Netbook and Nokia N900 when Nokia N8 is coming

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The most perfect words about Nokia N900 that I came to read very long back,

The people behind it, you know those other guys in that other building, are probably a bunch of geeks with a sense of mission. Somehow, someone at Nokia stole a prototype from their lab and decided to slap a N Series logo and a number “900” on it and actually released it to the mainstream. Those lab guys don’t even make phones. They make internet tablets. They have nothing to do with big old Symbian. They have their own open source based OS called Maemo (pronounce My Mo). – via

Beautiful and very accurate were the words and struck right there with me and … we seen more and more words being told about this beast, many stories, many myths broken, every day a new idea, every night a new invention, whenever you run of reasons that why should you buy a N900 adding up a few limitations from here and there, another morning wakes you up telling that every other day of N900 is another reason to talk about Nokia N900.

We all know that something such big as Nokia N8 is coming, we all keep on hearing that what new things that would be able to do, we all know that there will be an all time best camera phone in hands of you all, but still sometimes I think that why is my post about N900 vs N8 still topping in blog stats? Why WomWorld still has more posts over Nokia N900 than anything else?


May be I thought to post it much earlier, may be it was something else in my mind that I thought to give few words, but the credit is for sure of Inspect-A-Gadget’s post, where he discards Nokia N900 a viable alternative to Netbook. I am really feeling like pushed to say something … really something

Why Nokia N900 competes well with a Netbook?

First of all, why we needed a Netbook?

Compact size? More easy to carry? You are always online in the way you wanted. You could check on emails, you posts and surf blogs, you share pics, you make even occasional edits via its inbuilt tools, make sketches, music and whatever you like to do in moments, you sneak out a few moments.

You are in a conference but you do not need a table to put anything like others (at least 10” I guess) and still you are on …. in each step with others with your just 3.5” device … you are not typing like others might be, but you are making occasional touch gestures and sometimes your fingers racing on small but perfect keypad of your Nokia N900. Sounds gracious na?


Some argue that its limited by it caliber and a full fledge windows is something that a Maemo wont do ever. But tell me, do you really wanna do some photo shopping on the go? Or Studio like FX-Effects? But does a Windows 7 Starter with probably 1GB RAM at most serves the purpose for some photo shopping or movie editing? Does Windows Starter really work that way or if we choose any other operating system or do some Photo shopping, then does Netbooks really provide you those acclaimed 8 hours?

I know Zahib doesn’t actually meant that and still many more examples could be given and I always pointed that it was kind of natural right for Nokia N900 to opt for a 1500 mAh battery.. but still think about trade offs of carrying a device exclusively with you for purpose or having something that is always with you.

Think you are going to a family wedding and made promises with family that no more office chik chik, no more sneaking into those laptops. Will you really explain your granny that its a Netbook not laptop? Will you carry a Netbook to the wedding place? Really? But you could stand tall with Nokia N900. You will say its a phone dude and the coolest one, you might have seen around. While you all might be waiting for this function to be over and by morning, you will all be uploading pics to facebook, blogs etc… hey hold it there.. I am already done, while I was taking drinks with you. Get a look on my page.

And inside you say… sigh!!! thanks God, I didn’t missed that mail and replied too with collected facts from some googling. That’s all when you weren’t thinking that you will be needed to do something like that here in the wedding.

Believe me, its Nokia N900 that you wanted, not some Netbook that screams that I am underpowered and even if small, no one can figure me out much different from a traditional Laptop…. damnn man!! you cant even carry a iPad everywhere with you, sure not in your pocket.

For me, its never a question that if Nokia N900 can serve as a Netbook, but the question is what a Netbook serves? A sense of limits whenever you think of doing something serious and a sense of burden, when you thought you going to carry light? Are Netbooks going to be pagers of past or will they fight with Notebooks more than mobiles of today?

Nokia N8 and Nokia N900

You see some iMorons all around looking for reasons to eat another iCrap, because web seems to be echoing about that, because that’s probably most well marketed thing in the world.

But why you are finding reasons to choose Nokia N900 over Nokia N8, when no one seems to be marketing things that way? Why you feel that Nokia N8 will do many new things, but still think that there seems to be no limit that you will do with Nokia N900.

Well!! I am confused, totally confused and I know you all are … at least many of you really are. I know coz I see search terms like N8 Vs N900 hitting my blog without missing a day. I know because I still think that when someone said the lines below, then it wasn’t Nokia N8, but Nokia N900 in the mind ….

Its not the technology, but its what you do with it.

Current price as ` 24, 500, while Nokia N8 scaring with quotes like 600$  or ` 30, 000 and that too when it will make it to India (not before in September 2010 and if it went like Nokia loves to do with India then …. ). I bet, the wait isn’t pretty easier for you and there are reasons to think once again … its a complete touch device, when it comes to Nokia N8, are you all for that?

What’s currently not right with with Nokia N900?

Due to more attention to Intel-Nokia MeeGo, focus was very early moved from Nokia N900 than it should have. We still get just a basic Ovi Maps over a top-notch A-GPS unit and no Google Maps here due to lack of Java Support. Honestly speaking… that annoy… annoy big time, when we already were somehow compromising without Gravity (even Android, Apple, BB users doing, so not that much complaining).

Nokia N900 shouldn’t be a step child to Nokia, it has rights to get cared of and sure rights to get promised for update option to MeeGo.

One day, I hear that Nokia N900 received some update an could do portraits as efficient as other things, another day, I hear that there is something that could make your Nokia N900 a remote control of your TV via its IR port, another day, hermes integrates contacts with Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, MSN, Ovi or whatever you think, another day you get Fcam libraries got released, another day… … story moves on.

You cry that why you were so naive, when Paul wrote you for giving an Nokia N900 for trial? Why you were so lost in Alice‘s Wonderland of magic that forgot that its just 14 days? Why you think that you would have been doing much much more with the N900 than you actually did? Why you think that if there was a time machine that could have been taken you back to the time, when Nokia N900 was in your hands and then pauses the time right there.

Why do you wish that may be someday Paul or Katie may be extra generous to you for sending an N900 this way again or some NokiaIndia or WomWorldIndia (?) or Blogger’s Mind or anything such think of pouring some love over you again? Yes! a dream chase … I do wanna get a second chance with my EX… a second chance to rectify my mistakes that I didn’t given her the treatment, she deserved … 15 days were so little for someone, who got a first trial device, when it was a N900.

Is it DATE? #NokiaDate?

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@WomworldNokia #NokiaDATE My Ex-Phones

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It’s always hard to remember the moments with your ex-dates, sometimes your mistakes, sometimes the situations and sometimes … you still don’t understand that what went wrong. Remembering the dates with an EX in past … even the idea … make you go blank.

DealingWithHeartbreak Obviously, I am not going to talk about girls, which could have been an impossible job for sure. This post has reference with the WomWorld/Nokia initiative in welfare of DATE Sufferers.

For we phone foodies, our devices have been sometimes even more prior to girls and this sure has been one of the most consistent reasons behind those fights with our girls. So, may be this phenomenon is recently named by WomWorld/Nokia as DATE, we discovered and suffered with it since much earlier 😦

First let’s see how Womworld/Nokia describe it and what’s this new initiative #NokiaDATE is all about…. their words … live from their post

If you’ve suffered from DATE, do not panic… you are not alone. In fact, our discovery means that this phenomenon is now recognized as an official medical condition:

Our research also shows that this affliction is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Why is it getting worse?
Because the WOMWorld/Nokia trial programme has been steadily growing across the globe in recent years. This is, of course, great news… but it does mean the spread of DATE is likely to widen. To try and combat this inevitable consequence, we’re putting together a cure for the very biggest DATE sufferer out there.

We’re offering the chance to WIN one of our ex trial N97 mini devices – and will award this device to whoever needs it most.

Is that you?
Things to look out for:
• An aversion to DHL delivery men
• Ghost handset syndrome (playing with a non-existent Nokia)
• Day dreaming about your past Nokia devices
• Unboxing EVERYTHING (and uploading the videos afterwards)
• Pretending you’re tweeting from brand new devices (ie: OMG! This N8 is AMAZING!)

You can submit your entries either by posting a written story, making a video or simply uploading a photo of you and your worst DATE experiences, and tag everything #NokiaDATE

You have until Monday August 2nd to enter.
So… Good luck DATE sufferers. We know this could rekindle some painful memories.
Just think of the closure.

Why I am a big time DATE Sufferer?

  • Yes! I too wait for DHL delivery men and who better know it more than WomWorld people that I keep on checking over DHL tracking links not even when they come to me but even when they go back. Albertine may tell you better 😉


  • Yes! We all know that before getting a DHL parcel, we will get an email from our 21st Century Santas Paul and Katie, but still we wish that sometimes they may surprise us like they did once with me. I really has said this to @WomWorldNokia that you people have got us all spoiled now.
  • Ghost Handset Syndrome… Yes! I feel myself playing with N9 or E7 whatever … and sometimes even tablets like iPad running a glossy and our superb fast Maemo (I am saying Maemo). I really feel it doesn’t matter to me, if there is Multi-touch or not till its super silky and real productive like Nokia N900. Yeah!! you called it Ghost handset syndrome, we know that nothing such exists and may be never, but still dreams are dreams.. we wish if we were working for Nokia and were allowed to design one … sigh!!!
  • Day dreaming … perhaps WomWorld/Nokia made this word non-existent. Who believed that someday one will write a mail to him that we could send you a 500$ – 600$ dream device for trialing? It was a real day dream to me when Paul wrote me for first time. I swear I didn’t believed, even when he sent me the trial agreement, I was saying to my friend, is this can be real? Still we feel that its some Inception kind of world, where WomWorld/ Nokia is playing Leonardo DiCaprio. Is it what you call Day dream?

  • Un-boxing, a word, I come to know via Womworld posts only. Once I almost went to post about un-boxing my new stylish Helmet, only to hold it later on, thinking that a pics on postureous would do the deal. I really wish that if I was doing un-boxing posts since I was in class 10. May be we will be filming our children’s birth very soon.. saying … oops 
  • Pretending… There was a line in some movie that if we don’t get a girl, then we fake it among our friends like telling them she said this, she said that.. we know its wrong and we stop saying once get more serious into it, but still… when you desperately wants something and see everyone else is getting the same, then you find yourself without any choice than talking so confidently about the unseen devices in a way that other may think that you got a hold on it. Special kudos!! to WomWorld to find this symptom as it was the most hard syndrome to be found.
  • One more syndrome, which WomWorld missed to mention is Syndrome of togetherness with Nokia. All of sudden, we feel like that its our right to say on things like, how Nokia should do this or how they should have done that. We say because we know that each word get heard, each and every buzz … even if most random, even if from the most tiny guy … it doesn’t matter what we are, it doesn’t matter, what we contributed or could contribute in growth of Nokia, but still we feel close that they feel us as family members.
    Being aware of each and everything being said about you is hard, but making the world believing that “you are aware of each tiny thing and will be aware if you say something however small”, is something the world is learning from WomWorld and Nokia today. Hats off you guys … sometimes I think that I will be proud if one of my future son (I am unmarried till now 😉 ) shows me an offer letter from 1000heads or Womworld. That’s what Connecting people is all about, not just renaming some existing technology.


Yes!! I said it… I am the DATE Sufferer and I am the worst of them. It already a long post now, but still when started then can’t hold me back to write about my past “dates” and yes!! they include few Non-Nokia as well.


My First ever Phone: My first job, when I was in my third semesters of my course, joined as a hobby that time and while LG-RD2130-925044115s all of my salary was kind of bonus to me, the first purchase of my life with my own money was my first phone LG Moonlight from Reliance.

It was sleek, it was simple, but prime reason of purchase was “It was a reliance, a CDMA”. CDMA was new hope was internet savvy people in those times. EDGE wasn’t that big heard of, neither Data plans were that nice to you. A 3.6 k INR device with nominal charges for internet once you connect it to your PC was the perfect deal, for we newbie .

Here I missed Nokia badly, the handset came without a data cable and unique charger means I wasn’t able to charge it in my college or workplace, if my charger wasn’t with me as most of the people were then with Nokia and even now they are…

It was cool.. as I was able to watch News items videos like Aajtak on my handset itself, even if that was not colored. (Hoping to bring back better days with Nokia N8 webTV) I was happy and was waiting to find time that when I will go market to buy a Data Cable and will be able to access internet on my PC.

And then …

END was the worse part, when I lost it within a month, when going to market with some friends for puncture repair of my bicycle. Once I realized, we all running here and there and searching for the same, but …..

So, I lost my first phone just in few weeks after buying it and without using it once for the purpose I bought it.

My Second Phone: Like usually happens, 253px-Nokia_3310_blueafter a loss, you don’t usually go for buying a big phone. You just find whatever available, even if a second hand phone. I got a second hand Nokia 3310, which was known as most reliable those days and if I remember it right, then it cost me a 1.5 k INR then. Not a bad deal, but a DATE Sufferer …

That set was sure something… been with me for six-seven month and I can’t tell you that how badly treated that one was… got accidently thrown at times… once it was hanging via string hooked in my pocket and was hitting the roads almost for 1km and numerous times, it got its part disassembled by dropping.. keypad a side, battery a side, back cover a side … but the most loyal device was never a let down. I didn’t even lost the screen.

I could bet over one thing that there would be no one of my age in India, who never seen this particular set with someone of his family or anyone else near him. That’s been a legend since long.

This was my second phone and I didn’t lost it, but it was to go one day once I get some good looking. I given it to dad, who was not that mobile savvy that time.

My Third Phone: I admit, in early days, I wasn’t very aware of tech developments and things… it was samsung_sgh-e330_add_39  probably show off, when I fall for affection toward flap mobiles. First salary of my second job and I bought a Samsung SGH E330 in 9.5 k INR, can you believe it? I regret that decision to fall for beauty over the real things even now.

Yes!! it got killer looks for that time and was a great show off, when someone calls you and you get a picture of him/ her in front screen… it was handy, when you wanted to snap yourself with the only camera in the device and due to double screens, you were assured that you wont miss the right position. It was worth a company.

But still when we talk about features, then it was bad about Internet and other things, which I can’t even think of living about now, neither of that good reception as we almost take as granted with Nokia devices, neither FM or internal storage.. nothing. This was the device, who made me think that a Flap device can never be stable, neither the sliding ones as I was to send it for repair on cost twice and its still with me in a non working condition (display not working)..

This was my third phone and I still carrying the same but in dead form, in hopes if I find time and extra money then will get it repaired to keep it as toy for children at least. But each time display cost me 1.5k INR at least. Its dead without hopes.

My Fourth Phone: It was my first job in New Delhi (I am still with the same company), when I finally Nokia N70decided that I need a feature rich phone. A phone that might be having an pure official looks, should support mails, should have FM (every office going get addicted of hearing FM in office cabs), a good camera and decent mass memory and perfect integration with your personal computer that you could transfer contacts/ songs and could backup SMS etc.

A front camera was bonus to me, though that time, neither there was UMTS network in India nor I was that much in Smartphones. It was my first Smartphone after all.

This is where Nokia comes, they offer phones for each range. People may argue that why I didn’t bought a Nokia N95 or even N73 at least, but one may not be always in condition of spending more than his budget. Nokia N70 was my compromise for saving few thousands, but I never regretted that.

The end of the story was a complete strange incident, when there was a theft in my room, while me and my room partner were sleeping in the very same room. We lost two mobiles one was XpressMusic of room partner and my Nokia N7. We lodged the complaint with Police, but still it always remained a mystery that how someone was able to steal it while we were asleep just two feet away.

The journey got an abrupt ending.

My Fifth phone: It was my brave but best decision so far, to buy a Nokia N82. The price then was around n82_black19k INR and everyone was saying that its stupidity to go for a mobile of this much price, when you just lost one. No one seemed to be caring for 3G in those times and for others it was just another 5MP camera. It was hard to justify in front of mango people that why I am buying such a pricy phone, while its just a T9, non-touch phone …

But as we all know now that it became such a legend now that nothing seemed to push it down from its royal place even till now. Will see when N8 arrive, but it was the king and is the king. Some said that its keypad is different, but this difference came as good to me as the way, it works, nothing worked better for me before or later. I still using its 3G as my only way to connect my PC to web and downloading of files in GBs with 200+ kbps over MTNL 3G … it does everything what I wanted.. that’s why its priceless ever.

What a joy ride it was with Nokia N82 … I snapped few hundreds of snaps with Nokia N70, but with Nokia N82, it effortlessly got converted to thousands (more than 6, 000 so far and still continued). It was integral part of office routines, when I was to take snaps of figures or text sometimes to use it later (like product keys or serial numbers). One will say a mobile camera less capable only if he never seen a Nokia N82.

Show is on even now…. and I could bet people will still carry Nokia N82 with them, when N8 will be on other side. This DATE is my better half …

My Sixth Phone: Nokia N82 nokia-5310-xpressmusicalways been the best, but it seen some terrible time too. I got it water damaged in a heavy rain. It was still working, but I lost loud speaker and more painful was to loose Xenon flash. I was to get it repaired…. get it repaired at any cost, but what was holding me, the fact that it was my only way to connect the internet (I was using Idea EDGE connection then). How could I have been without internet at home for even a day?

I was to take a decision, I was to buy a device with excellent battery, excellent music, with a slim looks and which could keep my internet experience continued … my decision could have been better, if there was some C5 kind of device in that time, but Nokia 5310 XpressMusic finally became my choice in around 8K INR.

XpressMusic with S40 was a unique initiative from Nokia and it got many loving even this limited OS. It targeted specially Music loving/ SMS crazy people and it worked like a charm. Music play back of 24 Hours + been the selling point of XpressMusic series and intuitive interfaces for SMSing been something, I wished to be part of S60 devices as well.

This one proven itself as a worthy companion always, though I was not satisfied with its camera performance, but I was coming from an age of Nokia N82, which phone in the world could have ever satisfied me again?

The DATE ended, when finally I decided to give this phone to mom as gift on her birthday. I am mean na, giving an old phone to her?? but she never wanted a high end phone and this was an excellent replacement.

My Seventh Phone: After many thoughts, I finally made the decision to buy the first touch phone and my words were “Finally bought a Touch Screen all of a sudden, when there was no prior plan for buying the When people says touch phone get instant connect in start then it was very true as it was the first phone, I wrote a review about and that was the first step from where the journey with WomWorld started.

The main reasons behind buying were the feeling of world wide rage of touch phones in such a low price point that too with 3G, wifi, GPS and 8GB mass memory. I saved around 6 full movies inside it, probably that was the main attraction of a big screen. Probably for the first time, I became a regular surfer of mobile web, while I was sure using my Nokia N82 for surfing, when in need like at some interview point or when encountered some query all of sudden.

Touch was another world and my post expressed the views in bold, when I reckoned that its some iPhone for mass, but still with passing of days, I understood that I was using it as secondary phone, not the main on for calling purpose. I mean everything was perfect with it, but may be being non-touch since ever and suddenly an all new world.. it was to take its own curve if I was left with only this one… but I was not…

The DATE ended most tragically, when I lost my Nokia 5800. That day I was little ill and while driving to office, I felt like fainting, taken a corner of road from bike and when moved further after a while, then probably I dropped my cell right there… it was crazy.. I struggled hard.. tried ways.. but it was gone.. the person who took it, was desperate to keep it and why wouldn’t he

Like my first non-touch phone, the journey with the very first touch phone was very short.. was this a coincidence?

My Eight Phone: I already mentioned that it was my article over Nokia 5800 that made WomWorld/Nokia aware of my nokia-n900-qwerty-keyboard existence and though it might make many envy, my journey was started with the almighty Nokia N900 itself… the very first trial from WomWorld. People who was in same gang like me, could understand that what’s this feeling when from some part of the world, all of sudden one sends you a device for first time and you get spoiled for ever with greed for more and more….

The journey was out of the world and I still feel that it was all dream like Inception. It arrived right there, when I was just entering into Touch Phone world and instantly I was one of the geeks talking about each and everything of phones. It was their best shot and they won me without any more effort.

The timing was more perfect that I was to go on a rare visit of my home town for straight five days. Rare coz in working life, you get such long leaves only once in one two years and such a visit with the most advanced device in the world… you just can’t feel what was the experience, what was the pride and what was that when I felt that why one needs a Laptop with him in some 8 hour long journey.

Days were 15 and when you get a device like Nokia N900 then even 15 months wont count for much. It was like Nokia E72 of touch phones or Nokia N82 of Camera phones that will never loose its relevance, no matter how much time may get passed.  I always knew that this has to go, was preparing self. Each day was scary coz it was passing.. I even asked Paul, if by any chance they could offer me some used Nokia N900 for some less like 20-22k.. one could easily understand my desperateness… even 20-22k could have been much for me to afford just then when I lost Nokia 5800, but it was a Nokia N900.

I don’t what to call this journey..Maemo and QWERTY of N900 with best ever resistive touch was nothing less than soul mate and loosing it was like something that could never be recovered again. It was an EX that still haunts me in nights even if Nokia N8 tries to enter the dreams.

My Ninth Phone: My friend knows that how were eyes of mine, when I was used to take over looks of Nokia n97minimain_thumb N97 from windows of shops. It was too much of affection to handle for me and it was too bad of WomWorld that they killed it from the top by giving me Nokia N900 as the first device. May be it was only memories of Nokia N900 that I tried to fill it by Nokia N97 Mini, my second trial from WomWorld.

I was sure that even after the high experience of touch with Nokia N900, this new beast wasn’t going to disappoint me as I was getting first Touch QWERTY with Google Maps and Ovi Maps. Why I was obsessive for Google Maps?? The moment, I lost Nokia 5800, my first step was to check my Google Latitude history to see that where the person with my cell might be right now. I was huge frustrated when I took a while to figure out to find that how to search that on web as there was no support of java in Maemo and so no for Google Maps. Using Google Maps, Google buzz, gravity and Nokia Messaging over such a big screen with QWERTY was something I wished was true for Nokia N900 as well.

Everyone says that Nokia N97 Mini was something, which people wished that Nokia N97 could have been. People missed the size of 3.5” for sure. The appropriate amount of RAM, appropriate processor, perfect QWERTY .. it was everything..

At one point, I wished if I was able to install Maemo over it, but still Nokia N97 did all for me otherwise it was hard to win someone back after touching Nokia N900. There were live experiences of Ovi Map navigation, when I utilized the big screen Maps for reaching to some completely unknown location in Gurgoan and I didn’t missed the route for once.

Even if N900 was god, N97 Mini was something I completely enjoyed even in my hectic schedules in that particular time. It was a perfect DATE, when I was more prepared for what should I expect and what I should do.

My Tenth Phone: After trialing big screens like N900 and N97 mini, probably, it was time to discover that 03052010165_thumb what connects my practical needs more than the style. A device like N900 or N97 Mini was cool for students or may be blogger, but people like me doing to dirty works like interacting with hundreds of issues on daily basis in person or over calls… somehow it was unreal that N97 Mini or N900 will serve as a full time calling device.

Nokia E72 with Nokia BH-905 was my third trial device from WomWorld and probably the one, which I used like my own for full 15 days. It was a full time device to me in every sense, a full time fast speed 3G modem that went through 26 GB data usage in just 14 days. That was some heavy duty thing… real thing …

Still when I look for buying a device, when Nokia N900 reminds me its existence like some magnet and Nokia N8 says that how could you think of anything else, Nokia E72 still pops up saying that think what you used thoroughly in real practical sense.

Perhaps Nokia E72 was all around answer for Business World going gaga over Black Berry services. This was some device that will get all my votes when someone asks me that which device to buy.

The trial was extended for a few days due to delay from DHL and so were the downloads from the device. It doesn’t stand very far from reality when someone says to me that look like I have settled my mind for buying a Nokia E72.

My Eleventh Phone: The occasion was the birthday of my youngest brother, who was to join his first job in e52 next few months and the gift I chosen to buy was the workaholic E52 as it was delivering the same E72 experience in a budget price. A superb experience it was for my brother as he had no prior preference for QWERTY only. He was happy with the T9 itself and I was happy that I was giving him something that he will always cherish due to the power beneath the sleek and super solid build.

Have you ever passed through a situation that you bought something for gifting it and got such a connect that it was hard to return it back?

It was much hard to me, even harder than returning the trials from WomWorld.. coz it was something that I bought myself. It was holding my own greed to give my brother the thing that was better than even what I had.

It was a DATE in one of its kind, a device that is mine, but still not mine and I was set to not buy another, just for sake of variety. Am I right?

My Phone no. 12: A strange date with Nokia 7230 was recent happening in my Nokia Experience. People Nokia72301 knowing me could easily predict that I never would have gone a S40 now, but it was the dilemma of holding the purchase of any new phone before Nokia N8 or MeeGo phone arrives.

A S40 could never satisfy the needs of someone who might have played such high end devices as I mentioned earlier, but for a phone for calls and SMS, Nokia 7230 was much more than enough. Even I was able to use it for tweeting via Snaptu and chatting via eBuddy. What more one could have wanted from a device of 5.7 k INR?

Probably it was a date that I wont remember for long on technical reasons, but some personal reasons mark this one as a major part of my life. Will not mention the reasons, but still its a DATE that I will remember ever …

So, here this is my story .. my dates … my Nokia journey … which will be continued for sure … no matter what happens … Nokia will rule …

Why I deserve to get phone from Nokia more than others? Don’t know … probably, when you google for “screwed Nitish” or “buy a phone nitish”, then the post is first of result, where I have explained that why no one wishes to put money on others, when almighty itself is coming .. Nokia N8. But still the pain of being without a decent Smartphone coupled with prolonged wait is killing … may be this competition a hope..

Still when I get those old boxes of my lost phones, then it triggers a nostalgia and same with DHL bags still lying here and there.

Thanks WomWorld … this was something that I always wished to share, but in which way.. probably I was unable to come up on my own… thanks for the idea. Hope will be able to say the bigger thanks once again 😉 [Hint: N97 Mini]

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Nokia Booklet 3G Mini Review-Thats something lovely to unbox

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This was probably the quickest delivery from @WomWorldNokia to me. It was just evening of June 2nd, 2010, when Katie informed me that they could manage a trial Booklet 3G for me, I sent back the filled trial agreement only by late eve and it was delivered to me by June 5, 2010, first half of the morning straight from London to New Delhi. Dammmn fast!!! Cool.

Yes!!! Nokia Booklet 3G, the cutie pie is in my hands and that too before the weekend, its a joy that’s been hard to digest. Yippppiieee!!!!!




It was a pleasant weather since morning and like me, whole of the New Delhi was expecting the first rain of this season. It’s been teasing us a lot in last many days.

But I’ve been waiting for something else as well; the Nokia Booklet 3G DHL shipment. The suspense was killing as it was a Saturday and if it would have missed the day, then it was meant to miss a Sunday without this shiny toy. I am sure most of the office going people could understand my eagerness.

The rain got delivered to city by late eve only, but the shipment came before time 🙂 9:30 AM and a colleague of mine Arjun smiled while saying congr8s to me. The shipment was at the gate.



I would have thought that its similar box like other vendors like Dell use to deliver their Laptop, but as I already seen some un-boxing of the same thing, so sure was waiting for the beautiful blue box inside and here it came ….



The beautiful blue box had not many colors or pictures on it like older Nokia boxes would have been in past, but this one follows the same tradition as was with Nokia N900; the easy disposable nature friendly material. But don’t you think that the blue has its own class? For me, its much sober.


Ok. Enough hooking up with beautiful box now, its time to open it up.


No folds and a solid tray like box to hold Nokia Booklet 3G, I wonder why not other Laptop or Netbook vendors follow the same trend? That’s some solid box for real.

One complaint, why Nokia doesn’t include a carry case with Booklet 3G?

Anyway, here is the real thing, presenting you all Nokia Booklet 3G (I kept a CD in side, so that you could get some idea about the size).


I know, even now, just from pictures, its not possible to imagine the exact feeling, but I bet  you will start loving the 10” size, once get something like this in hands. I am really wondering that do we really need those 15” Laptops or soon then will be old fashioned?



So, what you find here, speakers on both the sides, two USB Ports on left along with HDMI port (no HDMI cable provided though) and Headphone slot (thing to notice was there is no microphone slot, while its been part of all Laptops, I have seen). Right side has SD Card slot and SIM card slot covered with one flap, then a USB port next to it and finally the power cord slot.


Oh!! Did you thought that I will miss the back and battery details? Here you go …


Probably after the compact size, longer lasting batteries been the most important selling point for Netbooks. Laptops always been blamed for poor battery lives, I mean you can’t even watch two movies back to back on the same, then what’s purpose of thinking it a entertainment device? And if you have to carry such a big device that makes just the same bulk of baggage as your normal cloths one, then what’s mobile in it?

Netbook segment answered the questions with a battery that could serve you for more than 8 hours.

Now, what about other accessories in the package …??


Can you imagine, I was much happy over finding the cleaning cloth inside. A must have for the device coz of its shining surface, but it also make me think that even if its a Aircraft grade material, but seems susceptible to scratches over the front at least.

Rest accessories are AC-200 charger, WH-205 Headset, CA-126 USB Cable (surprisingly special one) and of course a user guide. No DVD for OS or other things neither do any HDMI cable.

Will cover accessories in more details.



Accessories of Booklet 3G are special in their ways. Look at the AC-200 Charger, what a piece of beauty it is in itself. I liked the same. Though the US plug given me a headache in first look as the same was here in case of E72 I got last time and in India, we don’t find matching plug for the same. But Nokia Booklet 3G do include the Socket matching the country. Even if Booklet 3G is not been released in India yet, but it was pleasant and relaxing to see the socket included in the package.


The next comes the headset, WH-205 …


The stereo headset WH-205 seems similar to those, we seen with packages inside other Smartphones, but the difference was inclusion of three difference sized ear buds means you need not to stuck with standard sized ear buds and actually could have one to suit your ears from three differently sized sets of them.

Are you missing something? The usual data cable shipped with Smartphones, you were used to see in un-boxings? But what’s point of having a data cable with  a Netbook? I am not sure, but Nokia decided to include one and more surprising its the best one, I have seen till date.


Nokia Charging Connectivity Cable CA-126, it must be available in some price in stores, but I wonder that why this amazing thing is not being included in Nokia’s Flagship Smartphone models? Not even Nokia N900 or coming Nokia N8 has it. Why so??

It does provide you high speed connectivity over USB to Micro-USB, but also provides you a way to charge your Smartphone with standard 2mm charger point. A must have for people, who like to keep their Smartphone connected to their Desktops or Laptops, specially useful for those, who use their Smartphones as modems to connect internet.

I think its a cool thing to buy even in a price.


Ok.. enough about the package, lets get inside of the thing. The first thing to notice after switching it on was the very familiar Nokia Hands (didn’t got a clear picture of the same though). So, as the BIOS says, processor is Intel (R) Atom (TM) CPU 2530 1.66 GHz with system memory of 640 KB and RAM as 1GB.

First thing to see was the size comparison


Though it looked odd that Nokia didn’t utilized the screen space well. There is plenty of room left below the screen and even on the side of screens. I just felt something like Nokia N97 classic and Nokia N900, where as N97 leaves much space unutilized, N900 seems making use of each mm. Perhaps that we would have loved, if if either it was more compact or if screen size should have increased to at least 11” to fit the bill otherwise from the front, it sure look like some toy rather than an extreme efficient and serious device that it was intended to be.

Am I being overly rude over screen? I guess so, but I wrote what I expected from a 10” device, make full use of space provided. But sure the screen has many positives, colors were sure brightest and though I didn’t included a snap outdoor yet, but taken it outside once to show some of my friend and sure it was very much visible under even sunlight. The resolution of screen was 1200+ that’s sure amazing for a 10” device. I am sure no one would have any visibility issue or text reading difficulties with this.

By the way, which posture of the device will suit you, the one given below or the one after the same? Check out



I liked the later look for reading books or blog over it. Now it really got me thinking that devices like Apple iPad should be feeling awesome. I will still wait for other vendors like Nokia or Dell coming up with their iPad versions, coz greedy Apple is always a No No to me till they don’t change their ways of paid upgrades or such other bullshit kind of things.

Next thing to notice was keypad. As I had my hands on Nokia N900, so I knew that Nokia knows how to make keypads in little space and sure it reached up to my expectations. For me, my benchmark of keyboard was that Dell XPS M1530 and it sure touched that about comfort to type on.



Though there are issue with keypad as well. I guess many of you, who might have their hands on it, will agree that there is something wrong with placing of ‘Enter’ and ‘#’ keys in the right and similar way, left ‘shift’ and ‘\’. At least for me, its been confusing till now.

I guess Caps lock keys (that’s a beauty due to blue light over it for indicating status) could have been a little small give Enter Key little more space on the other side and similar way, right shift could have been little smaller in size to make room for left shift.

The other problem (?) with keypad, there is no backlit keys, which makes typing in dark a trouble for people uncomfortable with blind typing. I don’t know how much that thing costs as I seen backlit keys only in premium devices till now, but I guess the price tag Nokia Booklet 3G holds is a premium one in itself and should have deserved that feature.

I find rest all things perfect at their places, but Nokia please bring one more version to get these minor glitches right.


Even after bringing some of the nicest things on board, there are a few things that will be keeping Nokia Booklet 3G behind the competition. The biggest of them is the price tag. Dell Alien ware M11x has the same price tag of 36k+ and brings you much more value for the money than this and here we find, Nokia stuck with a stupid edition of Windows & Starter. Sure a huge disappointment in itself.

I guess at least MeeGo is a must now, if Nokia really wanted to sell this thing, Windows 7 Starter Edition is just not there in anyway.

Coming back to positive side again, the name Booklet 3G, sure the first thing to do for me was to push my MTNL3G SIM inside it to see if it works. It didn’t. I thought some problem with the 3G band in India, but soon found out the issue, I was to press Fn+F10 to bring the Menu and then choose 3G on.


Can you imagine this? A speed of 2.51 mbps @MTNL3G in New Delhi on a Netbook without hooking it with any Smartphone or ay available Wi-Fi. I just love it and demand it from all the vendor to make it a standard to include Pent band 3G SIM slots in their Netbooks or Laptop. 


After reaching to my home from office, I also got to read that someone got it running over EDGE as well. I didn’t had an idea about that and for checking I inserted Aircel SIM inside and whooooaa!! it worked and connected me to internet, I checked Vodafone as well and it was same. Sure a good news to know.

Nokia Booklet 3G works over EDGE as well. see pics below

aircelbrowsing on aircel1

I don’t know how the battery meter of this calculate the remaining time, but what I seen is sure impressive. Check out yourself.

battery life

Will see more of it in action in next day usages.

Ok.. I guess its been kind of really long un-boxing or could say I almost went for a Mini review here. Will try to find more and more time with it and thinking that what I need more to buy … keep tuned and sure take a look over the last three pics that I placed after finding a similar colored Dell Inspiron at a friend’s place. Shiny na!!!



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Something coming, not to Nokia India, to me

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Till now its been four trial devices from @WomWorldNokia to me.

  1. Nokia N900
  2. Nokia N97 Mini
  3. Nokia E72
  4. Nokia BH-905

Yes! I get excited always and its reasonable 😉 after all its a Booklet 3G. This time it was Katie @katieb86 in place of our beloved Paul @_ODoG_ to confirm the trial of Nokia Booklet 3G. I feel worried for Paul as Katie told me that he is not well, so out of office for a while. Hoping that he may get well sooner (may be his tweet was about this illness only).


Not many days back, when I posted that do I need a netbook and honestly speaking, I am finding myself more attracted toward Dell Mini till now due to its price that seems to be 23-24k around while Booklet3G firstly not available in India and secondly costlier one around 37k.

So, with many questions in mind, I will be waiting to get hands on the first netbook I am going to own for a while.

Questions like how GPS fares on it, how many applications are there to make use of it, is there any turn-by-turn navigation, is any browser plugin to use the GPS in web versions of Google Maps or Ovi Maps? Heard that its hard to install Linux on it… will it come with some DVD to install the OS back, so that I could be experimenting with different OS’s in this while? Any chance to get XP running over it with all of its modules like GPS etc working fine? Can I install latest eeGo over it

Really many things that I wanna do with it. Asking all of my readers to suggest me something.. how can I make best use of Nokia Booklet 3G in 14 days?? Hurry!!! WomWorldNokia doesn’t take much time to deliver the device 😉

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Some more pics of Nokia BH-905

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No matter, you always knew that soon it will leave you apart, but 14 days is a big time to get used to of having the trial around. The mail from WomWorld for returning back the device always seems to be early 😉 I wish Nokia BH-905 was some cheaper to fit the budget.

Here comes some last pics of BH-905 from my side.











Note: All the pics are courtesy my beloved Nokia N82.

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Nokia E72 Diary-Day 7-Camera Review

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This time, I needed to start from apology that it’s not been a possible post by yesterday as I didn’t got much time to play with Nokia E72. Today my day is going with full jealousy all over my mind with people getting #NokiaNav shiny cars. But still I am back with one of the most important aspect of Nokia E72, which caught people’s attention more than anything, the 5.0 MP camera. Read more to know few things about it.

Do you think that its worth talking about a device on scale of its camera that is supposed to be a Business Device ? Perhaps that is the pain of Business people. Aren’t they human? Are their requirements completely in contrast with other common users? Why should they be deprived of a decent music player in their phones or FM receiver or a real good camera? OK!! first two might be personal requirements, but why not a decent camera? Trust me, most of Business users get disappointed that what Business phone they are going to get are without even “basic” features, they lived with till now.

Think of a day, you hear that Bill Gates decided to visit your office or some other star just arrives all of sudden in your office in next cabin. Believe me, no matter how much professional you are, you sure get excited and wish to capture a glimpse of them (with you may be 😉 ). Is it crime to keep a proper camera phone with you?

Leave that fancy thing, take a real one. You got a doc that you urgently needs to send on Fax for info or for some approval or any other formality and your IT guy tells you “Scanner already faulty since last two days and Fax Machine down since morning”. You say “What the f***? what I am supposed to do now? Isn’t there is a option to take a very clear snap of the doc and send it on mail? Sure only if you have some 5MP Nokia E72 with you.

Megapixels … does they matter a lot? My first proper admiration for mobile cameras started with Nokia N70. People will laugh about 2MP cameras now, but at that time, it was very fine with me and I didn’t even mind taking prints of snaps taken by Nokia N70 then, but what changed the game completely was well known Nokia N82. The almighty 5MP camera with Xenon Flash came in to completely surpass my Kodak Digital camera.

Definitely, since when I heard about Nokia E72, then I was excited about it that if its camera could do the same job as Nokia N82 did for me. Because then it was perfect to switch over that because of other amazing features it offers like due to strong battery and connectivity, I am peaking on about 4GB downloads daily, which was sure limited with Nokia N82 due to less powered battery. So, I took the Sunday, day 7 of trial as the day for camera comparison.

nokia n82-e72

First of all, I let you know that its not that fair to compare a Nokia N82 and a Nokia E72 as the earlier one is blessed with a Carl Zeiss camera (only name is enough), while the later has same megapixels but No Carl Zeiss. The other compromise for the business device is No Xenon Flash and not even dual led like Nokia N86, just Single Led Flash. But like I always said, its better to take your hands on first before calling it off. Moreover, com’on we are talking about Nokia N82 here for comparison, which doesn’t got a match in real till now from anywhere and only N8 seems to be challenging the legacy. But let’s discuss that how much Nokia E72 fairs with its camera…

CJ got a good lead over Nokia E72 Camera, for the details, you may look over there, I am here with my little observations only.

Nokia E72 doesn’t have dedicated Camera keys and you left with only the optical navi wheel taking for the same part. Moreover, might be the case that I am not getting used to that well, but somehow it seems that focusing is tougher than Nokia N82 here. Though as I get comparable pictures with similar quality, but I think its due to adjustment with sensitivity of Optical Navi Wheel. Somehow, it was better to have a dedicated Camera key somewhere.

Good thing is, Led Flash may be called lesser for Stills but become better for videos because the technology allows them to keep lit on while making the video (same explains how Nokia E72 works like a torch when we press space for a while). Definitely a good thing and I will sure come up with a video made in some dark soon.


The above is a simple comparison of camera interfaces on both the phones. The point to notice was inclusion of panorama mode in Nokia E72, though some may be disappointed by non-availability of geo-tagging, but I wonder that how many actually use that? Must be hard on battery I guess. Though the same feature wasn’t there in Nokia N82 as well and all I have heard of is an application from Nokia Beta Labs to bring this capability. There should be one for Nokia E72 as well, if someone really want to.

Well!! with time, things get advanced so with the camera interface as well.

camera settingscustomize tool

You can customize the toolbar here, which was not there in Nokia N82 for sure.

Sure I didn’t took much of the pics today, but putting some of them here for comparison. All the time, Flash is on Auto for both the devices and I tried best to focus before shot. (Nokia E72 left and N82 right)

Bike before server - E72Bike before service - N82

EDM Mall - E72EDM Mall - N82

Menu Card forText - E72Menu Card for Text - N82

Texture on E72Texture on N82

Closeup and colors on E72Closeup and colors - N82

Bright colors - E72Bright colors - N82

Honestly speaking, I am not able to figure out the difference, but experts might sure find. Though I still insist that Nokia N82 is more convenient tool to snap due to dedicated camera keys.

The other part on negative side of Nokia E72 is somehow with the resolution. Don’t know but Nokia N82 and Nokia E72 both technically has the same resolution screens, but even though Gallery makeover is great in Nokia E72, but I found somehow pictures doesn’t look that great on screen in Nokia E72 in comparison to Nokia N82. May be I should give some more time before coming to this conclusion or may be I am too much used to of my beloved N82.

In all, I must say that competing with the legend is hard, but except for two points, Nokia E72 not leaving on any place and even scoring on Video light side. Technical details on other side, but I don’t think that anyone is going to find any difference in two. After all, all we want is a best camera to be with us and still one device for all.

Guys!!! here you go. This is the business device you always wanted. I mean there might be many business phones out there, but tell me which one got it all like the way Nokia E72 got?

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Nokia E72 Diary Continued-Day 4-Review on Nokia BH-905

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Just a few year back, when we were waiting in front of post offices in late nights to get some cheap rate calls and were envy those rich fellows, who were able to afford even @Rs. 3/- for ‘incoming’ calls. We just wished that when this technology will go cheaper that we will be able to afford that?

It didn’t took longer than one year or two and most of us were with mobile sets in their hands. We were enough enough happy to enjoy the freedom of calling anyone, anytime or being in touch with SMSes. Time passed and criterion of buying a phone started changing, phone was not just for taking calls, but it took place of Camera, watch, pager etc and also it became your most beloved entertainment device.

Not just addiction for legendary ‘Snakes’ game on Nokia, but soon our phones transformed into 24×7 music devices with Built-in FM and memory card support for keeping many songs inside it. Today it became a one stop solution for all your needs starting from calls to social updates, with free Ovi Maps with descriptions about nearest fun places, it now has became even your friend, your guide. Do you think technology will ever stop? Is there anything remains to do more about it?

Let me see ….

Nokia E72 Diary – Day 4 – May 06, 2010

Do music helps you concentrating things you really wanna do? Do you keep your music enough loud to keep the outside voices away? Does it annoy you that even loudest voice can’t keep the outside noise apart sometimes? Do you love being lost for a while hearing music? Do you curse yourself for being in some noisy office or urban flat and think if there was a switch that could have taken you in some other reality? Do you complain that the wired stereo headsets with you are not only a pain in neck, but also not worthy to be companion in some flight?

So, here I am introducing, the next generation of technology, claimed as “The best headset ever made” and “Symphony of Sound and Silence”, Nokia’s premium Bluetooth Headset Nokia BH-905.

BH-905 package

The other Bluetooth headsets, which had been with me were Nokia BH-204, Nokia BH-212 and Sony Ericsson HBH-PV702. Pictures given below:

Nokia BH-204 Nokia BH-212 Sony Ericsson HBH-PVH702

Definitely, this was a much bigger box (even bigger than any Smartphone’s box) to be something of a Bluetooth Headset, but I was having a few reviews over the same and was seen it in pictures, so wasn’t to be surprised. But definitely curiosity was on peak about going close to such a device.

Sure as the trial contract reads it 165 Euro, even after knowing about high praises all around about it, the price was much higher to afford for someone just to have some more fun, more of it the size of the device was nothing comparable with my earlier Bluetooth headsets or even my wired one (given below in pics)

product2763 So, sure I was to look over it from a biased state. I was to more to dig deeper into it from technology point of view, while from the heart I was in thinking that if the same will suit me or fit me that well? Take a look yourself and tell ….

DSC01001Definitely it doesn’t look that bad even if I might be looking a bit in unshaved casual looks (at least Paul wont be having a complaint now about my modeling of devices). In fact, for the persons like me, who might be much into mobile devices and gadgets (Smartphones, Laptops), definitely, it seemed a great asset due to the level of comfort it provides to ear.

I must say, for the first time some headset came to fit my head exactly cutting it from outside sounds completely and not hurting a bit even after keeping it on my head for an hour or more. Some hours with it and I was tempting to buy the same if it was anywhere in my range. Sigh!!!

Lots have been said about the specifications and the patented active noise cancellation technology that Nokia BH-905 uses, but still echoing the same here again.

7.08 in x 6.1 in x 2.32 inches

6.17 oz

Operating keysDSC00980
Multifunction key for power on/off, answer/end, voice dial, and redial
Volume up
Volume down
Next track
Previous track
Active noise cancelling on/off

3.5 mm Nokia AV connector
Supporting adapters for:
– 2.5 mm Nokia AV connector
– Standard 3.5 mm jack
– Standard 6.3 mm jack
– Standard airplane jack

Operating range (maximum)
Up to 33 ft (Bluetooth use)

Power supply
Rechargeable 600 mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery

Operating time (maximum)
Talk (Bluetooth): 24 h (Isn’t it amazing?)
Music (Bluetooth): 25 h
Talk (Bluetooth, with active noise cancellation): 15 h
Music (Bluetooth, with active noise cancellation): 16 h
Music (Wired, with active noise cancellation): 40 h
Hands-free phone calls and music listening (without active noise cancellation) possible even with empty battery (wired connection)

The last feature makes it truly awesome as it means that you may enjoy the headset even when it get discharged like some ordinary wired one (obviously ANC wont be available).

Standby time (maximum)
With Bluetooth: 600 h

Charging time (maximum)
2 h

Special praises for wide range of accessories it provides. The awesome battery life, much wider range (33 Ft and I was knowing that Bluetooth could support only 10 Ft), wide compatibility options, royal leather bag to keep it with you and not only this much wire as well coz not every device may have Bluetooth.

Definitely its grand. A royal thing for people as you would never seen so many things in package. Its wired, its wireless, it connects to almost all kind of devices you know, has an awesome talktime, has all controls built-in on body itself making it completely wireless, a royal luxury/ designer case to carry it on and a body made of stainless steal.

As about the price, then it could seem a little bit more, but a little bit only. Considering my earlier three headsets in 2k range and BH-904 offering in 6k INR, definitely its not that far, if you know what Bluetooth headsets costs in real. Current 10k offering (if I believe on mentioned price in Trial) is sure not a bad one, if you consider the technology, versatility and convenience it offers to you for long time.

Before cancellation part, one needs to know that what is noise in scientific terms means how come a digital device may identify that what is voice and what is noise? A must question to raise, because one man’s music might be another man’s noise. Simple explanations says that natural audio or music follows a sinusoidal kind of or rhythmic kind of pattern and so the voice suits to our years. Audio waves without any pattern or rhythm come as disturbance over our ears and we call them noise either it be scratching your nails on Blackboard or hitting some tin drum. By the way, the term to be called precisely for it, is ambient noise and we are talking about cancelling the same.

Noise cancelation has been very new or unknown term now days, even my Sony’s Bluetooth claimed the same. One must read this interesting article to know a little about normal noise cancellation actually work. Then we proceed about the patented technology Nokia uses with BH-905, that is in exact terms is Multi-Microphone-Feed-Forward-Active-Noise-Cancellation.

Whatever the name might be, basically it works by generating an anti-noise signal of same strength but of opposite cycle means like you put two coolers face to face and cover their faces with two big towels and switch both of them on. Opposite forces on two towels cancels the wave motion of towel and collapse kind of. Yuck!!! you must be thinking what a stupid analogy but what to do, I took a layman’s term 😉

So, this goes in this way, there are a total of 10 microphones inside this one device. Yes! you heard it right 10 microphone in one (hope you don’t mind the size now), out of which 8 are for noise cancellation part while rest two do the job of receiving the voice in crystal clear from a louder environment.

Here is the press release, which says the launch price was 285 Euro, while trial agreement from WomWorld/Nokia showing me the price as 165 Euro. Prices seemed to be dropped significantly. For people, interested in more, the technology is from Wolfson Microelectronics, may be you could find some insiders there otherwise you may take a look over Nokia’s standard data sheet only.

Pictures section


DSC00979 DSC00980

06052010175  DSC00983  DSC00987

 DSC00998 DSC00988


DSC00990 Sorry about not including Nokia E72 experience in the diary today, but keep tuned in more will be coming by each day.

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar

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