, but will soon check out, when I will buy one for self.

The charger

The Ultra-compact charger is lightweight, rapid charging and has a smaller plug so you can carry it around with ease.


Obviously it is the universal 2mm one, which could be used to charge other Nokia handsets as well.

Unique things about Nokia BH-217 usability

For the details of features, you can take a look over the Official page, but let me tell you about things that I noticed.

  • The handset comes with adaptive volume adjustment and DSP noise reduction inbuilt (software based I guess, unlike BH-905, which uses multiple microphones for the same), which I found not making enough difference while hearing songs, but was very well noticeable while on some call. Calls are crisp and clear on both the side and I am not saying this just for saying, they really are.
  • The second unique thing about the headset is Always Ready feature. It automatically connects with the handset within a second at most, once you take it out from the holder. Keeping the headset in holder will come into your habits soon when you will know that it provides over 3 months of battery life while kept in holder (because its in  stand by there).
  • The third and most important lovely fact about this tiny piece of magic is “It can connect two devices simultaneously”. I tried even third one, but it just remember the last two connected devices and will leave the first one and if already connected with two, then wont connect with the third one.

    It also co-ordinates well with both the connected devices, like if you are on call via one handset and receive call on second one, then it puts the first one on hold, similar about if you were hearing the music over one handset and the call came over other handset, then it will pause the player.

  • Get helpful voice guidance from your headset to help you pair it with your phone, and to indicate battery and connection status though I will say that I found the volume of guiding speech a little low or might be we Indians are used to of high volumes 😉

It was interesting to note that while connecting to Nokia N8, it didn’t asked for a password and same about Nokia E5-00 (which is with me now days, thanks to @womworldnokia), but while connecting to Nokia N82, it asked for the same and I was to use the default “0000” one. Look like something changed with Symbian that I didn’t noticed before.


So, this was all about Nokia BH-217, which you might wanna know, if looking for some really sleek and light weight Bluetooth headset that should be surprisingly cheaper and yet at the finest edge of features.

Drop me your  comments, if any questions about it.

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Nokia Bots are back and this time for Symbian^3 too

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I remember those days, when after returning Nokia N97 mini trial unit to @womworldnokia, I was having only Nokia N82 and Nokia 5130 XpressMusic and Nokia Beta Labs released their Nokia Bots. I was like thinking that why such updates and cool applications don’t come to the devices I am using, why I am late in the glory all the time (like I am feeling with Nokia N900 updates sometimes)? But all the grief was just needed a top device from Nokia like the one I bought, Nokia N8 and since then updates and applications aren’t seemed to be ending very soon.

After Swype, Ovi Maps and Soundtrckr, now its turn for Nokia Bots to come back again. Nokia beta labs just updated their blog to bring back the Nokia Bots and greatest part of news is this time Nokia bots are available for Symbian^3 devices like Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 as well.

Not only they have updated it to bring support for Symbian^3 devices but also there are performance improvements for old Symbian^1 devices like the Nokia N97, N97 mini, and C6-00.

The complete change log is as follows

Added 14.12.2010 (v.1.8.1)

  • Compatible with Symbian^3 devices
  • FIXED: Alarm bot alarm does not wake up the phone if it is powered down
  • FIXED: Alarm icon (indicator) does not appear into the status pane when alarm is activated
  • FIXED: Changing back to user defined profile after meeting or night profile does not work
  • Shortcut bot image handling improved
  • Contact bot image handling improved
  • Contact info changes are tracked and shown on the widget if necessary

Manual download links

Symbian^3 version , Symbian^1 version

Note: Ovi Beta login might be required to download the files

How to get started with the Nokia Bots?

Nokia already has provided an extensive tutorial on this here. Basically its an intelligent application that learns habits of the user and then once ready starts doing required customizations automatically or giving suggestions about them like setting alarms automatically, putting frequently used contacts into contact bar (configuring default contacts bar might be a pain for some). So, its exactly not like you have to do something special with it, but just install it and let it work out its way on its own. Sounds high tech?? Its cool.

For knowing more on it, you could check out the FAQ as well

There are some known issues that are related to habits, but as an application, this time it sounds so solid version that we should expect it coming out of beta anytime soon.

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Santa, Can I have a Nokia N900 this Christmas?

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Yes you heard it right. I am not talking about Nokia N8, so its technically not related the Ovi competition, but sure the post from Rita made me think that if I wish something for this Christmas then what it might be (as I bought a Nokia N8 myself and very proud of my purchase already). As much I think about it, then like always, nothing crosses my mind than almighty Nokia N900, which I could wish to be appear in one of the boxes that Santa may deliver at my home.

There are so many things in the world that might have crossed you once, made you happy for a while, you started living with good or bad habits of the very same and then one day it leaves you … to never return. Of course, if you want it back badly then you can move forward and pick it back but like some lost girlfriend, you just don’t know… what to do.. what not to do. Want help to bring it back in your life, can’t do yourself.

Why it still haunts me in dreams?

Nokia N900, my first trial unit from @WomWorldNokia and probably the best stimulus that one might have got to be dragged into this mobile blogging world and the rest of the story, you all know about, million of hits within months and so many friends to catch up with.

There was really a lot geeky to miss about the same, not only geeky but little things that one would have so much wanted from a bunch of devices around him and Nokia N900 was something like all in one.

  • An ultimate tool for communication Nokia N900 was not only a device to make calls but it was the ultimate way to do IMs either it be Yahoo/ MSN/ Gtalk/ Ovi (without even installing any third party app) and either it be video calling as it was and is the only phone in the world with in-built Skype support. The spacious keypad on it was perfect in every sense to me and probably after living with Nokia N900, I was kind of forgetting that how one could do IMs via PCs.
  • An ultimate tool for blogging Not only I had the best mobile browsing experience on Nokia N900, but MaStory like ultimate blogging client with plenty of options to do all kind of basic formatting and Picasa and flicker like picture sharing options in built into the operating system core itself, what more you could have asked for? Catch up with the web with Flash 10 support, take excellent snaps with the 5MP AF camera that will be even geo-tagged if you wanted so.
  • An ultimate tool for control freaks like me Unlike others, unlike some Tom and Dick’s phone, this one really was in its own league, where it was and is unchallenged even now. Being a pure Debian Linux, this one has all kind of powerful means that we geeks could go by ways of some Linux based laptop. Just a matter of few packages and I was on root access, able to SSH from the very device, was able to experience touch on Windows XP based PC by accessing them through Rdesktop. It was all divine and lovely to my office tech team, who knew that I could take care of their stuff or guide them dammn well even if I might be in some movie theater. Not only that but you can find the logs etc related to almost everything and could know that what’s happening around in your phone like never before.
  • A superb multi-tasker I know Symbian also does multi-tasking and with Symbian^3 like card based task manager, its easy as pie, but somewhere I loved the way Maemo deal with it. Small cards and task manager icon always ready in top left corner for your service. Live Preview windows and small popup notifications for IM or SMS. Ohhh!! I so much love the Maemo UI. Symbian might be doing it more efficiently, but if we talk about convenience, naturalness and wow factor, then Maemo does it all.
  • A wild tiger groaning in your hands Nokia N900 used ARM Cortex 8, 600 MHz as its processor inside. The best any Nokia device might have got till today. Even Nokia N8 might have got 680 MHz processor, but its not cortex and people who know the processor tech understand that what the name cortex stands for. Wild size of RAM and Virtual memory make sure that you never complain on performance point ever and this beast has 32 Gb inbuilt memory. Wooohhhaa huge that is.
  • An ultimate tool for hackers, who like to experiment a lot Admit it, the Linux been heaven for hackers from years and when you get such a compact device in your hands with full power of Linux then it was like OOOO LA LA … You can write native programs like you have been writing for your Linux PCs, those same shell scripts, those similar file systems, those regular cron jobs and all what you can not even imagine, that too without learning something extra, but the same regular things which you might have been doing with your lappy in all these days. You are always online without even doing some dialup or something (GPRS\ 3G\ Wi Fi, everything is right there out of the box).
  • An ultimate tool for Artists I loved the paint app on Nokia N900 that was an ultimate tool in your hands to sharpen your skills. Not only the app was free, but the fact that you are making use of a stylus (N900 has resistive screen) makes you enough precise as well. That we wont ever be able to be on Capacitive screen despite of their all other advantages. I am sure that if it stays in hands of mine again, then I could polish my skills a little more for mobile devices too.
  • An ultimate media player Though it has no HDMI support like Nokia N8 neither it matches the quality output Nokia N8 provides me, but in one thing Nokia N900 does beat Nokia N8 that is codec support. Not only this supports some extra codec like Ogg Vorbis and FLAC, but presence of VLC Player and MPlayer also assure you that it wont hit you back wrongly, whatever format you throw on it.

There are many many more reasons to crave for one of those gadget lover’s dream, Nokia N900 and I could have written on and on. You can understand the craze by one fact only that Nokia N900 is such a device that even after absence of apps has a real huge fan following behind it. This is the one, which brings Nokia fanboyism this side because there were things like you never seen before.

If I loved it so much then why I didn’t buy it?

You will ask me that if I wanted Nokia N900 so much then why I didn’t went for buying it straight out and if I made another well thought choice (that was a marvelous device like Nokia N8) then why I want it now back again in my hands?

I had my reasons for holding my temptations to buy it and I posted them on my blog too but later on appearance of Nokia N8 caught me so much with it that I could have skipped some of my other priorities that were possible with Nokia N900 only (check my post here with more than hundred comments).

But if I would have thought to purchase Nokia N900, then at a lesser price Nokia N8 was so so much value for money and due to presence of perfect Ovi Maps/ Media playback and unforgettable camera, it was a sin, if I would have missed to buy that one. N8 over N900 was still a right and valid decision, but still ….

Then why I want it now?

If @WomWorldNokia was allowing me a second trial of Nokia N900, then I was so ON for it. It was my first trial unit and though I posted so much about it than any other device I might have posted about (except N8), but still I find that it was so little.

I was not an experienced blogger, didn’t made even an un-boxing post, just a couple of photos of the same device, so little number of screen shots and almost no walk through of the Maemo OS that I loved so so so much. Always felt that I didn’t did justice with the device, which was best suiting to the geek inside me.

Moreover, I tried the device back in February 2010 and since then many things have been changed and so many updates and apps have arrived to Nokia N900 to close many of the issues and to make it so much more better. It even got the much needed Ovi Suit support finally and even Maps have improved a bit. So, there are so many reason to assume that if it comes back to me again then it was going to be a very new experience than the RAW one which still was enough to blow me off.

I guess, for once I even tried other Nokia PR agencies in India, but probably there is no luck for common man bloggers like me, so given up. Was almost pushed to buy one for self recently, when money came in my hands, but somehow holding myself and saving money for upcoming MeeGo device with huge support of developers that was missing a bit with Maemo at the moment.

I guess you can understand my eagerness by the fact that even my younger brother promised me to buy one next year though I still don’t know if that would be a good decision or not, but I really wanted N900 in my hands once again.

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Nokia X7 leaked again, Nokia admits the presence of Nokia X7-00?

Many of us been speculating about the upcoming Nokia model Nokia X7-00, most probably centered around gaming and entertainment. Even few of the pics made it to the wild appearances on the web and much of the talks as usual, but after the last Ovi Store short presence, now Nokia X7-00 was spotted on another official source.


Detective skills of one of my friend @mobileyog pushed the luck again, when he spotted Nokia X7, while trying to add a new device, while trying to set up Ovi Sync via their mobile site. Even I followed the link and repeated the same process and its right there at the end.

Nokia X7 So, Nokia X7 is very very well into the system of Nokia Services, which could have only one means, a very close launch date. Is it before Christmas? We don’t think so as the same list also contains the name Nokia E7 that is expected to be launched by December 31, 2010 and not to be shipped before January.


So, is Nokia going to launch three four devices in a row again? Nokia E7, Nokia X7, what more? Nokia E6 too?

Hats off @mobileyog again for the tip.

Nokia N9 Leaked? Is Nokia N9 already in hands of testers?

[tweetmeme source=”nkumar_” only_single=”false”]

Just spotted some last day tweets from a guy on twitter named @SimonLR from Toronto, Ontario, who claims to have visited a friend, who does have almighty Nokia N9, everyone is talking about now days. Though he already have mentioned that he can’t disclose much of the device as his friend must be bound by usual legal rules.

No pictures allowed. No off-device/camera samples. No dissassembly. You guys know the rules. C’mon.

But check out what he says ..

Android and iOS don’t have shit on this. Not even close5:38 AM Dec 10th via N9

The twitter client from which he tweeted takes us to the Nokia NSeries official page, which indicates a brand new twitter client other than Nokia Social. Much needed as the common opinion is “Nokia Social sucks”. And when he says that it’s a brand new experience than iOS and Android then it meant something big… real real big.

    Cool!5:36 AM Dec 10th via N9

    Nokia fans, save your money for the next few months5:33 AM Dec 10th via N9

    This keyboard is spacious4:55 AM Dec 10th via N9

    Some of the impressions as mentioned above shows that there are pretty big reasons to wait for the device itself. Definitely some impressive things are cooking somewhere.

    There’s home screen widgets4:52 AM Dec 10th via Nokia N9 Widget

    This particular tweet not only shows that widgets do exists in the new Home Screen UI, but if you follow the link of the twitter client source then it indicates that you will be able to tweet directly from the Home Screen Widget itself that will be available from Ovi Store. Cool!!.. interesting to note the fact that the main client and widget have two different sources, which in my opinion says that social services are built in at core levels and available through out the UI by various means. More intuitive, more integrated and more comfortable.

    @davidgilson MeeGo.com Handset Ref UX is not what Nokia’s MeeGo iteration is5:39 AM Dec 10th via N9

    As about more on the UI, then he already mentions that its completely different than we might have seen and as many already know, its different from the one MeeGo shows off at least till now.

        Ovi Maps icon does nothing5:29 AM Dec 10th via N9

        WiFi here is real spotty. I wonder if a Skype call will work…5:26 AM Dec 10th via N9

        No carrier branding so far5:12 AM Dec 10th via N9

        I wonder if GPS works5:03 AM Dec 10th via N9

        Ovi Store doesn’t work5:00 AM Dec 10th via N9

          The above tweets also shows that this is in no case a finished product as of now. In earlier tweet, he already did mentioned that its still a far story for some months at least. May be Q3 as many already guessing.

          To know more about him in person, you can check out the official page of him here. As of now, he owns a Nokia N900 and also a blog named http://www.knownokia.ca/. We can’t be sure that how authentic he is, but there was a tweet by his one friend @MikeMacias saying below  via MyNokiaBlog

          I don’t know if @SimonLR got his hands on N9 today but don’t think he’d kid. Simon resigned from @mobile_fanatics and TMF doesn’t have it

          Interesting.. isn’t it? What’s say?

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